Godey's Lady's Book
Volume LXVI--January-June, 1863 

A Bachelor's Thoughts About Matrimony                                                          206
Acts of Kindness                                                                                                78
Advice                                                                                                             340
A Fancy Tidy (Illustrated) [netting, fox chasing chickens]                                 428
A Garden Hat (Illustrated)                                                                               384
A Lady's Glance at the London International Exhibition
            Shawls and Mixed Fabrics                                                                    135
            Precious Stones                                                                                    235
            Laces, and How They Are Made                                                          337
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated) [floral, capitols, A-Z]                              26
A Memory, by Harriet E. Benedict [poem]                                                      352
A Morning at Stewart's, by Alice B. Haven [visit to department store]               429
An Allegory, by Willie E. Pabor [fiction]                                                            46
A New Style for Collar and Cuffs (Illustrated)                                                   82
A New Velvet Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                 126, 127
Angel Footsteps, by Ivy Bell [poem]                                                                 474
An Old English Cottage (Illustrated)                                                                209
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                         385, 476
A Railway Journey; and What Came of it, by Belle Rutledge [fiction]                446
A Rough Dose, by Mary Forman [fiction]                                                        464
A Rustic Hanging Basket for Window or Porch (Illustrated)                             478
A Specialite of Paris                                                                                         402
A Sunset Vision, by Julia [poem]                                                                     433
A Trimming for Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                294
Aunt Edith:  A Tale of the Heart, by Rev. H. Hastings Weld [fiction]                   41
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey [fiction]                                            539
Baby's Bib (Illustrated) [with crochet]                                                              389
Baby's Boot Embroidered in Silk (Illustrated)                                                  232, 297
Back and Sides of Slipper (Illustrated)                                                             571
Bag Purse in Silk Knitting (Illustrated)                                                              191
Bead Basket (Illustrated)                                                                                 295
Bead Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                     388
Beauty                                                                                                              533
Bertha, by Beata [poem]                                                                                  243
Bibs (Illustrated)                                                                                             186, 291, 389
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        385
Book-Marker (Illustrated)      
         Cross and Bible, "L'homme propose, Dieu dispose"                                81
            Prayer Book Markers:  The Crosses Worked in Perforated Card          298
Border for a Handkerchief (Illustrated)                                                            297
Braided Case for Shaving Paper (Illustrated)                                                   134
Braided Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                                   21
Braided Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                         25
Braided Shoe for a Child (Illustrated)                                                                27, 131
Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                            426, 427
Braided Watch-case (Illustrated)                                                                     133
Braiding for a Child's Pique Dress (Illustrated)                                                   85
Braiding for a Marseilles Cloak (Illustrated)                                                       20
Braiding Palm for the End of a Sash (Illustrated)                                                87, 194
Braiding Pattern for a Lounging or Smoking Cap (Illustrated)                           132
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                          19, 20, 24, 25, 27, 28, 85, 87, 130, 131, 132, 133,
                        134, 192, 194, 227, 231, 234, 298, 299, 330, 392, 426, 482, 483, 516, 517, 573
Breakfast Caps (Illustrated)                                                                             336, 407
Cape (Illustrated)                                                                                            185
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                         79, 184, 291, 336, 566
Carriage-bag, in Canvas Work (Illustrated)                                                     568
Chemisette (Illustrated)                                                                                   292
Chemistry for the Young                                                          
         Lesson XXII. (Continued)                                                                    212
            Lesson XXII. (Continued)                                                                    315
            Lesson XXIII.  Analysis by fire, or the dry way.—Use of the 
                blowpipe.—General outline of smelting and assaying.                         406
            Lesson XXIII. (Continued)                                                                   498
            Lesson XXIII. (Continued)                                                                   586
Baby's Tucked Dress (Illustrated)                                                        293
Boy's Sack (Illustrated)                                                                       186
Carriage-dress (Illustrated)                                                                  186
Children's Fashions (Illustrated)                                                           119, 213
Christening Robe (Illustrated)                                                              185, 565
Costume for a Boy Three or Four Years Old (Illustrated)                    390
Fancy Muslin Spencer (Illustrated)                                                      475
Fashionable Dresses (Illustrated)                                            
             Purple reps dress; dress for young lady                                             125
                Poplin dresses; silk dress; reps dress                                                 228, 229, 317
Figaro Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                    124
Garibaldi Costume for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                    184
Greek Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                    477
Home-dress (Illustrated)                                                                     384
Infant's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                    187
Infant's Pique Cloak (Illustrated)                                                          290
