Godey's Lady's Book
Vol. LXIX, July-December 1864 

A Child's Eye                                                                                                   514
A Cold on the Imagination                                                                                358
Adepts in Commercial Puffing                                                                           182
A Dream of Long Ago, by J. L. McCreery [poem]                                           395
A Few Friends, by Kormah Lynn [1st installment drama, rest fiction, final
            headed A Fancy Dress Party]                                               65, 156, 245, 335, 422, 526
A Heartless Jade                                                                                              447
A Literary Life                                                                                                  268
All Hallow E'en                                                                                                 358
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                                                
         A-Z, capitals                                                                                        114
            A-C, F-H, J-L, O-S, U, W, capitals, for marking on canvas with 
                colored wools                                                                                   204
An Appropriate Name                                                                                      182
An Arctic Landscape, by Zan Thorne [fiction]                                                  517
An Editorial Brutus                                                                                           361
An Item Which Every Man Should Read                                                           305
Another's Merit                                                                                                236
A Pet Dog's Collar (Illustrated) [knotted]                                                        536
A Picture in the Room                                                                                       322
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                         250, 429
Asphodel Flowers, by Minnie Willis Banes [poem]                                          228
A Violet, by Mrs. Sara Wolverton [poem]                                                         70
Baby's Hood (Illustrated) [p. 484, 538—knitted]                                              74, 484, 538
Baby's Knitted Sock (Illustrated)                                                                     532
Baby's Tippet in Tricot Ecossais (Illustrated)                                                    485, 539
Ball Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                                 249
Beauty and the Beast, by S. Annie Frost [drama]                                             311
Be Cheerful, by S. M. S.                                                                                     39
Bed Quilt Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                          344
Bel Dana's Temptation, by Mrs. B. Frank Enos [fiction]                                   214
Bib (Illustrated)                                                                                               293
Bird Songs, by Clio Stanley [poem]                                                                 155
Black Silk Apron (Illustrated)                                                                          429
Blanche Dana's Season, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                               412
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                            71, 72, 162, 200, 291, 339, 426, 529
Braided Pattern for Seat of Chair (Illustrated)                                                  345
Braiding for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                       384
Braiding Pattern for a Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                   251
Braiding Pattern for Cloaks and Mantles (Illustrated)                                       347
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                      23, 77, 164, 169, 202, 203, 251, 294, 345, 347, 384
Breakfast-cap (Illustrated)                                                                                 74, 250
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                              74, 250
Case of Paralysis Cured by Ice                                                                         448
Child's Braided Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                    112, 113
Chocolate                                                                                                           38
Christmas in Camp (Illustrated) [picture of black man with goose surrounded 
            by soldiers]                                                                                           477
Cinderella; or, the Little Glass Slipper, by S. Annie Frost [drama]                     221
A Coat for Summer Wear (Illustrated)                                                 163
Adolphe Coat (Illustrated)                                                                   160, 161
Bathing Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                  21, 95
Cambric Robe (Illustrated)                                                                    16
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                            193, 275, 289, 365
Cloak for a Miss (Illustrated)                                                               379
Cloth Coat for a Lady (Illustrated)                                                       480
Dress for the Sea-side (Illustrated)                                                      107
Evening Dress (Illustrated) [adult and girl]                                            196
Home Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                    198, 199
Infant's Short Dress (Illustrated)                                                          429
Merino Coat, Braided (Illustrated)                                                       427
Mohair Robe (Illustrated)                                                                      19
Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                                  106
New Cloaks and Mantles (Illustrated)                                                 378
New Style of Robe (Illustrated)                                                           482
Organdy Robe (Illustrated)                                                                    18
Pique Dress for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                              530
Robe Dress (Illustrated)                                                                        17, 483
Silk Paletot for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                           201
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [circular cloaks]                     20, 290
The Artilleur (Illustrated) [paletot]                                                        287
The Calpe, from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                                         110
The Dinorah (Illustrated) [coat paletot]                                                288
The Eliane (Illustrated) [wrap]                                                             377
The Estramadura, from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                               197, 380
