Godey’s Lady’s Book
Volume LXXI, July-December, 1865

Abraham Lincoln                                                                                                88
A Christmas Pie of the Olden Time                                                                   541
A Christmas Story, by Marian Douglas [fiction]                                               498
A Christmas Talk with Mothers, by Marion Harland [fiction]                           391
A Crochet Pattern for Jackets, Comforters, etc. (Illustrated)                            167
A Day’s Journey, and what Came of it, by Miss J. G. [fiction]                           132
A Dutiful Daughter                                                                                            452
A Foot-Mat Made with Strips of Cloth (Illustrated)                                         350
“A General Smash” [fiction]                                                                              334
A Gentleman’s Lounging-cap (Illustrated)                                                        353
Album Picture (Illustrated)                                                                               260
Alone                                                                                                               343
An Instance of Blindness, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                         425
An Undersleeve in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                           528
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                           73, 169
A Splendid Engraving                                                                                       450
A Strange Anomaly                                                                                          154
A Suggestion                                                                                                    310
A Thorny Path (Illustrated) [picture]                                                                103
A Winter Scene (Illustrated) [picture]                                                              [472]
A Woman in a Book, by S.  Annie Frost [fiction]                                             306
A Woman’s Wisdom, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                  409
Bachelor’s Hall, by Mrs. James _____ [fiction]                                                231
Bag for Holding Fine Linen (Illustrated)                                                           438
Ball Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                                   71, 166
Basque Corsage (Illustrated)                                                                           165
Basquine (Illustrated)                                                                                      164
Bead Pattern Cigar-Case (Illustrated)                                                              [377]
Bee, for Collars, Cuffs, and Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                    167
Bessie’s Baby, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                       23
Bible Markers (Illustrated) [long cross and mediaeval cross]                              77
Bonnets (Illustrated)                            70, 71, 163, 164, 255, 347, 348, 349, 43, 434, 525, 526
Borders in Turkish Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                     529
Boy-Love, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                                                   311, 417
Braiding and Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                              169, 352, 441
Breakfast-cap (Illustrated)                                                                                 71
Bubbles (Illustrated) [picture]                                                                          287
Butterflies                                                                                                         452
Butterfly for Collars, Cuffs, and Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                          76, 164, 256, 349, 439
Canezou (Illustrated)                                                                                       526
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                              71, 164, 256
Charlie; or, How I Gained my Wish, by the authoress of “Notes of
[fiction]                                                                                        123
Christmas at Pine Hill, by Mrs. E. W. [fiction]                                                    517
Circulation of Matter                                                                                         423
Cloak Trimming (Illustrated)                                                                            484, 530

Alpaca Dress (Illustrated)                                                                    349
Children’s Fashions (Illustrated)                                                          294, 295, 369
Cloth Sack (Illustrated)                                                                       389
Cora Wrap (Illustrated)                                                                       435
Costume for a Watering-Place (Illustrated)                                          292
Dinner-dress (Illustrated)                                                                     291
Garibaldi Suit for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                             110
Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                                  200
Organdy Suit (Illustrated)                                                                    195
            Poplin Dress (Illustrated)                                                                     110
Promenade Suit for Second Mourning (Illustrated)                               106
Robe and Paletot (Illustrated)                                                              108
Robe Dresses (Illustrated)                                                   13, 16, 17, 198, 382, 383, 476
Robe Jardiniere (Illustrated)                                                                107
Rotonde of Mohair Lace (Illustrated)                                                     19
The Almeria, from Brodie (Illustrated) [Llama shawl]                             22
The Anamite Mantle (Illustrated)                                                           18
The Cordeliere Cloak (Illustrated)                                                       388
The Metternich Sack (Illustrated)                                                        386, 387
The Mozart Wrap (Illustrated)                                                             477
The Pauline Jacket (Illustrated)                                                            481
The Polonaise Paletot (Illustrated)                                                       478
The Raphael Paletot (Illustrated)                                                          480
The Regency Sack (Illustrated)                                                            384, 385
The Richelieu Sack (Illustrated)                                                           479
The Tagus Talma, from Brodie                                                              109
Visiting-dress (Illustrated)                                                                    293
            Walking Costume (Illustrated)                                                             290
Walking Suit for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                               72
Zouave Robe (Illustrated)                                                                    199
Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                                      20, 21, 71, 166, 526
Combs                                                                                                             214
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                   

            Rooster with sheet music                                                                       260
            Rabbit with drum                                                                                  351
            Open fan with Felicie                                                                            529
            Mouse in chariot, drawn by cat                                                             532  

