Godey's Lady's Book
Vol. LXX, January-June, 1865 

A Beautiful Extract                                                                                            253
A Child's Question, Translated from the French [poem]                                     170
A Coming Storm, by Teresa Talbot     [poem]                                                 409
A Golden Maxim                                                                                              145
A Hasty Speech, and what Came of it, by Marion Harland [fiction]                    29, 129
A Lady's Key-Keeper (Illustrated)                                                                  218
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                                                
         A-N, capitals, grapes and flowers                                                           24
            O-Z, capitals, grapes and flowers                                                          128
A Needle-Case (Illustrated)                                                                            179
Anna Warrenton's Fortune, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                      158
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                         216, 451
A Reminiscence                                                                                                286
A Romance of the Lakes, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                    414
Artificial Hair (Illustrated)                                                                               
         False plaits; waved waterfall; hair bow; waterfall bow                            265
            False plaits; waved waterfall; hair bow; waterfall bow                            363
A Travelling Hand-Bag (Illustrated)                                                                 457
A Trip in the Street Cars, by Delta [fiction]                                                       509
A Twilight Thought, by Helen [poem]                                                                 45
Baby Nell, by Jack Moon                                                                                  38
Bag or Wallet in Berlin Wool and Beads (Illustrated)                                         84
Ball Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                                   83
Bead Penwiper (Illustrated)                                                                             [208]
Blue Beard, by S. Annie Frost [drama]                                                              53
Braces for Gentlemen or Boys (Illustrated)                                                      365
Braid Trimmings for Under-Linen, Jackets, Children's Things, etc. (Illustrated) 454
Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                            126, 127
Braided Top for a Small Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                 90
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                          126, 127, 178, 271
Breakfast-cap (Illustrated)                                                                                 79
Bonnets (Illustrated)                            29, 79, 171, 263, 306, 310, 311, 400, 449, 450, 473, 540
Broken-hearted, by S. T. [poem]                                                                      137
Butterflies for Collars, Cuffs, etc. (Illustrated)                                                   548
Cupid versus Kerosene, by the author of "Miss Slimmen's Window, etc.
[fiction]                                                                                                 513
Crochet Purse (Illustrated)                                                                              546
Crochet Antimacassar (Illustrated)                                                                   [484], 543
Croquet                                                                                                            377
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                        78, 174, 175, 358, 451
"Cast Down, but not Forsaken," by S. A. T. [fiction]                                            46
Change, by J. H. G.                                                                                         356
Charade in Action (Illustrated) [jubilee]                                                           430
Charley and I, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                         523
Black Silk Dress (Illustrated)                                                               124
Buff Mohair Dress (Illustrated)                                                            544
Cashmere Morning Dress (Illustrated)                                                   16
Coatee Evening-dress (Illustrated)                                                         20
Coatee Dress (Illustrated)                                                                   120
Dinner-dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                           19
Dinner-dress (Illustrated)                                                                     357
Evening Dress (Illustrated)                                                                   123, 197
Fashionable Riding-Habits (Illustrated)                                                220, 291
Home-Dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                         401
Infant's Christening Robe (Illustrated)                                                  359
La Folie Paletot (Illustrated)                                                                214
Latest Style of Robes (Illustrated)                                                        396, 397, 398
Morning Dress (Illustrated)                                                                    14, 80
Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                                    15
New Style of Dress (Illustrated)                                                          490
New Style of Open Dress (Illustrated)                                                 215
Organdie Robe (Illustrated)                                                                 489
Robe Imperatrice, with Zouave Jacket (Illustrated)                              488
Spring Coat for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                              361
Spring Cloak for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                             362
Spring Dress (Illustrated)                                                                     305
Spring Dress for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                              307
Spring Robe (Illustrated)                                                                     304
Spring Suit (Illustrated)                                                                        213
The Alezandra (Illustrated) [velvet mantle]                                             17
The Castiglione, from Brodie (Illustrated) [paletot]                               399
The Ebro, from Brodie (Illustrated) [paletot]                                        212
The Hedelmone Waist (Illustrated)                                                      308, 309
The Madrilena Sortie de Bal, from Brodie (Illustrated)                           18
