Godey's Lady's Book
Volume LXII, January-June 1861 

A Black Silk Apron for a Child (Illustrated)                                                     168
A Craped Neck-Tie (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                       164
Acting Charade.--Stratagem, by S. Annie Frost (Illustrated)                           222
A Day in a Pastor's Life, by T. P. W. [fiction]                                                    437
"After Many Days" by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                                 132
"A Great Bargain," by Mary W. Janvrin [poem]                                               418
A Lake or River Villa in the Italian Style (Illustrated) [with plan]                       569
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                                    
         Floral, capitals, A-Z                                                                                16
            Bubbles, capitals, A-L                                                                          204
            Bubbles, capitals, M-U, W                                                                   300
            Bubbles, capitals, V, X-Z; Leafy, capitals, A-Z                                     396
            Capitals, A-Z                                                                                       551
A Needle-Book and Pincushion Combined (Illustrated)                                     70
An Editor's Troubles [fiction]                                                                            512
A Netted D'Oyley (Illustrated)                                                                        260
A New Style of Bib (Illustrated)                                                                      165
Angel Love, by Anne L. Muzzey [poem]                                                           408
A Nice Neighborhood, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                             33
A Norwegian Morning or Bonnet Cap, in Shetland Wool (Illustrated)
[knitted with crochet trim]                                                                     161
A Nursery Thought                                                                                           344
A Pointed Yoke Chemise, trimmed with Plaits and Broderie Anglaise
            (Illustrated)                                                                                          72
A Simile, by Z. Z. [poem]                                                                                 328
A Spring Memory, by Libbie S. Crowell [poem]                                              350
A Summer Scene (Illustrated)                                                                          481
Aunt Sophie's Visits, No. IX, by Lucy N. Godfrey [fiction]                               329
A Very Simple Style of Short Night-Dress, Easily Made, And Very
            Comfortable (Illustrated)                                                                     457
A Whisper to a Newly-Married Pair
            A Whisper to the Wife—Introductory Remarks, On Connubial
                Happiness                                                                                          27
Bag to be Braided on Velvet or Cashmere (Illustrated)                                    160
Bead Mat (Illustrated)                                                                                     549
Beautiful Things                                                                                                246
Bibs (Illustrated)                                                                                             165, 354
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                196, 197, 287, 292, 388, 447, 543
Border in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                          361
Boreas, the Maniac King, by Myrtle [poem]                                                       41
Bourse Imperatrice (Illustrated) [purse]                                                              65
Braided Slipper Patterns (Illustrated)                                                               200, 261, 490
Braiding for an Infant's Cloak (Illustrated)                                                         69
Braiding for a Boy's Blouse (Illustrated)                                                            14
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                            14, 69, 200, 489
Bridal Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                          199, 260
Broad Line Drawing Lessons (Illustrated)                                                        130, 343
Brussels Embroidery on Net (Illustrated)                                                           10
Bury Me in the Valley, by Mrs. Cordelia H. Turner [poem]                               61
Butterfly Pen-Wiper (Illustrated)                                                                      297, 357, 392
Butterfly Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                            393
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          158, 255, 352, 446
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                 63, 157, 158, 161, 351, 446, 542, 543
Carriage Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                                63
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
            A True Friend                                                                                       190
            Bargains in "Diamonds, Pearl, and Gold"                                               478
            Children's Playthings                                                                             189
            Hanging Gardens:  The Last Floral Novelty                                             89
            Holiday Gifts--from Japan                                                                       89
            Home Happy                                                                                        285
            List of Garden Flowers
                Forget-me-not, primrose, oriental poppy, phloxes, potentilla,
                    primrose, feverfew, buttercup                                                        381
                Rudbeckia, saxifraga, sedum, spirea, spiderwort, valerian, speedwell,
                    sweet scented violet, pansy, climbing annuals, Passion flower         478
            Miniature Edens                                                                                    572
            Musical Items of General Interest                                                          285
            New Parlor Music                                                                                571
            Notes and Queries                                           
             Receipt for removing grease stains from paper; new Egyptian
                    antiquities; how the Christmas wreaths look in California                  90
Miss Leslie's "Behavior Book"; Garden of Acclimation [zoo in Paris];
                    French diamonds [paste]                                                                190
The original Da Vinci's "Last Supper"; to preserve eggs of birds;
                    destruction of red ants                                                                    286
What they grow in Japan; good receipts for bread and biscuit; a word
                    to housekeeping gentleman                                                            382
Wild flowers and weeds—musk mallow, common wild flax, great
                    bindweed; translations of the Bible                                                 479
The handsomest fan in the world, given by Jewish ladies of Algeria to
                    Empress Eugenie; a tidy household; a list of the best crocuses;
                    bridal wreaths                                                                                572
            Parlor Pets [King Charles spaniels, Blenheim spaniel, Italian greyhound,
                poodles, pug-dog]                                                                             381
Cheese D'Oyley in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                           198
Chemise Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                          72, 162, 489, 542
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  447