Cottages (Illustrated)                                                                                       275, 366, 546  
Country Residence (Illustrated)                                                                       546  
Crochet Handle for Riding-whip (Illustrated)                                                    351  
Crochet Mat (Illustrated)                                                                                 167  
Crochet Paletot with Shaded Border (Illustrated)                                             483  
Cuffs (Illustrated)                                                                                            163  
Darned Square Netting for Window-Curtains, or Tidy (Illustrated)                   111  
Dead, by M. M. J. [poem]                                                                                162  
Did You? [poem]                                                                                             497  
Drawing-Room Reception                                                                                272  
Editors' Table, containing-- 
A Good Example [window plants for poor]                                           359 
A Hit at Criticism                                                                                  360 
American Manufactures  
                Thread; American fabrics; experiments with silk tissue; woolen hose 
                    and underclothing; American ribbons; American Valenciennes 
                    lace                                                                                              359 
Two letters supporting American fabrics                                            447 
American Sewing-Thread                                                                     360 
A New Way of Marriage--with an Old Idea [brides for Washington  
                Territory]                                                                                          359 
Another Hopeful Sign—brides for Washington Territory                        538 
A Peep at our Pets [fish, eels, turtle, tadpoles, leeches, snails, canaries, 
                paroquets, ring-doves, mockingbird, guinea pigs, white mice, field 
                mice, rabbits, dogs, kittens]                                                                 82 
Christmas is Coming                                                                             538 
Dress--in a Man's Point of View:  The Dress of Men, Woman's Dress 
                and Its Influences, Dress as a Taste or a Passion, The Power of 
                Neatness, The Conclusion of the Matter                                            264 
Epigrams                                                                                                84 
Foreign Schools for Girls—Miss Demmler's School near Paris               447 
Fortune made by the Lady's Book                                                        446 
Hints about Health                                                         
                Care for the Eyes—Particularly if Weak; Checking Perspiration; 
                    Health of the Hair                                                                           85 
Properly Cooked Food                                                                    175 
Thirst                                                                                                266 
Diphtherial Disease                                                                           360 
Sleepless Nights                                                                               448 
Rules for Ice Skating                                                                         539 
Holiday Gifts—The Best Gifts; The Gas-Consuming Cooking-Stove      447 
In Memoriam--Miss Hannah F. Gould                                                   537 
In Memoriam.  Mrs. Lydia H. Sigourney                                               358 
Letter to the Editress [domestic management]                                        174 
Miss Muloch's Marriage                                                                       175 
Notes and Notices                                                                                360 
Obituary—Mrs. Sigourney                                                                    175 
Onward, Still Onward!                                                                          536 
Our National Thanksgiving Day                                                             445 
Postmistresses                                                                                      447 
Progress                                                                                                 84 
Rewards of Genius                                                                               446 
Rich Women                                                                                        538 
"Rose Douglas"                                                                                     539 
Sewing Thread, and the Best Kind                                                        266 
Summer Reading [Sketching and Skirmishing, by Gail Hamilton]            174 
The Advantages of Needlework for Ladies                                             84 
The Bible in the Zenana in Calcutta                                                        538 
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia                                                    84 
The Daughters of Clergymen                                                                 446 
The Far West Advancing—Letter from Kansas                                     537 
The Frost [poem]                                                                                 537 
The Girl's High School and The Young Ladies' Normal School   
                    [Philadelphia]                                                                                206 
The Power of Good Reading                                                                175 
The Publisher of Three Journals—The American Literary Gazette,  
                    The Public Ledger, Philadelphia Home Weekly                             447 
The Queen Cooking Stove                                                                    360 
The Wesleyan College at Cincinnati                                                       266 
Three Women of Letters                                                                       266 
To our Friends and Contributors                                                           539 
Vassar College                                                                                     360 
Vassar College Opened                                                                        173 
Waifs                                                                                                   175 
What Shall I Do for my Little Boys?                                                        84  
Elastic String for a Pair of Scissors (Illustrated)                                                439  
El Dorado, by M. W. B. [poem]                                                                        122  
Embroidery for a Flannel Skirt (Illustrated)                                                      168  
Embroidery for Four Yoke Patterns (Illustrated)                                                76  
Embroidery, Inserting, etc.        [12], 76, 78, 111, 112, 165, 168, [194], 201, 203, 256,
[286], 293,
    295, 349, 350, 352, 354, 386, 387, 388, 390, 437, 438, 440, 441, 477, 478, 479, 480, 530,
     531, 532  

Embroidery on Net or Tulle (Illustrated)                                                          350, 441  
Empire Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                            349, 433  
Evening, by Linda [poem]                                                                                  52  
False Morality                                                                                                  233  
Fancy Apron (Illustrated)                                                                                169  
Fancy Balmoral (Illustrated)                                                                              74  
Fancy Crochet Trimming, Suitable for a Tidy (Illustrated)                                   74  
Fancy Embroidery for Flannel (Illustrated)                                                       111  
Fancy Hats (Illustrated)                                                                                   296  
Fancy Neck-tie (Illustrated)                                                                              78  
Fashionable Styles of Ear-rings (Illustrated)                                                     256  