Infant's Robe (Illustrated)                                                                    293
Jerome Coat (Illustrated)                                                                     477
La Madrilena (Illustrated), from Brodie [pardessus]                               17
Latest Fashions (Illustrated)    
             Garnet colored poplin dress                                                                13
                Dark green silk dress                                                                          16
                Parma violet silk dress                                                                      122
Latest Style of Dresses (Illustrated)                            
             Embroidered Zouave jacket and skirt                                                510
                Windowpane check with trim                                                            511
                Embroidered sack and skirt                                                              512
                Flounced dress                                                                                 513
Misses Cloak (Illustrated)                                                                   386
Night-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                      296
Night-Dress for a Young Girl (Illustrated)                                            185
Oxford Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                    81
Pelerine Cloak (Illustrated) [in Afghan stitch]                                         24, 84
Spring and Early Summer Costume (Illustrated)                                   421
Spring and Early Summer Costume, Suitable for Visiting (Illustrated)    420
Spring Costumes for a Boy and Girl (Illustrated)                                  479
Spring Dress (Illustrated)                                                                     223, 328
Spring Dress, Braided (Illustrated)                                                       329
Spring Dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                         330
Spring Mantle (Illustrated)                                                                   484
Spring Travelling Costume (Illustrated)                                                226
Spring Travelling Dress for a Child (Illustrated)                                    227
Summer Dress (Illustrated)                                                                  475
The Barcelona, from Brodie (Illustrated) [pardessus]                           123
The Darro, from Brodie (Illustrated) [pardessus]                                 331
The Guadiana, from Brodie (Illustrated) [street toilet]                           230
The Leonese, from Brodie (Illustrated) [mantilla]                                 514
The Military Jacket (Illustrated)                                                           477
The Soutache Robe (Illustrated)                                                          422, 499
The Vega, from Brodie (Illustrated)     [talma]                                     423
White Muslin Dress (Illustrated)                                                          567
White Muslin Pelerine (Illustrated)                                                       185
White Pique Dress (Illustrated)                                                            567
Zouave Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                  385
Coiffures (Illustrated)                 79, 126, 127, 290, 332, 333, 334, 335, 385, 387, 425, 515, 566
Coiffure Maintenon (Illustrated)                                                                       334, 407
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                           80, 82, 190, 480
Compliments                                                                                                    526
Coral Pattern Antimacassar in Applique (Illustrated)                                        193
Cottages, etc. (Illustrated)                                                                               102, 209, 314, 405
Country Residences (Illustrated)                                                                      314, 405
Courtesy at Home                                                                                            433
Crochet Collar (Illustrated)                                                                              480
Crochet Fringe Trimming, for Pique Basques                                                       83
Crochet Muff (Illustrated)                                                                                129, 187
Crochet Tidy for Tray or Bread Cloth (Illustrated)                                           516
Cross Purposes [fiction]                                                                                    164, 272
Cross Stitch Knitting for a Sofa Cushion                                                              83
Cuff, Made to Match the Neck-Tie (Illustrated)                                               387
Daisy Travelling Winter Hood (Illustrated)                                                       105
Design for an Infant's Blanket (Illustrated)                                                          86
Doll's Collar and Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                   190
Double Netting in Two Colors (Illustrated)                                                      390
Early Walking                                                                                                   243
Editors' Table, containing--
A Consoling Reflection                                                                         306
A New Poem                                                                                       578
A New Year and New Hopes                                                                92
A New Year's Gift                                                                                  92
A Stolen Poem                                                                                     579
Books for Birthdays, Holidays, and Home Reading                                 94
Books for Home Culture—Springs of Action; The Bible as an Educating 
                Power Among the Nations                                                                397
Cheerful Thoughts, by Mrs. Francis [poem]                                         489
Domestic Employments                                                                         397
Flowers, by Una [poem]                                                                      579
Happy Love                                                                                         309
Home and Its Influences                                                                        199
Household Work [war will necessitate more women working outside of 
                the home]                                                                                           93
In Memoriam [Phila Ann Pabor]                                                           579
Josephine                                                                                             306
Little Wife, by George Cooper [poem]                                                 201
Long Stories                                                                                         578
Marriages Between Cousins                                                                  397
Memorial [supporting the employment of women teachers]                      94
Miss Hale's School                                                                                 95
My Ship, by Estelle      [poem]                                                               94
Novels--French and English                                                                  304