Chemistry for the Young                                                          
         Lesson XVII (Concluded)                                                                    189
            Lesson XVIII—Sulphur and phosphorus                                               284
            Lesson XVIII (Continued)                                                                    380
            Lesson XVIII (Concluded)                                                                   477
            Lesson XIX—Carbon                                                                          570
Chenille Net for the Hair (Illustrated)                                                                 63
Child's Braided Gaiter Boot (Illustrated)                                                          546
Child's Gaiter (Illustrated)                                                                                264
Child's Legging (Illustrated)                                                                             264
Children's Fashions (Illustrated)                                                                           1, 91
Children's Department (Illustrated), containing--
Bassinette                                                                                             187
Dancing Dolls                                                                                       281, 568
House                                                                                                  377
Fate Lady                                                                                             474
Children's Joys and Sorrows                                                                             411
Christening Robe (Illustrated)                                                                          105, 253
Cinderella Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                         108, 158
Child's Garibaldi (Illustrated) [coat]                                                     264
Dress for a Little Boy (Illustrated)                                                        106
Dress for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                                        107
Dress of French Merino (Illustrated) [girl's]                                          104
Dress of Striped Poplin (Illustrated) [girl's]                                           104
Infant's Christening Robe (Illustrated)                                                  105
Infant's Pique Cloak (Illustrated)                                                          394
Infant's Short Dress (Illustrated)                                                          107
Latest Fashions (Illustrated)     [gored dress, poplin dress, gored
                silk dress, child's muslin dress]                                                          484, 485
Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                                  395
Party Dress for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                               106
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                 289
The Chevron Organdy Dress (Illustrated)                                            387
The Euphemia (Illustrated) [dress]                                                       103
The Evelyn (Illustrated) [girl's dress]                                                        5
The Medora, The Garibaldi, the Imogen (Illustrated) [cloaks]               101
The Monaceda, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                 193
The Promenade Dress (Illustrated) [with boy's Zouave outfit]               102
The Saragossa, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  389
            The Valencian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                      6
The Victor Coat (Illustrated) [for child]                                                358
The Vittoria, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                      483
The Zouave, from Brodie (Illustrated) [jacket]                                     100, 191
Walking-dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                          4
White Muslin Mantle (Illustrated)                                                         388
Collar and Cuff in Imitation of Honiton Lace (Illustrated)                                    11
Collar in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                                     201
Collars (Illustrated)                                                             11, 62, 201, 294, 351, 446, 542, 543
Coming and Going, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                                 342
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                                  15, 551
Cottages (Illustrated)                                                                       87, 184, 282, 379, 475, 569
Cottage in the Bracketted Style (Illustrated)                                                     382
Cotton Wagon (Illustrated) [to hold reels (spools) of cotton (thread)]               547
Crochet Flowers [spider wort; fancy flowers for caps]                                         64
Crochet Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                454
Crochet Work, by Enul [poem]                                                                        111
Dawning of Genius (Illustrated) [boy drawing dog]                                           385
Design in Berlin Wool-Work for Mats, etc., (Illustrated)                                  360
Designs for Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                  448, 488
Dirge    [poem]                                                                                                 156
Doing Her Own Washing, by A. B. [fiction]                                                       516
Domestic Management                                                                                     313
Doubt No More, by Harry Harewood Leech [poem]                                       474
Do You Remember!, by G. T. C. [poem]                                                           26
Drifting Fragments, by Mrs. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                       399
Editors' Table, containing--
Art in America                                                                                      269
A Tribute to the Memory of Henry Vethake Totten, by Francis de
                Haes Janvier
[poem]                                                                       174
Beauty, and How to Gain It
                Reveries of a Maiden of Seventeen                                                   367
                Reveries of a Maiden of Nineteen                                                     462, 557
            Beauty Gained                                                                                  557
Books for Family Reading.  Cheap Literature                                        271
Books Worth Reading                                                                          175
British Periodical Literature                                                                   175
Children and June                                                                                 558
Conversation and Reading                                                                    173
Example:  What It Teaches                                                                   463
Good Listeners                                                                                     464
Mission Crumbs                                                                                   464
Missionary (or Ministering) Women of England and America                 270
Missionary Women:  The School at Tounghoo                                       173
Missionary Women:  Mrs. Ellen B. Mason                                              78
Our Plates and Their Lessons                                                                  77
Our Subscriptions for Woman's Mission                                                369
Places of Education for Young Ladies [Ontario Female Seminary,
                Cannandaigua, NY; Brownsville College for Young Ladies,
                Brownsville, MS; High Point Female School, High Point, NC;
                Oakland Female Institute, Norristown, PA; Female Collegiate
                Institute of the University of the Pacific, Santa Clara, CA; Miss S. J.
