Godey's Lady's Book
Vol. LXIV, January-June 1862 

A Beautiful Moss Basket                                                                                  76
A Complete Outfit for the Nursery Department (Illustrated)—frock for girl
            1-2, christening cap, infant's shirt, infant's bedgown, baptismal robe,
            pelisse for 2 year old, capote for child under 1, chemisette for little girl,
            cap for 1-2 year old, bib, apron for little girl                                          179
A Cottage for a Mechanic or Clerk (Illustrated) [with plan]                              307
Acting Charade--Suicide, by C. L. C.                                                               547
A Dream, by Delia Dayton [poem]                                                                  355
A Dream of the Past, by Annie M. Beach [poem]                                             238
Adversity                                                                                                          358
A Garden Hat (Illustrated)                                                                               530
A Golden Hope, by J. Brainerd Morgan [poem]                                              463
"Aid for the Chinkapins," by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                     549
A Literary Star, and How It Culminated:  An Autobiography, by Mrs. F. H.
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)
         A-Z, capitals, lines with circles                                                              126
            A-R, capitals, vines and flowers                                                            438
            S-Z, capitals, vines and flowers                                                             536
A Memory, by Fannie Stevens Bruce [poem]                                                    43
An Angel in Disguise, by T. S. Arthur [fiction]                                                   250
An April Shower (Illustrated) [three girls under umbrella]                                 321
A New Stitch for Cuffs (Illustrated)                                                                 187
An Hour with the Microscope, by a Young Girl (Illustrated)                            229
Anniversary, by Kate Harrington [poem]                                                         152
Another Form for a Sontag (Illustrated)                                                             77
Anticipation                                                                                                        31
Anti-Macassar, in Diamond Netting (Illustrated)                                              285
A Plea for Jealousy, by Harry Harewood Leech                                                42
A Pretty Sash (Illustrated)                                                                               225
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                     78, 182, 330, 395, 591
Articles from Madame Demorest's Establishment [greatly improved hooks 
            and eyes; tucking and plaiting attachment for sewing machines, new 
            skirt elevator]                                                                                        290
A Sister's Value                                                                                                473
A Slow Coach (Illustrated) [dog-drawn children's wagon]                                 13
A Story from my Blank Book, by Susan Haskell [fiction]                                  571
At Last, by Charles  Stewart [poem]                                                               177
A Tulip Jardiniere (Illustrated) [Berlin work]                                                    328, 388
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey                                                        167
Aunt Tryphena Bordergrass's May Party, by Clara Augusta [fiction]                  44
Awkwardness                                                                                                  278
A Woman's Book, by Elma [fiction]                                                                 336, 444
A Woman's Constancy, by Mary E. Clarke [fiction]                                         586
A Workingman's Cottage (Illustrated) [with plan]                                             205
Ball Coiffure (Illustrated)                                                                                 190
Barbarism, by Augusta H. Worthen                                                                   47
Be Kind to the Aged                                                                                         578
Bell Flowers (Illustrated) [Christmas ornament]                                                  23, 84
Bible Book-mark (Illustrated)                                                                          494
Bibs (Illustrated)                                                                                             181
Black Lace Pointed Bertha Cape (Illustrated)                                                  532
Bonbon Basket (Illustrated)                                                                             396
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        184, 224, 225
Borders for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                                492, 500, 591
Boy's Suit (Illustrated)                                                                                     183
Braiding for a Zouave Jacket (Illustrated)                                                           86
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                      86, 391, 498, 535, 536
Caledonian Hat (Illustrated)                                                                             531
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          532, 533
Caps (Illustrated)                                                        75, 123, 179, 181, 182, 279, 280, 282, 590
Card Purse, in Embrouillement (Illustrated)                                                      496
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
Clippings at our Centre-table
                What the Italians Manufacture                                                           104
                Burial-Place of Kings and Queens at Windsor; Literary Items; 
                    Amiability                                                                                     310
                Kew Garden; Family Intercourse at the Table                                    414
Engravings                                                                                            309
Evening Dress                                                                                       103
Fancy Work for the Winter                                                                   103
Fashion Items from Various Sources                                        
             Gold combs, fans, headdresses, Medici waistbands, a new ceinture, 
                    chemisettes, morning dresses, plush trim                                          207