On, by Lillian  [poem]                                                                          306
Our Poets                                                                                             200
Postmistress [Mrs. Caroline F. Cowan, Biddeford, ME]                        490
Punch on French Fashions                                                                    201
Red-haired Ladies                                                                                489
School of Design for Women in New York                                           201
Taste in Dress                                                                                       579
The Best Native Linguist in the Arctic Regions                                       300
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia                                                  491
The Sewing-Machine                                                                            201
The Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia                                                   490
Widow's Pensions                                                                                490
Woman--Her Home Life                                                                      577
Woman--Her Moral Destiny                                                                 488
Woman--Her Name and its Significance                                                396
Woman's Work and its Remuneration                                                   200
Woman in Office [lighthouse keeper, register of deeds]                          306
Women's Union Missionary Society of America, etc.                               94
Embroidered Pocket for a Lady's Dress (Illustrated)                                          28, 86
Embroidery for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                    23
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)                        23, 24, 25, 85, 87, 126, 193, 194, 227, 234,
                                                                                                   296, 392, 427, 484, 570, 572, 573
Embroidery Pattern for Pillow or Bolster Cases (Illustrated)                             194
Expand the Chest                                                                                             564
Fancy Alphabet for Marking (Illustrated) [A-H, capitals, floral and vine]          518
Fancy Bow (Illustrated) [false hair]                                                                  335
Fancy Headdress (Illustrated)                                                                          128
Fancy Slipper, of Black Cloth (Illustrated)                                                       570, 571
Fancy Slipper, without Heel, for a Lady (Illustrated)                                        478
Fancy Tie (Illustrated) [ribbon]                                                                          22
            Bridesmaid's dresses; headdresses; daisy travelling winter hood [with 
                directions]; jupe Pompadour with Balmoral skirts; ornamented skirts; 
                sleeves; vests; colors and fabrics; velvet ribbon; scarves; 
                handkerchiefs; sashes; bonnets; cloaks; sacks; evening dress; 
                carriage dress; Spanish pocket                                                          104
Poplin dresses; alpaca dress; visiting dress; children's fashions; new 
                silks; leather trims; new fringe; jockeys at back of bodice; crochet 
                and jet ornaments; hem braid; other braids; cloaks; fur trimmed 
                mantles; children's coats and hats; muffs; muslin bows and scarves; 
                headdresses; combs; buttons; flower jewelry; skating clothes              213
Spring suit; morning-robe; poplin dress; black silk dress; child's dress; 
                home-dress; poplin dresses; silk dress; reps dress; crinoline with case 
                and flounce; taffetas; morning costume; new trims; dinner and evening 
dresses; corsets; false hair; coiffures; hair powders; headdresses; 
                cloaks; sashes; scarves and bows; children's dresses; alpaca; red 
                riding hood for little girls                                                                     316
Purple and black silk dress; green silk dress; white and mauve silk dress; 
                mode and black dress with black silk talma; dinner dress; coiffure 
                maintenon; breakfast caps; new fabrics; black silk dresses; robe 
                dresses; brocades; moires and chines for evening wear; cottons; 
                fabrics for travelling outfits; gored dresses; Spanish jacket; waists; 
                hair-dressing and headdresses; birds and butterflies for bonnets           406
Green silk dress; morning suit; walking suit; Pongee dress; morning 
                costume for watering place; soutache robe; headdresses; dress of 
                Mrs. Tom Thumb by Demorest; silk dresses; opera cloak; white 
                bodies; children's hats; riding hats; handkerchief; black lace leaves; 
                veils; morning collars; pique; dress sleeves; hair styles; hummingbird 
                and butterfly hair ornaments; sacks and circles; bonnets                       498
White grenadine dress; white silk dress; purple robe dress; boy's dress; 
                alpaca dress; Mozambique dress; percale dress; wool taffeta dress; 
                robe dress; organdy robe; new coiffures; bridal wreath of narcissus, 
                orange buds, and lilies of the valley; other bridal flowers; bridesmaids' 
wreaths; bonnets; round hats; ostrich feathers; fluted ruffles; alpaca; 
                black silk dresses; foulards; ribbon trimming; talmas; braiding and 
                imitation braiding; robe style dresses; cravats for ladies; Religieuse 
                sleeve; Shakespeare collars; parasols; lace dress presented to 
                Princess Alexandra by the King of the Belgians                                  586
Favorites                                                                                                          265
Fetching the Doctor (Illustrated) [picture of boy with pony at door]                  507
Fichus (Illustrated)                                                                                          184, 292
Flower Vase (Illustrated)                                                                                 482
Flown, by Mrs. F. A. Moore [poem]                                                                163
Foolish Thoughts                                                                                              238
French Visiting Pocket, to hold Cards (Illustrated)                                           298
French Waist (Illustrated)                                                                                477
Gentleman's Braces in Silk Embroidery (Illustrated)                                         130, 191
Glass Bead Mat (Illustrated)                                                                            481
Godey's Arm-Chair     
Our musical column; the foster home; negro minstrelsy; new table 
                ornaments; a bit of German romancing; a cautious man; the fairy 
                sewing machine:  a holiday gift for the work-table (Illustrated); 
                rural residence (Illustrated) [with plans]; peg top pantaloons; the 
                men who make spelling-books; gentlemen don't wear expensive 
                jewelry; learning to write; no remedy for freckles; synonyms for 
                purl stitch                                                                                            98
Mixed joy; panic in paper; the American puzzle; seasonable 
                conundrums; our musical columns; Fitzgerald's City Item; here's a 