The Kabyle Cloak (Illustrated)                                                            481
The Marie Rose (Illustrated) [alpaca dress and coat]                           286
The Madeleine Jacket (Illustrated)                                                       108, 109
The Mettenrich (Illustrated) [mantle]                                                    376
The Nevada, from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                                      470
Walking Suit for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                              341
Winter Jacket, in Double Crochet (Illustrated)                                     381, 432
Coarse Knitting for Mats, Rugs, etc. (Illustrated)                                             168
Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                                  22, 164, 249, 341, 342
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                         340, 342
Confessions of a Spirit-Rapping Medium                                                           362
Constance [poem]                                                                                              34
Consumption of Paper in the Bank of England                                                   361
Cooling Mixtures                                                                                                93
Copies of Medals (Illustrated)                                                                         268
Cottages (Illustrated)                                                                                   92, 183, 273, 449, 552
Country Residence (Illustrated)                                                                         92
Crochet Trimming (Illustrated)                                                                         345
Darning Pattern for Netting Work, Suitable for Tidies, Bedspreads, or Table 
            Covers (Illustrated)                                                                            252, 346, 436
Dear Little Nelly, by Ann Herbert [poem]                                                        124
Design for an Ornamental Cottage (Illustrated)                                                 273, 419, 552
Design for Naval Table Linen (Illustrated) [Evelyn]                                          258
Dew-drops, by Selma [poem]                                                                            70
Dining in the Middle Ages                                                                                 269
Dissuasives from Despondency                                                                         159
Domestic Duties of Females                                                                                60
Domestic Help, by Mrs. Chatwitt                                                                    243
Dr. John Hale and Margaret Thorne, by Susan Haskell [fiction]                          35
Early Rising and Exercise                                                                                  321
Editors' Table, containing
About Childhood—The Brain, Physical Development                            175
A Few Words with our Correspondents—Godey's disapproves of 
                raffles; circular of the most accomplished hairdresser of the city; rice 
                and gravy; suet drink                                                                         354
A Few Words with our Friends                                                             544
A Man's Idea About Novels                                                                 545
A New Authoress; and her Great Success [Caroline Francis Cornwallis 
                of Great Britain]                                                                                441
Bishop Lee Seminary for Young Ladies                                                 441
Christmas                                                                                             554
Deaconesses                                                                                          86, 442, 546
Death of Catherine Sinclair, the Authoress                                             442
Dress; a Recipe to give it Health                                                              86
Drought, by Sarah Josepha Hale [poem]                                             354
             Joke on lineage; poem by Tennyson; Legrand; the theory of small 
                    men                                                                                              264
                A breakfast in the olden times; early marriages                                   354
Flowers in a Sick-Room, by Kruna      [poem]                                     545
Hints for Young Wives                                                                          174
Hints from Dr. Hall About Health
                Taking Colds, Diphtheria, Reading Whilst Travelling                          175
                Bronchitis and Kindred Diseases                                                       264
How to Make Things                                                                            264
Indian Superstition                                                                                354
My Dove, by Mrs. Hale [poem]                                                           263
New Christmas Presents:  Gold Pens—Sewing Machines                      546
On the Surface [poem]                                                                         175
Our Dwellings                                                                                       352
Our Gold Currency                                                                               175
Our National Thanksgiving—A Domestic Festival (Held Yearly on the 
                Last Thursday in November)                                                             440
Our Scrap Box                                                                                     442, 546
Photograph Albums                                                                              264
Self-Adjusting Hoop Skirts                                                                     86
Sufferings of English Sewing-girls                                                          263
Thanksgiving Hymn, by H. H. [poem]                                                   440
The Burial of Pompeii                                                                           262
The Art Gallery of Vassar College                                                           84
The Autograph Bedquilt                                                                          86
The Best Beautifier [a cheerful heart]                                                       86
The Bridegroom's Soliloquy                                                                  354
The Burial of Pompeii                                                                           262
The Daughters of America                                                                      86
The Great Central Fair:  Philadelphia                                                     262
The Health of Speech:  How to Cure Stammering                                  546
The Medical Education of Woman                                                          85
The Sacred Name or Title of Saviour                                                    545
The Theory of Small Men                                                                     264