Cashmere shawls, lace, walking and carriage robes for the spring, 
                    trimming for fronts of skirts, silks, new colors, combination Medici 
                    waistband with braces with long ends; trims for dark silk                 309
Feminine Photographs—J. G. Kohl, German, describes American 
                    women's looks, their habits of expression, and the poor husbands   412
Headdresses                                                                                         104
Hoods and Wraps for Evening                                                              207
Photographic Albums                                                                            208
Sapphires                                                                                             413
Chapeau Cloche (Illustrated)                                                                           531
Chemise Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                           533
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                   75, 76, 181, 280
Chemistry for the Young                                                                      
         Lesson XX (Continued)                                                                        102
            Lesson XX (Continued)                                                                        206
            Lesson XX (Continued)                                                                        308
            Lesson XX (Concluded)                                                                       516
            Lesson XXI—The Terrigenous Metals                                                  616
Children                                                                                                           365
Children's Fashions (Illustrated)                                                               226, 327, 429, 525, 617
Child's Apron (Illustrated)                                                                               330
Child's Slipper (Illustrated) [to be done in chain stitch]                                     389
Child's Slipper in Silk and Velvet Applique (Illustrated)                                      85
A Visiting Dress (Illustrated)                                                                  16
Black Cloth Pardessus (Illustrated)                                                        18
Gored Dress, trimmed en Zouave (Illustrated)                                    119
Home-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                    427
Ladies' Riding-dresses (Illustrated)                                                      423, 517
La Marquise (Illustrated) [morning robe]                                             115
Mantelet Isabelle (Illustrated)                                                              220
Mauve Silk Dress (Illustrated)                                                             [319]
Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                                  118
New Style Zouave Jackets (Illustrated)                                               120
New Styles for Spring (Illustrated) [dresses for little girls, spring suit 
                for a boy]                                                                                         281
Promenade Dress (Illustrated)                                                             [320]
Spring Costumes (Illustrated) [young girls]                                           327, 415
Spring Walking-dresses (Illustrated) [little girl's walking dress, boy's 
                blouse and pants, girls sack with hat]                                                 227
The Almerian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [mantilla]                                 428
The Alpuxerrian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                121
The Andalusian from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  529, 617
The Castilian from Brodie (Illustrated) [street toilet]                               19
The Ethelinde (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                        426
The Garibaldi Shirt (Illustrated) [and skirt]                                             21
The Lancer Jacket (Illustrated)                                                            226
The Marine Jacket (Illustrated) [and dress]                                            20
The Mignonnette (Illustrated) [mantle]                                                 221
The Natalie (Illustrated) [coat]                                                            222
The Rio Verde, from Brodie (Illustrated) [coat]                                   223
The Sicilienne (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                        528
The Valencian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [mantle]                                 324, 325
Walking-dress for a School Girl (Illustrated)                                        183
Winter Walking-Dress (Illustrated)                                                        17
Cockcrow                                                                                                        144
Coiffures (Illustrated)                                                                                      190, 283
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                         390, 436
Corner for a Pocket Handkerchief (Illustrated) [butterfly]                                 280
Cottages, etc. (Illustrated)                                                                101, 205, 397, 411, 514, 614
Counterpane in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                596
Cuff to Match the Neck-Tie (Illustrated)                                                          431
Cushion Cover on the Material Used for Mosquito Net (Illustrated)                 433
Departing from Venice, by Lucy H. Hooper [poem]                                          451
Designs for Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                  188, 600
Dirge of the Beautiful, by Rev. M. L. Hofford, A. M. [poem]                             562
Drawing Lesson (Illustration)                                                                            11, [215]
Dream-Land, by Yeltha Hampton [poem]                                                        562
Eastern Rambles and Reminiscences--Jerusalem (Illustrated)                            333, 439, 537
Edith, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                                      239
Editors' Table, containing--
A New Way of Contributing to Woman's Mission—items needed for 
                sale abroad to aid missionaries                                                          404
A Noble Example [Lady Jane Ogilvy]                                                     93
A Subject for Reflection                                                                       607
A True Benefactress     [Mrs. Eliza Howard Burd]                                295
