Godey's Lady's Book
Vol. LXVII, July-December, 1863 

A Broken Fortune                                                                                            147
Acrostic.--To Mrs. _____., by Lewis Torson Voigt [poem]                               69
Acting Charade.--Wedlock, by A. M. Dolby                                                    244
A Discreet Wife                                                                                                440
A Dish of Foibles, by Mrs. C. B. [fiction]                                                          324
After Ten Years of Wedded Life, by John Calvin Gitchell [poem]                   319
"All Alone," by Lily Lea [poem]                                                                        555
Alphabet of Fancy Letters, for Marking (Illustrated)
a-z, lower case                                                                                     372
A-P, capitals, leafy                                                                               414
Q-Z, capitals, leafy                                                                               578
A Netted Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                              179
A New Mode of Painting in Oil, by a Contributor                                            177
A New Style of Crochet Fringe (Illustrated)                                                       89
A New Style of Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                  471
A Party, and What Came of It, by Mary Mayfield [fiction]                                241
A Pensive Ode for Pensive Hearts, by Frederick Wright [poem]                      565
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                           83, 175, 306, 465
A Sigh for the Absent Spring, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                    451
A Slight Sketch of Miss Jumble's Career, by Herself [fiction]                              48
A Sudden Shower (Illustrated) [picture]                                                          115
A True Ghost Story, for the Young Folks, by K. L. [fiction]                               461
Aunt Esther's Warming-pan, by Mrs. D. P.  S. [fiction]                                      127
Aunt Sophie's Visits.—No. XV, by the late Lucy N. Godfrey                          355
A Warm Over-Shoe in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                    575
A Wreath for Mattie E. S_____, by Jennie [poem]                                           136
A Young Man in Search of a Quiet Home (Illustrated)                                     399
Bead Bracelet and Chain                                                                                    86
Bibs (Illustrated)                                                                                             269
Bird-Cage Border in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                        368
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        216, 262, 466
Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                            475
Braided Top of Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                            364
Braiding Pattern for a Lady's Cravat (Illustrated)                                                85
Braiding Pattern for the End of a Silk or Muslin Tie (Illustrated)                        474
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                      85, 91, 174, 264, 271, 306, 364, 370, 372, 408, 409,
                                                                              468, 472, 474, 475, 513, 515, 516, 575, 578
Brother Richard, by Grace Gardner [fiction]                                                    452, 535
Call Me Thine Own, by Kate Harrington [poem]                                             361
Cape (Illustrated)                                                                                            364
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                              83, 263, 362
Carriage Boot (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                574
Carrie Harding, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                         30
Chemistry for the Young
            Lesson XXIII. (Continued)                                                                   106
            Lesson XXIII. (Continued)                                                                   196
            Lesson XXIII. (Continued)                                                                   285
            Lesson XXIII. (Concluded)                                                                  388
Cheerful Music                                                                                                 463
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  172, 263, 362
Child's Braided Bib and Band (Illustrated)                                                       269
Child's Braided Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                    270, 271
A Greek Girl (Illustrated) [fancy dress]                                                409
A Roman Girl (Illustrated) [fancy dress]                                               409
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                            465
Child's Sack (Illustrated)                                                                     264
Dinner-dress (Illustrated)                                                                     210, 211
Dress for a Little Girl of Ten Years (Illustrated)                                    507
Dress for a Miss (Illustrated)                                                               506
Fall Sack for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                                  467
Fall Wrap for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                                  467
Fancy Paletot for the Country (Illustrated)                                             18
Foulard Robe [Latest Style] (Illustrated)                                              118, 197
French Corsage (Illustrated)                                                                303
Garibaldi Suit (Illustrated)                                                                    264
Gored Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                       214
Grenadine Dress [Latest Style] (Illustrated)                                          119, 197
Henry IV Costume (Illustrated) [fancy dress]                                       407
Home-dress (Illustrated)                                                                     468
Latest Style of Riding-dress (Illustrated)                                              208, 209, 287
Latest Style--White Grenadine Dress (Illustrated)                                  16
Lonjumeau Jacket (Illustrated)                                                             301
Misses' Street Sack (Illustrated)                                                          174
Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                                    19, 212
Mousquetaire Body (Illustrated)                                                          302
October Walking Suit (Illustrated)                                                       298
October Wrap                                                                                      299
Organdie Dress (Illustrated)                                                                  17