The Rio Verde, from Brodie (Illustrated) [paletot]                               491
The Vegan from Brodie (Illustrated) [pardessus]                                  121
White Muslin Dress (Illustrated)                                                          360
Coat of White Pique (Illustrated)                                                                     360
Coiffure Astree (Illustrated)                                                                             542
Coiffure Diademe (Illustrated)                                                                         542
Coiffures (Illustrated)                                      83, 122, 172, 197, 264, 265, 306, 358, 451, 542
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                         216, 274, 357, 360
Collar, in Imitation of Point Lace (Illustrated) [crochet]                                    216, 274
"Come and See Me"                                                                                         140
Corner for a Pocket Handkerchief (Illustrated) [US flags in floral wreath]           90
Crochet Shawl (Illustrated)                                                                                21, 88
Darning Pattern for Netting Work, Suitable for Tidies, Bedspreads, or Table
            Covers (Illustrated)                                                                               89
Delicacy in Conversation                                                                                   522
Design for a Church (Illustrated)                                                                      195, 471
Designs for Pincushions (Illustrated) [beaded]                                                  270, 366
Dress Trimming in Silk (Illustrated)                                                                  455
Duplex Elliptic (or Double) Spring Skirt (Illustrated)                                         475
Dying   [poem]                                                                                                 429
Earning a Minister, by Mrs. Denison [fiction]                                                      39
Editors' Table, containing--
A Frenchman's Idea of Shakespeare                                                     372
A Gem; from "Enoch Arden" [poem]                                                       96
A Happy New Year                                                                               94
An Important Hint about Health—salt rheum                                         187
A Talk with our Correspondents—about medical colleges for women;
                Pennsylvania Medical College for Women; New England Medical
                College for Ladies; fashion editress; about the hair                             186
Books in the Family                                                                              372
Brothers and Sisters                                                                              462
Danger of Mathematical Studies                                                              96
Deaconesses' Institution                                                                        552
Diminutions of the English Language [masculine and feminine terms]       464
Domestic Cares                                                                                    186
Domestic Science in Schools for Young Ladies                                       95
English Literature in 1864                                                                      554
Enoch Arden:  Tennyson's New Poem                                                  184
Fashions of Dress and Their Influence                                                   370
Have One Book                                                                                     96
Hints about Health                   
             Bedroom temperature; warm beds; cold feet; grapes as a remedy or
                    preventive                                                                                      96
Children's feet                                                                                   280
The uses of ice                                                                                  372
Ulcerated sore mouth of children; checking perspiration                     464
Summer fruits; cancer                                                                       554
Home Manufactures                                                                             371
How Shall We Dress?                                                                           278
"Line Upon Line"—woman vs. female, masculine terms, professions,
                and titles with the feminine equivalent                                                  279
Marriage Certificates                                                                            186
Men Receive Great Gifts; Women Need Them                                      278
Men's Opinions about Women—heathen proverb, Christian sentiment,
                scientific congresses                                                                          280
Mind your Punctuation                                                                          186
Morton's Gold Pens                                                                              372
"My Beautiful Lady" [poem]                                                                  554
My Mother's Influence                                                                          463
My Saviour's Name [poem]                                                                  371
Scientific Congresses                                                                            280
Strict Economy                                                                                       96
The History in Seven Verses                                                                 552
The Importance of Words                                                                     371
The Instincts of the Soul                                                                        554
The Queen of Cooking-Stoves                                                              554
The Royal Names of Humanity—man and woman                                 553
The True Civilizer                                                                                 463
The True Feminine Name [female vs. woman]                                         96
The Wonderful Mystery.  The Trinity [poem]                                         463
Varieties—woman manufacturing her own sewing silk, woman's genius,
                how to treat men                                                                               464
Women of the East:  What is Done for Them:  Description of the First
                Visit to a Zenana, or Woman's House; Description of the Rich
                Baboo's House; Difference in Zenana Teaching; Agricultural
                Exhibition                                                                                          184
Women of the West:  What they are Doing:  Woman's Mission in the
                Christian Church; Hospitals; Military Hospitals; Mothers' Meetings;
                Schools and Bible Classes; Bishop Potter's Testimony                       185
Women's Mission to Women—Want of Missionaries                            372