                Hale's Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, Philadelphia,
                PA]                                                                                                   271
Scraps from a Note-Book                                                                    559
Sewing Machines                                                                                  175
Swiss Husbands                                                                                   369
The Fairies [poem]                                                                               558
The Foster Home Association of Philadelphia                                        558
The Jewish Foster Home Society of Philadelphia                                   559
The Piano in the Family                                                                           79
To H. Vethake Totten, by Lucy H. Hooper [poem]                              463
Women's Union Mission Bands, etc.                                                     368
Women's Union Mission Society of America, etc.                                  559
Women's Union Society of America for Heathen Women                      271
Women Whose Names Will Live [Mrs. Catherine Grace Francis
                Gore; Miss Mary P. Townsend]                                                       463
Work!  What Work Shall We Do?                                                       464
Economical Plant Protectors (Illustrated)                                                         451
Embroidered Overlapping Collar and Cuff (Illustrated)                                     294, 356
Embroidered Watch-Case (Illustrated)                                                            492
Embroidery Border (Illustrated)                                                                         14
Embroidery for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                  456
Embroidery for Pillow and Bolster Cases (Illustrated)                                      562
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            4, 5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 63, 71, 105, 108, 160, 166, 167,
                                        198, 203, 299, 359, 361, 393, 394, 453, 454, 456, 490, 545, 548, 552
Esther Thorne, by Mrs. Dunlap [fiction]                                                            249
Fancy Baskets (Illustrated)                                                                              455
Fancy Belt (Illustrated)                                                                                    354
Fancy Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                   362
         Reception and evening dresses; children's fashions; opera hood;
                night-dresses; velvet dresses; ball cloaks; necklaces; flower trims;
                headdresses; toilets of court mourning; sleeves; bonnet ornaments        90
Dinner dress; evening dress for a very young lady; bridal morning
                dress; child's dress; Zouave jacket; Francis the First sleeve; bishop
                sleeves; skirt trims; fancy buttons; cloaks; quilted bonnets; other
                bonnets; morning caps                                                                        191
Dinner dress; child's dress; walking dress; promenade dress; evening
                dress; spring bonnets; mourning; second mourning; travelling dress
                goods; foulards; puffed sleeves; Madame Demorest's; cotton
                Balmoral petticoats; riding dress                                                         286
Child's walking dress; infant's robe, nurses' dress; silk dresses; gored
                dress; robe de chambre; morning robe; boy's dress; girl's dress; spring
                bonnets; headdresses; straw bonnets; travelling bonnets, walking
                dresses; matching shawls; quilted underskirts; travelling and street
                wraps                                                                                               382
Dress suitable for watering place; riding habit; bonnets; bonnet veils;
                capelines [sunbonnets]; caps; nets; silk wraps; dress fabrics; turban
                hats                                                                                                  479
Various dresses, muslin shawls, quilting dresses; Zouave jackets;
                surplice dresses; spencers; fichus; cloaks; indoor dresses for little
                girls; turbans and Tudor hats; bonnets; headdresses; mantles;
                parasols; gloves                                                                                573
Flowers, What May Be Learned from Them, by Harland Coultas                    505
Gentleman's Shirt (Illustrated)                                                                          395
Getting up Clubs in the Far West                                                                       470
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         Looking backward; our musical column; hair ornaments (Illustrated);
                Virginia woman wrote about her first Christmas tree based on Godey   83
Our musical column; the celebrated butcher's procession; hair ornaments
                (Illustrated); letter from California; letter from Washington Territory;
                school teaching; a list of articles we can supply; women should be
                designers; Grecian and Antique Painting; Bassinette [doll] for our
                young readers (Illustrated)                                                             182
Our musical column; a list of articles we can supply; the flower garden—
                new seedling verbenas, new striped petunias, double petunias,
                fuchsias, lantanas, penstemons, plants in collections, flower seeds by
                mail; Ossian E. Dodge; cure for lockjaw; Children's Department—
dancing dolls; Madame Clement's French and English Protestant
                Family School for Young Ladies, Beverly, NJ; short hair for ladies;
                hair ornaments (Illustrated); making crinoline incombustible              277
Letter from Pike Co., MS; Our Musical Column; the Pennsylvania
                Central Railroad (Philadelphia to Pittsburg to Cleveland or Columbus;
                letter from Arkansas; saving a drowning victim; please add Miss or
                Mrs.; Illinois Central Railroad; city railroads; Camden and Amboy
                Railroad Company; female manners; shadow bluff [game]; a hint to
                distressed uncles; wedding dress of the princess of Polignac;
                Children's Department—house made from paper (Illustrated);
                Prince Kung; a letter on its travels; How It Came About, by Eleanor
                C. Donnelly
[poem]; literary creation; hair ornaments
                (Illustrated)                                                                                    372
Dreer's Garden Calendar for 1861; Ladies' manners on the omnibus;
                Flora's Interpreter, and Fortuna Flora; Our Musical Column; Illinois
                Central Railroad; sexes should enjoy amusements together; getting up
                clubs in the "far west"; note from Dunton [Denton] County, Texas;
