Godey's Lady's Book
Volume LXI, July-December 1860 

A Day's Temptations, by Marian Gwyn [fiction]                                               427
A Heroine of To-day, by T. S. Arthur [fiction]                                                  113
Allspice Baskets (Illustrated)                                                                             70
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                        
         Capitals, floral, A-H, J-X                                                                      106
            Capitals, simple, A-H, J-Z                                                                    260
            Capitals, leafy, A-Q                                                                              300
            Capitals, leafy, R-Z                                                                               400
            Lower case, floral, a-z                                                                          496
A Mat for an Inkstand (Illustrated)                                                                  160
Angels are There! by W. S. Gaffney  [poem]                                                    219
A Noble Sentiment                                                                                           518
A Plain Christmas Story, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                         519
Apron for a School Girl (Illustrated)                                                                549
Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                                 6, 7, 100, 259, 546, 549
Articles for Fancy Fairs (Illustrated)
Ornament for a lamp; purse; fan in silk and chenille; allspice baskets        69
Wafer baskets; feather baskets; lavender fagots; feather screens            165
A September Memory, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                           252
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey [fiction]                                            344
A Venetian Summer Residence (Illustrated) [with plans]                                   187
A Whisper to a Newly-Married Pair
            A Whisper to the Husband—Introductory Remarks; On the Female
                Character                                                                                         217
A Whisper to the Husband—On General Conduct; On Constancy
                and Fidelity                                                                                       314
A Whisper to the Husband—On Domestic Habits; On Absence            410
A Whisper to the Husband—On Expenditure; Conclusion                     503
Babies                                                                                                                91
Beautiful Extract [from "The Broken Heart" by Dr. F. J. Stratton]                    540
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        350, 542
Boy's Winter Hat, in Knitting (Illustrated)                                                         454
Braided Sachet (Illustrated)                                                                             262
Braided Shoe for a Child (Illustrated)                                                              493
Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                            398
Braiding Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                            167, 262, 358
Braiding Pattern for Boy's Tunic (Illustrated)                                                    164
Broad Line Drawing Lessons (Illustrated)                                                          42, 232, 431
Broderie for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                       166
B. Umber, Artist, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                                         507
By Gone, by C. S. Allen [poem]                                                                       525
By the Brook, by Charles Stewart [poem]                                                       240
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          159, 254, 415
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                61, 157, 253, 350, 445, 541
Cascalaid, by H. L. Abbey [poem]                                                                    435
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
Aids to a Good Figure [at Demorest's—hoops, mantles]                       568
Amusements for Long Evenings                                                             474
A Thought for Mothers                                                                         381
Blemishes                                                                                             285, 474
Camel's Hair Tassels                                                                             189
Fashions Below Stairs                                                                           189
French Gossip                                                                                      189
Fresh Hints for Flower Gardening        
             No. 4—Carnations, and how to produce choice sorts; ornamental
                    rock work in gardens                                                                      93
No. 5—Hollyhocks and wallflowers; miniature and bourbon roses    190
No. 6—Beauty of the garden lawn; ornamenting the lawn                 285
No. 7—Duties for month; proper situation of indoor flowers             383
Gems [diamonds, sapphires, topaz, emerald]                                         473
Illustrated Gift-books and New Juveniles                                               568
Notes and Queries                                                       
             Coffee's history; the ruling feminine passion (gowns and dresses
                    [poem]; American housekeeping; a thought for the day                    94
New diseases; sugar for our tea and sweetmeats; female artists; the
                    care of delicate children                                                                190
Egging season; tribute to Mrs. Hemans; climate of Japan                    286
                Benefit of a sea voyage; undersleeves; hoops; new opera Lurline;
                    daily duties, by Milton                                                                   382
Care of the eyes, value of the oyster in diet                                         474
Only for Something to Say [poem]                                                        285
Orange Sweetmeats                                                                                93
Sidney Dobell                                                                                         92
Some Gossip on Novelties [wristlet, gold belts, nets, headdresses]         567
The Little Girl's Song [poem]                                                                  92
The School Year                                                                                  382
The Value of a Wife                                                                              382
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                    61, 62
Chemistry for the Young                                                                      
         Lesson XVI (concluded), Lesson XVII--Oxygen                                    91
            Lesson XVII (continued)                                                                      284
            Lesson XVII (continued)                                                                      566
Chair Cover, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                451
Child's Apron (Illustrated)                                                                               259
Child's Apron in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                              546
Child's Boot, Braided (Illustrated)                                                                   353
Child's Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                   68
Child's Ruff (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                                     256