Varieties                                                                                               464
Embroidery and Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                                 271
Embroidery for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                  492
Embroidery, Inserting, etc.,       20, 26, 85, 89, 126, 175, 179, 214, 215, 218, 271, 274, 308, 309,
                                312, 362, 364, 365, 366, 402, 453, 456, 458, 492, 493, 494, 544, 545, 547
Embroidery Pattern for the End of a Scarf (Illustrated)                                     458
Embroidery Patterns for a Yoke and Yoke Corner (Illustrated)                        458
Explanation of Contractions Used in Crochet, Tatting, Knitting, etc., etc.            270
Family Likenesses                                                                                             538
Fancy Apron (Illustrated)                                                                                452
Fancy Collar (Illustrated)                                                                                 357
Fancy Corsage (Illustrated)                                                                               82, 175, 451
Fancy Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                                 268, 543
Fancy Letters for Marking (Illustrated) [G-L, capitals, flowers]                        180
Fancy Slipper (Illustrated) [monkeys]                                                              [116]   
Fancy Undersleeve (Illustrated)                                                                       268
Fashionable Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                       25
         Silk dresses; morning robe; warm wraps; novelties; bright colors on
                handkerchiefs; embroidered and braided skirts; veils; coiffures for
                young ladies; trims on bonnets; ball coiffures; two sizes of Parisian
                bonnets; red hair; combs; buckles and belts; earrings; hats; riding hats;
                furs; dress elevators; seam rippers; gored dresses; sashes                  104
Poplin dresses; silk dresses; child's dress; coiffures; evening dress;
                corsages; double skirted dresses; looped dresses; travelling dresses;
                striped silk goods; paletots; moufflon for sacks; opera cloaks; silk
                cord; belts; crinoline; bonnets; hair styles including false hair;
                handkerchiefs; scalloped flannel skirts; ties                                        196
Silk dresses; child's dress; morning robe; poplin dress; walking dress;
                riding habits; morning dresses; dresses for light mourning; evening
                dresses; lace scarfs; belts; sashes; quilted petticoat; hoop skirts;
                children's dresses; coiffures; bonnets; hair styles;  crimping hair;
                collars and sleeves; handkerchiefs                                                       290
Dinner dress; child's dress; poplin dress; silk dress; spring suit; mania for
                butterflies; handkerchiefs; linen collars and cuffs; undersleeves; Queen
                Bess ruff; headdresses; nets; beads; velvet jewelry; spring flowers;
                crystal rain drops; gored walking dresses; evening dresses; jackets;
white bodies; radical change in dress coming                                       383
            Silk dresses; poplinette dress; dinner dress; bonnets; double skirts;
                corsage for wash goods; corset cover; tarlatane for thin waists; coat
                sleeves; sack dresses for children; side trimmings; horseshoe trim;
                varieties of pique; cambrics; mohairs; alpacas; thin wool goods; silks;
                grenadines; handkerchiefs; wreaths on dresses; parasols; gloves; ties;
                headdresses; hairstyles; jewels; nets; beads; bag for hair; hair
                ornaments; bonnets                                                                           472
Morning costume for watering place; afternoon dress for young lady;
                promenade dress; muslin dress; bonnets; Scotch caps; hats;
                trimmings; sacks; buttons; mantles; paletots; mohair lace; Spanish
                square for the head; capelines; dress trimmings; trims for wash
                dresses; shawls                                                                                 564
Fichu, or Neck-tie [knitted] (Illustrated)                                                          545
First of April (Illustrated) [picture]                                                                   301
Flowers in Wool (Illustrated) [convolvulus, made without wire]                        176
Flower-vase Mat in Tufted Netting (Illustrated)                                                [300], 361
Flower-vase Mat in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                         [392], 455
Footprints in the Snow, by Zan Thorne [fiction]                                                163
French American Villa (Illustrated)                                                                  289
Friendship's Flower, by Lu Light [poem]                                                          237
Gentleman's Flannel Waistcoat (Illustrated)                                                      217, 272
Gentleman's Brace, in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                 493
Gentleman's Mitts in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                          86
Gentleman's Neck-tie, in Brioche Knitting (Illustrated)                                       26, 83
German Cushion Cover (Illustrated)                                                                125, 178
Gipsy [sic] Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                   [208]
Gobelin Corselet (Illustrated)                                                                             82
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                     
         January 1865; terms for Lady's Book for 1865; new gas fixture; servant
                stories; our musical column; The Irvington Stories; curious bridal
                custom in Northumberland, England; the transmigration of plants;
                manna; perspective view of a mansion house, suitable for a suburban
                residence (Illustrated) [with plan]; rubber gloves for whitening the
                hands; frock coat for groom; dress to wear to photographer;
                mourning for fiancee?                                                                          99
February 1865; our musical column; how to get a farm, and where to
                find one—Illinois Central Railroad lands; Mary Queen of Scots;
                Valentines going out of date; muffatees [knitted]; magic ruffles
                trademark; design for a church (Illustrated) [plan]; portraits of
                Generals Burnside and Fremont                                                         190
March, 1865; Godey's orders from Georgia; Lossing's Pictorial History
                of the Great War; Godey's in Richmond; our musical column; Paris
                items—a novel capillary invention, a king "incognito," a strange story,
                a labor of love, sending a letter to heaven; "A Reminiscence.  How the