                needlework winners at the Highland Agricultural Society Fair at
                Johnstown, PA; descriptions of dresses worn at the late drawing-room
                reception of Her Majesty Queen Victoria; seasonable hints about
                personal comfort; a column of facts; the use of paper in Japan;
                remedies for fits of ambition, repining, idleness, passion, doubt,
                perplexity and fear; Children's Department—Fate Lady; a grain of
                gold; Doubt No More, by Harry Harewood Leech [poem]; pin
                qmanufacturing; hair ornaments (Illustrated)                                    467
"Nobody Axed You, Sir!" [poem]; letter from Rio de Janeiro; A
                Mother's Love, by Macaulay; praise from Canada; how to treat a
                wife; Our Musical Column; plant sympathy and antipathy [what to
                plant (or not) near what]; the march of medical science; secret of
                comfort; musk in rail-road cars and churches; description of dresses
                worn at the late drawing-room reception of Her Majesty Queen
                Victoria; summer soups; a word to the over sensitive; hair ornaments
                (Illustrated); jokes; Children's Department—Dancing Doll; games—
                Porco, or Italian blindman's bluff, The home bazaar, Italian shadows;
                peace of mind                                                                                  562
Grandmother's Garden, by Celeste [poem]                                                       445
Habit-shirts (Illustrated)                                                                                     62, 446
Happy Women                                                                                                 326
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                             63, 293, 351, 383, 447
Health Department, by Jno. Stainback Wilson, M. D. [Columbus, GA]                                   
         Doctors for children; water as a remedy                                                  80
            Teething of children                                                                               176
            Convulsions of children teething; prescription for the chronic diarrhoea
                of teething, associations for the diffusion of sanitary knowledge           272
            Ulcerated sore mouth of children; fruits for children                                370
            Female physicians                                                                                 465
            Medical education of woman—professional pride; sleeping rooms
                for children; manual exercise for infants; red-gum; tooth-rash; sores
                behind the ears                                                                                  560
Heart-Shaped Scent Sachet (Illustrated)                                                          546
Hoops and Farthingales (Illustrated)                                                                109
Hope, by J. Howard Smith [poem]                                                                  122
Hopes, by E. Conwell Smith [poem]                                                               248
How a Woman Loves! by Mary Maitland [fiction]                                           210
How It Came About, by Eleanor C. Donnelly [poem]                                     378
Husbands and Wives                                                                                        506
Imagination and Fancy Among the Arabs, by James de Mille                            425
Imperial Basquine for a Lady (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                  258
Impromptu, by J. L. S. [poem]                                                                          333
Indian Canoe Work-Basket (Illustrated)                                                          163
Infant's Bib (Illustrated)                                                                                   354
Infant's Embroidered Shoe (Illustrated)                                                            298
Instructions in Persian Painting and Painting on Wood (Illustrated)                    397
Intellect, the Twin Sister of Christian Character, by Winnie Wallace                  521
Jessamine Pattern Embroidery on Tape-work (Illustrated)                                  12, 67
Knitted Artificial Flowers                                                                     
         White Garden Lily                                                                                262
            Fuchsia                                                                                                 449
            Heart's-Ease                                                                                         550
Knitted Baby's Shoe and Sock (Illustrated)                                                       71
Knitting Basket (Illustrated)                                                                             165
Knitted Cuff in Brioche (Illustrated)                                                                 164
Lady's Companion (Illustrated) [holds scissors, hook, awl, etc.]                       549
Lamp Mat in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                   360
Large Country Residence in the Italian Style (Illustrated) [with plans]                475
Lessons in Moss Painting, by C. B. (Illustrated)                                               155, 247, 520
Lines for an Album, by S. A. Blakeley [poem]                                                     28
Literary Notices                                                                       
         Cousin Harry; The Gallery of Byron Beauties; The Poet's Gallery;
                Shakspeare's Works; The Lake Regions of Central Africa; a Course
                of Six Lectures on the Various Forces of Matter; Notes on the
                Parables of Our Lord; Chamber's Encyclopaedia; The Household of
                Bouverie; Curiosities of Natural History; Poems by Sarah Gould; The
                Moral History of Women; The Prince's Ball:  A Brochure; Fred
                Lawrence, or The World-College; Blind Lillian, or Fellowship with
                God; Trust in God, or Three Days in the Life of Gellert; Miss Gilbert's
                Career:  An American Story; The Odes of Horace; Brief Biographies;
                Tom Brown at Oxford; Home Pastimes, or Tableaux Vivants;
                May Coverly, the Young Dressmaker; Winnie and Walter, or Story
                Telling at Thanksgiving; Winnie and Walter's Christmas Stories; Winnie
                and Walter's Evening Talks with Their Father About Old Times; The
                Kangaroo Hunters, or Adventures in the Bush                                    81
Harry Coverdale's Courtship and Marriage; The Three Cousins;
                Hollick's Anatomy and Physiology; The Nobleman's Daughter; The
                Greatest Plague of Life, or The Adventures of a Lady in Search of a
                Good Servant; The Union Text Book; Travels in the Region of the
                Upper and Lower Amoor; Life and Correspondence of John A.