            Dress of white goat's-hair; second mourning costume; silk
dress; barege 
                dress; infant's dress; alpaca dress; robe dresses; watering place 
                wraps; sashes; pattern robes; new style of hairdressing; new styles 
                of bonnets; thin mantles; pelerines; circle morning robe; infants' 
                cloaks; new facing for dresses; jackets; gored skirts; parasols              94 
Barege dress; ball costume; alpaca dress; organdy dress; Zouave suit; 
                looping dresses; trimmed petticoats; fluted ruffles; scalloped skirts; 
                Balmorals; fluting irons; country hat; children's Polish boots; Garibaldi 
                waists; white waists; fans; trims for black silk dresses; cords for 
                edging dresses; gloves; nets; jewelry featuring rock crystals; 
                headdresses; bonnets; veils                                                                184 
Dinner costume; bride's dress; child's street costume; walking suits; 
                evening dress; bridal trousseau—wedding dress and veil, evening 
                toilet with headdress, visiting dress, morning dress, travelling dress; 
                neckties; Garibaldi waist; collar and sleeve sets; handkerchiefs; 
                chenille; belts; bandelettes; headdresses; parasol covers; pique sacks; 
                steel beads; black net wraps                                                             276 
Light mourning; walking costume; dinner toilet; party dress; bridal toilet; 
                reception dress; children's  fashions; gold in lace; lace capes for 
                elderly ladies; white guipure; medallions of point applique; bridal 
                dresses and veils; undersleeves; cuffs and collars; walking suits for 
                children; morning toilets; sleeveless black jackets; looping dresses; 
bonnets; artificial flowers; sashes; evening dresses; gored dresses; 
                fancy jewelry; beetle jewels; hats                                                      368 
Promenade suit; silk dresses; linsey dress and sack; scalloped skirt and 
                jacket; little girl's dress; popular winter fabrics; skating skirt fabric; 
                morning robes; moires; flannel shirtings; curtain and furniture fabrics; 
                braid and goat's hair fringe trimming; sashes; festooning skirts; short 
sacks; paletots; hairstyles; opera cloaks; neckties; Decalcomanie; 
                monogram slippers; Cluny guipure; hummingbird head jewelry; 
                colored starch for muslins; bonnets; veils; round hats for young 
                ladies; tricorne hats; toquets; headdresses                                           456 
Evening dress; visiting dress; little boy's suit; poplin dress; white crepe 
                dress; promenade suit; excessive luxury; hats on young persons; hat 
                trimmings; turbans; feathers; tricornes; cap for skating and riding; seal 
                hood edged with mink; boys hats; muffs; neck coverings; furs; 
                handkerchiefs; neckties; headdresses; veils; gloves; lingerie trimming; 
                winter cloaks; gored dresses; velvet ornaments for dresses; long 
                basques; steel buckles                                                                       548  
"Filbert" by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                               221  
Florence, by Horace Van Pelt [fiction]                                                             403  
Former Residences of William Penn (Illustrated)                                                92  
Four Patterns in Lace Stitch upon Canvas (Illustrated)                                     353  
Fred Harley's Passenger, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                      297  
French Muslin Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                    164  
Gambling                                                                                                          428  
Gentleman's Shirt Front (Illustrated)                                                                 531  
Gertrude, by J. C. Burnett [poem]                                                                   322  
God Knoweth, by Clara Millard Baldwin [poem]                                            220  
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                   