                chance for some fair lady—a bachelor's thoughts about matrimony; 
                the Craig microscope (Illustrated); to color photographs; parents 
                have much to answer for; Barnum outdone; letter from Mackinac, 
Mich.; on the irreverent use of the Bible; an old English cottage 
                (Illustrated) [with plans]; deplores wedding presents; wedding 
                cards; calico dresses not as fully trimmed; complexion regimen           204
The Germantown Telegraph; the opera; our musical column; annual 
                flowers; letter from California; country residence (Illustrated) [with 
                plans]; sewing-machine improvements; seasonable conundrums; 
                piercing ears; hair powder; moderate crinolines                                  310
Our musical column; a specialite of Paris [Charles Worth?]; the flower 
                garden—lists of plants and seeds available from Henry A. Drear, 
                Philadelphia; seasonable conundrums; wedding and travelling dress 
                of Tom Thumb's wife; country residence (Illustrated) [with plan]; 
                tin wedding anniversary; enameling of ladies' faces; boys now play 
                billiards and euchre; popular annual flowers and how to plant              401
"No Cards"; Mr. Holloway's Musical Monthly; cartes de visite for 
                albums:  a charming series; descriptions of dresses worn at a late 
                party in London; paper famine; response to "A Bachelor's Thoughts 
                About Matrimony"; our musical column; tortoise-shell; something 
                about the London post office; summer pruning or stopping of the 
                grape vine; Smoke from my Chimney-Corner [poem]                         493
Our musical column; description of dresses worn at the wedding of the 
                Prince of Wales with the Princess Alexandra; education:  Miss Hale's 
                School; Art Recreations; General Twiggs' receipt for the hair; rural 
                residence (Illustrated) [with plan]; Glover and Baker's sewing 
                machines; riding dress of the empress of France; hummingbirds as 
                trimming for hats; black braid; glycerine for chapped hands; is it 
                unladylike to catch eels                                                                     581
Good-night, by M. C. Gordon [poem]                                                              255
Grecian Netting (Illustrated)                                                                            391
Half-circle Box Toilette Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                  23, 87
Handkerchief Border (Illustrated)                                                                      97
"Hands Across" (Illustrated) [two young girls dancing, older girl or woman 
            watching]                                                                                              417
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                     18, 83, 104, 128, 231, 424
Head Gear in the South of Europe                                                                       78
Health Department       
         Beds, Covering, etc. of Infants; Infants Should Sleep with Mother, etc.     95
Thrush; Hints About the Teeth                                                               202
How Girls Should Be Clothed; Hints About Food; Preserves; 
                Swallowing Poison                                                                            307
Children Should Not Eat Between Meals; Vaccination of Infants            398
Mumps; Ascarides [Thread-worms]                                                      490
Position of Children in Sleep                                                                 579
Home After Business Hours                                                                                48
Hood (Illustrated)                                                                                             19
How to Reach the Heart                                                                                   147
"Husks," by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                   29, 152, 256, 353, 452, 546
Influence of a True Wife                                                                                      61
Initial for Square Pillow-Case (Illustrated)       
         M                                                                                                         299
            E                                                                                                          482
Inserting for a Pillow-Case (Illustrated)                                                              85
Insertion for Muslin (Illustrated)                                                                       484, 570, 572
Instructions for Knitted Mittens and Cuffs—Gentlemen's Cuffs, in Berlin Wool; 
            Children's Cuffs; Ladies' Cuffs                                                               297
Jackets (Illustrated)                                                                                           81, 124, 385
Juvenile Department (Illustrated), containing--
Art in Sport                                                                                          210
Charades in Tableaux
                Sweetheart                                                                                       313
                May Queen                                                                                      497
Holy Bible [poem and statue]                                                                404
Miscellaneous Amusements      
             Magic breath, mysterious mirror, electric spark from brown paper, 
                    the dancing egg                                                                             313
The balanced egg, the balanced stick, to melt a bullet in paper           497
The Dancing Ethiopian                                                                          583
Knitted Counterpanes (Illustrated) [border for counterpane; pretty star pattern 
            for counterpane in squares, knitted counterpane in breadths]                  188
Knitting Pattern for Various Purposes (Illustrated)                                            571
Lady's Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                   20, 21, 86
Lady's Card-case In Gold Thread and Steel Beads on Kid (Illustrated)            129, 187
Lady's Waistband Bag (Illustrated)                                                                  233, 295
Lester's Revenge, by Anna M. Bingen [fiction]                                                   72, 176
Letter for a Square Pillow-case (Illustrated)    
         L                                                                                                          392
            E                                                                                                          482
            D                                                                                                         573
Letters from Aunt Betsy Broomcorn [fiction]                                         67, 171, 283, 378, 466, 558
Lines, by Lemuel H. Wilson [poem]                                                                 147
Lines to My Poem, by Van Buren Denslow [poem]                                            48
Literary Notices
            Andree de Taverney, or The Downfall of French Monarchy; The 
                Phantom Bouquet; The Book of Days; Chamber's Encyclopedia; 
                Orley Farm:  A Novel; A Manual of Information and Suggestions for 
                Object Lessons; A System of Logic; Memoirs of the Rev. Nicholas 
                Murray, D. D.; The Life of Edward Irving; Miriam; Sermons of Rev. 