Christmas Lay, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                                       562
A Seasonable Dress (Illustrated)                                                         351
Beautiful Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                                    388, 475
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                8, 95, 488
Dinner-dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                         489
Dinner or Street Dress (Illustrated)                                                      197
Evening-Dress for a Sea-side (Illustrated)                                            198, 287
Henry the Second Cloak (Illustrated)                                                   391, 475
La Mathilde (Illustrated) [dress]                                                          199
New Style of Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                      64
New York Style of Cloaks (Illustrated)                                               389, 475
Out-Door Dress for the Country (Illustrated)                                       198, 287
Pardessus de Voyage (Illustrated) [cloak]                                           393
Peignoir, or Morning-dress (Illustrated)                                               397
Poplin Dress, Suitable for a Little Girl (Illustrated)                                447
Promenade Dress and Coat of the Same Material (Illustrated)              489
Promenade Dress for Boy and Girl (Illustrated)                                    488, 569
Robe de Chambre (Illustrated)                                                            484, 569
Shawl Mantle for Autumn (Illustrated) [with diagram]                           354
The Barcelona, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  385
The Bedouin D'Ete, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                           108
The Caldeno Mantle (Illustrated)                                                         393
The Castilian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                    486
The Clotilde Cloak (Illustrated)                                                           392, 475
The Coraline (Illustrated) [dress]                                                         485
The Garibaldi (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                        487, 569
The Georgette (Illustrated) [dress]                                                       396
The Japanese (Illustrated) [dress]                                                        196
The Jeddo (Illustrated) [dress]                                                             294
The Medicis, or Shawl Mantle (Illustrated)                                          292
The Montressa (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                      487, 569
The Oberon Cloak (Illustrated)                                                           390, 475
"The Prince" Wrap for a Boy (Illustrated)                                            394, 475
The Salamaneon, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                 12
The Saragossa, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  295
The Tagus, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                        204
The Zouave Morning Robe (Illustrated)                                               293
Winter Jacket for a Girl (Illustrated)                                                     394, 475
Coats for Boys (Illustrated)                                                                             542
Coiffure for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                                                4, 95
Coiffure for Ball Costume or Full Evening-dress (Illustrated)                                5, 95
Collar in Star Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                    299
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                           10, 299, 358
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                            11, 70, 161, 264, 356, 446, 544
Costume in All Ages                                                                                           59
Cottages (Illustrated)                                                                   89, 186, 187, 281, 380, 470, 564
Cottage in the Bracketted Style (Illustrated) [with plan]                                    470
Cottage in the Gothic Style (Illustrated) [with plan]                                           380
Crochet Flowers
            Hawthorn, or May Flower; Primrose                                                     163
            Scarlet Geranium                                                                                  259
            Forget-Me-Not; Laburnum                                                                  351
            Heartsease; Campanula                                                                        452
            Jonquil; Cineraria, or Autumnal Daisy                                                    548
Crochet Maltese Collar (Illustrated)                                                                   10, 71
Crochet Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                202
Cuff Embroidered on Net (Illustrated)                                                             456
Description of a Botanical Excursion in the Highlands of Scotland                        33
Design of a Country Residence (Illustrated) [with plan]                                    186
Design for a Southern House in the Italian Style (Illustrated) [with plan]            281
Design for a Smoking Cap (Illustrated)                                                            166
Destiny; or, The Autobiography of a Lowell Operative, by Burner Browner
         [fiction]                                                                                                 209
Diagram of Hug me Tight (Illustrated)                                                              545
Diagram of New Style of Dress (Illustrated)                                                       65
Do Something                                                                                                     49
Down in the Corn, by Julia Southall [poem]                                                    327
Dreams, by Julia W_____ [poem]                                                                   144
Editors' Table, containing—
A Good Example [the Ladies' National Association for the Diffusion
                of Sanitary Knowledge]                                                                    463
A Mother's Song [poem]                                                                      271
A Word With Our Young Writers                                                         556
Blood Relations Should Not Marry Together                                         462
Changes in Life                                                                                     369
Country Life and Its Advantages                                                           366
Dangers of Wealth                                                                                175
Florence Nightingale's Book                                                                 269
His and Mine, by Kate Harrington [poem]                                          463
Irish Servant Girls in America                                                                174
Medical Colleges for Women [Female Medical College of
                Pennsylvania, New England Female Medical College]                       270
Missionary Women--Helpers of the Poor and Ignorant                          556
Music                                                                                                   461
Parental Decision [discipline]                                                                   78
Places of Education for Young Ladies [Brownsville College of Young
                Ladies [MS]; Laurensville Ladies' College [SC]; Mt. Carroll
                Seminary [IL]; Tennessee Female College [Franklin, TN]; Miss S. J.