            Abraham Lincoln; Southern cities now supplied with Godey's;
                of Lincoln; summer travel; Helmbold's Drug and Chemical 
                Warehouse; our musical column; Paris items—Eugenie and striped 
                stockings, story of deceit and larceny, fancy dress, trick on 
                storekeepers, literary editor of the Saturday Evening Post; receipts 
                for rusks and cream pies; former residences of William Penn  
                (Illustrated); government credit; our card photographs; Chestnut 
                Street Female Seminary in Philadelphia; freckles, tan and pimples; 
                Ivins' Patent Hair Crimpers (Illustrated), skeleton leaves and 
                phantom flowers; our superior needles; Washington and Lincoln; 
                chicken-skin gloves                                                                             88 
August, 1865; from one extreme to another [skirt length]; a cure of 
                erysipelas; early dramatic representation; corn vinegar; wine without 
                sugar; waterfall hairstyles; our musical column; $1500 premium to 
                American writers; Paris items—modern Parisian wonders, a story 
                from Mexico, a restaurant in Paris, new mode of shoplifting; croquet; 
                piano mania; Mrs. Washington Potts; cabinet organ; skeleton leaves
                and phantom flowers; freckles, tan, and pimples; American organs; 
Ivins' Patent Hair Crimpers (Illustrated); press lead time for Godey's; 
                bride's family pays for trousseau and food at wedding—groom pays 
                for rings                                                                                            178 
September, 1865; illegitimate children; Quakers' clothing; fashion and 
             custom; false hair; bonnet to hide undressed hair; importance of 
                young ladies' cleanliness; our musical column; receipts for black ink; 
                a freak of the telegraph; uses of petroleum; preserving small quantities 
                of ice; Paris items—tragic love meeting, Liszt, trying to kill bears in 
                Paris; Godey's on the CS pirate ship Florida; jokes; cure for neuralgia; 
                dresses and jewelry at a drawing room reception held by the Princess 
                Helena of England; the Lord's Prayer in verse; French writer on 
                calling; the effect of marriage; making a prodigy; the origin of soap; 
                witnesses to let; walking sticks in 1655; Italian villa (Illustrated
                [with plans]                                                                                      269 
October 1865; the cartoons of Raphael; Mrs. Washington Potts; Paris 
                items—a Parisian confidence woman, Marseilles bachelors, Empress 
                Eugenie; jokes; our musical column; winter and early spring flowers—
                hyacinth, tulip, crocus, narcissus, jonquil, snowdrop; keeping 
                engravings from Godey and Art Union; curious epitaph; waterfalls; 
publishers moving west out of central Philadelphia; complaint about 
                changing bonnet styles; Italian villa (Illustrated) [with plans]; when 
                ladies rise to meet a gentleman; turning down the corner of a visiting 
                card; gentlemen don't wear jewelry; mountain dress; mourning  rules   362 
November, 1865; Mrs. Washington Potts; obituary—Jesper Harding; a 
                splendid engraving—Woman's Mission; writers choose some other 
                subject than the war and hospitals; new family game of Bazique; our 
                musical column; letters from Oregon and Iowa; painted angels at 
                Saratoga—eye makeup; butterflies in fashion; serving gal story; receipt 
                for American writing fluid and black ink; names of fictional characters; 
                Renaissance style home furnishings; conundrums; Queen of |
                Madagascar limits crinoline; to start a balky horse; an English snob; 
new and beautiful embroidery; advertisements for organs, face ointment, 
                magic ruffles, a phrenology journal, a book on skeleton leaves, music 
                books, pocket sewing machine (Illustrated)                                       449 
December, 1865; our musical column; a family collection of Godey's; a 
                Christmas pie of the olden time; jokes; the possessions of an English 
                nobleman, the late Duke of Northumberland; Mrs. Bella Z. Spencer 
                one of the proprietors of the Saturday Evening Post; Numskull—a 
dramatic charade in three acts; country residence (Illustrated) [with 
                plans]; human drudges; French bonnet; Burger's Celebrated French 
                Pattern Corsets (Illustrated) of Detroit, MI; advertisements for 
                organs, hair crimpers, face ointment, magic ruffles, books on skeleton 
                leaves; brief history of Godey's and pronunciation; accepting a man's 
                portrait; gifts for a man                                                                     541  
Girdle, with Long Scarf Ends (Illustrated)                                                        201  
Great Thoughts, by Lillian [poem]                                                                      69  
Harlequin Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                        354  
Headdress (Illustrated)                                                                                    526  
History and Habits of Cats                                                                                344  
How John Offered Himself, by Kormah Lynn [fiction]                                        33  
How to Make Beautiful Homes                                                                         130  
Importance of Decision                                                                                     413  
Infant's Crochet Bib with Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                  482, 530  
Initials for Marking Pillow-cases (Illustrated)                 

            M, T, P                                                                                                112  
            V-Z                                                                                                      169  
            K, W                                                                                                   202  
            Z, C, R                                                                                                 203  
            N                                                                                                         296  
            Y                                                                                                         440  

In the Meantime, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                     215  
Italian Villa (Illustrated)                                                                                   275, 366  
"It Makes no Difference Now," by Sara [poem]                                                230  
Jardiniere Hat (Illustrated)                                                                               348  
Juvenile Department--containing 
Child's Hymn [poem]                                                                            545 
Christmas Pastime [the gypsies; porco, or Italian blind-man's buff]         545 
Electric Experiments [attraction of amber, attraction of sealing-wax, 
                attraction of glass, adhesive ribbons]                                                   91 
Fairy Tale Tableaux—from "Beauty and the Beast"; from "Blue-Beard" 453 
Hand Ball (Illustrated)                                                                           91 
My Baby Brother (Illustrated)                                                             182 
The Little Fortune-Teller [game]                                                            274 
Tricks with Numbers                                                                            182  
Knitted Mitten, for Wearing Over Gloves (Illustrated)                                      390, 440  
Knowledge                                                                                                       146  
Ladies on Horseback                                                                                        343  
Lady's Jacket in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                               436  
Lady's Shoe in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                 200, 259  
Lamp Stand with Card Design (Illustrated)                                                      [377]  
Learn the Sanctity of Duty                                                                                 413  
Life and Death, by Jennie [poem]                                                                     234  
Lines [poem]                                                                                                    432  
Literary Notices                                                                         