                News of Peace was Received in 1815" [from the Boston Saturday
                Gazette]; The Ladies' Toilet Vade Mecum; 1864 Lady's Book
                circulation; servant-gal-ism; Godey's going to Greece; the flower
                garden; our colored patterns; epitaph; hairdressers and dressmakers;
                tea brands and their meaning; "indisposed"; French American villa
(Illustrated) [with plans]; who pays for bridesmaids' dresses;
                drinking the bride's health; where bridesmaids' stand and what their
                duties are                                                                                          283
April, 1865; new offices; seven-thirty U.S. loan; bachelor editors; our
                musical column; Quaker against "killing" moustache and whiskers;
                servant-gal-ism; croquet—rules of the game; the foster home
                association; Paris items—dying hair red, a love story, a decision of
                manners; Blockley Insane Asylum; Beadle & Co's Dime Novels; a
                novel calculation—numbers in the Bible; the flower garden; use of
                eggs in manufacture of kid leather; trains required for French court;
                suburban residence (Illustrated) [with plan]; what is in the bedroom?;
                a wife's stratagem; salutes from the bridegroom; poem on covering
                dress stains by dyeing dress                                                               375
May 1865; print "Home on Furlough"; our musical column; sale of an
                imperial wardrobe—a curious custom; note from Lancaster WI
                newspaper; patent duplex elliptic or double spring skirt; marriage in
                China; note from Portland, OR requesting recipe; a poor working
                mother; a story about Joseph Bonaparte; advantages of crying; how
                to dress for a photograph; a servant story; the death-watch beetle;
                design for a church (Illustrated) [with plan]                                        466
June, 1865; Abraham Lincoln is Dead!; receipt for Shetland veils; story
                of drunken man setting his pants on fire; our musical column; servant
                stories; rhymes for the deaf; Queen Victoria's mourning attire and
                princesses' dress; article on royal infant; funerals in Hartford; first letter
                from Charleston; crinoline in French politics; the Elector of Hesse
                foiled; A Perfect Wife—A Perfect Woman—A Perfect Husband
                [poems]; suburban residence (Illustrated) [with plan]; Byrns' Antidote
                to Tobacco; ladies and gentlemen riding side by side; turning down
                the corner of a calling card; tea                                                          557
Good News, by Amy Graham (Illustrated)     [picture and fiction]                   393, 410
Grace Harvard, by Helen Peyton                                                                     505
Himself, Herself, Myself, by the author of "From May to November"
[fiction]                                                                                                238, 347
History of Furs [sable, ermine and grebe]                                                            44
How to Get a Farm, and where to Find One—Illinois Central Railroad Lands—
            Climate, Soil and Production                                                                192
How to Show Love for a Wife                                                                         338
How We Filled the Columns, by Munroe Martin [fiction]                                 232
Indecision                                                                                                         356
Initials for Marking Pillow-Cases (Illustrated)                          
         F, M-U, capitals, flowers                                                                      307
            A-C, G, capitals                                                                                   312
            TC, E, L                                                                                               402
            H, O, S                                                                                                494
            F, D                                                                                                     548
Insertion for Petticoats or Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                 365
Juvenile Department (Illustrated), containing--
A Little Child's Prayer                                                                           560
Child with Flowers [poem]                                                                    194
Circular Puzzle                                                                                      470
Miscellaneous Amusements—the wafer trick                                         288
Sun-Dial                                                                                               288
The Elastic Egg                                                                                     380
The Rose [poem]                                                                                  380
Knitted Drawers for a Child about four years old                                               177
Knitted Hood with Swans' Down Border (Illustrated)                                      123, 175
Knitting Box in Wool and Perforated Card (Illustrated)                                      27, 85
Knitting Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                             546
Ladies' Neck-ties (Illustrated)                                                                         452, 541
Lady's Apron (Illustrated)                                                                               216
Lady's Netted Nightcap (Illustrated)                                                                177
Lady's Pincushion (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                            87
Letters for Pillow-cases (Illustrated)                                                   
         L, C                                                                                                       28
            A-E                                                                                                        89
Linen Collar (Illustrated)                                                                                  360
Linen Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                                    360
Listen, by Sara [poem]                                                                                     413
Literary Notices                                                                       
         Love and Duty; Chambers' Encyclopaedia; Harper's History of the
                Great Rebellion; Lindisfarn Chase:  A Novel; The Doctor's Wife:  A
                Novel; The American Boy's Own Book of Sports and Games; A
                Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the
                Conference Convention; The Irvington Stories; The Suppressed Book
                About Slavery; Nearer and Dearer:  A Novellette; The Winthrops: 
                A Novel; The Hero Boy; or, The Life and Deeds of Lieut.-Gen.