                Hale's Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies                           557
Poisonous Paper-Hangings                                                                   174
Prophetess or Preacher                                                                        173
Roman Catholic Schools for Young Ladies                                           369
Sewing Machine Clubs                                                                         271
Thanksgiving--the new National Holiday                                               271
The Education of Women in America                                                    368
The Effect of Fashionable Follies in the Nineteenth Century                    367, 462
Troy Female Seminary                                                                          368
The Fine Arts                                                                                       173
The Fine Arts at Home                                                                         556
The Needle and Its Work                                                                     463
The Queen of Inventions--The Sewing Machine                                      77
The Sewing Machine [time comparison hand and machine]                    174
The Sewing Machine and Its Merits                                                      369
The Women of Japan, and Why They are Educated                              368
Time [poem]                                                                                         556
Varieties in Verse [poem]                                                                       79
Ventilation                                                                                            175
What's in a Name [meaning of Beatrice, Clara, Felicia, Letitia, Ada,
                Elizabeth, Emma, Isabel, Mary, Matilda—choose children's names
                carefully]                                                                                            78
Early Dawn, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                                   435
Ella's Doubt, by Mary E. Nealy [poem]                                                            151
Ella Moore's Letters from the City [see Godey's Arm-Chair]                         88, 184, 282, 375, 471
Embroidered Flounce for Child's Jacket or Mantle (Illustrated)                        168
Embroidery for a Lady's Under-skirt (Illustrated)                                             298, 356
Embroidery for a Square Pillow-case (Illustrated)                                            264
Embroidery for Chain Stitch (Illustrated)                                                          162
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            9, 10, 11, 64, 65, 70, 72, 101, 103, 107, 162,
            166, 168, 203, 254, 255, 256, 258, 264, 294, 296, 297, 299, 352, 354, 356, 357, 361,
            396, 399, 447, 455, 456, 493, 494, 495, 496, 545, 547, 550
End of Waist-Ribbon or Neck-Tie (Illustrated)                                                548
Evening, by Mrs. A. E. Burton [poem]                                                             416
Fancy Pen Wiper (Illustrated)                                                                            66
Fan in Silk and Chenille (Illustrated)                                                                   69
         Tunic dress; evening dress; children's dresses; coiffures; aprons; new
                style of girdle; dinner and evening dresses for watering places;
                mantles; reorganization of merchants in Philadelphia                              94
Morning dress for watering place; evening dress for young girl;
                headdresses; bonnets; garden hats; riding hats; standing collars;
                fabrics; morning robes; white dresses; hoops                                     191
Evening dresses; out-door dress for the country; evening dress for the
                seaside; ladies' short night dresses; mantles; bonnets; gold
                ornaments; sleeves; trimming; fans; coiffures; cuffs and collars;
                habit-shirts                                                                                       286
Evening dresses; principal materials for dress goods; new colors;
                ribbons; gold trim; fall wraps                                                             383
Walking dress; reception or dinner dress; child's dress; breakfast
                robe; cloaks; wrap for boy; jacket for girl; sortie de bal; corded silk
                casaque or basquine for the South; black wraps; trimmings; colors;
                stripes; gored dresses; sleeves; bonnets                                             475
Brides and bridesmaids; robe de chambre; promenade dress for boy
                and girl; cloaks; opera hood; bridal cloaks; shawls and scarves;