Books for Home Reading and Family Literature                                      93
Children                                                                                                 91
Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-two                                                             91
Family Reading                                                                                     297, 508
Family Reading and Children's Libraries                                                403
Florence Nightingale on Military Hospitals                                             297
Great Expectations Realized; or, Civilizing Mountain Men                      297
Letters from Our Friends                                                                        92
Little Seeds and Flowers [poem]                                                           607
Mrs. Norton's Last Poem--"The Lady of Garaye" [poem]                     506
Music and the Piano                                                                             298
Nature and Love                                                                                  605
Needle-Work                                                                                      507
New Idea of the Nineteenth Century—Bible women going among the 
                poor in London                                                                                401
Now and Then—American poetry                                                        403
Observation                                                                                         197
Old Homer as Poet for Ladies                                                              607
Piano Playing    --Selected from "My Green Grenadine"                        507
Picture of an Invalid—Chloe Lankton, New Hartford, CT                     403
Portrait of an "Old Maid"                                                                      606
Quiet Changes [poem]                                                                            91
Rev. John Wesley's Portrait of his Mother                                             607
Some of the Mistakes of Educated Men                                                402
The Angel in the House                                                                         296
The Eden Name, by Sarah Josepha Hale [poem]                                 297
The Good Time Coming:  Come!                                                          195
The Royal Mourner and Her Sympathizers                                            505
The Women's Hospital of Philadelphia                                                     94
Truth                                                                                                    197
Women's Union Mission Society of America, etc.                                    93, 197, 298, 508
Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Society                                         196
Embroidered Flounce for a Little Girl's Dress (Illustrated)                                186
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            81, 82, 86, 184, 186, 188, 189, 282, 394,
                                        396, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 436, 492, 498, 500, 528, 536, 600
Fancy Cape (Illustrated)                                                                                  533
Fancy Chemise (Illustrated)                                                                             533
Fancy Fichu (Illustrated)                                                                                  388
Fancy Night-cap (Illustrated)                                                                           182
Fancy Pocket-Book Made of Velvet or Leather (Illustrated)                              22
Fancy Trimming for Dresses (Illustrated) [braided ribbon]                                595
Fancy Tie and Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                       534
Fashionable Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                     184
         Evening dress; juvenile figures—costumes for a fancy party; bonnets; 
                quilted hats; walking dress; cloaks; knitted collars, felt hats, and 
                worsted caps for boys; Balmorals for young ladies                             105
Visiting or home dresses; Beatrix dress; child's tunic; dress materials; 
                "Alpine" skirt and jacket; dress for wedding reception; bonnets; hat 
                for a young lady "just out"; gloves; shoes; furs; sacque cloak              208
Spring mantle; home dress; silk dress; carriage or visiting dress; riding 
                habit; two juvenile costumes; spring paletots; embroidered robe; 
                embroidered dresses; Russian, Swiss, and Medici waistbands; 
                pointed bodices; Gabrielle dresses passing; Garibaldi shirt; collar 
                and cravat bow; various dresses described with bonnets; gigot 
                sleeves for home wear; new straw bonnets                                        311
Silk dresses; reception dress; walking or carriage dress; child's dress; 
                boy's trowsers and Garibaldi shirt; Zouave jacket and skirt; Taffeta 
                d'Annecy; new colors; new fabrics and designs; spring shot silks; 
                velvet trimmed skirts; spring straw bonnets                                       414
Garibaldi shirt; silk dresses; walking costume for sea-side; little girl's 
                dress; little boy's dress; riding-dresses; full dress bonnets; children's 
                bonnets; riding hats; street wraps; bride's wrap; Russian girdle; 
                Duchess style; trims; black and white; sleeves                                   516
Costume for watering place; dinner dress; dress for young lady; riding 
                habit; walking costume; children's fashions; pardessus; checked 
                silks; satin de mai; premade skirts and sleeves; barege dresses; 
                street dress; low necked dresses for young ladies; morning dresses; 
                Zouave jackets and Garibaldi shirts; skirts with waved hems; 
                pleated skirt ruffles; sacques; lace mantles; sailor's hats; riding hats; 
                children's hats; black and white; gloves                                              615
Female Society                                                                                                 166
Fichu (Illustrated)                                                                                            532
Flounce of Lady's Dress (Illustrated) [embroidery]                                           332
Flouncing for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                     435, 600
From Gloom to Gleam, by J. G. Thompson [poem]                                            74
From May till November, by Miss Mary Durfee [fiction]                                  467, 563
Genealogy of Jewels                                                                                         127