Paletot for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                                       467
Polish Dress and Louis XIV Costume (Illustrated) [fancy dress]           408
Riding-jacket (Illustrated)                                                                    362
Spanish Mantilla (Illustrated)                                                               122, 123
Summer Mantle (Illustrated)                                                                  83
Summer Talma (Illustrated)                                                                 121
Summer Wrap (Illustrated)                                                                  120
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated)[pardessus]                             24
The Balmerino Sack (Illustrated)                                                         403
The Calpe (Illustrated), from Brodie [pardessus]                                 509
The Castilian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                                     213
The Central Park Jacket (Illustrated)                                                   265
The Cordovan, from Brodie (Illustrated) [wrap]                                  300
The Dagmar Jacket (Illustrated)                                                           302
The Darro, from Brodie (Illustrated) [pardessus]                                 406
The Geraldine (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                       364
The Masetto Wrap (Illustrated)                                                           402
The Oleaves Cloak (Illustrated)                                                           404
The Pesota Sacque (Illustrated)                                                           405
The Polish Jacket (Illustrated)                                                              508
The Pompeian Cloak (Illustrated)                                                        400, 401
The Toledo, from Brodie (Illustrated) [mantilla]                                   124
Winter Sacque (Illustrated)                                                                  569
Coiffure Alexandra (Illustrated) [with hairpiece]                                                 21
Coiffure Hortense (Illustrated)                                                                         511
Coiffure for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                                              20, 107
Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                      20, 21, 23, 82, 125, 173, 215, 263, 511
Collar in Waved-Lacet Braid (Illustrated)                                                        267
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                         267
Corner for a Handkerchief (Illustrated) [L, C]                                                  472
Corsages (Illustrated)                                                                                      302, 303
Cottage in the Italian Style (Illustrated)                                                             386
Cottages, etc. (Illustrated)                                                                               104, 194, 386
Cravate Maria Therese (Illustrated)                                                                 365
Crochet Pelerine (Illustrated)                                                                           514, 573
Crochet Purse, in Blue Silk and Steel Beads (Illustrated)                                  367
Crochet Sock (Illustrated) [for children]                                                            88
Crochet Trimming (Illustrated)                                                                         471
Design for Berlin Work (Illustrated)                                                                 370
Dress Trimming, Consisting of Lace Insertion and Narrow Ribbon (Illustrated) 411
Edging in Wavy Braid and Crochet (Illustrated)                                               367
Edging in Wavy Braid (Illustrated)                                                                   474
Editors' Table, containing--
Alumnae Association of the Wesleyan Female College                           378
Anglo-Saxon Weddings of the Olden Times                                          480
Borrowed Feathers                                                                                 96
Christmas is Coming                                                                             582
Common Sense, and How to Gain It                                                       97
Deaconess' Institutions and Protestant Sisterhoods                                583
Duties of the Physician                                                                          187
English Novel-Writers                                                                           480
Eugenie De Guerin                                                                                378
Extract from a Letter to the Editress [war bringing out best traits of
                womanhood]                                                                                    377
"Faith"                                                                                                  277
Faith, Not Sight, by Lillian [poem]                                                       481
German Dramatists                                                                               480
Literary Women During the Year 1863                                                 582
Memory's Song, by Clio Stanley [poem]                                              583
Mistakes in Language [female vs. woman]                                             583
Mrs. Alice B. Haven                                                                             479
Mrs. Mason and Woman's Mission to Woman                                      584
New York Medical College for Women                                                481
Obituary—Miss Sarah Josepha Hale                                                       97
Our National Thanksgiving                                                                    276
Pamphlets                                                                                               97
Pianos                                                                                                  187
School for Young Girls                                                                         378
Sensation Novels                                                                                  186
Stanzas, by L. S. D. L. [poem]                                                              277
"The Long Ago; or, The River of Time" by Benj. F. Taylor [poem]          96
"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"                                                    277
The Sin of Extravagance                                                                       480
The Widows of the War                                                                       277
Troy Female Seminary                                                                          481
Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class of the Female Medical
                College of Pennsylvania                                                                    187
Whitestown Seminary                                                                           277
Woman--Her Place in the Church                                                         376