                bonnets; children's hats; boots; gaiters; children's headwear                568
Firesides and Facts of the Revolution, by Mrs. E. F. Ellet [Col. Williams and
            His Wife, The O'Nealls; Tobacco Rolling; The Soldier's Revenge] [SC
                and VA]                                                                                            413
Floral Card-Basket, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                     359
Flouncing for Morning Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                        72
Flower-Pot Shade (Illustrated)                                                                        356
For a Pincushion (Illustrated) [embroidery]                                                      258
From Our Own Correspondent, by Virginia de Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]  316
Fringe for Curtains, etc.                                                                                    260
From My Window [fiction]                                                                               504
Gauntlet in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                       547
German Work-Basket (Illustrated)                                                                  448
Glove Box (Illustrated)                                                                                      66
Glove Top                                                                                                          63
Composed of Black Lace and Black Velvet (Illustrated)                                  360
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         Our music; play on word "paper"; statistics on women's manners on
                street cars; the Ten Commandments in Ten Lines [poem]; the scold's
                bridle (Illustrated); etiquette for presentation at British court; flowing
                or short hair for ladies; How to Dress a Doll (pinafore, cape, hat);
                Ella Moore's Letters from the City—Letter 1—Tableaux Vivants
                (concluded)—Grandmother's Trunk, The Dying Brigand, Second
                Sight, The Intercepted Letter                                                                83
Diamond Ruffle Trimming; Patty Cake Polka; how to tell direction of
                breeze; new hat (Illustrated); Acrostic (Louis A. Godey), by Minnie
[poem]; infant education; How to Dress a Doll (nightdress)
                (Illustrated); list of Grecian paintings; Ella Moore's Letters from the
                City, Letter II—Impromptu Charades—Innocent, Patchwork,
                Songstress, Courtship, Dramatic; ancient embroidery; the Queen's
                drawing-room                                                                                    180
Pleasant jaunt over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad—Baltimore to
                Harper's Ferry to Martinsburg to Piedmont to Altamont to Oakland to
                Wheeling; The New Census and the Fair Dissenter [poem];
                Shreveport Female Institute; How to Make a [Doll] Bed (Illustrated);
                Patent Enameled Collars and Cuffs for Ladies (Illustrated); Friend
                Godey [poem]; Ella Moore's Letters from the City, Letter III—
                Proverbs—A friend in need is a friend indeed, money makes the mare
                go, all's well that ends well, charity begins at home, faint heart never
                won fair lady, it never rains but it pours, there's no rose without a
                thorn, when the cat is away the mice will play, a stitch in time saves
                nine                                                                                                     276
To our Texas subscribers; music—Mr. Everest's compositions, beautiful
                Germans songs, Poulton's music; Ella Moore's Letters from the City—
                Letter IV—Moving Tableaux—The Trial of Constance de Beverly;
                horticultural gossip—crocus, hyacinths, tulips, trees, plants, and shrubs,
                amaryllis, other bulbs, camellia japonica; the Young America piano; fat
                young ladies and vinegar; a list of articles we can supply; evening
                parties, by an old-fashioned man; the necessity of labor; every day
                absurdities; How to Make a [Doll] Bed                                              373
Shaler's patent skates; letter from Darlington CH, SC; Ella Moore's
                Letters from the City—Letter IV—Moving Tableaux—Joan of Arc's
                Trial [with poem]                                                                               467
Rival Claims—Christmas in the City and Country; Our Music; Christmas
                lay.  Christian charity, by Finley Johnson [poem]; the American press;
                hair ornaments (Illustrated); Misses Clipton's Boarding and Day