                Grant; Life of Jean Paul Frederic Richter; The Ocean Waifs:  A Story
                of Adventure on Land and Sea; Familiar Letters from Europe;
                Twice-Told Tales; The Poems of Bayard Taylor; The Tiger Prince, or
                Adventures in the Wilds of Abyssinia; The Pigeon Pie:  A Tale of
                Roundhead Times; Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader:  a Tale of
                the Pacific; Helen and Her Cousins, or Two Months at Ashfield
                Rectory; Waifwood:  A Novel                                                            97
            The Bohemians of London; Oswald Cray; The Mysteries of Florence;
                Chambers' Encyclopaedia; How Charley Helped His Mother;
                Jennie's Bible-Verses; The Two Councils; Joseph the Jew:  a Tale
                Founded on Facts; Plain Words to Young Men; The Weaver's
                Family:  A Story of Silesia; Album and Reward Cards; Winfield, the
                Lawyer's Son, and How He Became a Major-General; Mother
                Michel and Her Cat; The Old Franklin Almanac, for 1865; Fighting
                the Whales; Fast in the Ice; Army in the Wilderness; The Correlation
                and Conservation of Forces; Apologia Pro Vita Sua; Essays:  Moral,
                Political, and Aesthetic by Henry Spencer; Lyra Americana, or
                Verses of Praise and Faith from American Poets; Lyra Anglicana, or,
                A Hymnal of Sacred Poetry; Uncle Nat, or, The Good Time Which
                George and Frank Had, Trapping, Fishing, Camping Out, etc.; The
                Railway Anecdote Book; History of the Romans Under the Empire;
                Harpers' Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion; Under the Ban:  A
                Tale of the Nineteenth Century; Arizona and Sonora; From Dan to
Beersheba, or The Land of Promise as It Now Appears; Margaret
                Denzil's History; An Epitome of General Ecclesiastical History from
                the Earliest Period; The Experiences of a French Detective; The
                Merchant Mechanic; Clever Stories of Many Nations; Sacred and
                Legendary Art; Legends of the Monastic Orders; A New
                Atmosphere; The Gypsies of the Dane's Dike:  A Story of Hedge-Life
                in England, in the Year 1855; Looking Toward Sunset; Hymns of the
                Ages; Dora Darling:  The Daughter of the Regiment; The Sailor Boy;
                The Life-Boat:  A Tale of Our Coast Heroes; Cousin Grace; Poems
                by David Gray; Egypt's Princes:  A Narrative of Missionary Labor
                in the Valley of the Nile; God's Way of Holiness; Melbourne House;
                The Child's Bunyan; The Book of Animals, or The Wonders of the
                Menagerie; Woodcliff                                                                      187
The Lost Love; Following the Drum; Lion-Hearted; Chambers'
Encyclopaedia; Queens of Song; Arctic Researches and Life
                Among the Esquimaux; The Perpetual Curate; Quite Alone:  A
                Novel; Charles Dickens's New Christmas Story—Mrs. Lirriper's
                Legacy; Cousin Alice:  A Memoir of Alice B. Haven; Treasury of
                Travel and Adventure in North and South America, Europe, Asia,
                and Africa; Young America:  A Poem; Together:  A Novel; The
                Autobiography of a New England Farmhouse:  A Book; Diary of
                Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan:  A Story of the Times of Whitfield and the
                Wesleys; The American Hoyle, or Hand-Book of Games; The
                Constable of the Tower:  A Novel; House and Home Papers; The
                Autumn Holidays of a Country Parson; A Tribute to Thomas Starr
                King; The Boy Slaves; Following the Flag; Shakespeare's Sonnets;
                Enoch Arden; The Queen of the County; Moods, by Louisa M.
                Alcott; Frank's Campaign, or What Boys Can Do on the Farm
                for the Camp; Studies for Stories; Shakspeare [sic] Adapted for
                Reading Classes and for the Family Circle                                        281
The Beautiful Widow; The Brother's Secret; Family Secrets; Love's
                Labor Won; High Life in Washington; Marcus Warland, or The
                Long Moss Spring; Pictorial Life and Adventures of Jack Adams,
                the Celebrated Sailor and Mutineer; Life and Adventures of Tom
                Bowling; Jenkins' Vest Pocket Lexicon; Chambers' Encyclopaedia;
                Our Mutual Friend; Mattie:  A Stray; My Brother's Wife:  A Life
                History; Chateau Frissac, or Home Scenes in France; Appleton's
                Railway and Steam Navigation Guide; The Yankee Boy from Home;
                Enoch Arden; Raphael's Cartoons; Fruits and Flowers of the Holy
                Land; Essays:  Historical and Biographical, Political, Social, Literary
                and Scientific; The Morrisons:  A Story of Domestic Life; Idyls of
                Battle and Poems of the Rebellion; The Three Scouts                         373
The Refugee; The Forsaken Daughter; Lord Oakburn's Daughters; A
                Dictionary of Medical Science; Notes of Hospital Life; The Family as
                an Element of Government; Vanity Fair:  A Novel Without a Hero;
                Life and Correspondence of Dr. Lyman Beecher:  An Autobiography;
                The Culture of the Observing Faculties in the Family and the School;
                Science for the School and Family, Part III—Mineralogy and
                Geology; Tony Butler:  A Novel; Method of Philological Study of the
                English Language; The Hand-Book of Dining, or Corpulency and
                Leanness Scientifically Considered; Leaves from the Note-Book of
                a New York Detective; The Two Vocations, or, The Sisters of
                Mercy at Home:  A Tale; Ned Franks, or The Christian Panoply;
                George Geith of Fen Court:  A Novel                                                465
Silent Struggles; The Matchmaker; Lorrimer Littlegood; Chambers'
                Encyclopaedia; Life of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy; Chaucer's
                Legende of Goode Women; An Elocutionary Manual; The Real and
                the Ideal; A Narrative of the Campaign in the Valley of the
                Shenandoah, in 1861; Christian's Mistake; Travels in Central Asia;
                Luttrell of Arran; Uncle Silas:  A Tale of Bartram-Haugh; Social
                Statics, or The Conditions Essential to Human Happiness Specified,
                and the First of Them Developed; History of the Romans Under the
                Empire; Too Strange Not to be True:  A Tale; Exiles in Babylon, or
                Children of Light; The Hillyars and the Burtons:  A Story of Two
                Families; Cape Cod; Essays by R. W. Emerson; Poems by R. W.