Woman--Her Place in the Plan of Redemption                                      185
Woman--In Her Marriage Relation                                                       275
Woman--In Her Perfection                                                                     95
Effects of Wine                                                                                                 142
Ellen Jaynes's Resolution:  A Story for Wives [fiction]                                        259
Embroidered Initials for a Pillow-Case (Illustrated)                             
         C, M                                                                                                      91
            P, D                                                                                                     181
Embroidery for Corner of Handkerchief (Illustrated) [eagle and flags]               576
Embroidery for Front of Slipper (Illustrated) [eagle and flag]                            576
Embroidery for Side of Slipper (Illustrated) [flags]                                           577
Embroidery, Inserting &c. (Illustrated) 18, 19, 87, 89, 90, 91, 174, 180, 181, 270, 271, 370, 400,
                                                401, 407, 470, 472, 475, 506, 507, 511, 517, 520, 576, 577, 578
Errors                                                                                                              440
Evening, by Catharine Mitchell [poem]                                                           229
Excellence                                                                                                          51
Fancy Alphabet for Marking (Illustrated)        
         J-O, Q-R, capitals, vines and flowers                                                      26
            P, S-W, Z, capitals, vines and flowers; oaks and acorns                        126
            a-z, lower case                                                                                     372
Fancy Apron, with Pointed Girdle (Illustrated)                                                 306
Fancy Bag (Illustrated) [braided]                                                                     369
Fancy Bow for a Child's Hat (Illustrated)                                                         577
Fancy Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                              23, 107
Fancy Pattern for Perforated Card-board (Illustrated) [Kiss Me]                     572
Fancy Pen-wiper (Illustrated) [doll's head, cloth with beads]                            515
Fancy Spencer (Illustrated)                                                                             517
Fancy Trimming, Made of Ribbon, and Very Suitable for Summer Dresses
            (Illustrated)                                                                                           90
Fancy Watch-case (Illustrated)                                                                        305
         White barege dress; mauve grenadine dress; boy's costume; dress of
                striped pine-apple fiber; pink Mozambique dress; organdy dress;
                coiffures; headdress; cravat; riding habits; thin dresses; juvenile
                fashions; trimmings for dresses; light mantles; aprons; hair powder;
                velvet necklaces; sashes; red riding hoods; braided dresses                 106
White muslin dress; grenadine dresses; silk dress; dinner dress; foulard
                robe; headdresses; dress trimmings; leather trimmings; skirt facings;
                pointed bodices; jockey waists; popular fabrics; birds on fabrics;
                morning attire; parasols; dress shields; wraps; scarlet cloaks; fans;
                summer ball dresses for young ladies; postillion hat; artificial flowers;
                organdy dress; dinner dress                                                               196
Dresses for balls; riding dresses; bonnets; Yak lace; shawls and talmas;
                scarlet cloaks; uniformity of color in dress; colored petticoats for
                looped up dresses; gored dresses and petticoats; Princess of Wales
                skirt; asymmetrical bodice openings; Princess cloth; velvet trim;
                bonnet protector; traveling suits; Hussar sash; hair cloth; hair net;
                coiffures; plaid ribbon                                                                         286
Dinner dress; child's dress; visiting dress; French corsage; Marie Stuart
                bonnet; straw bonnets and trims; postillion bodice; double skirts and
                tunics; fringes; skirts cut en traine; shape of crinoline; silks; fluted
                trimming; promenading costume; shawls; new sleeves; headdresses;
                natural vs. artificial flowers in the hair; bridal wreaths; Marie Stuart
                cap; sashes; wraps; Indian shawls; mantles                                         389
            Examples of fancy dress; fashion in New Zealand; robe dresses; robes
                de chambre; toile de Valence; fabric for traveling and school dresses;
                poplins; plaids; silks; collars; sleeves; gloves; laces for bridal
                trousseaux; cloaks; bonnets and headdresses; round hats; Zouave
                and vest combinations                                                                        490
Poplin dress; silk dresses; child's dress; bride's dress; robe dresses;
                Spanish opera hood; hats; riding hats; leather nets; leather cuffs;
                bows; aumonieres; crinoline; bonnets; children's hats; caps for
                middle-aged ladies; ball coiffures; new jackets; robe de chambre;
                evening dress                                                                                    591
French Corsage (Illustrated)                                                                            303, 389
Friendship Endangered, by S. Annie Frost (Illustrated) [fiction]                       434
Fruit Culture                                                                                                     384
Garden Structures--Trellises (Illustrated)                                                           27
Gentleman's Braces in Crochet Silk (Illustrated)                                               266
Gentleman's Driving Gloves [knitted] (Illustrated)                                             513, 573
Gentleman's Flannel Shirt (Illustrated)                                                              178
Gentleman's Knickerbocker Stocking--Knitting (Illustrated)                             176
Get Knowledge, by F. S. C.                                                                             147
Glass Bead Mat (Illustrated)                                                                            410
Glove Trimming (Illustrated) [puffed tulle]                                                        266
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         Estlack's Diphtheria Pills; Academy of Fine Arts; our musical column;
                Grover & Baker sewing machine attachment: Wagener's Baster
                (Illustrated); Blockley Insane Hospital; Jay Cooke; a new national
                product—beet-root sugar; rural residence (Illustrated) [with plans];
                pronunciation of Godey                                                                     100
Lines, Written on Witnessing Dr. Kane's Funeral [poem] by Anna E.
