Godey's Lady's Book
Vol. LXVIII, January-June 1864 

A Bird Cage Screen (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                         85
A Drum "Minor" (Illustrated) [picture]                                                             325
Adventures of a Bachelor, by the author of "Miss Slimmens," etc. [fiction]       66, 171, 274
Affectation                                                                                                          64
A Few Friends, by Kormah Lynn [fiction]                                                        374, 468, 558
A Few Thoughts on Changes, by J. B.                                                              147
A Ghost Story, translated from the French, by Mrs. Annie T. Wood [fiction] 378
Alice B. Haven [biography]                                                                                 50
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                                    
         A-M, capitals, ribbon                                                                             28
            N-Z, capitals, ribbon                                                                            132
            A-Z, capitals, Gothic                                                                            298
            A-Z, capitals                                                                                        388
A Netted Opera or Useful Cap (Illustrated)                                                     481
A New Stitch in Berlin Work, for Mats, Cushions, etc. (Illustrated)                  194
A New Year's Story, by One who was in it                                                       44
An Old Man's Memories and Hopes [poem]                                                     158
An Article on Corsets [history]                                                                          527
A Novelty in Broderie a la Minute, to be Worked on any Double Material
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         297
A Pair of Mittens, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                246
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                         186, 291, 476, 569
A Scrap                                                                                                             38
A Simile, by J. C. Burnett [poem]                                                                    563
A Sketch for St. Valentine's, by Miss M. A. D. Cap [fiction]                             164
A Tidy in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                         [323]
Aumoniere Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                         389
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by the late Lucy N. Godfrey [fiction]                                549
Autograph Bedquilt (Illustrated)                                                                       387
A Vision by Moonlight, by Thomas G. Gentry [poem]                                     548
Baby's Braided Bib (Illustrated)                                                                       129
Baby's Knitted Bib                                                                                           187
Band for a New-born Infant (Illustrated)                                                          570
Band to Loop Up a Dress in Festoons (Illustrated)                                          296
Bear and Forbear                                                                                             435
Beneath the Snow, by J. C. Burnett [poem]                                                     158
Benevolence                                                                                                     157
Bibs (Illustrated)                                                                                             129, 187
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        424, 425, 474
Border Pattern for Netting or Crochet (Illustrated)                                             89
Both Sides, by Jennie Jennings [fiction]                                                           442
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                              20, 21, 129, 193, 428, 482, 483, 573
Breakfast Cap (Illustrated)                                                                              385
Bretelle and Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                          80
Broderie for a Child's Dress (Illustrated)                                                            25
Brown Holland Shoe Bag (Illustrated)                                                             294
By the Sea.  A Ballad [poem]                                                                           356
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                    127, 185, 385, 475, 481
Child's Slip (Illustrated)                                                                                     79
Child's Slipper, with Straps (Illustrated)                                                           520
Child's Braided Dress (Illustrated)                                                       569
Children's Fashions (Illustrated)                                                           232, 315, 509, 589
Dinner-dresses (Illustrated)                                                                   14, 15, 329
Dress for a Girl of Ten (Illustrated)                                                        20
Dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                                    226
Fancy Braided Dress for a little Boy (Illustrated)                                  566
Hebe Dress (Illustrated)                                                                      119
Infant's Christening Robe (Illustrated)                                                  564
Infant's Robe (Illustrated)                                                                      79
La Frivolite:  Veste en Mousseline (Illustrated) [jacket]                        230
L'Elegante (Illustrated)
             [circle cloak]                                                                                    330
                [pardessus]                                                                                       420
New Spring Cloak (Illustrated)                                                            228, 229
Paletot for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                                       288
Rich Morning-robe (Illustrated)                                                             16
Robe Dress (Illustrated)                                                                      328
Robe Psyche (Illustrated)                                                                    118
Russian Vest or Jacket (Illustrated)                                                        19
Scotch Dress (Illustrated)                                                                      18
Spring Walking Suit (Illustrated)                                                          422
Suit for a little Boy (Illustrated)                                                            567
Summer Dresses (Illustrated)                                                               512, 513, 514, 515
The Albueran, from Brodie (Illustrated) [pardessus]                             331
The Darro, from Brodie (Illustrated) [pardessus]                                 227
The Fanchon Jacket (Illustrated)                                                          224, 225
The Hispania from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                                      423
The Ione Wrap (Illustrated)                                                                 288