True Love in its Heroism and Humility                                                     86
Vassar College                                                                                     353
Weariness of the World and its Work                                                   173
"Woman and Her Era"                                                                          175
Work for Christian Women                                                                   442
Embroidered Note-Case (Illustrated)                                                                24
Embroidery, Inserting, etc.                    24, 77, 108, 109, 112, 168, 169, 202, 203, 252, 254,
                                                255, 258, 292, 293, 294, 342, 344, 347, 382, 383, 384, 531, 535
Embroidery Pattern for the End of a Scarf, Suitable for Merino, Silk, or Muslin 
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         203
Epitaphs                                                                                                           271
Etiquette in Munich                                                                                           357
Fancy Chemise (Illustrated)                                                                             113
Fancy Comb (Illustrated)                                                                                251
Fancy Letters for Marking (Illustrated)                                   
            WCB                                                                                                   257
            TC (?)                                                                                                  345
            ED                                                                                                       348
            A-Z, capitals, Gothic                                                                            535
Fancy Tatting for a Chemise Band (Illustrated)                                                   77
Fanny's Engagement; or, How News is Manufactured, by Mary W. Janvrin 
            [fiction]                                                                                                 507
Fashionable Bonnets (Illustrated)                                             200, 275, 291, 488, 555
Fashionable Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                       163
         Grenadine dress; silk dress; alpaca dress; muslin dress; percale dress; 
                ball dress; bathing dresses; circular wraps; paletots; jackets; barege 
                wraps; scarlet cloaks; muslin mantles; bonnets; veils; hats; 
                headdresses; school hats; boys' hats; infants' hats; bathing dresses        94
Organdy robe; robe dresses; child's dress; ball dress; grenadine dress; 
                organdies; travelling suits; thin dresses; chameleon silks; basques; coat 
                bodices; gored skirts; kid gloves; parasols; bonnets; linen sets; 
                mourning dress; half mourning                                                            184
Dinner party dress; robe dress; poplin dresses; morning dress; children's 
                dresses; bonnets; fancy costumes; curtainless bonnets; coat-tail 
                bodices; white muslin bodies; sashes; corsages and corselets; tulle 
                flowers; coiffures; headdresses; festooning the dress; muslin skirts; 
                Polish boots; mask veils; dog-collars; hair nets; turbans; bridal veils    274
Poplin dress; merino dress; cashmere dress; bonnets; fall fabrics; fall 
                bonnets; mantles; buttons; crochet trimming; fringes; paletots; belts; 
                fancy jewelry; combs; coatees; velvet trim on dresses; white waists; 
                scalloped hems; jackets; sashes; puffed tulle evening dresses; 
                tarlatane dresses; collars; christening gown                                         364
Skirts and jackets; visiting suit; walking suit; silk dress; poplin dress; 
                fabrics for walking, travelling and ordinary dress; paletots; full suits 
                fabric and trim; fabrics for school-dresses, dressing-gowns and 
                wrappers; dinner dress; carriage dress; promenade dress; suit for 
                a little boy; dress for a little girl; coat for a little boy; tartans for 
                children; buckles; combs; coiffures; gloves; corsets; skirt supporter; 
                thibet fringe; short veils; wraps                                                           451
Silk dresses; dinner dress; dress and petticoat; visiting dress; fashionable 
                bonnets; blue and green together; new headdresses; evening dress 
                garnitures; jet beads; gored skirts; scalloped skirts; linsey for full suits; 
                velvet trimming; new coat sleeve; double skirts; jackets; looping the 
                skirt; cloak fabrics; morning robes; felt hats; veils; fancy ties; riding 
                gloves; Eugenie's ball gown                                                               554
Flowers in Wool (Illustrated)  
The Daisy; The Violet                                                                           253
            The Convolvulus, Made on Wire                                                           346
Fourth of July (Illustrated) [picture of boys playing war, annoying mother or 
            big sister]                                                                                                13
Gentleman's Dressing or Lounging Boot (Illustrated) [embroidered]                    78
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
July 1864; our musical column; Yankee Doodle.  A Ballad Not Found in 
                Percy's Reliques, With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, by Ezekiel 
                Jones [poem]; Illinois Central Railway; Buttre's portrait of Lieut. Gen. 
                U. S. Grant; country residence (Illustrated) [with plans]; rules for the 
                preservation of the teeth; cooling mixtures; men not now wearing stays; 
                crimping by braiding wet hair; jumping over a broomstick; calling a 
                gentleman by his Christian name; what is a whatnot                               89
August 1864; Mr. Fry's opera of Notre Dame; the Sanitary Fair; our 
                musical column; Paris items—masked ball costumes, etc.; servant 
                story; child's Grecian wriggle; Out of Town, by Alexander Allen 
                [poem]; adepts in commercial puffing; name for a country place; hints 
for fairs; suburban residence (Illustrated) [with plans]; dinner time in 
                New York; folklore of opals                                                              178
September 1864; our musical column; tales of hired help; advice to 
                servants from Punch; a literary life; copies of medals struck by 
                command of the Emperor Vespasian, in commemoration of the 
                destruction of Jerusalem (Illustrated); Paris items—babysitting, 
                fancy dress ball costume, new coiffure, enameling faces; dining in the 
                Middle Ages; conundrums; iced liquors; more fancy dress ball outfits; 
                men injured by crinolines; epitaphs; flattering colors for women; 
                gradations of mourning; jokes; how to cure a red nose; treatment of 
                diphtheria by ice; design for an ornamental cottage (Illustrated) [with 
                plans]; things wanted in a wife; things wanted by a young lady; tea vs. 