; Queen Victoria and the Princess of Wales, a piece of
                court gossip; our musical column; the habiliments of grief, from a
                commercial point of view; the first newspaper; something about musk
                as a perfume; The Unfortunate Music Scholar, by Mrs. J. N. Page;
influence of females; rural residence (Illustrated) [with plans];
                washing with oatmeal; definitions of single, double, and treble crochet;
                receipt vs. recipe; improving the skin                                                  190
Young Ladies Seminary for Boarding and Day Pupils [Philadelphia]; glue
                for scrap books; our musical column; tricking a quack occulist; poem
                about Godey's; relationship of oxygen to gangrene; Paris
                correspondence—signing a marriage contract, tableaux vivant, the
                Prince Imperial, a professional fainter; Tom Cammel; match
                manufacture; skeleton flowers or leaves; chances of marriage by
                widowers and bachelors; dresses at Queen Victoria's
                Drawing-Room Reception                                                               280
Our musical column; artificial hair; letter from York City, CA; the late
                Mrs. Colfax; club in Washington Territory; dresses worn at a late
                drawing-room reception of Queen Victoria; suggestions for gluing in
                scrapbooks; fruit culture; asking for jokes; Earthly and Heavenly
                Interest [poem]; haughty servant; cottage in the Italian style
                (Illustrated) [with plans]; gate for the city of Washington; sending
                India rubber gloves; Godey on cosmetics and hair dyes                     381
Our musical column; testimonial from rural woman from Illinois; S. P.
                Borden's Excelsior Embroidery and Braiding Stamps; hydrophobia
                prevented; a letter from Paris [dress of the Empress, tableaux vivants
                to benefit cotton weavers of France, dress at the races including
                Mme. Rimsky Korsekov; a woman branded; how to clean black
                lace veils; a skeptic answered; how Mrs. Bonaparte puts on her
                clothes; Parisian lady improvers; photo of three children found on
                dead soldier at Gettysburg; meaning of names; Iowa News on
                Godey's; Essex epitaph; how to wear a locket                                   483
Extract from a letter from Paris [simple dress of the Empress, hair styles,
                dress of English women at the opera]; Willard's Hotel in Washington;
                our musical column; fireproof dresses; hoax that Queen Victoria
                forbade crinoline; scented note paper; hair nets from London             586
Gossip About Gloves                                                                                        253
Growing Poor Gracefully, by Melicent Irwin [fiction]                                        252
Hallowed Be Thy Name, by Rev. H. Hastings Weld (Illustrated) [poem]         158
Hats and Faces at a Watering-place (Illustrated) [picture]                                  13
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                             22, 82, 125, 362, 464
Health Department
            Children's Food                                                                                      97
            Mumps; Constitutions Created                                                              187
            Characteristics of the American People; How to Manage Children         277
Farmers' Wives Overtaxed                                                                   378
Diphtherial Disease                                                                               481
Suggestions for Better Conservation of Family Life and Domestic
                Happiness                                                                                        584
Heroines, by Augusta H. Worthen [of novels and newspaper stories]               227
How the Eye is Swept and Washed                                                                  223
"Husks" by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                                  52, 159
Hunting Gloves (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                               469
Hyacinth Cottage, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                 70
I Can't Afford It, by M. M. Barrett [fiction—affording the Lady's Book]           438
Infants                                                                                                                69
Initial Letters for Braiding (Illustrated) [C, S, F]                                               515
Initial Letters for Marking (Illustrated) [N, D]                                                  410
In Memoriam--Miss Sarah Josepha Hale, teacher                                             148
Insertion Arranged for Colored Ribbon or Velvet (Illustrated)                            91
Insertion for Muslin (Illustrated)                                                                         18, 90
Insertion for Skirts (Illustrated)                                                                        370, 400, 517
Insertion in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                                   87
Instructions for Knitted Mittens and Cuffs—Mittens for Little Girls of Eight or 
            Ten Years Old                                                                                     369
It Might Have Been, by Eliza Frances Moriarty [poem]                                  428
I See Thee When the Twilight Folds, by Una                                                    345
Jackets (Illustrated)                                                                                         508
John Broad [fiction]                                                                                          224
Juvenile Department, containing--
Charades in Tableaux                                                              
             Knapsack                                                                                         103
                Hatband                                                                                           195
                Newsboy                                                                                         285
Evening Prayer (Illustrated) [poem]                                                     103
Fairy Tale Tableau—from Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp                  385
Miscellaneous Amusements—The Watchword, The Apprentice            385
Mother Goose Tableaux                                                                       590