The Madridian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                    17
The Madrilena, from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                                  518
The Saracen, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                     122
The Spahi (Illustrated) [wrap]                                                              421
Visiting or Dinner-dress (Illustrated)                                                    120
Walking-dress for a little Girl (Illustrated)                                             427
Walking-sack (Illustrated)                                                                   121
White Pique Jacket (Illustrated)                                                           384
Zouave Jacket, with Vest (Illustrated)                                                  516, 517
Coal-Scuttle Emery Bag (Illustrated)                                                               189
Coiffure for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                                            332
Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                187, 231, 290, 332, 383, 384, 474
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                         290, 385, 475
Concerning Rings and Precious Stones [history]                                                439, 543
Corner for a Pocket Handkerchief (Illustrated)           
         Marion                                                                                                 191
            C, L                                                                                                     477
Corsage en Mousseline (Illustrated)                                                                 334
Corselet a Bretelles (Illustrated)                                                                       334
Corset Cover (Illustrated)                                                                               427
Crape Butterfly for Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                   481
Crochet Trimming and Fringe (Illustrated)                                                        519, 571
Crochet Tulip Bag (Illustrated)                                                                        385
Crochet Watchpocket (Illustrated)                                                                    22
Cottages (Illustrated)                                                                                       405, 497
Cupid, Auctioneer (Illustrated) [picture]                                                           417
Dead, by Charles Stewart [poem]                                                                   269
Design for a Card-Box (Illustrated) [with cards in Berlin work on top]             336
Design for a Netted Tidy, Cake D'Oyley, or Mat (Illustrated)                          193
Design for Darning the Borders of Netted Window Curtains (Illustrated)            89
Diaries                                                                                                                58
Difficulties                                                                                                         461
Domestic Happiness                                                                                         258
Don't Fret                                                                                                         252
Duties of Brothers to Sisters                                                                              533
Easter-Day, by Leira    [poem]                                                                        436
Editors' Table, containing--
A Child's Imagination                                                                            579
A Learned Frenchwoman                                                                     304
American Ladies in the Medical Profession                                            304
Anecdotes about Smoking                                                                    489
A New Poetess—Jean Ingelow                                                            396
An Example of Feminine Handiwork [Iceland]                                       198
Bible Photographs of Women
                Miriam, the Prophetess                                                                     395
                A Little Maid                                                                                    487
Books for Home Reading                                                                       95, 200
Cheap Literature in England                                                                  304
Deaconesses                                                                                        397
Decease of Literary Ladies—Adelaide Ann Proctor, Mrs. Caroline M.
                S. Kirkland                                                                                       579
Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Four!  What Will It Bring?                           93
English Ladies in Literature                                                                    304
Errata                                                                                                   397
Fashions of Dress, and Their Influence on Character                                95
Free National Normal Schools for Young Women                                   95
Hints About Health
                Music as Medicine                                                                            304
                Sleep; and the Mouth                                                                        397
                The Mother to be Cared for; Sleeping Rooms                                   489
            Hints About Health.  Rules for Skating                                                  200
Hints for the Nursery, or, The Young Mother's Guide                            304
How to Make Happy Homes                                                                198
In the Valley, by Alice B. Haven [poem]                                               201
Letter to the Editress [books for mothers]                                             489
Letter Writing                                                                                       397
Morton's Gold Pens                                                                              579
Mrs. Somerville                                                                                    397
"My Beautiful Lady"                                                                              397
Needlework and the Sewing Machine                                                     95
Night Scene, by D. L. P. [poem]                                                            96
Opportunities and Duties                                                                       302
Orthography                                                                                         397
            "Our Sisters in China"                                                                           304
Queen Bees                                                                                          489
Queenly Examples--the Contrast [Victoria vs. Eugenie in economical
                living]                                                                                               489
Single Ladies                                                                                        579
Something for Health                                                                              96
The Autograph Bedquilt                                                                        396
"The Boatman"                                                                                     578