                coffee in consumption; motto of the Prince of Wales                           266
A few reasons for advance in price; October 1864; Etiquette in Munich; 
                nouveau riches; our musical column; All Hallow E'en customs for 
                maidens; mechanical paradox; "a cold" of the imagination; "When This 
                Old Hat Was New" [poem]; comet-glasses; epitaph; Leap Year; pins 
                in the days of Henry VIII; cure for tetanus; editors in Australia; most 
                deadly hours of the day; consumption of paper in the Bank of England; 
                an editorial Brutus; confessions of a spirit-rapping medium; accident 
                on a lake steamer; apparel of the Duke of Buckingham during reign 
                of Elizabeth; explanation of * in crochet instructions; effect of sulphur 
                on jewelry                                                                                        356
November, 1864; terms of the Lady's Book for 1865; Godey for 1865 
                (includes other examples of price inflation); hints for the cultivation of 
                winter flowering bulbs; what the "cat" ate; our musical column; a 
                heartless jade; Blitz, Bobby, and the Birds; a pun; a good trick; case 
                of paralysis cured by ice; a parrot's trick; design for an ornamental 
                cottage (Illustrated) [with plans]; how the Chinese mend broken iron 
                vessels                                                                                            444
December, 1864; Our New Office; terms of the Lady's Book for 
                1865; our musical column; telegraph vs. sewing machine; design for 
                an ornamental cottage (Illustrated) [with plans]; Upham's 
                Depilatory Powder; Grover & Baker's Sewing Machines; mask 
                veils; forty too old for hats; bride's escort down the aisle                   549
Good Manners, by Ref. F. S. Cassady                                                             333
Gradations in Mourning                                                                                     271
Hair Net (Illustrated)                                                                                         75
Half of a Linen Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                      348
Half Wreath (Illustrated)                                                                                  164, 342
Hanging Portfolio on Stand (Illustrated)                                                           432
Heaven, by Eva Evans [poem]                                                                        421
Heroism, by Una [poem]                                                                                  318
Hints for Fairs                                                                                                   182
Hints for the Cultivation of Winter Flowering Bulbs, by Henry A. Dreer             446
Housewife Embroidered on Ticking (Illustrated)                                               430
Housewife for a Gentleman (Illustrated)                                                           [371]
I Ask No More, by J. William Van Namee [poem]                                          144
Iced Liquors                                                                                                     270
Illinois Central Railway                                                                                        91
Infant's Crochet Boot (Illustrated)                                                                    538
Influence of a Smile                                                                                           402
Initial Letters for Marking (Illustrated) 
         M                                                                                                           80
            B                                                                                                          167
            H                                                                                                         168
            L, A                                                                                                     169
            BLG, LR                                                                                              202
            H                                                                                                         256
            WCB                                                                                                   257
            ED                                                                                                       348
            TL                                                                                                        383
            JD                                                                                                        431
            A-Z, capitals, Gothic                                                                            535
Initials for Marking Pillow-cases, etc. (Illustrated)                                            169
Initial Monogram (Illustrated) [H]                                                                    431
Innocent Pleasures                                                                                            332
In Search of an Owner:  An Outline of Life, by Charles D. Gardette [fiction]       40
Inserting (Illustrated)                                                                                       169, 535
John Sterne's Disappointment, by Carroll West [fiction]                                    229
Juvenile Department (Illustrated), containing--
Love the Bible [poem]                                                                            91
Metallic Trees                                                                                       363
Miscellaneous Amusements                                                                  
             The Feather; Bird's Fly; The Trades                                                  182
                The Painter and the Colors; Metallic Trees                                        363
Needle-Books  [shell needle-book, carved needle-book]                     363
Obedience to Parents [poem]                                                               272
The Witch Penwiper                                                                             448
The Wrestlers:  A Game for Children                                                    553
Knitted Jacket for Wearing under Mantles or Dresses (Illustrated)                   343
Knitted Stays for Children (Illustrated)                                                               78
Knitted Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                              431
Lady's Knitted Under Petticoat (Illustrated)                                                     533
Lady's Travelling-Bag:  Poche Pompadour (Illustrated)                                    537
Lamp Cap (Illustrated)                                                                                    257
Leaf Penwiper (Illustrated)                                                                              435
Leap Year (Illustrated) [vignettes of women chasing men]                                283, 360
Linen Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                                      74
Lines Addressed to One Who Believes Not in Love, by Mrs. Caroline St. 