                Quitman; Evan Harrington, or He Would be a Gentleman; The Four
                Georges:  Sketches of Manners, Morals, Court and Town Life; Our
                Year:  A Child's Book, in Prose and Verse; My Novel, or Varieties
                in English Life; Wheat and Tares; Odd People, Being a Popular
                Description of Singular Races of Man; Hopes and Fears, or Scenes
                from the Life of a Spinster; Education:  Intellectual, Moral, and
                Physical; Considerations on Some of the Elements and Conditions
                of Social Welfare and Human Progress; The Housekeeper's
                Encyclopedia of Useful Information for the Housekeeper, in All
                Branches of Cooking and Domestic Economy; First Greek Book;
                Primary History of the United States; The Little Nightcap Letters;
                The Big Nightcap Letters; The Fair Nightcaps; Where There's a
                Will There's a Way; New Fair Stories for my Grandchildren; The
                Songs of Ireland; Etiquette and the Usages of Society; Hide and
                Seek:  A Novel; Whims and Oddities; Will He Find Her?  A Novel
                of New York and New Orleans; Methodism Successful, and the
                Internal Causes of Its Success; The Petty Annoyances of Married
                Life; A Tribute to Kane, and Other Poems; Lavinia:  A Novel;
                The Great Preparation, or Redemption Draweth Nigh;
                Wa-Wa-Wanda:  A Legend of Old Grange; German Popular
                Tales and Household Stories, Collected by the Brothers Grimm;
                Life and Religion of the Hindoos; Quiet Thoughts for Quiet Hours;
                The Chapel of St. Mary; The King of the Mountains; Faithful for
                Ever; Tom Brown at Oxford; Legends of the Madonna, as
                Represented in the Fine Arts; The Life and Letters of Mrs. Emily
                C. Judson; The Florence Stories; The Oakland Stories; Hoyle's
                Games; Famous Boys, and How They Became Great Men; The
                White Elephant, or The Hunters of Ava and the King of the Golden
                Foot; The War Tiger; The Rambles of Fudge Fumble, or The
                Love Scrapes of a Lifetime; Lionel Jocelyn, a Sequel to Love
                Me, Love Me Not; Ellen Maynard, or The Death Wail of the
                Hawkshawes; Sketches of Travel in South America, Mexico,
                and California; Paul Black, or, The Story of a Boy's Perils in the
                Islands of Corsica and Monte Cristo; Constance and Edith, or
                Incidents of Home Life; Biographical, Historical, and Incidental
                Sketch of Ossian E. Dodge; The Ohio Educational Monthly; The
                Pilgrim's Progress; The King's Highway, or Illustrations of the
                Commandments; The Last Week in the Life of Davis Johnson, Jr.;
                Tuppy, or, The Autobiography of a Donkey; Days of Old; Days at
                Muirhead, or The Lessons of Little Olive's Midsummer Holidays       177
Life in the Old World, or Two Years in Switzerland and Italy; The
                Pickwick Papers; Plants of the Holy Land, with Their Fruits and
                Flowers; China and Japan; Soyer's Standard Cookery for the
                People; Standard Handbook of Household Economy for the People;
                New Standard Letter-Writer for the People; Christian Songs,
                Translations, and Other Poems; The Little Pilgrims in the Holy
                Land; The Physical and Moral Aspects of Geology; Drift Wood
                on the Sea of Life; Working and Waiting, or Patience in Well-Doing;
                Charles Norwood, or Erring and Repenting; Home and School
                Primer; Coins, Medals, and Seals, Ancient and Modern; Studies from
                Life; The Children's Picture Fable Book; The Children's Picture Book
                of Birds; Stories of Rainbow and Lucky—Up the River; The
                Odyssey of Homer; Herodotus; From Hay-Time to Hopping;
                Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character; Poems by Rose Terry;
                The Heroes of Europe; Bonnie Scotland:  Tales of Her History,
                Heroines, and Poets; Bruin:  The Grand Bear Hunt; The Seven
                Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball That Floats in the Air;
                Hymns of the Ages; The Conduct of Life; Areytos, or Songs and
                Ballads of the South; The Printer Boy, or How Ben Franklin Made
                His Mark; What We Eat:  An Account of the Most Common
                Adulterations of Food and Drink; Correspondence of Fraulein
                Gunderode and Bettine Von Arnim; Women of New York;
                Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible; Cassell's Illustrated History of
                England; Cassell's Popular Natural History; Win and Wear; Pride
                and His Prisoners; Glenarvan, or Holidays in the Cottage;
                Thirteen Portraits and Memoirs from the Drawing-Room Portrait
                Gallery of Eminent Personages; The Real and the Beau-Ideal; A
                Hand-Book of Exercises and Reading Lessons for Beginners in
                Latin; Readings for Young Men, Merchants, and Men of Business;
                A History of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn; The Life of Joseph
                Garibaldi, the Liberator of Italy                                                         273
A Message from the Sea, and The Uncommercial Traveller; The Old
                Log School-House; One of Them; The Children's Picture-Book of
                Quadrupeds, and Other Mammalia; The Illustrated Horse Doctor;
                The Great Preparation, or Redemption Draweth Nigh; Prayer for
                Rulers, or Duty of Christian Patriots; Annals of the Rescued; Grapes
                of Eshcol, or Gleanings from the Land of Promise; Help
                Heavenward, or Words of Strength and Heart-Cheer to Zion's
                Travellers; England's Yeomen, from Life in the Nineteenth Century;
                The Shadow in the House:  A Novel; The Rural Annual and
                Horticultural Directory for the Year 1861; Dinsmore's Railroad and
                Steam Navigation Guide; Marion Graham, or Higher than Happiness;
                Flowers of Hope and Memory:  A Collection of Poems                   371
A Message from the Sea; The Uncommercial Traveller; History of the
                United Netherlands; The Wits and Beaux of Society; The
                Children's Bible Picture Book; Harry Hanson, or The Benevolent
                Bachelor; Pampinea, and Other Poems; Poetry of the Bible and
                Parables of Jesus, in Rhyme; The Evergreen Miniature Library; A
                Voice from the Newsboys; Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible;
                Cassell's Popular Natural History; Evenings with John Bunyan, or
                The Dream Interpreted; The Black Ship and Other Allegories and
                Parables; The Cities of Refuge:  A Sunday Book for the Young;
                Pleasant Paths for Little Feet; Our Farm of Four Acres; Orchard
                House; Rural Affairs; Elsie Venner:  A Romance of Destiny               466