            Love and Money; The Life and Martyrdom of Abraham Lincoln;
                Adventures of Fudge Fumble, or The Love Scrapes of his Whole 
                Life; Mysteries of the Backwoods, Including Character, Scenery, 
                and Rural Sports; Moral Tales; Popular Tales; Voices of the Morning; 
                Philip in Palestine; Clifton Rice, or Thou God Seest Me; Ida 
                Kleinvogle; Husbands and Homes; History of Julius Caesar; Kate  
                Kennedy:  A Novel; Mary Brandegee:  An Autobiography; Lovers 
                and Thinkers:  A Novel; St. Philip's; The Martyr President; At 
                Anchor:  A Story of Our Civil War; Life and Military Career of 
                Maj.-General William Tecumseh Sherman; That's It, or Plain 
                Teaching; Wright's Book of 3000 Practical Receipts; The Illustrated 
                Hand-Book of Billiards; Giles Oldham, or Miracles of Heavenly Love 
                in Daily Life; What Elise Loved Best, or, The Pet Rabbits, and Other 
                Stories; Little Katy and Jolly Jim; The Autocrat of the Breakfast-
                Table; Skirmishes and Sketches; The Graver Thoughts of a Country 
                Parson; Historical View of the American Revolution; Life in Heaven; 
                Sermons Preached in Boston on the Death of Abraham Lincoln; The 
                Annual of Scientific Discovery; The Complete Works of Shakspeare 
                [sic]; The Heroines of Shakspeare [sic]                                               85 
Janet Strong; Chambers' Encyclopaedia; The Home Manual, or The 
                Economical Cook and House-Book:  Hints on the Daily Duties of a 
                Housekeeper; Illustrated Life, Services, Martyrdom, and Funeral of 
                Abraham Lincoln; Life, Speeches, and Services of Andrew Johnson; 
                Harpers' Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion; A Smaller History 
                of Rome; The History of Julius Caesar; A Son of the Soil:  A Novel; 
                On Guard:  A Novel; Fairy  Fingers:  A Novel; Hugh Worthington:  
A Novel; Looking Around:  A Novel; Wylder's Hand:  A Novel; 
                Superior Fishing, or The Striped Bass, Trout, and Black Bass of the 
                Northern States; Beatrice; The Clever Woman of the Family; 
                Household Poems; Only a Clod:  A Novel; A Rhyming, Spelling, and 
                Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language; Frank B. Converse's 
                Banjo Instructor, Without a Master; Hypodermic Injections in the 
                Treatment of Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, and Other Diseases; 
                Canada:  Its Defenses, Condition, and Resources; Winona:  A Poem; 
                In Memory of Richard Cobden                                                          176 
Manoah, or Promise of the Life that Now Is; A Summer Story, 
                Sheridan's Ride, and Other Poems; Wayside Blossoms; The Trial of 
                the Assassins and Conspirators; Illustrated Life, Campaigns, and 
                Public Services of Lieut.-General Grant; Mildred Arkell; Denis 
                Donne:  A Novel; Theo Leigh:  A Novel; Belial:  A Novel; Miss 
                Mackenzie:  A Novel; The Conversion of the Roman Empire; Mary, 
The Handmaid of the Lord; The Squibob Papers; The Martyr's 
                Monument; Essays in Criticism; The Man Without a Country; Alfred 
                Hagart's Household; The Gayworthys:  A Story of Threads and 
                Thrums; Miramichi:  A Story of the Miramichi Valley, New Brunswick; 
                Hunted to Death:  A Story of Love and Adventure; The Young 
                Lieutenant, or The Adventures of an Army Officer, a Story of the 
                Great Rebellion; Memorial Record of the Nation's Tribute to 
                Abraham Lincoln; The Two Friends; The Throne of Grace                 267 
Chambers' Encyclopaedia; The Story of the Great March from the 
                Diary of a Staff Officer; Gomery of Montgomery: a Family History; 
                Letters to Various Persons by Thoreau; National Lyrics by Whittier; 
                The Conspiracy Trial; Quartz Operator's Hand-Book; The Heroines 
                of Shakspeare [sic]; The Complete Works of Shakspeare [sic]         361 
Mrs. Goodfellow's Cookery as it Should Be:  A New Manual of the 
                Dining-Room and Kitchen; Can You Forgive Her?; Thoughts on the 
                Future Civil Policy of America; History of the United States Cavalry, 
                from the Formation of the Federal Government to the 1st of June, 
                1863; The Oil Regions of Pennsylvania; Harper's Handbook for 
                Travellers in Europe and the East; Standish:  A Story of Our Day; 
                My New Home; The Presbyterian Historical Almanac                        448 
Rose Douglas; The Lost Will; The Diamond Bracelet; Chambers' 
                Encyclopaedia; Harper's Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion; the 
                Heroines of Shakspeare [sic]; The Complete Works of Shakspeare 
                [sic]; Artemus Ward:  His Travels; Our Artist in Cuba:  Leaves from 
                the Sketch-Book of a Traveller During the Winter of 1864-5; 
                Recollections of Seventy Years; Lyrics of Life by Robert Browning; 
                The Infinite, and Other Poems; Carroll's New Practical Catalogue of 
                Current Miscellaneous Books Published in the United States; 
                Wanderings Over Bible Lands and Seas; Expository Thoughts on the 
Gospels; Jolly and Katy in the Country; A Uniform System of Public 
                Instruction for the State of Maryland; Catalogue of Plants Contained 
                in the Herbarium of Joseph Clark                                                      539  
Looking out for "Slights"                                                                                   322  
Lounging-Cap.  Crochet (Illustrated)                                                               [194], 259  
Love in a Tramway, by Z_____ [fiction]                                                           318  
Make-Shift Furniture [chairs, settees, wardrobes, washstands, beds, bonnet  