The Brothers, by Sarah Josepha Hale [poem]                                      303
The Importance of Marriage Registry                                                    304
The Medical Profession:  What Women Have Done In It                         95
The Order of Deaconesses to be Restored in Christian Churches             94
The Postmistress [list of 10]                                                                  579
The Seaforth Papers:  Letters from 1796 to 1843                                  200
The Wife:  A Poem, by Mrs. T. J. Cram                                               578
Vassar College                                                                                     199, 397
Vassar College--and its Organization                                                    488
Vassar College to be opened this Year!                                                  93
Vassar College:  Woman's Own                                                            577
Walter Scott and His Little Pet Marjorie                                                303
Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing-Machine                                                   580
Why Washington Irving Did Not Marry                                                 489
Woman's Mission to Woman                                                                  95
Edna Fairleigh's Temptation, by Clara Augustine [fiction]                                 437
Embroidery, Inserting, etc.                    21, 22, 25, 84, 88, 89, 123, 124, 125, 126, 129, 194,
                                                        228, 229, 232, 297, 298, 335, 336, 390, 391, 482, 483, 573
Evening Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                           384
Faith                                                                                                                 344
Fame                                                                                                                534
Fancy Apron (Illustrated)                                                                                291
Fancy Fichu (Illustrated)                                                                                  126
Fancy Girdle and Epaulet (Illustrated)                                                              292
Fancy Pen-wiper  [parasol] (Illustrated)                                                           189
Fancy Sack for an Invalid (Illustrated)                                                             292
Fancy Work-bag (Illustrated)                                                                          128, 187
Fanny's Bait, by Belle Rutledge [fiction]                                                            464
Silk dresses; poplin dresses; morning-robe; child's dress; Christy
                Minstrels Slipper; furs; Persian lamb; muffs; men's fur mufflers and
                cuffs; girls' furs; dress plaids; colored flannel skirts; men's dressing
                gowns; moire silk; figured taffetas; Roman, Greek, and Egyptian
                themed jewelry; ear-rings; initial and crested jewelry; linen sets;
                cuffs; pocket handkerchiefs; Duchesse collar; veils; guipure; point
                lace; parlor gymnastics outfits; dress elevator                                      103
Dinner party dress; poplin dresses; little boy's dress; dinner dress; bead
                watch-pocket; net bonnet; bonnet capes; nets for waterfalls; nets
                replacing night caps; cloaks; tartans; toddlers' dress; leather cuffs;
                skating outfits; combs; new coiffures; veils; underskirts; Balmorals      209
Poplin dress; silk dresses; alpaca dress; children's fashions; Roman
                scarfs [sic]; half handkerchiefs for the neck; talmas; tartans; black
                and white plaids with chenille fringe; opera cloaks; Folly waist;
                sashes; bonnets; headdresses; coiffures; combs; plaid scarfs [sic];
                plaiting of dresses; dresses faced with leather                                      315
Dinner dress; evening dress; child's dress; walking dress; spring fabrics;
                robe dresses; promenade dresses; fringe and lace insertions; scalloped
                hems; dress trim; foulard; Directoire body; morning robe; suit for a
                little girl; plaid silks; jockeys; asymmetrical bodice openings; wraps;
                water-proof cloaks; bonnets; children's hats; parasols; linen sets;
                headdresses for young ladies; coiffures for young ladies; bows; ball
                dress; women's headdresses; new sewing machine; Roman
                scarfs [sic]                                                                                         406
            Dinner dress; walking dress; visiting dress; evening dress; child's walking
                dress; shield-shaped hanging pincushion; straw guipure; bonnets;
                Scotch plaid trim on bonnets; bonnet trimming; fringes of crystal and
                jet; round hats; children's hats; fable handkerchief; lace bows; gloves;
                colored embroidery on underclothing; dress goods; Shetland shawls;
                Stuart, Campbell, Rob Roy and Douglas plaids; sleeve patterns;
                basques; jackets; plaiting skirts; masculine style of dress; wraps;
                sacks; fluted trimmings                                                                       498
Pique dress; silk dress; boy's costumes; misses costume; coiffures; ball
                headdresses; tulle scarfs; nets; round hats; girls' hats; boys' toques;
                mask veils; yak or mohair shawls; thread shawls; Shetland shawls;
                silk and muslin neckties; buttons; summer fabrics; chameleon silks;
                trims for summer dresses, gloves                                                       588
Fichu (Illustrated)                                                                                            123, 126
Forsaken, by John P. Mitchell [poem]                                                             245
Friendship's Whispers, by Annie M. Beach [poem]                                           382
Generalship, by Allie Allyn [fiction]                                                                   180
Gentleman's Crochet Silk Braces (Illustrated)                                                  390
Gentleman's Shirt Front in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                          298
Geometrical or Honeycomb Netting (Illustrated)                                              128, 187
Girdle, with Bretelles, Suitable for a Child or Miss (Illustrated)                         125
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         January, 1864; our musical column; a new holiday gift:  the Craig
                microscope; about drafts; music received; Young Ladies' Seminary
                for Boarding and Day Pupils; Fay's "New-Year" [poem]; Mr.
                Dempster, Miss Richings; copy of Gettysburg children photograph;
                Christian martyrs in the Coliseum; a rival of Dr. Mackay; diaphaine;
                the Grecian wriggle                                                                             98
February, 1864; W. Prescott Smith; Martha Washington print; the
                needle true to the Pole; our musical column; Holloway's Musical
                Monthly for 1864; Blitz at the Assembly Building                              205
March, 1864; Irish jokes; our musical column; Paris correspondence—
                fete of the Duke de Mouchy, Empress's fete at St. Cloud, Marie
                Antoinette's shoe, increasing cost of living; noted characters in
                France; identity ascertained of dead Gettysburg soldier holding