The Sabbath Day (Illustrated) [poem]                                                  488
Knitted Artificial Flowers—Snow-Drop                                                            269
Knitted Gauntlet, with Plus Cuff (Illustrated)                                                    512, 572
Lady's Purse (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                                   304, 365
Ladies' Vest (Illustrated)                                                                                 363
Latest Parisian Styles of Headdresses, etc. (Illustrated)                                    125
Latest Styles of Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                 175
Latest Style of Bonnets (Illustrated) [and hats]                                                 216
Leah Moore's Trial, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                              307, 415
Legend Upon the Invention of Lace, by Mrs. H. C. Covant                              555
Lines, by Mrs. Jennie D. Langdon [poem]                                                       354
Lines to _____ [poem]                                                                                     158
Literary Notices                                                           
         The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man; The American 
                Publishers' Circular and Literary Gazette; Annette, or, The Lady of 
                the Pearls; The Invasion of the Crimea; A First Friendship:  A Tale; 
                A Dark Night's Work:  A Novel; Harper's Pictorial History of the 
                Great Rebellion; Sea-Kings and Naval Heroes:  A Book for Boys; 
                A First Latin Course; C. Sallusti Crispi; The Pentateuca and Book 
                of Joshua Critically Examined; The Gentle Skeptic; A Text-Book of 
                Penmanship; Darrell Markham, or The Captain of the Vulture; Vicar 
                of Wakefield; My Southern Friends; The National Tax Law, as 
                Amended;  "I Will": Being the Determinations of the Men of God, as 
                Found in Some of the "I Wills" of the Psalms; Family Sermons; The 
                Sunday Evening Book:  Short Papers for Family Reading; The 
                Thoughts of God; Ministering Children:  A Tale:  The British Reviews 
                and Blackwood's Magazine; Leaves of the Diary of an Army 
                Surgeon, or Incidents of Field, Camp, and Hospital Life; The 
                Everyday Philosopher in Town and Country; On Liberty; Slaves of 
                the Ring, or Before and After                                                              98
The Initials:  A Story of Modern Life; The Conscript:  A Tale of War; 
                At Odds; A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe; St. 
                Olave's:  A Novel; The Fairy Book; Xenophontis Anabasis; Harper's 
                Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion; Two Pictures, or What We 
                Think of Ourselves, and What the World Thinks of Us; Evidence as 
                to Man's Place in Nature; Lectures on the Symbolic Character of the 
                Sacred Scriptures; Money; The Crisis; Frank Warrington; Marian 
                Grey, or The Heiress of Redstone Hall; Incidents in My Life; The 
                Devout Church man's Companion; Life in the Open  Air, and Other 
                Papers; Lilian; Good Thoughts in Bad Times, and Other Papers; 
                The Gentleman; The Story of the Guard:  A Chronicle of the War; 
                The Strange Adventures of Captain John Dangerous                           188
The Castle's Heir:  A Novel in Real Life; The Book of Days; Chambers' 
                Encyclopaedia; At Odds; Lost and Saved; Who Breaks—Pays; 
                Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838, 1839; 
                Memoir of the Life and Character of the Late Hon. Theo. 
                Frelinghuysen, L.L.D.; A Point of Honor:  A Novel; Science for the 
                School and Family; The Elements of Arithmetic; Willson's Primary 
                Speller; In the Tropics; Rockford, or Sunshine and Storm; A Glimpse 
                of the World; The Natural Laws of Husbandry; The Holy Word in Its 
                Own Defence; A Critical History of Free Thought in Reference to the 
                Christian Religion; What to Eat and How to Cook It; Tales and 
                Sketches; The Story of My Career; Weak Lungs, and How to 
                Make Them Strong; Out-Door Papers; Faith Gartney's Girlhood         278
Sights A-Foot; Valentine Vox:  The Ventriloquist; The Tiger Slayer: 
                Tale of the Indian Desert; Harper's Pictorial History of the Great 
                Rebellion; Skirmishing; The Book of Days; Heat Considered as a 
                Mode of Motion; War Pictures From the South; The Historical 
                Shaksperian [sic] Reader; Light; A Manual of Devotions for Domestic 
                and Private Use; Ellsworth's Primary Black-Board Chart of Letters; 
                Gervase Castonel, or The Six Gray Powders; Parlor Tricks with 
                Cards; Book of Five Hundred Curious Puzzles; Austin Elliot; Hospital 
Transports; My Good-for-Nothing Brother; The White Mountain 
                Guide-Book; Flowers for the Parlor and Garden                                379
Shoulder-Straps:  A Novel of New York and the Army; Squire 
                Trevlyn's Heir; The Light and Dark of the Rebellion; O Tempora!; 
                Chambers' Encyclopaedia; Romolo:  A Novel; The Bivouac and the 
                Battle-Field, or Campaign Sketches in Virginia and Maryland; Victor 
                Hugo; Husband and Wife, or The Science of Human Development 
                through Inherited Tendencies; The Poor Girl, or The Marchioness 
                and Her Secret; The Amber Gods and Other Sketches; Philip Van 
                Artevelde:  A Dramatic Romance; Why the Shoe Pinches: 
                Contribution to Applied Anatomy; The Mechanics, Mechanical 
                Anatomy, and Mechanical Distortions of the Bony Structures of the 
                Human Foot                                                                                      482
The Shadow of Ashlydyat; Chambers' Encyclopaedia; The Book of 
                Days; Eleanor's Victory:  A Novel; Daily Walk with Wise Men, or 
                Religious Exercises for Every Day in the Year; Chrestomanthie 
                Francaise:  A French Reading Book; Palmoni, or The Numerals of 
                Scripture; A Class-Book of Chemistry; Freedom and War:  
             Discourses on Topics Suggested by the Times; Gala Days; Our Old 
                Home:  A Series of English Sketches; Methods of Study in Natural 