[poem]                                                                                    395
Literary Notices                                                                       
         Notes of Hospital Life, from November 1861, to August, 1864; First 
                and Last:  A Poem; Family Pride; The Life and Public Services of 
                Abraham Lincoln; The Life and Public Services of Major-General 
                Meade; The National Almanac and Annual  Record for 1864; The 
                Golden Censer:  Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer; Slate Drawing 
                Books; Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile; The Small 
                House at Allington:  A Novel; History of the Romans Under the 
                Empire; The Management of Steel; The Philanthropic Results of the 
                War in America; Woman and Her Era; Nepenthe:  A Novel; The 
                Outcasts:  or, The Brand of Society; Parlor Theatricals; or, Winter 
                Evenings' Entertainment; The Cedar Christian, and Other Practical 
                Papers and Personal Sketches; Ned's Motto, or, Little by Little;  The 
                Silver Casket, or The World and Its Wiles; The Bags of Gold, or 
                Christian Conquests; Falsely Accused, or Christian Conquests; 
                Esther Parsons; or Try Again and Other Stories; Paying Dear, and 
                Other Stories; Stories From Jewish History; Christian Memorials of 
                the War; Mainstone's Housekeeper; Sermons Preached at Trinity 
                Chapel, Brighton; Honor, or The Slavedealer's Daughter; The 
                Soldier Boy, or Tom Somers in the Army:  A Story of the Great 
                Rebellion; Specimen Pages of American Conflict                                 87
Letters of Felix Mendlessohn Bartholdy; The Bridal Eve; The Ladies' 
                Complete Guide to Needlework and Embroidery; The Ladies' Guide 
                to True Politeness and Perfect Manners; The Deformed:  A Novel; 
                The Woman in Black; The Book of Days; Chambers' Encyclopaedia; 
                Louis Napoleon and the Battle of Armageddon; Little by Little; 
                United States Christian Commission for the Army and Navy, for the 
                year 1863; The New Book of Nonsense:  A Contribution to the 
                Great Central Fair, in Aid of the Sanitary Commission; Barbara's 
                History:  A Novel; Cousin Phillis:  A Tale; Nineteen Beautiful Years, 
or, Sketches of a Girl's Life; Harpers' Pictorial History of the Great 
                Rebellion; Freedom of Mind in Willing, or Every Being that Wills a 
                Creative First Cause; First Principles of a New System of 
                Philosophy; Thoughts on Personal Religion; History of the Romans 
                Under the Empire; The First Three Books of Xenophon's Anabasis; 
                The Cripple of Antioch, and Other Scenes from Christian Life in 
                Early Times; The Foot of the Cross, and the Blessings Found There; 
                Cortley Hall, or The Straight Road is Shortest and Surest; Human 
                Sadness; Darkness and Daylight:  A Novel; Stumbling-Blocks; The 
                Maine Woods; Life of William Hickling Prescott; Neighbor 
                Jackwood; Haunted Hearts; Phantom Flowers:  A Treatise on the 
                Art of Producing Skeleton Leaves; Wax Flowers—How to Make 
                Them; The Little Rebel                                                                     176
Self-Sacrifice; History of the Romans Under the Empire; Savage 
                Africa; History of Friedrich the Second, Called Frederick the Great; 
                Guide-Book of the Central Railroad of New Jersey; Denis Duval:  
A Novel; A Woman's Philosophy of Woman, or, Woman 
                Affranchised; Out in the World; Hotspur:  A Tale of the Old Dutch 
                Manor; Tales from Shakspeare [sic]; History of the Administration 
                of President Lincoln; The Gold Hunters' Adventures, or Life in 
                Australia; A Memoir of the Christian Labors of Thomas Chalmers; 
                The Memorial Hour, or The Lord's Supper, in its Relations to 
                Doctrine and Practice; Light in Darkness, or Christ Discovered in 
                His True Character by a Unitarian                                                      265
The Coward:  A Novel of Society and the Field in 1863; The Camera 
                and the Pencil, or the Heliographic Art; Poems with Translations from 
                the German of Geibel and Others; The Coins of the Bible and its 
                Money Terms; La Mere de Dieu; Grace Morton, or The Inheritance; 
                Count Leslie, or The Triumph of Filial Piety, a Catholic Tale; Religious 
                Training of Children, in the School, the Family, and the Church; 
                Captain Brand, of the "Centipede"; The Ladder of Life:  A Heart 
                History; Maurice Dering, or The Quadrilateral; Overland Explorations 
                in Siberia, Northern Asia, and the Great Amoor River Country; The 
                New Internal Revenue Law; Azarian:  An Episode; Reta:  A Novel; 
                The Forest Arcadia of Northern New York; Jennie Juneiana:  Talks 
                on Women's Topics; The Finger-Post to Public Business; Brisbane's 
                Golden Ready Calculator; Personal and Political Ballads; Ora, the 
                Lost Wife                                                                                        355
The Pride of Life; The Devoted Bride; Flirtations in Fashionable Life; 
                The Rival Belles; Photograph Albums; Chambers' Encyclopaedia; 
                Not Dead Yet; Willson's Larger Speller; Mr. Rutherford's Children; 
                The Spirit of Prayer; Imogene, or, The Marble Heart; John 
                Guilderstone's Sin; Down in Tennessee, and Back by Way of 
                Richmond; Quest; The Early Dawn, or, Sketches of Christian Life in 
                England in the Olden Time; Enoch Arden, etc.; The Cliff Climbers, 
                or, The Lone Home in the Himalayas; Little Prudy's Captain Horace   443
Peterson's New Cook Book; The Haunted Tower; The Marble Isle, 
                Legends of the Round Table, and Other Poems; Narrative of 
                Privations and Sufferings of the United States Officers and Soldiers 
                While Prisoners of War in the Hands of Rebel Authorities; A Manual 
                for Cavalry; Chambers' Encyclopaedia; The Tax Payers' Guide; 
                Harper's Handbook for Travellers in Europe and the East; Crusoe's 
                Island; Memoir of Mrs. Caroline P. Keith, Missionary of the 
                Protestant Church to China; Appleton's Railway and Steam 
                Navigation Guide; The Trial:  More Links in the Daisy Chain; The 