                C. H.  Spurgeon; American History by Jacob Abbott; Eyes and 
                Ears; The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes; The Victories of Love; 
                The Alden Books; Vesper; Ned Manton, or The Cottage by the 
                Stream; Little Walter of Wyalusing                                                       96
The Pirates of the Prairies, or Adventures in the American Desert; The 
                Siege of Richmond; A History of France; Camp and Outpost Duty for 
                Infantry; Mistress and Maid:  A Household Story; The Pentateuch and 
                Book of Joshua Critically Examined; May Dreams; The Canoe and 
                the Saddle; The Poet's Journal                                                            203
John Marchmont's Legacy; Somebody's Luggage; Poems by Richard 
                Coe; The Sunday School Teacher and Diary Almanac; The Book of 
                Days; Chambers's Encyclopedia; The Institutes of Medicine; Lines 
                Left Out; Springs of Action; Memoirs of Mrs. Joanna Bethune; 
                Essays by Henry Thomas Buckle; The Poems of Adelaide A. 
                Proctor; Broadcast; The Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson; A 
                Present Heaven; The Story of the Guard:  A Chronicle of the War; 
                Titan:  A Romance; Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles; The Patriots and 
                Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky; Parish Papers; The Lost 
                Jewel:  A Tale; The Bible as an Educating Power Among the Nations; 
                Legends of Charlemagne, or Romance of the Middle Ages; Lyra 
                Coelestia:  Hymns on Heaven                                                              308
Verner's Pride:  A Tale of Domestic Life; Aurora Floyd; Chambers's 
                Encyclopedia; The Book of Days; The National Almanac and Annual 
                Record for 1863; No Name:  A Novel; Barrington:  A Novel; Lady 
                Audley's Secret:  A Novel; The Lady Lisle:  A Novel; St. Paul's 
                Epistle to the Romans; My Diary North and South; The Risen 
                Redeemer:  The Gospel History from the Resurrection to the Day 
                of Pentecost; Patriarchal Shadows of Christ and His Church; The 
                Thoughts of God; War and Peace:  A Tale of the Retreat from 
Cabul                                                                                                399
The Sleeping Sentinel; Outlines of Universal History; Chambers' 
                Encyclopaedia of Useful Knowledge for the People; The National 
                Almanac and Annual Record for 1863; Fox's Musical Companion; 
                Holly's Country Seats; The Spiritual Point-of-View; The Soldier's 
                Book:  A Pocket Diary for Accounts and Memoranda for 
                Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the U.S. Volunteer 
                and Regular Army; Chronicles of Carlingford:  a Novel; Modern 
                War:  Its Theory and Practice; The Great Consummation:  The 
                Millennial Rest, or the World as it Will Be; Notes, Criticisms, and 
                Correspondence Upon Shakespeare's Plays and Actors; Garret 
                Van Horne, or, The Beggar on Horseback; Tactics, or Cupid in 
                Shoulder-Straps:  A West Point Love Story; A Tangled Skein; 
                Illustrated Juvenile Books; Newton's Prepared Colors for Album 
                Painting; The Employments of Women:  A Cyclopaedia of 
                Woman's Work                                                                                491
The Trapper's Daughter; Madge, or Night and Morning; On the Origin 
                of the Species:  or, The Causes of the Phenomena of Organic 
                Nature; The New and Complete Tax-Payer's Manual; Man's Cry, 
                and God's Gracious Answer; African Hunting from Natal to the 
                Zambesi; Sylvia's Lovers:  A Novel; The Scarlet Flower:  A Novel; 
                Meditations on Death and Eternity; Two Friends                               580
Little Miss Stoddard, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                           370
Mildred's Resolve, by Violet Woods [fiction]                                                      56
Mosaic Knitting for a Piano or Sofa Mat (Illustrated)                                       569
Adieu, by W. Delesdernier                                                                   418
La Danse D'Une Fee, by F. Karl                                                          120
Never Dream of Constant Bliss, by C. Everest                                     326
            Norah Mavourneen, New Irish Ballad, by J. Starr Holloway                  14
            Sailing on the Sea, by J. Starr Holloway                                              508
            The Days When We Were Young, by Henry C. Work                          224
Musings and Memories,by J. L. M'Creery [poem]                                            527
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                                 
         Ruth                                                                                                       87
            Carrie                                                                                                   187
            Marie                                                                                                   232
            Emma                                                                                                   386
            Louisa                                                                                                  392
            Betty                                                                                                    483
            Rose                                                                                                    572
Neck-tie of scarlet silk, trimmed with black velvet, gold beads, and black lace
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         387
Needle-book in Beads and Berlin Work (Illustrated)                                         84
New Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                              332, 333, 515, 587
Night-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                                  296
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                           
         Morning cap, Honiton coiffure, dinner-cap, undersleeves, fancy collar      79
Fichu; breakfast-cap; Garibaldi costume for a little boy; night-dress
                for young girl; christening robe; pelerine; Spencer cape                      184
Infant's pique cloak; coiffure; sleeves; plain night-cap; infant's bib; 
                child's coat; fancy chemisette; fancy fichu                                            290
Home-dress; garden hat; Zouave jacket; coiffure; apron; fancy sleeve; 
                bonnet for child just walking                                                               384
Muslin spencer; scarf bretelle; an "ugly" [calache]; child's sack; black 
                silk apron; dress for child of five                                                         475
Christening dress; breakfast caps; coiffures; muslin under-sleeve; girls' 
                dresses                                                                                             565
Obstinacy                                                                                                         445
One of the Latest Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                           387
Our Babe, by M. A. Denison [poem]                                                                564
Our Cottage Home, by Daisy [poem]                                                               564
Our Musical Column                                                                             99, 204, 312, 401, 495, 581
Pattern for a Crochet Purse or Bag (Illustrated)                                               484
Patterns from Madame Demorest's Establishment (Illustrated) 
Spanish sleeve, Madrilena sleeve, Freddie dress, Josie sack for boy 
                5-6, Oxford jacket for boy 10-15, Gentian hat for girls over 5, Russ 
                hat for boy 10-12                                                                               80
Carriage dress; mignon sleeve; boy's sack; baby's bib; infant's wrapper  186
Tucked waist; Almena sleeve; baby's tucked dress; infant's robe; child's
                drawers                                                                                            293
Demizette sleeve; medallion sleeve; Venetienne sleeve; misses' cloak      385
Military jacket; Jerome coat; Greek jacket; French waist; Lady Alice
                sleeve                                                                                               477
Petrae Von Bock, by Marian Douglas [fiction]                                                366
Petticoat Insertion, in Drawn Linen, Ornamented with Scarlet (Illustrated)        480
Phaeton; or, Pride Must Have a Fall:  A Classical Extravaganza (as proposed to 
            be represented in the Back Drawing Room), by William Brough  [play]266
Point Lace (Illustrated) [Point d'Alencon, English bars, English rosette]             572
Practical Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)  
Necessary materials; to cut your pencil properly, position during 
                drawing; the proper position to hold your pencil; to draw horizontal 
                straight lines; to draw perpendicular straight lines; to draw oblique 
                lines                                                                                                 288
Second lesson                                                                                      450
Prayer-Book Markers (Illustrated)                                                                  298
Purse (Illustrated)                                                                                              91
Rain Imps:  Grinding up the Rain in April (Illustrated) [picture of fairies]            325
Reading                                                                                                            545
Receipts, &c.                                                              
         Modern Cookery and Household Management; Miscellaneous 
                Cooking—a round of salted beef, veal, veal sweetbread, leg of pork, 
                goose, to clarify drippings, potatoes roasted under meat, vegetable 
                soup, cabbage jelly, to hash a calf's head, scalloped oysters; Cakes, 
                Puddings, Etc.—rock cakes, arrowroot biscuits, lemon puddings, 
                apple snow-balls, bath buns, an orange pudding, apple cream, Eve's 
                pudding, cranberry roll, an excellent pudding, apple jam, a Swiss 
                custard, cheesecakes; Miscellaneous—to preserve irons from rust, 
                to take rust out of steel, to clean black grates, hearths, sides, etc., 
                to make blacking, corks, for chapped hands, red ink, blue ink, 
                black ink, to clean Turkey carpet, extinction of fires, vitriol accidents, 
                remove wine stains, tooth powder, to destroy ants, portable 
                lemonade, cheese snaps                                                                      88
Economy of the Tea-Table; Miscellaneous Cooking—shoulder of veal 
                roasted, breast of veal, neck of veal, oyster pie, omelet, baked mutton 
                chops, potato puffs, French steaks, dried beef, fried potatoes, salad 
                dressing, poached eggs; Cakes, Puddings, Etc.—a plain cake, 
                almond pudding, Snowdon pudding, Maltese cream, ground rice 
                cake, currant cake, light cakes, pan cakes, Graham cake, wafer 
gingerbread, brandy cream, Irish cakes, raised cake, fried wafers; 
                The Toilet—pomade divine, honey water, Hungary water, cold 
                cream, red lip salve, lavender water; Presence of Mind—if a man 
                faints; if any poison is swallowed; how to stop bleeding; if clothing 
                takes fire; if a man asks you to go his security; if you have a 
                counterfeit note or coin; if you perceive yourself in a passion; 
                Miscellaneous—oil stains in silk and other fabrics, ginger ale, to take 