                photograph of children; rural New York exhibition to benefit Ladies'
                Soldiers' Aid Society; crinolines abroad; women and street cars;
                unbonneting the ladies; "putting your foot in it"; the use of eyes;
                musical telegraphy; wearing engagement and wedding rings; dinner
                a la Russe                                                                                          308
April, 1864; The Foster Home Association; Jay Cooke, Esq.; Warner,
                Miskey & Merrill gas fixtures; our musical column; story of a legacy;
                what to make of old cotton spools; extracts from a Paris letter—the
                Empress' dresses, incident at a restaurant; Two Poems to a Sleeping
                Infant, by a Doting Parent—Summer Afternoon, Midnight; the
                cultivation of flowers; conundrums; rural or suburban residence
                (Illustrated) [with plans]; character references for servants; cats at
                sea; a baby car; arranging short hair; lead combs                                400
May, 1864; the Riverdale Institute; debris on long skirt; conundrums;
                volume of mail in London on Valentine's Day; anecdotes of servants;
                our musical column; letter from Paris—ball at the Tuileries, Empress'
                skating outfit, white, colored and plaid stockings, boots, petticoats,
                crinolines; fat belles of Karague; rural or suburban residence
                (Illustrated) [with plan]                                                                     492
June, 1864; Trenton Falls, NY; Demorest's Illustrated News; Congress
                Hall, Rochester, NY; parody of Abou Ben Adhem; a certain
                Brigadier in Missouri; our musical column; Marquis de Boissy; origin
                of Sally Lunns; travelling impressions of the Japanese ambassadors;
                the genius of tailoring; a classic toilet; fans in France; the dressoir;
                worst time for taking luncheon; pronunciation of balmoral; providing
                for the bride                                                                                      582
Going to a Party in Winter (Illustrated) [picture]                                                  [7]
Going to the President's Levee (Illustrated) [fiction]                                            39
Going West, by Mrs. James _____ [fiction]                                                      458
Good Temper                                                                                                   382
Great Expectations (Illustrated) [picture, boy feeding dog]                               221
Grievings, by Annie M. Beach [poem]                                                              179
Hadyn Vaughn's Daughter, by Daisy Howard [fiction]                                      270
Hair Nets—The Marie Louise; Simple Sleeping Net; Invisible Net (Illustrated)   82
Harlequin Toilet-Table Mat (Illustrated) [ribbon work]                                     387
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                         290, 333, 383, 384, 426
Help to Memory (Illustrated) [letter holder]                                                       86
Housekeeper's Chatelaine (Illustrated)                                                             [219]
Housewife (Illustrated) [for needlework]                                                          572
I Know a Beautiful Woman, by Mrs. Frances de Gage [poem]                        345
Illume My Path, O Lord! by Ada Algernon [poem]                                            78
Infant's Hat (Illustrated)                                                                                     79
Initials for Marking Pillow-cases, etc. (Illustrated)                                            573
Initial Letters for Marking (Illustrated) 
         C                                                                                                           81
            C, B                                                                                                       83
            P, M                                                                                                    188
            M, G                                                                                                    191
            P, F                                                                                                      192
            L, B                                                                                                     295
            E                                                                                                          390
            H, S                                                                                                     482
            E, J, R                                                                                                  483
            P, G, H, P                                                                                            573
Initial Letters for Netting (Illustrated)                                                  
         A, B, C, D                                                                                           297
            E, F, G, H                                                                                            386
Initial Monograms (Illustrated)
W                                                                                                        293
            B, V                                                                                                     391
Inserting (Illustrated)                                                                                         84, 125
Italian Corsage for a Girl of Eleven or Fourteen Years (Illustrated)                   124
Italian Villa (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                                   13, 84
Juvenile Department (Illustrated), containing--
Be Dove-like    [poem]                                                                         102
Flowers from Fruit                                                                                313
Fruit Figures                                                                                         404, 587
Miscellaneous Amusements—magic writing, an entertaining game, the
                sorcerer behind the screen, the exploding bubble, how to force the
                water contained in a plate to rise into a glass turned upside-down,
                how to place a glass of water so that no person can remove it from
                its place without spilling its contents                                                   404
Mother Goose Tableaux                                                                       102, 208, 313
Silhouettes                                                                                            587
Sunday-School Hymn (Illustrated) [poem]                                           496
Keeping Company, by Mary Forman (Illustrated) [fiction]                              346
Ladies' Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                               191
Lady's Book Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                  21, 87
Lady's Dress in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                          428
Lament, by Corolla H. Criswell [poem]                                                           441
Last Year's Freight, by Benjamin F. Taylor [poem]                                         473
Leaf Impressions (Illustrated)                                                                          296