                History; Meditations on Life and Its Religious Duties; Levana, or 
                The Doctrine of Education                                                                 584
Little Boy's Belts in Plaited Worsted Cord (Illustrated)                                     268
Little Girl's Crochet Under Petticoat (Illustrated)                                                84
Margaret Darling, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                        548
Mary, by G. H. S. Hull [poem]                                                                         251
Meta.--A Christmas Story, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                      541
Mignardise Work (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                           366
Miriam's Duty, by J. E. W. [fiction]                                                                   149
Mr. and Mrs. Pidgeon's Visit to Their City Friends, by Emily B. Carroll           246
Mrs. Vining's "Help" by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                            441
Muffatee—Diamond Pattern [knitted]                                                               571
Autumn Schottische, by George E. Fawcett                                         296
Estapha March, by J. Starr Holloway                                                    518
Forget Thee!  No!  by James McWilliams                                            206
I am Old and Gray, by Jas. M. Stewart                                                  14
Not Lost Forever, by James M. Stewart                                              412
Rock Me to Sleep, by W. Delesdernier                                                116
My Casket of Gems, by Mrs. Wolverton [poem]                                              568
My Sister-in-Law, by C. J. M. [poem]                                                                81
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                                                         
         Pauline                                                                                                   87
            Emelie                                                                                                  187
            Cecilia                                                                                                  214
            Dora                                                                                                    474
            Kate                                                                                                     512
Neck-tie and Cuff (Illustrated)  
Made of Blue and Black Ribbon, Worked with Jet Beads, and Edged 
                with Black Lace                                                                                  90
The Clerical Tie                                                                                    174
Netted Border (Illustrated)                                                                                25, 87
New Styles for Corsages (Illustrated)                                                              302
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)  
Coiffures; summer mantle; dinner cap; apron for little girl; night-dress 
                for a young child; white muslin bow                                                      82
Chemisette; waist; undersleeves; suit for a little boy; infant's cap; coiffure172
Bonnets; infant's cap; chemisette; coiffure; waterfall coiffure; child's sack; 
                Garibaldi suit                                                                                     262
Riding jacket; French cap; chemisette; headdress; dress for a child 3-5  362
Coiffure for a ball; new style of waterfall; Alexandra ringlets; dress for 
                little girl 2-4; fall dress for girl age 10; fancy apron for little girl; 
                bonnets; paletot for little girl; fall wrap or little girl; fall sack for little 
                boy; home dress                                                                                464
Fall or winter sacque; dinner dresses; white muslin waist; Amazon collar 569
Original Designs (Illustrated) [patriotic eagles and flags for embroidery]            576, 577
Our Gal, by Mary Forman [fiction]                                                                  137
Our Musical Column                                                                             99, 204, 312, 401, 495, 581
Our Sentimental Journey--Lay Z. Bones and I, by Harry Harewood Leech   
[fiction]                                                                                                 143
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    264
Pattern for Netting or Crochet (Illustrated)                                                       270, 468
Patterns from Madame Demorest's Establishment (Illustrated)             
         Burnside riding habit; Leonora sleeve; misses' street sack; clerical tie      173
Central Park jacket; undersleeve; empress sleeve; Clotilde sleeve;
                child's combination jacket and cape                                                   265
Ladies' vest; Lavinia sleeve; lace cape; the Giraldine cloak for a young 
                lady 10-12                                                                                        363
Peace, by J. E. W. [poem]                                                                                319
Plato                                                                                                                  81
Point Lace (Illustrated)                       
         Brussels lace; Venetian lace; Sorrento lade                                            270
            Spanish point; English lace; open English lace                                        474
Practical Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)                                                         80, 258, 353, 459
Purpose in Life                                                                                                 432
Purses (Illustrated)                                                                                          309, 365, 367
Raising a Beard (Illustrated) [picture of girl pretending to shave a young boy]   205
Receipts, etc.                                                                           
         Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—to preserve greengages, 
                greengage jam, plums, to preserve purple plums, to keep damsons, 
                damson jelly, to preserve apricots, gooseberry jam, to preserve 
                apples and golden pippins, quince marmalade, to preserve pears, to 