                Emerson; Three Years in the Army of the Potomac; A Group of
                Children, and Other Poems; Croquet:  The Laws and  Regulations of
                the Game Thoroughly Revised, with a Description of the Implements  555
Mat for a Crocus Glass, etc. (Illustrated) [beaded]                                          273
May Time, by Margarette E. Halford [poem]                                                  409
Memory, by G. H. S. Hull [poem]                                                                      78
Minus a Bonnet, by Marian Douglas [fiction]                                                   433
Moral Fortitude Dependent on Habit                                                                 248
“More Light!” by Clarence Frederick Buhler [poem]                                      538
Morning Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                            451
Mountains or Molehills, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                        221
Holly Tree Promenade, by J. Starr Holloway                                         22
Leaves that are Fairest, by Jas. M. Stewart                                          118
Moonlight Dance, by D. W. Miller                                                        210
Sighs from the Woods, by R. Popkess                                                  486
The Days Gone By, by J. H. M’Naughton                                           302
The Weary World is Hushed to Rest, by W. L. Hayden [guitar]             394
Muslin Collar (Illustrated)                                                                                172
Muslin Undersleeve (Illustrated)                                                                      357
My Dream and Awakening, by Maria Stahl [fiction]                                           57
My Home Beside the Sea, by N. C. Wentworth [poem]                                   262
My Shadow-Maiden, by Clio Stanley [poem]                                                  522
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                     
         Alice                                                                                                      85
            Adele                                                                                                     89
            Lina                                                                                                      124
            Elizabeth                                                                                               219
            Caroline                                                                                               362
            Antoinette                                                                                             366
            Fanny                                                                                                   453
            Annie                                                                                                   544
            Emilie                                                                                                   547
Neck-tie in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                        21, 87
Nervous People, by Effie Bruce                                                                       448
Netted Tidy (Illustrated) [hound and stag]                                                        [10], 89
New Headdress (Illustrated)                                                                             89
New Style of Basque Girdle (Illustrated)                                                          268
Night, by Rev. F. S. Cassady                                                                           440
Not all a Waif, by W.  S. Gaffney                                                                     247
Novelties of the Month (Illustrated)                                        
         Opera hat; evening bonnet; breakfast cap; muslin waist; morning dress;
                short night-dress; Marguerite girdle; Gobelin corselet; fancy corsage;
                fancy girdle with aumoniere; ball coiffure                                              79
Bonnets; Chapeau Casquette [felt]; thulle bonnet; coiffure; muslin collar;
                winter suit for a little boy; surplice night-dress; muslin caps; fancy
                corsage                                                                                            171
Bonnets; casquette; hat or toque of black velvet; fancy coiffure; ball
                coiffure; evening coiffure; waved bow of hair; crimped bow of hair;
                tuft of curls; false front of hair; white muslin waist; fancy guimpe;
                pillow and envelope for a young child; muslin drawers for boy 3-5;
                basque girdle; fancy undersleeve; fancy girdle                                    263
Dinner dress; fancy collar; muslin undersleeve; breakfast cap; muslin
                cap; ball coiffure; infant's christening robe; linen cuff; linen collar;
                embroidered butterfly; white pique coat; white muslin dress; spring
                coat for a little boy                                                                            357
Bonnets; white straw hat; coiffure; muslin cap; fancy corsage; morning
                sleeve; cravats; fancy apron                                                               449
Gray straw hat with veil; white chip hat; bonnets; ladies' neckties; suit for
                a boy 5-8; coiffure Diademe; coiffure Astree; fancy girdle; buff
                mohair dress for girl 6-12                                                                  539
Old Maids                                                                                                        512
On the Beach, by Florence Farleigh [poem]                                                    512
Ornament for Hyacinth Glass:  Wild Rose Pattern (Illustrated)                          180
Our Birdie, by Jane E. Rouse [poem]                                                               504
Our Colored Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                   287
Our Dew-drop, by Paul Laurie [fiction]                                                           138
Our Musical Column                                                                         101, 191, 284, 376, 467, 559
Paris Items                                                                                                       285, 378, 560
Patchwork Basket (Illustrated)                                                                        364
Patent Hair Crimpers (Illustrated)                                                                    475
Patti Sack or Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                      453
Paul Warner’s Story, by Charles D. Gardette [fiction]                                     426
Perspective View of a Mansion House (Illustrated)                                          103
Poor Relations, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                     318, 403, 495