                Classification of the Sciences; History of the Reformation in Europe 
                in the Time of Calvin; Ellen Montgomery's Bookshelf; Sybil and 
                Chryssa; Hard Maple; Caspar and His Friends; Sea Drifts; The 
                Martyrs of Spain and the Liberators of Holland; A New Story Book 
                for Children, by Fanny Fern; Autobiography of a London Detective; 
                Dramatis Personae by Robert Browning; Fireside Travels; Emily 
                Chester:  A Novel; Essays on Social Subjects; Poems of the War; 
                Watch and Wait, or the Young Fugitive; Evan Dale:  A Novel           547
Little Sarah, by Florence Hartland [poem]                                                      236
Mechanical Paradox                                                                                         359
Medical Items                                                                                                   361
Memory, by Charles Morris [poem]                                                                155
Morning Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                            531
Minnie, by Mrs. Clara B. Heath [poem]                                                           338
Mrs. Vanriper's Experience at the New York Fair [fiction]                                125
Mrs. Ward's Visit to Niagara; and Her Acquaintance with the Shoddy Family, 
            by Mary W. Janvrin    [fiction]                                                            145
Grand March Funebre, by R. Rhollo                                                     486
Heart of Mine, by Jules Lenhart                                                          104
Home Schottische, by "Atsilac"                                                           194
Marion Schottische, by Charles W. Ohm                                                14
Now and Then, by R. Rhollo                                                                374
Silver Spring Mazourka, by W. H. Wilkinson                                        284
Muslin Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                               250, 340, 428
My First Attempt [at being a published author]                                                  501
My Summer Visit, by Belle Rutledge [fiction]                                                    396
My Theme, by Henry Asten [poem]                                                                 220
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                                             
         Mary                                                                                                    111
            Elizabeth, Adele                                                                                    169
            Agnes                                                                                                   256
            Phoebe                                                                                                 344
            Emma                                                                                                   540
Netted Mitten (Illustrated)                                                                                [11], 75
Netted Window-Curtains (Illustrated)                                                                23, 76
New Embroidery and Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                           77
New Style of Infant's Bib (Illustrated)                                                              293
"Nobody to Blame," by Marion Harland [fiction]                                               25
Not to be too Hasty in our Opinions                                                                    60
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                           
         Bonnets; Mousquetaire hat; Garibaldi waist; chemise; summer Balmoral 
                skirt; baby's hood; breakfast-cap; linen cuff; hair net with ribbon 
                coronet                                                                                                 71
Adolphe coat [with pattern]; bonnets; Mousquetaire hat; coat for summer 
                wear; sleeve; half wreath; coiffure                                                       160
Ball coiffure; Marie Antoinette tuft; fancy coiffure; muslin sleeve; lace 
                sleeve; merino dresses; breakfast cap; white muslin apron for girl age 
                6; gilt comb                                                                                       249
Bonnets; white linen collar with tie; muslin sleeve; coiffure for second 
                mourning; Polish jacket; walking suit for little girl; half wreath; Le 
                Matelot morning collar; corner for a handkerchief                               339
Bonnets; pelerine; sleeves; coat for girl 2-6; undersleeve; quilted house 
                jacket; infant's short dress; ventilated night-cap; black silk apron         426
Bonnets; pique dress for a little boy; short night-dress; sleeves                529
Only a Mechanic, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                  46
"Only," by J. W. [poem]                                                                                      52
On Reading the Last Book of Alice B. Haven, by Mary A. Denison poem]       144
Our Musical Column                                                                             89, 179, 267, 358, 446, 551
Out of Town, by Alexander Allen                                                                    181
Paris Items                                                                                                       180, 269
Pattern for a Tidy or Counterpane (Illustrated) [crochet]                                  111, 165
Pelerine (Illustrated)                                                                                        427
Penwiper (Illustrated)                                                                                      256
Photographs                                                                                                     421
Pins                                                                                                                  361
Plan for an Autograph Quilt (Illustrated)                                                             80
Portuguese Lace (Illustrated) [drawn threads]                                                  166
Power of Example, by Rev. F. S. Cassady                                                       425
Quilted House Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                    428
Receipts, etc.                                                                           
         Ice Cream and Cream Freezers; Miscellaneous Cooking—potted 
                salmon, veal sausages, spinach, snowballs, scolloped tomatoes, 
                young corn omelet, to stew carrots, lamb cutlets (a French dish), 