                School for Young Ladies, Old Point Comfort, Virginia                       561
Guipure Pattern for Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                           264
Habit-shirts (Illustrated)                                                                                     61, 353, 350
Handkerchief Reticule (Illustrated)                                                                   261
Have Your Pavement Cleaned? (Illustrated)                                                    479
Headdresses (Illustrated)                             4, 5, 61, 101, 102, 103, 200, 253, 254, 445, 490, 511
Health Department                                                                   
Mothers should nurse their children                                                         80
            Raising children by hand; how children should be raised by hand; how to
                give the milk; when to give the milk                                                    175
Food for young children; sleep of infants—opiates                                 272
Time for weaning infants; food and drinks of infants before weaning;
                infants often suffer for water; diet, etc. after weaning                          464
Diet and drinks of nursing women; drugging nursing women; air,
                exercise, etc. of nursing women                                                         558
Home                                                                                                               138
Hope Lincoln, by Daisy Howard [fiction]                                                         220
Horticultural Gossip                                                                                          376
How They Make Tea in Russia                                                                           90
How to Dress a Doll (Illustrated)                                                                       87, 183
How to Make a Bed (Illustrated) [doll bed]                                                     279, 379
Hug Me Tight (Illustrated) [a garment to be worn under a cloak, of cloth lined
            with quilted silk] [with diagram]                                                             544
Incognita, by Georgiana H. S. Hull [poem]                                                      409
Initial Letters—E                                                                                              161
Italian Villa (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                                   89
Jessie Turner's Fortunes, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                                20, 123
Knitted Berries and Fruit [strawberry and its leaf]                                                67
Knitted Counterpane (Illustrated)                                                                      71
Knitted Mariposa (Illustrated) [headdress for cool weather]                             454
La Belle (Illustrated) [headdress]                                                                     101, 191
La Coiffure Francaise (Illustrated)                                                                   499
Ladies' Short Night-dresses (Illustrated)                                                          201, 287
La Matrone (Illustrated) [headdress]                                                               102, 191
La Princesse (Illustrated) [headdress]                                                              103, 191
Lavender Basket (Illustrated)                                                                          296, 357
Lines, by Rev. D. S. [poem]                                                                              156
Literary Notices                                                           
         My Novel, or Varieties in English Life; What Will He Do With It? a
                Novel; The Throne of David; The Life and Adventures of
                Christopher Carson; The Bible and Social Reform; The Mill on the
                Floss; The Life of Stephen A. Douglas; Stories of Rainbow and
                Lucky; History of the Republic of the United States of America, as
                Traced in the Writings of Alexander Hamilton and His
                Contemporaries; A Course of Exercises in All Parts of French
                Syntax; Chambers's Encyclopedia; The Elementary Spelling-Book;
                American History; A Popular History of England; The Oakland
                Stories; Poems, Lyrical and Idyllic by Edmund Clarence Stedman;
                Memoirs of the Duchess of Orleans; A Discourse on the Life,
                Character, and Genius of Washington Irving; Black Diamonds,
                Gathered in the Darkey Homes of the South; Mademoiselle Mori: 
                A Tale of Modern Rome; The Semi-Detached House; Tylney Hall;
                Caroline Perthes, the Christian Wife; Ruth and Her Friends:  A