Lines, by F. S. T. [poem]                                                                                  529
Literary Notices                                                                       
         The Rejected Wife, The Lost Bank Note, and Martyn Ware's
                Temptation; Day Dreams; The Book of Days, Fanchon the Cricket;
                The Art Principle and its Application to the Teaching of Music;
                George Morton and His Sister; Frank and Rufus, or Obedience and
                Disobedience; Little by Little; Album Cards; A Catechism of the
                Steam Engine; Harry's Vacation, or Philosophy at Home; The Pet
                Bird and Other Stories; At Home and Abroad, or How to Behave
                by Mrs. Manners; Pleasure and Profit, or Lessons on the Lord's
                Prayer; Appleton's United States Postal Guide; Reveries of a
                Bachelor, or A Book of the Heart; Dream-Life:  A Faboe of the
                Seasons; My Farm of Edgewood:  A Country-Book; The Ring of
                Amasis; Martin Pole:  A Novel; Harper's Handbook for Travellers
                in Europe; Broken Columns; Vincenzo, or Sunken Rocks;
                Excursions; Remains in Verse and Prose of Arthur Henry Hallam;
                Pique:  A Novel; Geographical Studies; Thoughts in My Garden;
                Ten Chapters on Marriage; Adventures of Dick Onslow Among
                the Redskins                                                                                       96
The Fatal Marriage; The Runaway Match, and the Dean of Denham; The
                Days of Shoddy:  A Novel of the Great Rebellion in 1861; Heine's
                Book of Songs; Modern Essays No. 1 by Heinrich Heine; Immen-See;
                Grandmother and Granddaughter; The Ice-Maiden, and Other Tales;
                The Oiled Feather; Daring and Suffering:  A History of the Great
                Railroad Adventure; Roundabout Papers; A Practical Grammar of the
                French Language; Rachel Ray:  A Novel; Mary Lyndsay:  A Novel;
                Husks; Colonel Floyd's Wards; Hannah Thurston:  A Story of
                American Life; History of the Romans Under the Empire; Queen Mab;
                Keep a Good Heart:  A Story for the Merry Christmas Time; Round
                the Blook:  An American Novel; Peculiar:  A Tale of the Great
                Transition; The Life of Jesus; Louie's Last Term at St. Mary's; The
                Russian Ball:  or, The Adventures of Miss Clementine Shoddy; Light
                on Shadowed Paths; Was He Successful?  A Novel; Letters to the
                Joneses; Soundings from the Atlantic; The Thoughts of the Emperor
                M. Aurelius Antoninus; In War Time, and Other Poems;   Tales of a
                Wayside Inn; My Days and Nights on the Battle-field:  A Book for
                Boys; Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces; or the Married Life, Death,
                and Wedding of the Advocate of the Poor, Firmian Stanislaus
                Siebenkas; Adventures of Dick Onslow Among the Red Skins; Jean
                Belin, or The Adventures of a Little French Boy; The Nose of a
                Notary; Twice Lost:  A Novel; A Budget of Fun for Little Folks;
                Veronica, or The Light-House Keeper; Heaven Our Home; Poems
                by Jean Ingelow; Edith Prescott, or Lessons of Love; Letters of Ada
                R. Parker; The Water Babies; Rumor; Deep Waters:  A Novel;
                Milton's Paradise Lost; The Jewish Tabernacle and Its Furniture, in
                Their Typical Teachings; The Safe Compass, and How It Points;
                Memoir of the Rev.  Erskine J. Hawes; An Essay on the
                Improvement of Time; The Two Brothers and the Two Paths; The
                Three Cripples; The Last Shilling; Bertie Lee; Faithful and Tru, or
                The Evans Family; The Life of Arthur Vanderleer, Major Royal
                Artillery; Myrtle Blossoms; Album Flowers                                        201
Poems by Henry Peterson; Held in Bondage, or Granville de Vigne;
                The Lawyer's Secret; The Life and Services as a Soldier of Major
                General Grant; Webster and Hayne's Speeches; Hand-Book of
                Calisthenics and Gymnastics; Mother Goose from Germany; The
                New Historical Game; Mr. and Mrs. Jollyboy's Picnic; The Art of
                Making and Coloring Ivory-Types, Photographs, Talbotypes, and
                Miniature Painting on Ivory, etc.; Very Hard Cash: a Novel; Science
                for the School and Family; John Marchmont's Legacy:  A Novel;
                The Boyhood of Martin Luther; Mr. Wind and Madam Rain;
                Dickens' New Christmas Story; Three Times Dead, or The Secret
                of the Heath; A History of the World, from the Earliest Records to
                the Present Time; Orlean Lamar, and Other Poems; Chronicles of
                the Schonberg-Cotta Family; Lyrics of Loyalty; The Old Helmet;
                Clyde the Colporteur; The Sale of Crummie and Other Stories; The
                Buried Bible and Other Stories; The Man of God, or Spiritual
                Religion; The British Reviews; Dreamthorp:  Essays Written in the
                Country; Hints for the Nursery, or The Young Mother's Guide; Little
                Anna:  A Story for Pleasant Little Children; Helen Rothsay:  A Book
                for Boys and Girls; Something About Coins; The History of the Civil
                War in America                                                                                305
History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy; Chambers'
                Encyclopaedia; Thackeray's Irish Sketch Book; Salathiel (The
                Wandering Jew); Corinne:  A Story of Italy; The Indian Chief; The
                Life of Archbishop Hughes; Musical Sketches; The Great Stone
                Book of Nature; The Rollow and Lucy First, Second, and Third
                Books of Poetry; Autobiography, Correspondence, etc., of Lyman
                Beecher, D. D.; Harper's Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion;
                Life and Correspondence of Theodore Parker; Thirty Poems by
                William Cullen Bryant; The Perfect Gentleman, or Etiquette and
                Eloquence; Dudley Carleon, or The Brother's Secret; The Great
                Consummation; Cudjo's Cafe                                                            398
The Wife's Secret; William Allair, or Running Away to Sea; The Life,
                Campaigns, and Services of General McClellan; The Life and Public
                Services of Major-General Butler; The Book of Days; Chambers'
                Encyclopaedia; The Ladies' Book of Readings and Recitations; The
                Wife's Evidence:  A Novel; Thackeray the Humorist and the Man of
                Letters; Mount Vernon, and Other Poems; The Laws and Principles
                of Whist; Appleton's United States Postal Guide; Tales from the
                Operas; The Art of Conversation, with Directions for Self Education;
Diary of a Detective Police Officer; A Complete Practical Guide to
                the Art of Dancing; The Parlor Magician; A Woman's Ransom;
                Sordello, Strafford, Christmas Eve, and Easter Day; "Babble Brook"
                Songs; Meet for Heaven; Death and Life; Papers for Thoughtful Girls;
                The Sisters Abroad, or An Italian Journey; Dick Rodney, or The
                Adventures of an Eaton Boy; Marmaduke Merry, the Midshipman;
                The Red Eric, or the Whaler's Last Cruise; The Wild Man of the
                West; Copies From Nature, for the Use of Young Artists; Hunt's