Gentleman's Purse, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                       124, 182
Gentle Words, by Willie Ware [poem]                                                              139
Glass Bead Footstool (Illustrated)                                                                     82
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         Enameller of Ladies' Faces; Likeness of General McClellan; Garibaldi 
                Shirt; Current Money; Our Musical Column; To Preserve Health—
                A Word to the Ladies (better shoes and walking as exercise); Ladies 
                Should Read Newspapers                                                                  97
Our Musical Column; Mrs. Hale's School; The Rose [list of suggested 
                varieties, by types]; gardening advice by H. A. Dreer                        201
Our Musical Column; Corn-Shock Basket; Bedding Plants; A New 
                Material for Dresses [paper]; The Quadrille of "Night and Her 
                Attendant Stars;" 1770 English False Pretenses Law; Godey Come 
                Again [poem]; Turkish Bath; Game of Fortification                           300
Our Musical Column; Science of Dress-Cutting; J. E. Tilton & Co's 
                Card Photographs; A Charade in Three Acts—Humbug; Plain 
                Model Cottages (Illus.) [with plan]; Coal Oils; The Flower Garden  406
T. Buchanan Read's New Poem; Our Musical Column; Northern Farm 
                House (Illus.) [with plan]; Portrait of Governor Sprague; Explosive 
                Oils; Tilton Card Photographs                                                          511
Logan House, Altoona, Pa., Penna. Rail Road; Shawls Made From 
                Human Hair; Our Musical Column; The Continental Restaurants; A 
                Sad Case—Ladies' Skirts in the Cars; How to Carry Flowers; 
                Tombstone of father of Robert Morris; Cut Off the Back Legs of 
                Your Chairs; Scene in a City Railroad Car; A Suburban Villa 
                (Illustrated) [with plan]; A Western Obituary Notice                        610
God's Love [poem]                                                                                          457
Gothic Cottage (Illustrated) [with plan]                                                            101
Habit-shirts (Illustrated)                                                                                     76, 384
Handkerchief Envelope (Illustrated) [braid work]                                             329, 389
Hard Times, by Carrella [fiction]                                                                      376
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                             75, 81, 279, 384, 594
Health Department
            Medical Education of Women—Where Shall They be Educated?            94
Inflammatory Croup                                                                              198
Hooping-Cough                                                                                    299
Important Suggestions About Children—The Repose of Children 
                Should Not Be Interrupted; Earache                                                  404
Children—and How to Guide Them; Young People, and Dancing          508
Children, and How to Guide Them—What a Child Is and What It
                Should Do; How to Manage Children; "A Drunk Woman" and Her |
                Child                                                                                                608
Heart-shaped Embroidery Border (Illustrated)                                                 392
He Couldn't "See" It, by Desmarais [fiction]                                                     579
Hints to Lady Equestrians                                                                                 246
How Five Bachelors Kept House, by Mary Clarke  [fiction]                             140
Incompatibility of Temper:  A Story for Young Husbands and Wives, by Alice 
            B. Haven
[fiction]                                                                             50, 160, 266, 366, 474
Independence                                                                                                     56
Industry                                                                                                              56
Influence of Light on Health                                                                               561
Initial Letter (Illustrated) [B]                                                                            287
Instructions for Knitted Mittens and Cuffs         
         Ladies' Mittens, in Netting Silk                                                                83
            Silk Mittens for Little Girls of About Three Years Old                           185
            Ladies' Mittens in Berlin Wool                                                              499
Juvenile Department (Illustrated), containing—
A New Game for the Holidays (building a sentence)                              100
            Baby's Boots                                                                                        410
            Dahlia Porte-Montre                                                                             513
            Games--Buff with the Wand; The Elements                                           204
            Games—I've Been to Market; The Mole in the Farmer's Field               513
            Games—Twirl the Trencher; What is My Thought Like?                       305
            Harlequin Watch-pocket                                                                       204
            Mamma's Work-basket                                                                        100
            Menagere, in Embroidered Netting                                                        613
            Miscellaneous Amusements—Colored Shadows; Curious 
                Transportation; Refraction of Light                                                    613
            The Shell Pincushion                                                                             100
            Toilet Pincushion                                                                                   410
            Work-basket for Drawing-room                                                           305
Knit Knee Warmer (Illustrated)                                                                       125
Knitted Sock (Illustrated)                                                                                  79
Knitted Artificial Flowers—pink geranium                                                         187
Lace Pattern in Applique for Net and Muslin (Illustrated)                                   24, 79
Lace Sprigs for Shawls, etc. (Illustrated)                                                          395, 396
Ladies on the Point of Marriage, including Epistle from Lady Elizabeth Compton 
            to Lord Compton, 1630                                                                        456