The Crossed Path, or Basil:  A Story of Modern Life; The History of
                England from the Accession of James II; The Ordeal of Free Labor
                in the British West Indies; Trumps:  A Novel; Publi Vergili Maronis
                Opera; Thucydides; The Poetical Works of Samuel Woodworth;
                The Life and Career of Major John Andre; Twelve Sermons,
                Delivered at Antioch College, by Horace Mann; The Sable Cloud: 
                A Southern Tale, with Northern Comments                                       561
Lola Leigh, by Edward Estang [poem]                                                            241
Lounger's Cushion or Pillow (Illustrated) [Berlin work]                                      68
Love, by Harriet Fay                                                                                       534
Lute Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                            262
Magnetized into Marriage, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                            496
Modern Music (Illustrated) [illustration of banjo player]                                     97
Mr. and Mrs. Rasher, by the author of "Miss Slimmens" [fiction]        42, 140, 236, 345, 440, 536
Mrs. Ward's Visit to the Prince, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                             54
Ah!   Do I Love Thee? by C. Everest                                                   390
A Knight Clad in a Dark Disguise, by J. Starr Holloway                           2
I am Dreaming of Thee, Dearest, by Edward Ambuhl                           194
La Pecheuse, by Edward Ambuhl                                                        486
My Heart no More in Rapture Swells, by J. H. M'Naughton                   98
The Little Cradle and the Little Grave, by O. Brewster                          290
My Birthday, by Mrs. M. M. Hines [poem]                                                       156
My Forte, Being Extracts from a Young Lady's Journal.  Stolen and Selected,
            by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                                     412
My Guardian, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                      507
My Ward, by Maria W. Duke [fiction]                                                               29
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                                 
         Clarissa                                                                                                263
            Constance                                                                                            264
            Bertha                                                                                                  358
            Cecilia                                                                                                  447
            Caroline                                                                                               452
            Louise                                                                                                  491
Neck-ties (Illustrated)                                                                                     164, 256, 257
New Style of Drawers (Illustrated)                                                                  453
New Style of Pointed Yoke Chemise (Illustrated)                                            489
New Styles of Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                      8, 9, 168, 255
Night-Dresses (Illustrated)                                                          13, 91, 166, 168, 296, 356, 457
Night-Dress with Plaited Yoke (Illustrated)                                                      166
Not all a Waif, by W. S. Gaffney                                                                      251
Not Lost, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                                241
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                           
         Garotte collar and neck-tie; habit-shirt; undersleeves; headdress; dress
                cap; nets                                                                                            62
Night-caps for bridal wardrobe; dress cap; fichu; undersleeves              157
Christening robe; embroidered cambric dress for a child; child's dress
                of Chambray cambric; child's poplin dress; apron; shirt for Zouave
                jacket; bertha; gauntlet cuff; neck-ties                                               253
Breakfast caps; headdresses; plain linen collar and sleeve; lace cape      351
Bertha cape or fichu; collar and habit shirt; undersleeve; caps for
                morning; white chip bonnet; coiffure for a young lady; Zouave
                chemisette                                                                                          446
Zouave jacket and vest; chemise for young lady; morning slip for child
                just walking; shirt for little boy; cap of net and lace for matronly lady;
                stylish cap; fancy muslin cap; collar and sleeve for half mourning;
                sleeve for evening dress; white chip bonnet                                        541
Ocean                                                                                                              411
Opera Hood (Illustrated)                                                                                     7, 91
Our Family Horse, by Dorothea [fiction]                                                          409
Our Musical Column                                                                             85, 183, 278, 373, 469, 544
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    448, 488
Parnassus, by Wm. Alexander [poem]                                                              139
Pattern for a Lounging Cap (Illustrated)                                                           361
Pattern for a Lady's Wrapper (Illustrated) [jacket—includes diagram]              355
Pattern for a Night-dress (Illustrated) [no diagram, second page includes
            instructions]                                                                                          296, 356
Pattern in Braiding and Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                      456
Patterns from Madame Demorest's Establishment (Illustrated) 
         [Minnie apron for child; Aquilla apron for child; Lulu apron for child;
                Ariadne sleeve; Paysanne bretelle; Cristella sleeve; Elgin sack for
                boy] [no diagrams]                                                                           353
Plain Morning Slip for an Infant (Illustrated)                                                     264
Quilting Designs (Illustrated)                                                                            202, 362
Read Aloud                                                                                                      154
Receipts, &c.                                                                          
         How to Cook Poultry—boiled fowls, boiled fowls with oysters, to roast
                fowls or capons, to broil a fowl, sauce for a fowl, to fry chickens, to
                stew a fowl with onions, chicken baked in rice, a brown fricassee, a