                Gazetteer of the Border and Southern States; Household Prayers,
                with Psalms and Hymns, for the Church in the House                          490
School Economy; The Book of Days; The Red Track; The Life and
                Public Services of Major-General Meade; Thoughts on Sabbath
                Schools; Illustrations of Universal Progress; Hints to Riflemen; My
                Cave Life at Vicksburg, with Letters of Trial and Travel; Church
                Essays; Annis Warleigh's Fortunes:  A Novel; Red Tape and
                Pigeon-Hole Generals; Lyrics of a Day, or Newspaper Poetry;
                General Grant and His Campaigns; Counsel and Comfort; Industrial
                Biography:  Iron-Workers and Tool-Makers; The Campaner Thal,
                and Other Writings; The Veil Partly Lifted and Jesus Becoming Visible;
                Rebel Rhymes and Rhapsodies; Union League Melodies; The Prophet
of Fire, or  The Life and Times of Elijah, with Their Lessons; The
                Forty Days After Our Lord's Resurrection; The Christ of History;
                The Post of Honor; Lucetta and the Abbe; Satan's Devices and the
                Believer's Victory; Annual of Scientific Discovery                              580
"Long Ago" by M. W. G. [poem]                                                                      282
Look on the Sea! by George W. Birdseye [poem]                                              38
Love and Be Happy                                                                                         287
Love, by A. J. C. [poem]                                                                                  179
Love of Life                                                                                                      355
Love Within by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                              58
Marriage Customs in Germany                                                                          376
Marie Antoinette Fichu (Illustrated)                                                                 123
Marrying a Fortune, by Belle Rutledge [fiction]                                                 195
Maud, by M. M. [poem]                                                                                   447
Morning-caps (Illustrated)                                                                               127
Morning Collar (Illustrated)                                                                             290
Morning Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                            291
Mr. Surley Hardbake on Tight-lacing [fiction]                                                      76
Much Wisdom in Little                                                                                      461
Golden Hair Polka, by Henry L. Raymond                                           222
Impromptu, by D. W. Miller                                                                 418
Life's Answer, by W. Delesdernier                                                       130
Summer's Eve Polka, by George E. Fawcett                                       510
There's a Joy for the Heart in This Meeting, by James M. Stewart        326
There Are Still Some Joys Before Us, by J. Starr Holloway                   26
My First, Second, and Third Love, by Amy Graham [fiction]                           561
My First Venture, by Mrs. Harriet H. Francis [fiction]                                     471
My Ideal, by Guy H. Naramore [poem]                                                           563
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                                                         
         Jane                                                                                                       89
            Marion                                                                                                 191
            Louise                                                                                                  194
            Anna                                                                                                    232
            Matilda                                                                                                 [323]
            Rose                                                                                                    390
            Francine                                                                                               479
Nature, translated from the German by W. S. Everett [poem]                       367
Neck-tie for a Lady (Illustrated)                                                                      386
Needlework Envelope (Illustrated)                                                                  335
Netted Cover for Horses' Ears (Illustrated)                                                      190
Netted Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                         188
New Embroidery Patterns (Illustrated)                                                             391, 483
New Style of Raised Embroidery on Netting (Illustrated)                                   87
Night and Morning, by Phila Earle Hardy [poem]                                            253
Night-dresses (Illustrated)                                                                               186, 566
"Nobody to Blame," by Marion Harland [fiction]                                 29, 133, 233, 337, 429, 521
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                           
            Infant's robe; infant's hat; child's slip; bretelle and girdle for little girl;
                petticoat for child six years old                                                            79
Breakfast-cap; fancy cap; dress for a little boy; fancy black silk apron;
                short night-dress                                                                                185
Paletot for little girl, Ione wrap for a miss; Ione paletot for a young lady;
                Clarissa coiffure; morning collar with two styles of sleeves; fancy
                apron; fancy sack for an invalid; little red riding hood; fancy girdle;
                epaulet to match the girdle                                                                  288
Headdresses; evening coiffure for a young lady; white pique jacket;
                breakfast cap; collar and sleeve                                                         383
Travelling costume; bonnet for second mourning; dinner coiffure; plain
                night-caps; peasant waist; fancy dinner cap; fancy collar; new sleeve;
                black silk apron                                                                                 474
Infant's christening robe; pique dress for little girl; pique suit for little girl;
                night dress for little girl; fancy braided dress for little boy; little girl's
                dress of white pique; walking dress; suit for a little boy; little dress;
                night drawers for child 3-5; sack chemise for girl 6-12; dress for child
                2-3; child's braided dress; apron for girl age 10; band for new-born
                infant                                                                                                564
"Our Mother," by Mary N. Kirke Dilworth [poem]                                            65
Our Musical Column                                                                             99, 207, 309, 401, 494, 584
Paris Letters                                                                                                     402, 495
Patterns from Madame Demorest's Establishment (Illustrated) 