Pillow and Envelope for a Young Child (Illustrated)                                         267
Practical Folly                                                                                                   432
Printer's Marks in the Directions for Every Kind of Work                                  270
Punctuality                                                                                                        424
Quilting Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                             457
Rapidity of Thought in Dreaming                                                                       338
Receipts, etc.                                                               
         Miscellaneous Cooking—to roast a turkey, to boil a turkey, to roast a
                goose, sauce for a roasted goose, baked chicken pudding, oyster pie,
                bread sauce, a fricasee of cold roast beef, macaroni with Parmesan
                cheese, a white Swiss soup, fish fritters, mutton to eat like venison;
                Cakes, Puddings, etc.—plum pudding, luncheon cakes, water cakes,
                cocoanut cake, water drop cake for dyspeptics, lemon pudding,
                potatoe-pancakes [sic], sponge cake, orange pudding, orange
                biscuits, German cream biscuits; Miscellaneous—the ant trap, to
                clean gloves, pomade, to clean carved ivory, glass seals, cold cream,
                to extract grease from silk, to wash prints, de laines, and lawns,
                lavender water, a wash for the hair; Infant Treatment—infant nursing,
                friction, position, exercise, early rising, walking                                    91
Miscellaneous Cooking—a delicious soup, to roast a leg of pork, quails
                cured in oil, to fry cold chicken, veal minced, nursery soup, to broil or
                fry pork cutlets, how to cure hams, to bone fowls for fricassees,
                curries, and pies; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—French cake, short bread,
                honey cake, rye drop cakes, raisin pudding, almond tarts, wine
                biscuits, pound pudding, sweet egg sauce, orange sauce, Spanish
                cream, apple puff; Miscellaneous—to imitate ground and figured glass,
                blue color for stamping, tooth powder, astringent hair-wash, to clean
                steel and iron, pickling red cabbage, good pickle for meat, lip-salve,
                to destroy ants, copying writing, to take ink out of paper and stains
                out of silk, etc.; Infant Treatment—sleep, duration of and time for
                sleep, restlessness at night; Cure for Rheumatism; Contributed
                Receipts—bachelor buttons, to stop the flow of blood, breakfast
                cakes                                                                                              181
Miscellaneous Cooking—leg of lamb to roast, leg of lamb to boil, a
                German entremet, cutlets a la bene, a German receipt for oyster
                powder, how to treat the sturgeon, fried celery, to stew a fowl with
                onions; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—pie-crust for meat pies and for fruit
                pies, Florentines, Swiss cake, spiced sugar for fritters, etc., egg bread,
a good pudding, Brighton pudding, sweet souffle, lemon sauce,
                lemon custard tart, tea cakes, Trafalgar cakes; Removing Stains;
                About Moths; Miscellaneous—to clean glass water-bottles, marrow
                and castor-oil pomatum, Dr. Wilson's hair-wash, ginger wine, to
                clean marble, cement for broken glass, pickled eggs, to make yeast
with potatoes; Contributed Receipts—bread receipt, vegetable
                oyster cakes, yellow dye, purple dye, farmers' pie                              275
Miscellaneous Cooking—breast of lamb stewed with peas or stewed
                cucumbers, neck of lamb, to make bubble and squeak, potatoe [sic]
                scones, rolled patties from remains of meat, fried cod-fish, cauliflower
                omelet, to dress a shoulder of veal, asparagus omelet, stewed spinach,
                salad dressing, white soup; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—citron pudding,
                lemon honeycomb, German flottkrengel, sweet macaroon, bitter
                macaroon, orange nuts, hot-cross buns, a floating island of apples,
                apple cheese-cake, ramakins, variety puddings, chocolate cakes;
                Worth Knowing and Remembering—how to act when the clothes
                take fire; Miscellaneous—a rain glass, melting steel as easily as lead,
                to increase the growth of hair, to remove mildew from linen,
                tamarinds of cranberry juice, lemon water, simple mode of purifying
                water, to fix pencil drawings, a method of preserving mushrooms to
                keep for a year; Contributed Receipts by an Old Housekeeper—
                elegant fritters, Jefferson cake, blue dye, a West-Point pudding,
                union pudding, bread making, cream cheese                                      367
Miscellaneous Cooking—curry of veal, scalloped oysters, chops with
                cucumbers, carrots, veal sweetbread, turnips, fillets of beef, fried
                cauliflower, lettuce peas, rice sauck, horseradish sauce; Cakes,
                Puddings, Etc.—green apple pie, boiled batter pudding, carrot
                marmalade, doughnuts, ginger cakes, lemon cakes, queen cakes,
                sponge biscuits, rhubarb jam, rhubarb preserve, ginger biscuits,
                gooseberry fool; Miscellaneous—to prevent articles of steel or iron
                from rusting, pickled eggs, good and cheap pomatum, to clean
                statuary marble which oil spoils, to remove grease from cloth, green
                ink, to keep butter in warm weather, cement for metal and glass;
                Contributed Receipts—superior coffee-cake, Indian cakes, potato
                fritters, to dye green, black dye; Duties of the Sick-Nurse                   459
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—to preserve strawberries,
strawberry jelly, strawberry or apple souffle, to make strawberry jam,
                cherries preserved, bottling cherries, raspberry jam, raspberry cream
                tart, Norwegian raspberry vinegar, currant jelly, good currant wine,
                gooseberry jam, to bottle green gooseberries for tarts, to preserve
                purple plums, greengages, apple in jelly, apple preserve, quince
                marmalade, apple marmalade, quinces preserved whole, to preserve
                peaches, blackberries, to preserve pineapple; Contributed Receipts—
                to preserve cherries, to preserve hedge pears, to preserve butter, to
kill flies and roaches, excellent vinegar, potato salad; Duties of the
                Sick-Nurse                                                                                       548