                preserve apples, to preserve crab-apples, apple jelly, red grape jelly, 
                green grapes, greengages, to preserve oranges, to preserve orange 
                peel, to keep pears; Contributed Receipts—old Connecticut 
                bridecake, old Connecticut election cake, a small quantity of election 
                cake, old-fashioned Connecticut wedding-cake; Miscellaneous—a 
                cheap and philosophical ornament, how to know a double from a 
                single flower before the blossom opens, how to stop blood, 
                pomatum, permanent ink for marking linen, to wash black or colored 
                silks of a fast color                                                                              92
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—peaches, an economical way of 
                preserving peaches whole, to preserve peaches, peach jam or 
                marmalade, brandy peaches, quinces preserved whole, to preserve 
                pineapples, pineapple jam, cantaloupe rind preserves, to preserve 
                plums dry, jam of greengages, blackberries, blackberry and wine 
                cordial, blackberry wine, grape jelly, quince and apple jelly; 
                Tomatoes—tomato preserves, to pickle tomatoes, tomato catsup; 
                Drinks for Hot Weather—appleade, Indian ginger beer, orgeat, 
                refreshing summer beverage, lemonade, sherbet, water-melon 
                sherbet; Contributed Receipts—fruit cake, mountain cake, fair cake, 
                cocoanut cake, French cake, jumbles, to make yeast, orange color; 
Miscellaneous—to wash lawn and muslin, removing grease spots out 
                of silk, how to remove mildew from linen, varnish for rustic garden 
                seats, to prevent mites in cheese                                                        182
Miscellaneous Cooking—veal cutlets and bacon, boiled shoulder of 
                mutton with onions, stewed steaks, plain beefsteaks, vegetable 
                porridge, to boil fish, sharp sauce for broiled meats, to stew celery, 
                potatoes; Soups—lettuce soup, rice soup, soup for invalids, onion 
                soup, tomato soup; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—sponge-cake, apple 
                cake, for the custard, small tea cake, plain pound cake, an apple 
                island, Madeira cream; Miscellaneous—to clean and polish tables, to 
                preserve flowers in water, two ways of washing black lace, to restore 
                a crumpled black silk dress, color for wicker baskets, or any small 
                articles of the kind, staining wood, to imitate ground glass, apple wine, 
                crystalline pomade; Contributed Receipts—old fashioned 
                wedding-cake, raised with yeast                                                        272
Miscellaneous Cooking—A Chapter of French Cookery—bouilli, a 
                French maigre soup, entrees to be made of beef which has been 
                cooked to make soup—boeuf au gratin, boeuf en miroton, boeuf en 
                vinaigrette, boeuf a la menagere, barley cream, fried potatoes, to 
                cook a fresh beef tongue, melted butter, to stew oysters, fried ham 
                and eggs, Hamburg pickle for salting beef; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—
                corn cake for breakfast, transparent pudding, rice meringue, to make 
                batter pancakes, to make wafer pancakes, Harrison cake, leche 
                cream, cream cakes, cheap cake, rice pudding, sponge pudding, very 
                light buns, baked apple pudding; The Toilet—to make soft pomatum, 
                hard pomatum, paste for chapped hands, a very fine scent; 
                Miscellaneous—to clean calico furniture, to give to boards a beautiful 
                appearance, to extract oil from boards or stone, to clean stone stairs 
                and halls, to remove iron-mould, brass and copper vessels, simple 
                disinfectant, how to get off a tight ring; Contributed Receipts—to 
                clean silk, to make water soft, for making hands soft, maccaroni 
                cheese, Welsh rabbit, cheese omelet, cleaning crape veil                      373
Miscellaneous Cooking—veal broth, fricassee of cold roast beef, winter 
                soup, shoulder of mutton, turnips, leg of mutton boiled, breast of veal, 
                sauce for roast beef or mutton, to stew onions, beef collops, beefsteak 
                pie, veal and oyster pie, buttered eggs; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—
                almond cheesecakes, sponge pudding, soufflee pudding, Spanish 
                bunns, lemon cream, orange marmalade pudding, kringles, brown 
                Charlotte pudding, a cheap seed-cake, arrowroot pudding, a Welsh 
                pudding; The Toilet—Hungary water, bandoline for the hair, oil of 
                roses for the hair, pot pourri; Miscellaneous—good writing ink, 
                making lard, to pickle red cabbage, candles, treatment of hiccup, 
                cream paste, gold fish, to clean knives, papering rooms, making soap 
                without grease, cement for the mouths of corked bottles, to preserve 
                celery through the winter, accidents to the ear, to pickle green 
                tomatoes, velvet; Contributed Receipts—apple-pudding, to wash 
                white thread gloves and stockings                                                          476
Plum Pudding and Other Receipts for Christmas—a Christmas plum 
                pudding with or without eggs, Christmas plum pudding, currant cake, 
                light cakes, little plum cakes to keep long, rich plum pudding, boiled 
                plum pudding, a good pound-cake, a rich Christmas pudding, a good 
Christmas pudding, common crullers or twist cakes, soft crullers, 
                Christmas Cake [poem], fruit cake, Washington cake, queen cake, 
                lemon gingerbread, seed cake, pumpkin pudding, lemon cake, clove 
                cake, mincemeat, mince pies, molasses pie, cream pie, ginger 
                sponge-cake, French jumbles; How to Cook Poultry—to boil a 
                turkey, to roast a turkey, to roast a goose, sauce for a roasted goose; 
                Christmas and New Year's dinners                                                    579
Rita's Master, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                      254
Ruff for a Young Girl [knitted]                                                                             89
Rural Residence (Illustrated)                                                                            104, 194
Rustic Ornaments