         Florentine dress; new dress shields; Elena dress; Augustine coat;
                infant's bib; yoke waist                                                                        80
Jacket a la Militaire; The Feranda [basque]                                           477
Sacque cloak; Zouave sack; Frankie sack; The Little Prince gored coat 570
Penwiper (Illustrated)                                                                                      295
Persevere; or, Life With an Aim, by Lulie [fiction]                                             254
Petticoat for a Child (Illustrated)                                                                        80
Portfolio Dottings:  The Power of Kind Words, Labor the Great Law of Life,
            A Definite Purpose Necessary to Success, Necessity of Faith in
            Providence, The Consistency of Truth, by Rev. F. S. Cassady               243
Practical Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)                                                           74
Punctuality                                                                                                          42
Quilting Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                               89
Receipts, etc.                                                                           
         Miscellaneous Cooking—beefsteaks with mushrooms, minced beef,
                corned fillet of veal, French way of dressing a shoulder of veal, stewed
                lamb, fillet of mutton, to roast canvas-back ducks, canvas-back
                ducks dressed plain; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—an excellent pudding,
                the President's pudding, the Secretary's pudding, apple jelly,
                Nunnerley pudding, corn cake, macaroons, to make apple fritters;
                Contributed Receipts—hard soap, lemon pudding, cottage pudding;       
                Miscellaneous—cement for stone ware, preserving meat and fish by
                sugar, feeding poultry, size for attaching paper to walls, sea-weeds,
                fresh meat, for a scald or burn; Escaping from Fire; A Remedy for
                Diphtheria                                                                                             90
Hints to Housewives—marketing, house-cleaning, pickling; Miscellaneous
                Cooking—lamb dressed with rice, leg of lamb, to roast a shoulder of
                mutton, veal forcemeat, calf's kidney, fresh beef tongue, beefsteak and
                oyster pie, to boil parsnips, eggs and spinach, meat pie with potato
                crust; cold beefsteak pie, fish cake, to broil shad, to fry shad, cupped
                eggs; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—croquettes of rice, gingerbread for
                delicate people, Snowdon pudding, corn griddle cakes, shortbread,
                lemon preserve, apple marmalade, rock cream, orgeat, bread jelly,
                lemon tea cakes; Miscellaneous—to take stains out of mahogany,
                furniture varnish, to preserve furs, grease-stains in silk, cheap invaluable
                dentifrice, for cleaning mahogany, furniture oil, hard soap or soft, toilet
                soap, premium corn bread, cautions against the skins of raisins, hints
                on making gum, how to make glue so as to be weatherproof, to
                prevent the edges of nails from growing into the quick, treatment of
                sprains; Contributed Receipts—to dress celery, sponge cake, lady
                cake, green apple pies, to clean a black silk dress                              195
Directions for Frying; Miscellaneous Cooking—to stew a breast of veal,
                to broil pigeons, an excellent way of preparing tongues to eat cold,
                beef olives, mutton-chops, to dress a leg of mutton with oysters, veal
                rolls, potato-loaves, potato omelette [sic], carrots and parsnips,
                buttered cabbage, to dress spinach in the French fashion; Fish
                Sauces—lobster sauce, brown sauce for fish, white sauce for fish, fish
                sauce without butter; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—cream cakes, tea cake,
                batter pudding, fountain puddings, Roxbury cake, German squares,
                to make clotted cream, mountain cake, breakfast cake no. 1,
                blancmange, apple pudding, the surprise pudding; Miscellaneous—
                celery flavoring, using brushes to clean clothes, using meat juices in
                vegetables, the glasses for a magic lantern, keeping birds from fruit
                buds, making soft water, balsam for chapped lips, cheap soap,
                keeping cheeses, to remove oil stains from boards, bottling wine         299
Advice to Housekeepers—directing a table, covering the table, deciding
                bills of fare, managing the house; Miscellaneous Cooking—spiced
                beef, to make pea soup, carrot soup, to crisp parsley, rump of beef
                stew, loin of mutton roasted, to stew a loin of mutton, to mash
                parsnips, to fricassee parsnips, pulled bread, maccaroni [sic];
                Sauces—sauce for game or poultry, melted butter, onion sauce, egg
                sauce; Cakes, Pudding, etc.—water cakes, composition cake, to
                make cream pancakes, queen cakes, Kentish fritters, a plain cake,
                rice blancmange, cheese cream a plain family way, cocoa-nut pudding,
                to make a French pudding, apple souffle, vermicelli pudding;
                Miscellaneous—to extract grease from silk, to clean silk, to remove
                ink from mahogany, tooth powder, milk lemonade, to prevent
                contagion, a cheap filter, a good remedy for blistered feet, black ink,
                blue ink, red ink, for warts, lip salve; Contributed Receipts—wine
                cakes, nice soda cake, improvement in starching                                 392
Advice to Housekeepers—budgeting and record keeping, economical
                purchasing, hiring a cook; Miscellaneous Cooking—veal potage, sago
                soup, to bake a shad, to souse rock-fish, to fry haddock, croquettes
                of fish, beef tongue, vegetable soup, stewed veal and peas, French
receipt for boiling a ham; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—apples and rice,
                Vermont currant cake, a German trifle, a cabinet pudding, rice biscuits,
                salade d'oranges, Jenny Lind's pudding, chocolate drops, lemon
                preserve for tarts, apple Charlotte, a simple Swiss pudding, fruit cake;
                Miscellaneous—preserving sponges, bottle cement, marble stains,
                disinfecting agents, to perfume clothes, to make and fine coffee, cold
                cream, tincture of roses, ink, washing preparation, castle puddings,
                how to prepare starch for use                                                            484
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—preserves, to preserve
                strawberries, strawberry jelly, raspberry jam, currant jelly, cherries
                preserved, apple jelly, to preserve purple plums, greengages, to
                preserve peaches, quinces preserved whole, blackberries; Advice to
                Housekeepers—keeping bills, inventories, preserving blankets,
                sheeting, planning for breakage, handling coals and cinders,
                storerooms, bread, sugar, soap, laundry; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—
                gold cake, lemon cheesecakes, Harrison pudding, tea buns,
                Sally Lunns, muffins, a plain lemon pudding, cup cake, Taylor pudding,