Lamp Mat in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                     84
Life's Changes, by Catharine Mitchell [poem]                                                 372
Life and Still Life (Illustrated) [picture of bonnet maker at work]                      217
Light in Darkness, by J. Brainerd Morgan [poem]                                            139
Linen Collar and Cuffs (Illustrated)                                                                  436, 437
Literary Notices                                                                       
         Lady Maud:  The Wonder of Kingswood Chace; The Zouave Drill; 
                The Skeleton Monk, and Other Poems; A Gallery of Distinguished 
                English and American Poetesses; The Okavango River; The Last 
                Travels of Ida Pfeiffer, Inclusive of a Visit to Madagascar; The 
                Cloister and the Hearth, or Maid, Wife, and Widow; Essays by the 
                late George Brimley; The Last Political Writings of General 
                Nathaniel Lyon, U.S.A.; Eugenie Grandet, or The Miser's Daughter; 
                East Lynne, or The Earle's Daughter; Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible; 
                Cassell's Popular Natural History; Parliament in the Play-Room; 
                Wee Davie; Self-Sacrifice, or The Pioneers of Fuegia; Juvenile 
                Books—Round the Fire; The Brother's Watchword; Idols in the 
                Heart                                                                                                  95
The Lamplighter's Story, Hunted Down, The Detective Police, and other 
                Novellettes; For Better, for Worse:  A Love Story; Thanksgiving; 
                Jenkins's Vest Pocket Lexicon; National Hymns:  How They Are 
                Written and How They Are Not Written; Tales of the Time; Elijah, a 
                Sacred Drama, and other Poems; Lessons in Life:  A Series of Familiar 
                Essays; Streaks of Light, or, Fifty-two Facts From the Bible for 
                Fifty-two Sundays of the Year; Notice to Quit; Songs in Many Keys; 
                Poems by John G. Saxe; The Near and the Heavenly Horizons; 
                Thoughts of Holy Scripture; Old Margie's  Flower Stall and Other 
Stories; Harry Dangerfield, the Poacher; Angus Tarlton, or Illustrations 
                of the Fruits of the Spirit; Mount Auburn: its Scenes, its Beauties, and 
                its Lessons; The Artist's Married Life, being that of Albert Durer; The 
                Magnet Stories for Summer Days and Winter Nights; Juveniles—
            Around the Manger; Simple Lessons; Seeds for Spring Time; Light 
                of the World, Life of Saint Paul; Frank Earnest; The Island of Life; 
                John and Llugwy, a Tale of North Wales; The Captive Children        199
The Physical History of the Creation of the Earth and its Inhabitants; 
                Tom Tiddler's Ground:  A Christmas Budget; Young Benjamin 
                Franklin, or The Right Road Through Life; The Stokesley Secret, or 
                How the Pig Paid the Rent; Maum Guinea, and Her Plantation 
"Children;" Martin's Natural History; Lilliesleaf, Being a Concluding 
                Series of Passages in the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland; Montrose 
                and Other Biographical Sketches; The Seven Sons of Mammon        299
Charles O'Malley:  The Irish Dragoon; The Broken Engagement:  or, 
                Speaking the Truth for a Day; The Flower of the Prairie; Legend of 
                the Infancy of Our Saviour:  A Christmas Carol; Mistakes of 
                Educated Men; Pilgrims of Fashion:  A Novel; Practical Christianity:  
A Treatise Specially Designed for Young Men; Fort Lafayette:  Or, 
Love and Secession; The National School for the Soldier:  An 
                Elementary Work on Military Tactics, in Question and Answer; The 
                Harbinger of Health, Containing Medical Prescriptions for the Human 
                Body and Mind; Dinah; The Uprising of a Great People:  The United
                States in 1861; John Brent                                                                405
The Earl's Heirs:  A Tale of  Domestic Life; Jack Hinton:  The 
                Guardsman; Peterson's Complete Coin-Book; Great Expectations 
                Realized, or Civilizing Mountain Men; The Branch:  A Sacred Poem, 
                and Other Poems; A Strange Story:  A Novel; The Young 
                Stepmother:  or, a Chronicle of Mistakes; Margret Howth:  A Story 
                of To-Day; Leisure Hours in Town; The Shadowy Land, and Other 
                Poems; Life's Morning, or Counsels and Encouragements for 
                Youthful Christians;  Susan and Frankie; Frankie's Book About Bible 
                Men; Tilton's Selected Tracts; The Parlor Gardener:  A Treatise on 
the House Culture of Ornamental Plants;  Catharine; Fading Flowers; 
                The Pathway of Promise, or Words of Comfort to the Christian 
                Pilgrim; Wee Davie; Hymns of Faith and Hope                                  509
Harry Lorrequer, and His Adventures; Tom  Burke of Ours; Train's 
                Union Speeches; The Law and the Practice of the Game of Euchre; 
                A Book about Doctors; A Popular Treatise on Deafness:  Its Causes 
                and Prevention; Aids to Faith:  A Series of Theological Essays; 
                Phoenixiana, or Sketches and  Burlesques; Cadet Life at West Point;
                The Old Lieutenant and His Son; Can Wrong be Right?  A Tale; The 
                Supernatural in Relation to the Natural; The "I Will's" of Christ; The 
                Life of Arthur Vandeleur; The Shady Side, or Life in a Country 
                Parsonage; God's Way of Peace:  A Book for the Anxious; The 
                Shepherd of Bethlehem, King of Israel; Daybreak, or  Right, 
                Struggling and Triumphant                                                                 609
Little Jack Horner [story behind nursery rhyme]                                                 577
Lizzie, by G. R. Calvert [poem]                                                                       372
Love's Revenge, by Kate J. Boyd [poem]                                                         139
Man Never Satisfied, by Frederic Wright [poem]                                            378
Manufacture of Pins                                                                                            69
Maxims for Parents and Teachers                                                                     278
Met on the Corner, by Your Obedient Servant [fiction]                                    262
Mr. Fitzquisite, by the author of "Miss Slimmens"     
         His New Year's Calls                                                                           174
            He Marries a Fortune                                                                           274