                Story for Girls; Blind Man's Holiday, or Short Tales for the Nursery;
                Quench Not the Spirit                                                                         81
Frank Fairleigh, or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil; Lewis
                Arundel, or The Railroad of Life; The Iron Mask, or The Feats and
                Adventures of Raoul de Bragelonne; Dickens's Short Stories; The
                Little Beauty; Clara Moreland, or Adventures in the Far Southwest;
                The Countess and the Page; Devereux:  A Tale; Woman's Home
                Book of Health:  A Work for Mothers and for Families; The
                Home-Book of Health and Medicine, or The Laws and Means of
                Physical Culture Adapted to Practical Use; How to Enjoy Life, or
                Physical and Mental Hygiene; A Mother's Trials; Danesbury House;
                The West Indies and the Spanish Main; History of Genghis Khan;
                A Smaller History of Greece; Harper's Series of School and Family
                Readers; Bertha Percy, or L'Esperance; Extemporaneous Discourses,
                Delivered to the Broadway Church, New York; Grasses and Forage
                Plants:  A Practical Treatise; Milch Cows and Dairy Farming;
                Text-Book on Intellectual Philosophy; Church Choral-Book; Home
                and College; The Luck of Ladysmede; Rutledge; Margaret Moncriffe,
                the First Love of Aaron Burr; Sermons by Rev. William Morley
                Punshot; Hawksview:  A Family History of Our Own Times; Poems
                by William H. Holcombe; Letters on the Divine Trinity Addressed to
                Henry Ward Beecher; Mary Bunyan, the Dreamer's Blind Daughter;
                Wild Nell, the White Mountain Girl; The Bobbin Boy, or How Nat
                Got His Learning; Tales from the Bible; El Fureides; Tom Brown at
                Oxford; Notes on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to Philemon;
                One Hundred Voluntaries, Preludes, and Interludes; One Hundred
                Beautiful Melodies for the Violin; Introductory Lessons on Mind;
                The Barefooted Maiden; The Signet Ring, and Other Gems             177
The Select Academic Speaker; Both Sides of the Grape Question;
                The Three Clerks:  A Novel; Castle Richmond:  A Novel; Right at
                Last, and Other Tales; Lovel the Widower, a Novel; Natural
                History for the Use of Schools and Families; Cicero on Oratory
                and Orators; Euripides; The Mount Vernon Papers; The Physiology
                of Common Life; Chambers's Encyclopedia; Appleton's Companion
                Hand-book of Travel; Appleton's Illustrated Railway and Steam
                Navigation Guide; Lucile; Autobiographical Recollections, by the late
                Charles Robert Leslie; The Sand-Hills of Jutland; Travels,
                Researches, and Missionary Labors; Fresh Hearts That Failed
                Three Thousand Years Ago; Tom Brown at Oxford; The
                Traveller's Dream, and Other Poems; Introduction to the Study
                of International Law; Mid-Day Thoughts for the Weary; The
                Hidden Germ:  A Drama in Two Acts; Food for Babes, or
                Artificial Human Milk, and the Manner of Preparing It and
                Administering it to Young Children; Royalists and Republicans;
                The Guillotine, or The Death of Morgan; Margaret, Marchioness of
                Miniver; The Divorce:  A Tale of Fashionable Life; The Fallen Star;
                The Woman of the World; Lisa, or The Mesmerist's Victim; The
                Year of Grace:  A History of the  Revival in Ireland, 1859; Morning
                Hours in Patmos; New Juveniles—Arthur and Marion's Sundays;
                Ash Wednesday in the Nursery; Miss Laura's Wedding-Day; The
                Toll-Gate; The Christian's Mirror; The Life of Jeremy Taylor             273
The Sunny South, or The Southerner at Home; Practical Calculator:  A
                Pocket Manual of Plain Rules and Calculations for Business
                Operations; Echoes of Europe, or Word Pictures of Travel; A Man,
                by Rev. J. D. Bell; The Queens of Society; Studies in American Life;
                A Run Through Europe; Life of William T. Porter; Virgil's Aeneid,
                With Explanatory Notes; A Greek Grammar, for Schools and
                Colleges; Course of Ancient Geography; The Wood-Rangers, or
                The Trappers of Sonora; One-and-Twenty; Love Me, Leave Me
                Not; The Morning Watches and Night Watches; The Mind and
                Words of Jesus; The Reason Why:  Natural History; Memorials of
                Thomas Hood; Practical Medication, or The Invalid's Guide with
                Directions for the Treatment of Disease; Poems by Miss Annie  R. 