                tongue toast, pork olives, maccaroni pudding to be made of cooked 
                meat, a cheese omelet, baked Indian pudding; Sauces—fish sauce, 
                oyster sauce, shrimp sauce, mint sauce, bread sauce; 
                Miscellaneous—to imitate ground glass, to wash in sea-water, a 
                strong paste for paper, how to make blacking, raspberry wine, to 
                keep rooms cool in summer, to cure the bite of a mad dog, to clean 
                transparent tortoiseshell, patent leather restorer, to clean gloves; 
                Contributed Receipts—molasses cup cake, sugar cake, spring roll, 
                sweet apple pie, light cake, soda jelly cake, nice cake, citron 
                pudding                                                                                               81
Miscellaneous Cooking—baked beef and potatoes, potato dumplings, 
                pea soup, bacon roll pudding, boiled bacon and cabbages, to escallop 
                potatoes, knuckle of veal and rice, buttered parsnips, eggs stewed 
                with cheese; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—breakfast cakes, tea cakes, 
                potatoe [sic] cakes, green corn pudding, plain wine biscuits, pie-plant 
short cake, cheap lemon pies, gauffres, chocolate cakes, plain biscuits, 
                soda cake, almond lemon biscuits; Advice to Housekeepers—keeping 
                vegetables and other foods, scalding fruits, using egg whites; The 
                Toilet—voilet powder, lotion for the hair, hair wash, white lip salve, 
                glycerine balsam, oil of roses; Miscellaneous—blackberry and wine 
                cordial, coffee milk, simple mode of purifying water, to preserve eggs, 
                wrinkled silk, eggs for burns, faded ink, crystallized fruit, toothache, 
                Chinese cement, bar soap, ice cream, sealing wax for fruit cans, to 
                give plaster of Paris casts the appearance of marble                            170
Miscellaneous Cooking—stuffed roast veal, how to boil beef, potato 
                soup, onion soup, roast fowl, brown gravy for the fowl, buttered 
                Swedish turnips, fried cabbage and bacon, oyster omelet; Cakes, 
                Puddings, etc.—Boston cream cakes, soft cookies, cakes, almond 
                cakes, puddings, chocolate cream custard, a rich pudding, cheesecake 
                to keep a year, pickelets, Roehampton cakes, shortbread; Sick Room 
                and Nursery—a strengthening drink, baked milk for consumptive 
                persons, coffee milk for the sick room, drink in a fever, barley water 
                with honey, barley water with isinglass; Glass—making it opaque; 
                Miscellaneous—to clean cut glass, to prevent the formation of crust 
                upon the inside of teakettles, to restore faded roses, means of 
                preventing glass from cracking by heat, cure for corns, gum arabic 
                starch, a safe cosmetic, glue for ready use, for ginger wine; 
                Contributed Receipts—nonpareil sticking plaster, Swiss cake, hair 
                wash                                                                                                259
Miscellaneous Cooking—cold meat broiled with poached eggs, to 
                make an excellent ragout of cold veal, relishing rashers of bacon, 
                toast and cheese, Irish stew, relish for chops, etc., English stew, 
                dressing for cabbage, a good way of cooking eggs; Cakes, 
                Puddings, etc.—buttermilk cake, amber pudding, cornucopias, 
                farmer's pudding, apple fancy, Kent pudding, icing for rich cakes, 
                etc., German cakes, fruit biscuit, Portugal cakes; Drinks and 
                Beverages for the Sick—toast water, barley water, apple water, 
                orgeat, orangeade or lemonade; Receipts for Pomatum; 
                Miscellaneous—uses of the potato, coloring photographs, to clean 
                bronze, broken china, how to make clear sugar, to remove grease 
                from cloth, substitute for a copying-machine, to remove a screw 
                rusted in the wood, crystallized chimney ornaments, to clean silver 
                articles                                                                                            349
Omelettes [sic]—bread omelette, omelette aux fines herbes, veal 
                omelette, omelette soufflee; Miscellaneous Cooking—lobster soup 
                (French), to cook beans without pork, fried oysters, lamb chops, 
                mutton pie, hominy; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—muffins, crumpets, 
                biscuit pudding, rolled pudding, ginger or cinnamon tablet, apple 
                snowballs, bread cake, coffee cream, doughnuts, light rolls for 
                breakfast, magic pastry, suet pudding (boiled); Preservation of the 
                Teeth; Miscellaneous—burning coffee as a disinfectant, to take 
                mildew from clothes, for chapped hands, ivory cement, to pink 
                silk stockings, to restore the color of the ivory piano keys, wash 
                balls, water to thicken hair and prevent its falling out, to clear 
                vegetables of insects, to clean hair brushes, razor paste                      437
Plum Pudding, Cakes, and Other Receipts for Christmas—rich plum 
                pudding, a plum pudding, a very nice little Christmas pudding for a 
                small party, rich plum pudding, Christmas plum pudding, a Christmas 
                plum pudding, with or without eggs, a rich Christmas pudding, a 
                good Christmas pudding, a good pound-cake, common crullers or 
                twist cakes, soft crullers, fruit cake, queen cake, lemon cake, 
                Washington cake, dough-nuts, lemon gingerbread, pumpkin pudding, 
                cream pie (fine), ginger sponge-cake, ginger cake, ginger lozenges, 
                French jumbles, seed cake, currant cake; Mincemeat—mincemeat, 
mincemeat to keep, mincemeat without meat, mincemeat                   541
Retta's Christmas Eve, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                             515
Ruined Castles [poem]                                                                                      514
Rustic Frames, by R. C. B.                                                                                252
Sash, with Postilion Basque (Illustrated)                                                           430
Scissors Case (Illustrated)                                                                               253
         The Talent of Success; The Beautiful                                                       34      
Variety; The Human Heart; A Word to the Ladies                                 133
Seventeen, by the author of "The Vertical Railway," etc. etc. [fiction]           134