            Receives Calls                                                                                      379
            Settles in Life                                                                                        485
Mr. John Smith, by Mary Forman [fiction]                                                         57
Carrie Polka, by Mrs. H. W. T. Palmer                                                526
I am Sad, and I am Lonely, by O. R. Barrows                                       424
No, No, I am Not Changed, by J. Starr Holloway                                 14
Prince Alfred Waltz, by Rosalie E. Smith                                             322
Twine for Me No Blushing Roses, by Wm. O. Fiske                             218
We Shall Meet No More, by James G. Clark                                      116
My Ball-Dress, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                    146
My Brother-in-Law's First Visit, by C. E. T. Clarke [fiction]                             373
My Little Neighbor, by Jessie May       [fiction]                                                 356
My Most Intimate Friend, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                      33
My Sister Nellie, by Blanche Brandon [fiction]                                                 347
My Yesterday, by Minnie May [poem]                                                             265
Names for Marking (Illustrated)         
Caroline                                                                                                 23
Alicia, Patty                                                                                            24
Silvia                                                                                                      81
Milly                                                                                                       86
Adelaide, Harriet                                                                                  122
Augusta                                                                                                188
Matilda                                                                                                 227
Margaret                                                                                              228
Rosa                                                                                                    281
Minnie                                                                                                  327
Florence                                                                                               330
Pauline                                                                                                 387
Elizabeth, Jane                                                                                      395
Maria                                                                                                   429
Marianne                                                                                              530
Louise, Laura                                                                                       534
Amy                                                                                                     597
Henry                                                                                                   600
Narrow Collar and Cuff (Illustrated) [to be done in satin stitch and raised dots]390
Neck-ties (Illustrated)                                                                                     289, 430, 534
Needle-Book in Canvas or Berlin Wool (Illustrated)                                        391
Needle-Book in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                              189
Nellie's Grave, by J. Wallace Morrison [poem]                                                548
Netted Hand Screens (Illustrated)                                                                   497
New Crochet Stitches (Illustrated)—Tunis stitch; Velvet stitch; Long-Princess 
            Stitch                                                                                                   596
New Styles for Arranging the Hair (Illustrated) [suitable for false hair]              593
New Styles of Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                    78
New Style of Garter (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                        599
New Style of Yoke Apron (Illustrated) [for child]                                            591
Night                                                                                                                261
Night-caps (Illustrated)                                                                                   282
Nixon [fiction]                                                                                                  540
No Mother                                                                                                         31
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated) 
Breakfast cap, coiffure for evening, headdress for home wear, 
                chemisette, sleeve, Mathilde fichu, little girl's petticoat body, little girl's 
                walking dress                                                                                     75
Headdresses, dress-cap, mob-cap of thulle, breakfast caps for
middle-aged ladies, chemisette                                                          279
Headdress for dinner or evening; headdress for opera or concert; habit 
                shirts with collars and sleeves; little girls' walking dresses; older girls
                dresses                                                                                             384
Finland hat for little girl; dress for a young lady; dress for a school girl; 
                infant's dress; dinner-dress; braided jacket for boy or girl                   491
Zouave jacket; Garibaldi shirts; breakfast cap; medallion cap                 589
On Worsted Work [poem]                                                                               100
Our Musical Column                                                                             98, 202, 302, 407, 512, 612
Parental Indulgence                                                                                           578
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    188, 600
Patterns from Madame Demorest's Establishment (Illustrated)             
Julene sleeve; mutton leg sleeve; misses' jackets; French Zouave jacket; 
                Leon coat; Franklin coat; yoke apron for little boy or girl                    386
Metropolitan jacket; plain Zouave; half bishop sleeve; flowing sleeve; 
                Madonna sleeve; Zouave dress; Vincent coat; boy's apron                 493
Harrie sack; fairy apron; Earnest coat; boy's blouse; Saratoga hat;
Henriette hat                                                                                     590
Paul Brownell's Little Sister, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                           61