            baskets, vases, etc.]                                                                                60  

Making a Prodigy                                                                                             273  
Mamma, Must I Be a Little Angel? [poem]                                                        176  
Mary, by John Pryne [poem]                                                                           305  
Medallion Collar and Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                           73  
Mint, Anise, and Cummin, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                    113  
Miss Haight [fiction]                                                                                          429  
Miss Peckham's Parrot, by Charles D. Gardette [fiction]                                 157  
Moral Courage, by Rev. F. S. Cassady                                                              68  
Moral Culture, by Rev. F. S. Cassady                                                              219  
Morning Calls Me, by Ada Algernon [poem]                                                      67  
Mrs. Ward at Newport, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                      504  
Concord Polka, by C. V. Cloy                                                             474 
Gabrielen Waltz, by R. Rhollo                                                               380 
Mazourka, by Charles W. Ohm                                                             14 
New Hymns for Sacred Service                                                             
                Saviour, Who Thy Flock Art Feeding                                               104  
                Great God! to Thee My Evening Song                                              105 
Summer Roses, by R. Rhollo                                                                196 
Woodbine Mazourka, by M. C. Warren                                               288  
My Heroine:  A Sketch from Life, by Rebecca Howard [an aunt]                      345  
My Picture, by J. Bunting [fiction]                                                                    235  
My Sisters Three, by W. S. Gaffney     [poem]                                                402  
Name for Marking (Illustrated) [Charlotte]                                                      202  
Nearer to Thee, by Harriet Benedict D. [poem]                                               162  
Nettie's Prayer, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                    485  
"Never Mind," by L. W. [poem]                                                                        343  
New Embroidery and Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                 256, 293, 352, 354, 441  
Night    [poem]                                                                                                 432  
"No Idol in the Hand--No Idol in the Heart," by Kruna [poem]                        146  
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                             

            Bonnets; paille de riz hat; white straw hat; black and white
mixed straw 
                hat; breakfast cap; ball coiffure; walking suit for a little boy; poplin 
                dress for a little girl; medallion collar and sleeve; talma; apron              70         

            Bonnets; cap of gray straw; morning cuffs; morning caps;
muslin sleeve; 
                basquine for a girl 10-12; basque corsage                                         163 
Bonnets; French muslin cap; earrings                                                     255 
Bonnets; jardiniere hat; quilted satin cape; empire bonnet; alpaca dress  347 
Empire bonnets; other bonnets; gray felt hat; misses hat; morning collar 
                and sleeve; undersleeve; sleeve of wash illusion; Cora wrap for child  433 
Bonnets; Polish hat; miss's hat of white felt; evening headdress; canezou 
                with sleeves; undersleeves                                                                 525  
Numskull--A Dramatic Charade in Three Acts, by Belphegor                           544  
Obituary                                                                                                           450  
Our Musical Column                                                                             89, 180, 270, 364, 451, 542  
Ornamental Corks for Bottles (Illustrated)                                                       528  
Organdy Suit (Illustrated)                                                                                195  
Out in the Cold (Illustrated)     [picture of homeless children]                            473  
Painted Angels at Saratoga                                                                               451  
Paris Items                                                                                                         90, 181, 271, 363  
Passion                                                                                                               32  
Passion and Principle, by Mrs. J. V. Noel [fiction]                                               41, 137, 244, 323  
Pattern for a Pillow-case (Illustrated)                                                               531  
Pattern for a Sofa Pillow or a Baby's Cot Quilt (Illustrated) [crochet]                 75  
Pattern for Silk Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                           532  
Piano Mania                                                                                                     182  
Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                                    351  
Polish Hat (Illustrated)                                                                                     525  
Politeness to Servants                                                                                       432  
Preparing for a Tableau (Illustrated) [picture]                                                   379  
Quilted Bed-Pocket (Illustrated)                                                                      [12], 76  
Quilted Satin Cape (Illustrated)                                                                       348  
Quilting Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                             168, 257  
Receipts, etc.                                                                             