                white fricassee, turkey or fowl in jelly; Plain Puddings—oatmeal
                pudding, prepared barley pudding, good batter pudding, hasty
                pudding, hasty pudding baked, plain rice pudding, common baked
                rice pudding, a ground rice pudding; General Directions for Soups
                and Stock; Company Dinners for Winter [bills of fare]; The Toilet—
                management of the hair; Miscellaneous—soft water, washing knives,
                a cure for scurvy, to dye silk black, the best means of clearing coffee,
                to make sherbet, a remedy for sleeplessness, to remove the smell of
                paint from a room, cure for diarrhoea, bite of a rattlesnake cured in
                two hours; to take milk from cream, to remove ink stains [poem];
                rats and mice; Contributed Receipts—remedy for burns &c., Indian
                meal pudding, lemon pie, apple dumplings, sugar icing for cake            73
General Directions for Soups and Stock—celery seed, mushrooms,
                seasoning, vermicelli, coloring, clarifying, soup-herb powder, stock,
                brown stock, white stock; Miscellaneous Cooking—calf's head,
                mock turtle soup, veal fritters, pig's feet jelly, to pickle a ham, raised
                pork pies, dumplings; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—lemon preserve for
                cheesecakes, ratafia pudding, gingerbread loaf, potato pudding, to
                make queen's cakes; The Toilet—to have good hair; Nursing the
                Sick—nurses (including clothing), punctuality, in changing bed or
                body linen, feeding patients, keeping patients comfortable, proper
                ventilation, light, degree of artificial warmth, no superfluous furniture,
                after infectious diseases; Miscellaneous—washing, to clean silk,
                exercise, biting the nails, fluid ink, rice-flour cement, tincture for the
                teeth, to cure hams, hair wash, to wash China crape scarfs                169
Soups—utensils, white soup, veal soup, curry soup, haricot soup, soup
                for an invalid, chicken soup, shin of beef soup, pepper-pot, portable
                soup, macaroni soups, green pea soup; Miscellaneous Cooking—
                boiled leg of lamb, quarters of lamb roasted, fillet of veal roasted,
                sweetbreads, calves' feet stewed, scallops of cold veal, sparerib of
                pork; Invalid Diet—general instructions, beef-tea, soup for invalids,
                strong meat jelly for weak persons, teakettle broth, gravy-bread for
                invalids, toast sandwiches for invalids, jelly or blancmange for
                invalids, soothing nourishment in consumption; The Toilet—
                Arrangement of the Hair—bows, braids, twists, and curls;
                Miscellaneous—paste for sharpening razors, modern etiquette, how
                to keep furs, to clean whitewash brushes, paste for cleaning knives,
                to extract oil from the floor or hearth, to color alum crystals, to
                preserve fruits or flowers the whole year without spoiling;
                Contributed Receipts—doughnut, rice meringue, meringue pudding,
                rich sweetmeat gingerbread nuts                                                       265
Soups—vermicelli soup, old peas soup, vegetable soup, ochra soup,
                gumbo soup, ochra gumbo, rice soup, plain onion soup, rich onion
                soup, carrot soup, venison soup, chicken mullagatawny;
                Miscellaneous Cooking—ribs of beef roasted, sirloin of beef
                roasted; leg of mutton boiled, to stuff a leg of mutton, lamb-chops,
                shoulder of veal; Cakes, etc.—sponge cake, rhubarb tart,
                arrowroot drops, or biscuits, block biscuits, whipt syllabubs, to
                make rock cakes; Homemade Wines—apple wine, balm wine,
                barley wine, cherry wine, currant wine, elder wine, ginger wine; The
                Toilet—Arrangement of the Hair—flowers; Miscellaneous—to keep
                preserves, to prevent children's clothes taking fire, to prevent sore
                feet, milk as food, foul air in wells and cesspools, to take the
                impression of plants; to make tough beef tender, to destroy vermin
                in houses, stains of wine, fruit, &c, ringworm, to protect grain from
                rats                                                                                                  363
To Make Muffins and Crumpets—crumpets, muffins; Miscellaneous
                Cooking—a nice dinner or supper, cheap rice pudding, potato soup
                maigre, mock turtle soup, to crisp parsley, to fry parsley, fried bread
                for garnishing, cheese stirabout; Homemade Wines—to sweeten
                wines, gooseberry wine, grape wine, mulberry wine, orange wine,
parsnip wine, raisin wine, raspberry wine, walnut wine; Beds and
                Bedrooms; The Toilet—The Eyes; Miscellaneous—properties of
                charcoal, facts about milk, method of ascertaining the state of the
                lungs, furnishings, washing lace, the use of silk, chapped hands, to kill
                flies, castor oil pomade, varnish for maps and pictures, to cement
broken china, sweet buttermilk                                                          453
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—Observations on preserving,
                different degrees of preparing sugar, to clarify sugar, to preserve
                strawberries, to preserve strawberries or raspberries, for creams or
                ices, without boiling, strawberries stewed for tarts, to preserve
                strawberries in wine, strawberry jelly, raspberries, raspberry jam,
raspberry wine, raspberry cream, currants preserved, currant jelly,
                currant jam of all colors, currant wine, compote of green currants,
                black currant vinegar, gooseberries, compote of green gooseberries,
                cherries preserved, compote of cherries, compote of Morello
                cherries, cherry jam, to dry cherries, to candy cherries, to preserve
                rhubarb, rhubarb jam, to preserve oranges or lemons in jelly, to keep
                oranges or lemons for pastry, to preserve apricots; Cakes, Puddings,
                etc.—baked custard, soda cake, egg cheesecake, orange cream,
                apple cream, Portugal cake, Herodotus pudding, baked pudding;
                Refrigerant Process; Miscellaneous—corpulence, fire and
                waterproof cement, varnish for brass-work, an excellent receipt for
                burns and scalds, to polish sea-shells, damp wells, to remove grease
                from cloth, to extinguish a fire in a chimney, Turkish mode of making
                coffee, to give shirt collars a glass-like look, the best means of
                clearing coffee, how to bone a turkey, calves' rennet                          553
Romance at Centre Harbor, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                 301
Sabbath Evening, by Rev. H. A. Guild [poem]                                                  535