Paul Particular's Encumbrance, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                            359
Piano-Candle-Wreaths (Illustrated)                                                                   80
Portrait and Costume of the Prince Imperial of France (Illustrated)                   326
Purse in Colored Silk Crochet (Illustrated)                                                       286
Receipts, &c.                                                                          
Air and Exercise; Principles of Carving; Miscellaneous Cooking—
                brisket of beef stewed, broiled rump steak, to hash beef, leg of 
                mutton roasted, boned quarter of lamb, to broil a fowl; Vegetables—
                to dress eggplant, to fry eggplant, winter squash, parsnip fritters, 
                turnips in gravy, potato jelly, to boil onions plain; Miscellaneous—
cleaning marble, to take out grease from the leaves of books, to 
                make paper fireproof, destroying crickets, to clean turkey carpets, 
                how to renovate the tops of kid boots, French milk of roses                 87
General Management of the Skin, etc.—Bathing; Miscellaneous 
                cooking—to boil salmon, to broil salmon, to fry trout, boiled turkey, 
                goose, to roast pigeons, sweetbreads stewed, veal cutlets, to stew 
                lamb, breast of lamb, leg of mutton braised; Cakes, Puddings, 
                etc.—to make a plain pudding, to make a tea-cake, Scotch short 
                bread, a Patna rice pudding, baked custard, to make apple fritters, 
                to make a rich seed cake, to make rusks; Preparations of Food for 
                Invalids—to make gruel, Indian meal gruel, barley gruel, flour caudle, 
                white caudle; Miscellaneous—to glaze or varnish drawings, to make 
                the hands white, to preserve furs, to choose a carpet,  how to toast 
                well, to prevent ink from damaging steel pens, to make cement for 
                metals, making vinegar, bluing for clothes, delicious toasted cheese,
                yellow butter in winter, furniture paste, to make rose lozenges            191
The Management of the Hair, Eyes, Teeth, and Extremities—on the hair 
                and its proper treatment; Miscellaneous cooking—beef fritters, pork 
                cutlets, haricot mutton, hashed game, croquettes of turkey, fricasseed 
                turkey, cheap soup, cheap soup with meat; Cakes, Puddings, Etc.—
                breakfast cake, cream short cakes, Laplands, for breakfast or tea, 
                rusks, suet pudding, vermicelli pudding, nice apple pudding; 
                Preparation of Food for Invalids—tapioca, sago, sago milk, ground 
                rice milk, restorative milk, suet milk, barley milk, baked milk, calves' 
                feet and milk, sheep's trotters; Miscellaneous—to cook oysters, to 
                make blanc mange, blowing out a candle, fancy cakes, rice froth, 
                cold fish, to prepare cocoa, cleaning hairbrushes, to clean gilt frames, 
                hints on pickling; Contributed Receipts—potato pudding, Eve's 
                pudding, a new method of making rag-carpet                                    291
The Management of the Hair, Eyes, Teeth, and Extremities—
                management of the eyes; Miscellaneous Cooking—cheap pea soup, 
                a delicate omelette, boiled knuckle of veal, to boil rice as a vegetable, 
                to fry eggs, vermicelli soup, mullagatawny soup, to make jelly stock 
                for all jellies, to stew onions, a savory dish, dried parsley, to stew 
                red cabbage; Cakes, etc.—cocoanut puffs, Palmer cakes, a nice 
                soda currant cake, suitable for young folk, chocolate puffs; Pudding 
                Sauces—common wine sauce, arrowroot sauce for puddings, burnt 
                cream sauce, sweet pudding sauce without wine, plum pudding sauce, 
                fruit sauces; Perfumes as Preventatives of Mouldiness; Miscellaneous—
                uses of the dandelion, cements for porcelain, marble, alabaster, glass, 
                etc., a good black dye for straw bonnets, to clean plated articles, for 
                removing inkspots from mahogany, for whitening the hands, a cure 
                for soft corns, how to hasten the blowing of flowers                           397
The Management of the Hair, Eyes, Teeth, and Extremities—
                management of the teeth and gums; Miscellaneous Cooking—sago 
                soup, mutton broth, barley broth, split pea soup, fillets of beef, fillet 
                of beef braised, to stuff a leg of mutton, veal cutlets, a rich gravy, 
                curry of veal,; Cakes, Biscuits, Jellies, etc.—sugar cake, plain cake, 
                butter cakes, macaroons, jumbles, rout drops, ginger biscuit, wine 
                biscuits, orange jelly, lemon jelly, to remove all jellies from the mould; 
                Preparations of Food for Invalids—isinglass, Gloucester jelly, bread 
jelly, strengthening jelly, chicken panada, calf's feet broth, chicken 
                broth, beef tea; Miscellaneous—Windsor toilet soap, essence of 
                lemon, windows open more would keep doctors from the door, 
                soiled carpets, to revive the color of black cloth, the chemical 
                barometer, substitute for Stilton cheese; Contributed Receipts—
cucumber sauce, velvet cream, to clean white satin shoes                   501
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—observations on preserving, 
                different degrees of preparing sugar, to clarify sugar, to preserve 
                strawberries, to preserve strawberries or raspberries for creams or 
                ices without boiling, strawberries stewed for tarts, to preserve 
                strawberries in wine, strawberry jelly, raspberries, raspberry jam, 
raspberry wine, raspberry cream, currants preserved, currant jelly, 
                currant jam of all colors, currant wine, compote of green currants, 
                black currant vinegar, gooseberries, compote of green gooseberries, 
                cherries preserved, compote of cherries, compote of morello 
                cherries, cherry jam, to dry cherries, to candy cherries, to preserve 
                rhubarb, rhubarb jam; The Management of the Hair, Eyes, Teeth, 
                and Extremities—management of the teeth and gums; Miscellaneous—
                lace leaves or skeleton, prolonging the beauty of cut flowers, cure 
                for earache, to clean cloth garments, peach leaf yeast, soft soap, 
                effects of sugar on the teeth, how to take ink spots out of linen or 
                calico, pomade for chapped arms and hands, a sure bottle cement     601
Remaking and Mending                                                                                    158
Retribution, by Harriet N. Havens [poem]                                                       578