            How to Cook Lamb—to roast lamb, fore quarter of lamb, leg of
                ribs of lamb, garnish and vegetables for roast lamb, to stew a breast 
                of lamb, to boil a neck or breast of lamb, lamb-chops, white fricassee 
                of lamb, lamb's sweetbreads; Vegetables—to boil potatoes, to broil, 
                potato chips, new potatoes, carrots and parsnips, fricassee of 
                parsnips, to boil cauliflowers; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—currant cake,  
                a light seed cake without butter, a seed pound cake, plain soda cake, 
                soda cake with currants, a family cake made from dough, an excellent 
                common cake, excellent sponge cake, Sally cake, Indiana batter 
                cakes; Refreshing Drinks for Hot Weather—orange water ice, 
                currant water ice, lemon water ice, orgeat, refreshing summer 
                beverage, sherbet, watermelon sherbet; Miscellaneous—washing 
                and bleaching liquid, certain preventive of the potato rot, superior 
                washing soap, cure for corns, crockery cement which is transparent, 
                to prevent the nails growing down into the toes, cure for the tetter, 
                bathing the feet, hints to housekeepers; Contributed Receipts—Mrs. 
                W.'s snow cake, to pickle ripe cucumbers, fruit cake, tomato fritters, 
                browned tomatoes                                                                             79 
Apples and Other Fruits—compote aux confitures, pommes au riz, 
                apple Charlotte, apple jelly, quince jelly, pears for the tea table, 
                quinces for the tea table, pine-apple marmalade, blackberry jelly; 
                Cakes, Puddings, etc.—boiled batter pudding, rice cake, half-pay 
                pudding, cake, railway pudding, good children's cake, plain raisin 
                cake, a good family bun loaf, plain cake, fanchonettes, cocoanut cake; 
                Vegetables—sweet green tomato pickles, tomato sauce, tomato 
                catsup, red cabbage stewed, cauliflower omelet, English salad mixture, 
                to boil peas; Contributed Receipts—superior peach-pies, to preserve 
                watermelon rinds, to sweet-pickle peaches, corn fritters, rusk, 
                brown bread, lemon pie, another receipt for making rusk; 
                Miscellaneous—sunburns, cold cream, to remove walnut and fruit 
                stains from the fingers, to take mildew out of linen, to remove oil 
                stains, to make good coffee                                                               170 
Right Food for Infants and Children—Farinaceous Foods With Milk— 
                oatmeal gruel, grit gruel, gruel of oatmeal and baked flour, milk and 
                oatmeal gruel, panada of fine flour; Miscellaneous Cooking—minced 
                beef, ham toast, minced veal, toad-in-the-hole, tomato toast, fish 
                cake; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—cake, sugar cakes, Berwick sponge 
                cake, Madeira cream, economical pudding, an apple island, an 
                orange pudding, almond biscuits; Miscellaneous—how to make 
                writing indelible, a simple pomatum, rosemary pomatum, to renovate 
                black silk, diamond cement for china and glass, to clean a white 
                marble mantelpiece discolored with smoke, dried scent to put into 
                sachets or little bags for drawers, to soften hard water, cure for a 
                cough, water proof for leather, to remove stains from ivory handles; 
                Contributed Receipts—Yorkshire pudding with roast beef, lemon 
                pies, boiled suet pudding, Prince Albert pudding, tapioca pudding, 
                pudding sauce, baked Indian pudding, to stew oysters, Pennsylvania 
                pudding                                                                                            261 
Right Food for Infants and Children—Farinaceous Foods With Milk—
                bouillie of baked flour, bouillie of boiled flour, Liebig's soup, panada 
                of American corn-flour, rice food, arrowroot; Miscellaneous 
                Cooking—three receipts for making cheese straws, horseradish 
                sauce, a plain omelet, cod sounds (an entree), a relish, buttered eggs; 
                Cakes, Puddings, etc.—meringues, sponge cake, luncheon cake, rice 
                cake, to make an oatmeal custard, honeycomb gingerbread, a 
                pudding, orange cream, sago pudding; Contributed Receipts—
                sausage cakes, beef cakes, polish for furniture, essence of nutmegs, 
                essence of rose, to pickle fish, purple ink, stone cream; 
                Miscellaneous—for mending china, to pickle walnuts, brass 
                ornaments, pomatum, winter flowers, to remove moths from furs, 
                powder for scent boxes                                                                    355 
Right Food for Infants and Children—Farinaceous Foods With Milk—
                sago, tapioca, rusks, top crust, baked crums of bread, bread 
                panada; Miscellaneous Cooking—knuckle of veal or shin or leg of 
                beef soup, mutton broth, pork chops, sausages, wild ducks, 
                woodcock, snipes, cheesikins; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—boiled 
                custards, baked custard, potato lemon pudding, thun pudding, snow 
                cake (a genuine Scotch receipt), lemon cheese cakes, fruit cake, 
                hominy cakes, arrowroot biscuits, genuine Scotch short-bread; 
                Miscellaneous—mixed pickle, to make toffee, keeping cakes, to 
                pickle mushrooms, port wine jelly, keeping bottles of wine, covering 
                water pipes, pomatum for children, cleanliness, claret stains on 
                tablecloths; Contributed Receipts—pickle chow-chow, silver cake, 
gold cake, fruit cake, Lincoln cake, lemon pie, a certain cure for the
                earache                                                                                             442 
Miscellaneous Cooking—to roast a turkey, to "devil" turkey, stuffing for 
                turkeys, fowls, and veal, to roast fowls or capons, to broil a fowl, 
                sauce for a fowl, rich gravy for roast fowl, oyster soup, chickens 
                stewed whole; Cakes, Puddings, Mince-Meat, etc. for Christmas 
plum-puddings, mince-meat, to make a pine-apple 
                pancake, Chester pudding, good plum cake, fruit cake, soft crullers, 
                ginger biscuits, pumpkin pudding, Washington cake, dough-nuts, 
                lemon gingerbread; Contributed Receipts—
marble cake, silver cake, 
                spice cake, wedding cakes, tea-cakes; Miscellaneous—for chapped 
                lips, to take iron stains out of marble, to destroy warts, to soften 
                sponges, no thick curtains around a bed, to take white marks from 
                mahogany, fine lavender water, cleaning hair and clothes brushes, 
                caring for silk gowns and pelises, cleaning looking-glasses                  533  
Ruby Velvet Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                           [286]  
Scarlet Knitted Cape for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                             437  
Scenes from the Kaleidoscope of Life, by Mrs. E. D. Danforth [fiction]              61  
Scent Bag (Illustrated)                                                                                     260  
Self-Respect                                                                                                     213  
Shoe for a Young Child (Illustrated)                                                                204, 257  
Short Night-dress (Illustrated)                                                                           77  
Skate-Bag (Illustrated) [oil cloth covered with knotted cord]                            527  
Sleep                                                                                                                416  
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                         527  
Something About Watches                                                                                234  
Sub Luna Auctumnali, by Ada Algernon [poem]                                               408  
Summer Travel                                                                                                   89  
Talma (Illustrated)                                                                                             73  
Teeth                                                                                                                  38  
The Beautiful Unknown, by Harwood G. Robertson [poem]                             131  
The Casket of Memory, by William E. Pabor [poems]              