Saint Valentine's Day, by Mary Moore [fiction]                                                 119
Sampler Patterns (Illustrated)
Sampler Pattern for Our Young Readers—Martha, Jane, Annie, Mary,
                Kate, Laura]                                                                                       70
Sampler for Our Young Friends—Emily, Sarah, Ellen, Maria                 457
Saving Purse (Illustrated)                                                                                 352
Scent Case for Note Paper (Illustrated)                                                           547
Slipper Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                      108, 158, 200, 393, 490
Shoes (Illustrated)                                                                                             63, 298
Short Hair for Ladies                                                                                        283
Small Reticule or Purse, in Application (Illustrated)                                          450
Sofa Pillow in Long-Hook Crochet (Illustrated)                                               544
Song [poem]                                                                                                    350
Spectacle Case (Illustrated)                                                                             261
Spring Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                             196, 197, 287, 292, 383, 388
Spring, by Lillian [poem]                                                                                 408
Studio Pictures, by Jessie Garland [fiction]                                                      315
Summer, by Lillian [poem]                                                                               540
Sunshine and Shade; or, The Governess, by Fannie Warner [fiction]
                                                                                                         17, 112, 215, 334, 426, 523
Taper-Stand (Illustrated)                                                                                 357
Teapot Inkstand (Illustrated)                                                                           297, 356
The Bereaved Mother, by Mrs. Julia Mills Dunn [poem]                                 221
The Black Sheep, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                   47, 145
The Chintz Work Basket (Illustrated)                                                                66
The Cities of Refuge:  A Tale of Judea, by M. W. B. [fiction]                              229, 319
The Dead Dove [poem]                                                                                    506
The Emigrant's Farewell, by Annie M. Beach [poem]                                        417
The Flower Garden                                                                                          279
The Garibaldi Suit (Illustrated) [for a little boy]                                                 257
The Human Hand                                                                                             540
The Knitted Winter Spenser (Illustrated)                                                          161
The Little Hands                                                                                               439
The Manufacture of Gunpowder                                                                       493
The Miss Dinah Pen-wiper (Illustrated)                                                            451
The Moonbeams, by Eva Evergreen [poem]                                                   535
The Name in the Sand, by Mrs. Cordelia H. Turner [poem]                             531
The Novelty (Illustrated) [muslin night-dress with pique trim]                            168
The Old Home, by E. N. H. [includes poem]                                                     228
The Old Turnpike Road, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                              123
The Pennsylvania Central Railroad                                                                    374
The Picture on the Wall, by Mrs. Anna H. Dorsey  [poem]                               328
The Plough-Boy, by Wm. F. Wood [poem]                                                       417
The Railway Stocking, to be Worked in Cotton Thread or Worsted
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         159
The Record of a Moment, by Willie E. Pabor [fiction]                                      416
The Romance of a Hidden Heart, by Clara Augusta [fiction]                            532
There is Something Still to Cheer Us, by W. G. Mills [poem]                             214
The Steam-Engine Familiarly Explained (Illustrated)                                         205
The Village Bell, by R_____ [poem]                                                                 436
The Woodland Flower, by Apple-blossom [fiction]                                           400
Tidies (Illustrated)                                                                                           362, 454
Thoughts Suggested by "Memoirs of Thomas Hood", by Dorothea                   327
Toilet Mat (Illustrated)                                                                                    358, 449
Toilet Sachet (Illustrated)                                                                                  67
To My Better Spirit, by Gay H. Naramore [poem]                                           519
Top of Toilet or Pincushion in Embroidery, or Braiding in Fine Gold Thread
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         491
To Young Men                                                                                                 424
True Politeness                                                                                                 424
Turban Bag (Illustrated)                                                                                  356
Turkish Lounging-Cap (Illustrated)                                                                    64
Twelfth-Night, by Franz Franco [fiction]                                                          242
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                    62, 158, 351, 354, 446, 543
Under the Snow, by M. W. Hackleton [poem]                                                  156
Villa in the Bracketted Style (Illustrated) [with plans]                                        379
Villa in the Gothic Style (Illustrated) [with plans]                                              184
Villa in the Oriental Style (Illustrated) [octagon] [with plans]                               87
Weaving, by Isidore [poem]                                                                             522
What-Not--Braided in a New Style (Illustrated)                                              259
Winter Cuffs in Double Knitting (Illustrated)                                                     164
Winter Winds, by Nettie Lee Crandall [poem]                                                 139
Woman in Adversity                                                                                         540
Work and Play                                                                                                 343
Zouave Jacket for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                                       357