“Rejoice Evermore”                                                                                            60
Reminiscences by Ethelstone [fiction]                                                  
         My First Party                                                                                      154
            The Pic-Nic                                                                                          256
            A Wedding                                                                                           443
            Wrong and Right                                                                                  532
Riding Lesson (Illustrated) [picture of monkey riding dog, with children]           209
Romance of the Needle                                                                                    432
Rose-Wreath D’Oyley for the Toilet Table (Illustrated) [crochet]                     219, 272
Roxana Ware, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                             249
Sabbath Morn, by Monroe Guy Carlton [poem]                                              153
Sabbath Musings, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                                  70
Scenes on the Ice (Illustrated) [picture]                                                              13
Scent Sachet (Illustrated)                                                                                [484], 542
Seventeen and Twenty-seven, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                71
Short Night-dress (Illustrated)                                                                           80
Silk Embroidery for Flannel (Illustrated)                                                           366
Sleeve Trimming, in Flanders Lace (Illustrated)                                                493, 547
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                         268, 357, 451 
Sofa Pillow in Long Hook Crochet (Illustrated)                                                [392], 454
St. Valentine’s Day:  Looking for the Letter-Carrier (Illustrated) [picture]         117
Suburban Residence (Illustrated)                                                                     381, 561
Suit for a Boy (Illustrated)                                                                               541
Surplice Night-dress (Illustrated)                                                                     174
Sylvan Sermons, by John R. Morrison [poem]                                                 442
Tassel Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                          217, 269
The Artist and the Princess, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                          329
The Beautiful                                                                                                    531
The Casket of Memory, by William E. Pabor [poems]            
         The Old Love and the New                                                                    60
            Charlie                                                                                                 144
            Lost Alice                                                                                             255
            So Shall Our Memories Be as Pearls Set in a Casket                             338
            May 31st, 1834                                                                                    429
            Babie Emma                                                                                         531
The Days that are no More, by W. T. Moore [poem]                                         231
The Family Drawing Master (Illustrated)                                 
Rectangles, parallelograms, etc.                                                             157
Perspective—the horizontal line                                                             254
The horizontal line; the vanishing point                                                   345
Perspective—the point of sight, the point of station                                441
Perspective—the point of sight (continued)                                            530     
The Flower-Garden                                                                                          287, 379
The Lady                                                                                                          137
The Lost Breastpin, by Caroline Orne [fiction]                                                 339
The Marguerite Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                     81
The Passion for Display                                                                                    538
The Poetry of Life                                                                                             442
The Recognition, by Amy Graham (Illustrated) [fiction]                                   323
The Small Country House; or, Curiosity and Jealousy [fiction]                            146
The Two Neighbors, by George Cooper [poem]                                              356
The Wife to her Soldier Husband, by Malva [poem]                                           45
The Words We Use                                                                                           52
The Wonders of the Brain                                                                                 409
Thoughts and Memories, suggested by the Season, by Augusta H. Worthen     141
To E_____, by Eunice [poem]                                                                         442
To My Dear Wife, by F. M. Henly [poem]                                                       253
To One whose Face I ne’er shall See, by Della S. H. [poem]                              70
To Reduce or Enlarge Drawings (Illustrated)                                                      70
To the Stars, by W.  E. Strickland [poem]                                                        508
Towel Rail Ornamented with Bead-Work (Illustrated)                                       27, 83
Two New Stitches in Crochet a Tricoter (Illustrated)                                       456
Under the Pear-Tree, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                     61
Wandering Minstrels (Illustrated) [picture]                                                       485
We Met, by Sallie L. Heslep    [poem]                                                             328
When and How to Find Fault                                                                            512
White Muslin Waist (Illustrated)                                                                        79, 266
Why do we Shake Hands?                                                                               262
Winter Suit for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                                           173
Wishes, by F. H. Stauffer [poem]                                                                    153
Work-Table Companion (Illustrated)                                                               [11], 81