                Blount; Tunis' New International Railroad Guide for the United States
                and Canadas                                                                                   370
French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Italian Languages Without a
                Master; Wilkins Wylder, or The Successful Man; The Old Farm
                House; Bible Stories in Verse, for the Little Ones at Home; The
                Woman in White:  A Novel; Chapters on Wives; Italy in Transition;
                Reminiscences of an Officer of Zouaves; The Ebony Idol;
                Chambers's Encyclopedia; Jessie Cameron:   A Highland Story;
                Narratives and Adventures of Travellers in Africa; The Greatness
                and Decline of Cesar Bibotteau; Forty Years' Experience in
                Sunday-Schools; Stories of Scotland and its Adjacent Islands; A
                Treasury of Scripture Stories; The German University in America;
                American History; Poems of George P. Morris; The Wild Sports
                of India; Tom Brown at Oxford; Nemesis; Peace in Believing; My
                Saviour; The Haven and the Home; The Book and Its Story:  A
                Narrative for the Young; The Power of Jesus Christ to Save Unto
                the Uttermost; The Young Colonel, and Other Tales                         465
The Mother-in-Law:  A Tale of Domestic Life; The Gentlemen's Book
                of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness; The Ladies' Book of
                Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness; The New Public School
                Singing Book; Occasional Productions, Political, Diplomatic, and
                Miscellaneous; Critical and Miscellaneous Essays and Poems, by
                T. Babington Macaulay; A Year With Maggie and Emma:  A True
                Story; The Life and Letters of Mrs. Emily C. Judson; The Life of
                George Washington; Cassell's Illustrated Bible; Cassell's Popular
                Natural History; Cassell's Illustrated History of England; Louie's
                Last Term at St. Mary's; The Cottages of the Alps; Over the Cliffs;
                The Evil Eye, or The Black Spectre; The Caverly Family; Climbing
                the Mountains; The Chief's Daughter, or The Settler in Virginia          559
Long Black Silk Mitten—Netting (Illustrated)                                                  449
Lounging Cap (Illustrated)                                                                               352
Love Lines, by M. J. P. [poem]                                                                          32
Marian May, by Eleanor C. Donnelly [poem]                                                  336
Match-making, by Edith Woodley [fiction]                                                       321
Mat for a Basin of Flowers (Illustrated)                                                           257
Mat for a Vase or Flower-glass (Illustrated)                                                    104, 167
Men of Taste                                                                                                      41
Mildred, by Maud Irving [poem]                                                                     416
Mischief--Teazing Mamma (Illustrated)                                                           103
Miss Slimmens's Boarding-house, by the author of "The Tallow Family"
            Bless us! This is pleasant, riding on the rail; Epistolary from Newport      32
A couple of wall-flowers; All is not gold that glitters                               152
She receives a present; Dora's baby; the bridal day; the day after the
                wedding                                                                                           217
Moonlight Musings, by Annie M. Beach [poem]                                               145
Moral Seed Sowing, by Jessie Atherton                                                           320
Morning Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                                262
Bugle Song, by Carolus Caravia                                                             2
Cousin Neal, by O. M. Brewster                                                          194
Polka Militaire, by Prof. Edward Ambuhl                                            290
The Lyre and Flower, by Mrs. Hemans                                                  98
We Meet on the Level, and Part on the Square, by J. Starr Holloway  482
Why Wilt Thou Wander? by C. Everest                                               386
My Daguerreotype, by L. J. Cist [poem]                                                          426
Names for Marking (Illustration)                                                                    
         Sarah                                                                                                   163
            Mary Laura                                                                                          456
Needle-Case Cover in Kid and Beads (Illustrated)                                          492, 543
Netted Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                  162
New Styles of Aprons (Illustrated)                                                                      6, 7, 95, 100
New Style of Drawers (Illustrated)                                                                  550
New Style of Girdle (Illustrated)                                                                          9, 95
New Style of Wristlet (Illustrated)                                                                   543
Night Sock (Illustrated)                                                                                   105
Nonie's Choice, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                                        44
Not All a Waif, by W. S. Gaffney [motherhood]                                               412
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)               
         Headdress; morning Nell Gwynne cap; fichu; full habit shirt; collar and