                the black off bright bars, to clear white ostrich feathers, artificial 
                cheese, how to make artificial moss, specific against seasickness, 
                to prevent muslin or children's clothes blazing, how to make 
                rose-water, to destroy bugs, to pot meat                                           195
Soups—to make stock from bones, to clear stock, vermicelli or Italian 
                soup, macaroni soup, spring soup, jullienne soup, white turnip soup, 
                brown turnip soup, artichoke soup, carrot soup, green pea soup; 
                Miscellaneous Cooking—to boil a leg of lamb, to roast lamb, to 
                boil perch, to fry perch or tench, sweetbread cutlets, to broil a     
sweetbread, to dress salt fish, rolled veal, to broil mackerel, chicken 
                salad; Cakes, Puddings, Etc.—cup cake, delicious apple pudding, 
                lemon pie, German rice pudding, open German tart, plain cake, 
                lemon dumplings, Jersey pudding, Dillingham cake, Devonshire cake, 
                plain cheesecakes; Simple Light Puddings for Invalids—tapioca 
                blancmange, scalded pudding, baked puddings, quaking pudding, 
                Mary's pudding, a delicate pudding; Miscellaneous—to clean cloth 
                garments, to make butter come, peach leaf yeast, soft soap, a simple, 
                safe, and cleanly way to destroy black beetles, etc., to dye silk, etc., 
                crimson, to clean kid gloves, to remove ink from paper, metallic trees, 
                to make good coffee, varnish for coarse woodwork, to keep the 
                hands soft                                                                                         300
Miscellaneous Cooking—fillet of veal roasted, loin of veal, canapes, 
                potato balls, to stew mushrooms, ham toast, cheap green pea-soup, 
                savory chicken pie, to cook codfish with a piquant sauce, a sinee 
                kabaub; Gravies and Sauces—melted butter, white celery sauce, 
                thickening, egg sauce, lemon sauce, mock caper sauce, young onion 
sauce; Potatoes—How to Choose Potatoes and Keep Them From  
Being Wasted; Cakes Puddings, etc.—Berwick sponge cake, 
                breakfast cake, mixture for the cream cakes, cream tartar cake, 
                perpetual lemon cheesecake, velvet cream, vermicelli pudding, a 
                country pudding, Devonshire junket, arrowroot blanc mange, foam 
sauce for the pudding; Miscellaneous—to clean silk stockings, to 
                clean plate, to clean tins and pewter, to prevent hair from falling off, 
                to preserve milk, blue ink, how to make vinegar, to clean silks, 
                cement for broken china, glass, alabaster, or ivory ornaments             393
Miscellaneous Cooking—bacon and cabbage soup, stewed leg of beef, 
                grilled or boiled pork chops, potato pudding, meat pie, giblet soup, 
                fried steak and onions, potato balls, root vegetables, veal cutlets with 
                tomatoes, collared beef, calves' head cake, sheep's head soup; 
                Cakes, Puddings, Etc.—cottage pudding, light tea cakes, corn starch 
                pudding, cocoa-nut cheesecakes, French pancakes, apple cream, 
                almond cheese cakes, pound cake, Indian pudding, to make cream 
                pancakes, puff pudding, a quick made pudding, an Italian pudding, a 
                sweet omelet; The Toilet—how to prevent the hair from falling off, 
                pomade for chapped arms and hands, hair pomatum; Practical 
                Directions to Gardeners; Miscellaneous—a valuable remedy, to 
                flower bulbs at any season in three weeks, how to obtain the 
                genuine flavor of coffee, to remove ink-stains, knives and forks, to 
                preserve asparagus for winter, paste blacking, dried herbs                  485
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—observations for preserving, to 
                preserve strawberries, to preserve strawberries whole, to preserve 
                strawberries in wine, strawberry jelly, raspberries, raspberry jam, 
                cherries preserved, compote of Morello cherries, cherry jam, cherry 
                jelly, currants preserved, currant jelly, currant jam of all colors, 
                compote of green currants, gooseberries, gooseberry jelly, green 
                gooseberry jam, gooseberry fool, preserved rhubarb, to preserve 
                rhubarb, rhubarb fool, rhubarb jam, apple jelly, carrot jam (equal to 
                apricot), orange jelly; To Preserve Fruits Without Self-Sealing Cans; 
                Miscellaneous—directions for fixing pencil drawings, effects of sugar 
                on the teeth, to prevent rust, sunbonnets for the garden, cure for 
                ear-ache, remedy for stuttering, to take rust out of steel, to remove 
                stains from books, to make yeast                                                      574
Ribbon Trimming for Dresses, etc. (Illustrated)                                                295
Ribbon Plait (Illustrated)                                                                                  570
Riding:  A Few Remarks About Riding, for Ladies and Children, by G. L.         253
Robin Hood:  A Parlor Piece for Evening Parties, by William Brough  [play]      62
Roxy Croft [fiction]                                                                                           434, 528
Rural Residence (Illustrated)                                                                            102, 584
New Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                              332, 333
Sampler Pattern for Our Young Friends (Illustrated)                                        299
Scarlet Poppies, by Enul [poem]                                                                      271
Seam Knitting for Sofa Pillows (Illustrated)                                                      483
Shirt for a Boy (Illustrated) [front and back]                                                    568
Slate-Pencil Drawings (Illustrated)                                                                   383, 557