Sashes (Illustrated)                                                                                          185, 225, 394
Scent Sachet (Illustrated) [beaded]                                                                  434, 498
Short Night-dress (Illustrated)                                                                         122
Simplicity of Dress                                                                                              60
Skeleton Flowers                                                                                              489
Slate Pictures for Children (Illustrated)                                                             168, 383, 588
Slipper Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                              85, 389, 432
Sofa Cushion, in Crochet, Embroidered (Illustrated)                                        598
Some Hints About Lady's Bonnets                                                                    490
Spectacle Case on Fine Canvas in Berlin Wool (Illustrated)                             599
Sponge-Bag (Illustrated) [crochet and netting]                                                 331, 393
Sprigs for Window Curtains, in Netting and Darning (Illustrated)                      284
Spring Sleeves--French Patterns (Illustrated)                                                   592
Stanzas, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                                  451
Suggestive Readings:  Unhealthy Positions of the Body; Haste                            152
Superiority of Nature Over Art                                                                         473
Swiss Girdle for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                                          534
Table d'Oyley (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                535, 594
That Queer Little Box [fiction]                                                                           481
The Butterfly Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                     432
The Capeline or Hood (Illustrated)                                                                  287
The Cialdini Apron (Illustrated) [fancy]                                                            395
The Deed of the Darwin Homestead, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]             25
The Double Test:  A Love Story, by Beryl Willow [fiction]                                131, 233
The Eldest Child                                                                                                 74
The Fanchon Breakfast-cap (Illustrated)                                                          123
The First of April, by Mary Clarke [fiction]                                                      342
The First of May in Rome, by J. F. G. [fiction]                                                  464
The Garibaldi Shirt (Illustrated)                                                                          21, 228, 529
The Imperial Crown of England                                                                         272
The Lady Diana Hat (Illustrated)                                                                     595
The Little Ones                                                                                                 166
The Loss of the Hector: or, The Transformation, by James de Mille [fiction]      253
The Marriage of the First-Born, by Avis Oculus                                                130
The Medicis Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                       593
The Old House on the Shore, by Ella C. Sloan [poem]                                     273
The Orphan's Faith [poem]                                                                                 32
Theory of Thunderstorms                                                                                  344
The Page (Illustrated) [contrivance to raise the dress in muddy weather]           280
The Parting, by Etta W. Pierce [poem]                                                             570
The Ring, by Mrs. M. S. Miles [poem]                                                              355
The Secret of a Charming Manner                                                                     261
The Secret of Louise Hastings, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                     458
The Song of the Locomotive, by S. J. [poem]                                                      49
The Tree, by Mrs. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                                     249
The Use and Abuse of Colors in Dress, by Mrs. Merrifield                                 73
The Vision, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                                             173
The Water Lily                                                                                                 145
The Worth of Womanly Cheerfulness                                                                365
To a Whip-poor-will, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                490
To my Mother, by E. Conwell Smith [poem]                                                   341
To Poesy, by Mrs. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                                      70
Travelling Shirt-Box (Illustrated)                                                                      285
Travelling-Bag, in Bead-work (Illustrated)                                                       287
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                  75, 384, 385
Under the Sea, by Lloyd Wyman [poem]                                                          480
Vase for Cigar Ashes (Illustrated)                                                                    290
Victoria Corset--New Style (Illustrated)                                                          592
Waistband (Illustrated) [with pattern]                                                               190
What is Life? by Harriet M. Bean [poem]                                                        570
What the World Said, by R. L. H. [fiction]                                                          71
Where's my Baby, by Mary Forman [fiction]                                                   452
White Muslin Spencer (Illustrated)                                                                   431
Willmette Ward, by Iole [fiction]                                                                       153
Woman                                                                                                            473
Woman's Grave                                                                                                273
Work Basket, ornamented with Scalloped Cashmere (Illustrated)                    499
Worsted Flowers (Illustrated) 
The Rose; Pansy                                                                                   288
Convolvulus; Anemone; Ranunculus                                                      392
Daisy; Poppy; Narcissus; Primrose                                                       495