Seven Years, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                        489
Shadows and Sunshine, by Alma A. Crawford [poem]                                     238
Short Night-dress (Illustrated)                                                                         531
Simple Breakfast Cap (Illustrated)                                                                     74
Simple Pattern in Point Russe (Illustrated)                                                        254
Sleep, by Monroe Guy Carlton [poem]                                                           142
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                 163, 250, 340, 428, 531
Smoke, by Melicent Irwin [poem]                                                                   506
Suburban Residence (Illustrated)                                                                     183
Summer Balmoral (Illustrated)                                                                           73
"Taking Boarders for Company:  A Story of the "Heated Term," and Containing 
            More Truth than Romance," by Marion Harland [fiction]                      115, 205, 295, 385
Tape-work Edging for Petticoats and Other Articles of Underclothing
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         255
Tatting Insertion (Illustrated)                                                                            168
The Butterfly     [poem]                                                                                       39
The Casket of Temperance, by Willie E. Pabor [poems]                     
         Remember, Remember!                                                                          45
            The Visit of an Angel                                                                            133
            The Temperance Battle                                                                         248
            Touch Not the Cup                                                                               322
            Come Back to Me, Darling                                                                   402
            The Wife to Her Husband                                                                     502
            L'Envoi                                                                                                 502
The Departed Wife, by E. Crosby [poem]                                                        305
The Dew-drop, by Cora [poem]                                                                      334
The Family Drawing Master (Illustrated)                                 
         Lines and Angles (Continued)                                                                 59
            Triangles                                                                                               143
            Triangles (Continued)                                                                            237
            Quadrilateral Figures                                                                             332
            Quadrilateral Figures (Continued)                                                          410
            Trapeziums, Square, etc.                                                                       525
The Force of Habit                                                                                           247
The Marguerite Pouch, or Aumoniere (Illustrated)                                            165
The Minister's Wife, by Mary Kyle Dallas [fiction]                                           306
The Mounted Rifleman, by S. F. Flint [poem]                                                     52
The Phantom Skater, by Charles D. Gardette [fiction]                                     503
The Same Old Story (Illustrated) [picture of historic lovers]                             103
The Sanitary Fair                                                                                              179
The Shepherd's Dog                                                                                         124
The Things Required                                                                                         274
The Two Sexes                                                                                                248
The Veteran's Last Reveille, by Patience Perkins (late Price) (Illustrated)
         [fiction]                                                                                                   61
The Way to Wealth                                                                                          338
The Wife                                                                                                          159
The Year 1859:  A Story, by the author of "B. Umber, Artist," [fiction]         323
The Young Artist (Illustrated) [picture]                                                            373
Three Summer Quilts [knitted]—The Dream; Fan Quilt; Twisted Column Quilt    79
To _____, by Malva    [poem]                                                                         402
Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                              292, [476], 535
Tom Snuggery's Marriage, a Sequel to "Tom Snuggery in Search of a Wife," in 
            the June number, by J. Bunting [fiction]                                               403
To My Mother [poem]                                                                                     411
Treatment of Diphtheria by Ice                                                                          272
Unto the End, by Margaret Hunter Grant [fiction]                                             53
Ventilated Night-cap (Illustrated)                                                                     429
Wait, by J. H. G.                                                                                              213
Want of Energy                                                                                                  70
Wanted, a Companion, by Mary Forman [fiction]                                            239
Wants and Wishes                                                                                            219
What Leonard Watson found in the Post-Office, by Amy Graham [fiction]       319
When this Old Hat was New                                                                            359
White Muslin Apron (Illustrated)                                                                     250
White Muslin Garibaldi Waist (Illustrated)                                                          73
Winter Shawl, in Plain Knitting (Illustrated)                                                      382, 435
Woollen [sic] Ball for the Nursery (Illustrated)                                                 166
Yankee Doodle, by Ezekiel Jones, Esq.                                                             90