                bath cakes, bread and butter pudding, light cakes; Miscellaneous—to
                keep silver always bright, to destroy worms in garden walks, cure for
                prickly heat, raising velvet pile, to make grease balls, treatment of
                sun-stroke, cleaning straw matting, treatment of oil-cloth, cleaning
                gold and silver lace, to bleach a faded dress, saponaceous cream of
                almonds                                                                                           574
Red-Riding Hood (Illustrated)                                                                         292
Returning from a Party (Illustrated) [picture]                                                     [10]
Rural or Suburban Residence (Illustrated)                                                        405, 497
Sampler Pattern for Our Young Friends (Illustrated)                                          88
Scraps  --Truth and its Developments; The True Physician; Flattery                    560
Servants, by Augusta H. Worthen                                                                    284
"She Hath Done What She Could," by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                          259, 357, 448
Shield Shape Hanging Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                  [415]
Skating on the Schuylkill (Illustrated) [picture]                                                  117
Slate-pencil Drawings (Illustrated)                                                                   184
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                         290, 291, 385, 476
Smiles, by Lu Light [poem]                                                                              170
Sonnet, by Kruna [poem]                                                                                   49
Speaking Well of Others                                                                                   170
Spring Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                             424, 425
Spring Style Collar and Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                      385
Stanzas to _____, by A. G. P. [poem]                                                              373
Starlight, by A. Z. [poem]                                                                                 377
St. Valentine's Day, by S. Annie Frost (Illustrated) [fiction]                             143
Table Napkin Holder (Illustrated) [for children too old for a bib]                        32
Tears                                                                                                                170
The Art of Making Feather Flowers                                                                  293
The Banana Tree                                                                                                78
The Casket of Temperance, by Willie E. Pabor [poems]
            More than These                                                                                    43
            A Picture                                                                                              142
            The Ivory Gate                                                                                     258
            Sowing and Reaping (Founded on Fact)                                                350
            The Lesson of the Cataract                                                                   456
            The Pledge—An Appeal                                                                       534
The Clarissa Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                    290
The Contented Mind, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                          368
The Cultivation of Flowers                                                                                403
The Dreamer, by Harriet M. Bean [poem]                                                       555
The Family Drawing Master (Illustrated)         
         Lines                                                                                                    283
            Lines (Continued)                                                                                 366
            Angles                                                                                                  462
            Angles (Continued)                                                                               550
The Forsaken, by John Calvin Gitchell [poem]                                                 78
The King is Dead.  Long Live the King, by Rev. H. Hastings Weld [poem]         38
The Ladies' Friend (Illustrated) [sewing kit like doll]                                         192
The Management of Flowers in Dwellings                                                          548
The Miranda Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                   187
"The Other One," by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                    545
The Pines, by A. M. F. A. [poem]                                                                     245
The Pompadour Porte-jupe (Illustrated)                                                          478
The Postilion Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                         [8, 9]
The Power of Animals and Plants                                                                      473
The Prime Rules of Life                                                                                     461
The Shoe Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                     478
The Story of Wealthy Leighton, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                    149
The True Gentleman                                                                                           43
The Venom of "They Say"                                                                                 273
The Vesper, by C. Mitchell [poem]                                                                  544
The Wind as a Musician                                                                                    557
The Young Artist:  A Tableau Picture, by S. Annie Frost (Illustrated) [fiction]    59
Thou Art Going, by Nettie [poem]                                                                    287
Tidy in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                             389
Tom Snuggery in Search of a Wife, by J. Bunting  [fiction]                                530
To My Wife, by J. R. R. [poem]                                                                       544
Trimmings for Dinner-dresses (Illustrated) [formed of lace and velvet; formed 
            of ribbon and velvet]                                                                               24
Two Insertions in Crochet, for Trimming Counterpanes, Berceaunette Covers, 
            or for Letting in Petticoats (Illustrated)                                                 480
Two Poems to a Sleeping Infant, by a Doting Parent                                       403
Uncle Hugh, by Rose Wood [fiction]                                                                 351
Unsociable Tempers                                                                                           65
Unto the End, by Margaret Hunter Grant [fiction]                                          535
Village Wedding in Sweden                                                                              446
Watch Pocket in Bead Work                                                                            [115]
Widows:  Widows' Sons                                                                                   268