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                     80, 186, 290, 293, 385, 386, 478
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                                20, 388, 426, 478, 570
Snowed Up, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                          49
Soiree at Aleppo, from a Correspondent                                                         145
Something about the London Post-office                                                           496
Sonnet, by Mrs. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                                        271
The Advertisement, by L. S. [fiction]                                                                 471
The Beggar's Appeal, by Mrs. John C. Winans [poem]                                      71
The Bonaparte Family Register                                                                         538
The Broken Tendril, by Mrs. Wolverton [poem]                                               451
The Casket of the Year, by Willie E. Pabor
         Pearl the First—January [poem]                                                              61
            Pearl the Second—February [poem]                                                     151
            Pearl the Third—March [poem]                                                            289
            Pearl the Fourth—April [poem]                                                            365
            Pearl the Fifth—May [poem]                                                                463
            Pearl the Sixth—June [poem]                                                                543
The Collection and Preservation of Plants (Illustrated)                                      350
The Doctor, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                                                 519
The Duet, by S. Annie Frost (Illustrated) [fiction]                                            148
The Education of Women                                                                                   40
The Esmerelda Headdress, Made of Black and Vesuve Ribbons, Suitable for a 
            Brunette (Illustrated)                                                                             83
The Expected Letter, by Amy Graham (Illustrated) [fiction]                            239
The Fairy Sewing-Machine (Illustrated)                                                           101
The Flower Garden                                                                                          403
The Glass on the Wall, by Mrs. S. P. Meserve Hayes [poem]                           255
The Latest Parisian Styles for Headdresses, etc. (Illustrated)                            424, 499
The Likeness, by Josephine Pollard [poem]                                                     183
The Maids of Honor to Mary Queen of Scots                                                   463
The Modern Mania                                                                                             54
The New Sewing Machine (Illustrated)                                                            [221]
The Nina Headdress (Illustrated)                                                                     231
The Old Sewing Machine (Illustrated) [woman sewing by hand]                       [10]
The Origin of the Famous P. H. B. Society [fiction] [Piscatorial Hum-Bug 
            Society]                                                                                                341
The Orphan's Hope, by Emma C. D. Cowee [poem]                                         40
The Picnic; or, Kate Bryant's Conquest, by Fannie S. Thomas [fiction]             281
The Princess Capuchon (Illustrated) [hood]                                                       19
The Simple Secret                                                                                            365
The Spitfire Slipper (Illustrated) [cat and dog, Berlin work]                              388
The Story of an Atom                                                                                       352
The Turrets of the Stone House, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                   138
The Value of Time                                                                                            340
The Wrong House, by Edith Woodley [fiction]                                                 244
Tidies (Illustrated)                                                                                           428, 516, 517
Time, by E_____ [poem]                                                                                 365
To Elsie [poem]                                                                                                474
Toilet Mat in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                    517
To Make a Hassock (Illustrated)                                                                     569
To Make a Rug (Illustrated)                                                                            571
To One Who Said, "I Will Love Thee Best of All," by Frederic Wright [poem]144
Toupet Maintenon (Illustrated)                                                                        335
Tucked Waist (Illustrated)                                                                               293
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                  79, 566
Various Herring-Bone Stitches and Modes of Working Them (Illustrated)        191, 294
Waistband (Illustrated)                                                                                    194
What Precious Stones are Made of                                                                   449
Where I Would Rest, by J. Brainerd Morgan [poem]                                        71
The Widow Indeed                                                                                 55
            The Young Widow                                                                               161
            The Gay Widow                                                                                   279
            Poor Widows                                                                                       554
Worked Pattern, for Chair Seat                                                                        [117]