            At L***********.                                                                                51  
            L. W. B.                                                                                               131  
            September 24, 1857                                                                             214  
            On the Sands                                                                                        343  
            W. E. P., July 21, 1865, 1 Year, 18 Days                                             416  
            A. W. P.                                                                                              503  

The City of the Dead, by Clarence F. Buhler [poem]                                       512  
The Dreamer's Lament, by George Jay [poem]                                                512  
The Effect of Marriage                                                                                      272  
The Effects of Impatience                                                                                    32  
The Family Circle                                                                                               67  
The Family Drawing Master (Illustrated)                                               

            Perspective                                                                                             51  
            Perspective                                                                                           155  
            Perspective—Triangles                                                                         252  
            Perspective—Practical Exercises                                                          332  
            Perspective—Practical Exercises                                                          423  

The Fan                                                                                                            253  
The Ilex-Tree, by Minnie Willis Baynes [poem]                                                  32  
The Karachokoff Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                               20  
The Laugh of Woman                                                                                       146  
The Little Coffin, by George Cooper [poem]                                                    309  
The Necessity and Dignity of Work, by Rev. F. S. Cassady                              310  
The Origin of Soap                                                                                           273  
The Possessions of an English Nobleman                                                           543  
The Sunbeam and the Raindrop [poem]                                                            408  
The Toilet of a Roman Lady                                                                              346  
The Two Presents; or, The Lucky Mistake, by Caroline Orne [fiction]                53  
The Two Shadows—An Outline Sketch, by Charles D. Gardette [fiction]        494  
The Vexed Question, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                            205  
The Way Home, by Oloffe Von Kortlandt [poem]                                           493  
The Wife to her Husband [poem]                                                                      524  
The Young Lady's Ideal, by Ivy Green [fiction]                                                 414  
To a Beautiful Girl, by Wm. F. Wood [poem]                                                    331  
Toilet Cushion, Worked in Beads (Illustrated)                                                  258  
Toilet Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                           439  
Trees                                                                                                                402  
Trot!  A Christmas Story, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                        513  
Undersleeve (Illustrated)                                                                                 526  
Very Musical People, by J. M. P. [fiction]                                                         431  
Walking Sticks                                                                                                 273  
Waterfalls                                                                                                         365  
Waved Crochet Trimming (Illustrated)                                                             352  
Westward Ho!                                                                                                 365  
What the Old Man said to the Fortune-Teller, by J. C. G. [poem]                     234  
White Straw Hat (Illustrated)                                                                             71  
Winter and Early Spring Flowers                                                                       304  
Witnesses to Let                                                                                               273  
"You're Roaming Through the Past To-night" by Harriet M. Bean [poem]         322  
You're Younger Than I Am, by Amy Graham [fiction]                                      147