            Picture frame of Oak Leaves and Acorns (Illustrated)                          268
            A Wreath of Autumn Leaves (Illustrated)                                             371
            Hanging Vase                                                                                       470
Safety Skating Frame (Illustrated)                                                                    505
Shoes (Illustrated)                                                                                           270
Short Night-dress (Illustrated)                                                                         520
Skating for Ladies:  Why Ladies Ought to Skate, and Why They Do Not, 
            by J. M. L.                                                                                           566
Slate-Pencil Drawings (Illustrated)                                                                   171
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                         173, 265, 363
Sofa or Elbow Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                   86
Spanish Opera Hood (Illustrated)                                                                    503, 592
Temper                                                                                                            347
Thanksgiving, by S. G. B. [fiction]                                                                     429
The Broken Lyre, by Sara [poem]                                                                    540
The Casket of the Year, by Willie E. Pabor                
         Pearl the Seventh.—July [poem]                                                             51
            Pearl the Eighth.—August [poem]                                                         142
            Pearl the Ninth.—September [poem]                                                    251
            Pearl the Tenth.—October [poem]                                                        332
            Pearl the Eleventh.—November [poem]                                                440
            Pearl the Twelfth.—December [poem]                                                  547
The Child's Dream, by S. E. H. [poem]                                                               40
The Christmas Gift, by Mellicent Irwin [fiction]                                                561
The Coiffure Caliste (Illustrated)                                                                      215
The Comedy of an Evening, by Marian Douglas [play]                                       65
The Daily Governess, by Mary Forman (Illustrated) [fiction]                           556
The Faded Flower, by Flora [poem]                                                                460
The Fatal Bridegroom, by M. E. D. [fiction]                                                      346
The Future                                                                                                        540
The Lesson on the Flageolet (Illustrated) [picture]                                            295
The Lover's Pride                                                                                               29
The Maria Theresa Cravat (Illustrated)                                                              22, 107
The Marvels and Mysteries of a Seed                                                                 39
The Modern Cinderella; or, the Blue-Spangled Slipper, by Metta Victoria 
[fiction]                                                                                     337
The Niece of Judge Humphreys, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                    41
The Old Barn at Home, by George Cooper [poem]                                          223
The Old Love, by Clara Augusta [fiction]                                                        140
The Orphan                                                                                                      432
The Psyche Butterfly for Headdresses (Illustrated)                                           510, 570
The Pursuit of Wealth Under Difficulties, by Ettie Elton [fiction]                        230, 326
The Rain, by Earnest Bealle [poem]                                                                   40
The Rights of Women                                                                                       229
The Seasons of the Heart, by Furbush Flint [poem]                                         534
The Sisters' School, by S. Annie Frost (Illustrated) [fiction]                             320
The Soldier's Wayside Dream, by S. F. Flint [poem]                                        170
The Story of "Fair Mabel," by Beata [poem]                                                     433
The Vertical Railway, by the author of "Experiences at the Seashore"           348
The Very Thing! (Illustrated)—[invalid young man in home of large busy 
            family—picture includes several games]                                                 399
The Village with One Gentleman.  A Parlor Drama, by Marian Douglas           333
The Watch Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                  473
The War of the Roses, by Daisy Howard [fiction]                                             217
Thoughts on the Past                                                                                         345
Tidies (Illustrated)                                                                                           179
Toilet Mat in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                    516
Transplanted, by W. Dexter Smith, Jr. [poem]                                                 229
Trifles                                                                                                                 47
Tuft Netting in Wool and Cotton (Illustrated)                                                   180
Twilight Musings, by Estelle Beatrice [poem]                                                   261
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                172, 255
What a Jealous Man Saw on Christmas Eve, by Marion Harland [fiction]         521
When Thou Art Near, by J. Brainerd Morgan [poem]                                     136
White Muslin Bow (Illustrated)                                                                          84
Why Don't He Come?  by Catharine Mitchell [poem]                                     560
            Rich Widows                                                                                        134
            The "Widder"                                                                                        239
            Ministers' Widows                                                                                450