                habit shirt; undersleeves; bow for collar; rosette button; glove top       61
Morning cap; dinner cap for chaperone; full dress cap; fichu; sleeve;
                undersleeve; berthe cape; wristlet                                                     157
Habit shirt; morning-caps; net for the hair; evening headdress; fichu;
                undersleeves                                                                                   253
Bonnets; collars and cuffs; caps for full dress; habit shirt                       350
Bertha; breakfast cap; headdress; sleeve and cuff; collar and sleeve;
                upright collar and habit shirt; infant's capote                                      445
Headdress for dinner, Charlotte Corday cap; evening headdresses;
coat for boy 4-5 years old; little girls' bonnet; child's Polish shoe;
                knitted baby's stocking                                                                     541
Oh, Let Me Die in Summer! by Delia Turner [poem]                                       151
Old Letters, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                                              43
Old Year, by M. H. R. [poem]                                                                          515
On the Rondout, by H. L. Abbey [poem]                                                            19
Opera Hood (Illustrated)                                                                                 491, 569
Orestes and Hypatia:  A Tale of Early Moslem Conquest, by Initia [fiction]       417
Ornament for a Lamp (Illustrated)                                                                     69
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    164, 263, 496
Pattern for a Book Cover (Illustrated)                                                             297, 357
Pattern for a Boy's Vest (Illustrated)                                                                450
Patterns for Braiding or Chain Stitch (Illustrated)                                              358, 361
Pattern for Tops of Lounging Cap (Illustrated)                                                 353
Picking Berries in the Rain, by N. W. [poem]                                                     208
Pillow-Lace Working (Illustrated)                                                                    137
Plaid Strap (Illustrated) [to roll up shawls or lap blankets]                                453
Purse, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                          453
Purse (Illustrated)                                                                                              69
Quilting Design (Illustrated)                                                                             400
Rabbit Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                         549
Raymond, translated from the French [fiction]                                                245
Receipts, &c.                                                           
         Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—plums, to preserve purple plums,
                to preserve plums without the skins, to dry plums, to preserve green
                gages, jam of green gages, to keep damsons, to preserve pippins in
                slices, to preserve crab-apples, to preserve pears, pear marmalade,
                pine-apple preserve, pine-apple jelly, quince marmalade, candied
                orange or lemon-peel, fruit wafers for dessert; Tomatoes—tomato
                sauce, stewed tomatoes, tomato preserves, to pickle tomatoes,
                tomato catsup; Summer Beverages—to make capillaire, ginger beer,
                fine mead, carbonated syrup water, nectar; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—
                Spanish biscuits, jumbles, a rich cake, to make almond icing for a
                bride cake, roly-poly pudding, scores (a plain sort of biscuit);  Bills of
                Fare for July; Miscellaneous—to clean sponges, to clean tin, brass,
                and Britannia metal, choice and management of tooth-brushes, the
                care of carpets, walnut catsup, a hint to housemaids, to prevent milk
                from turning sour, to clean paint that is not varnished                            73
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—peaches, compote of peaches,
                blackberries, blackberry syrup, blackberry wine, blackberry and wine
                cordial, preserved grapes in bunches, brandy grapes, grape jelly, to
                preserve apricots, peaches, and green gages in brandy, brandied
                cherries, quinces preserved whole, quince and apple jelly, apple jelly,
                apple jelly in moulds, apple marmalade, preserved citron-melons;
                Savory Pies, Patties, etc.—general directions, beef, mutton, or lamb
                pie, beef-steak pie, veal pie, a richer veal pie, veal or chicken and
                parsley pie, chicken, rook, or rabbit pie, green goose pie, giblet pie;
                Bills of Fare for August; Vegetables, etc.—to cook asparagus, to
                cook tomatoes as a vegetable, to pickle red cabbage, summer salads,
                pickled mushrooms, to make a superior peas pudding; Miscellaneous—
                receipt for indelible marking ink, to make light materials fireproof, how
                to make yeast, to remove grease from boards and to whiten them,
                artificial coral, for washing muslin or printed dresses, to prevent
                children's clothes taking fire, horseradish sauce                                  169
Savory Pies, Patties, etc.—duck pie, pigeon pie, pheasant, partridge,
                or grouse pie in a dish, venison pasty, calf's head pie, shrimp pie,
                lobster pie, a remarkably fine fish pie, potato pie, medley pie, oyster
                patties, lobster patties, podovies or beef patties, veal patties, turkey
                patties; Bills of Fare for September; Presence of Mind and Common
                Sense—how to help someone who has fainted, ingested poison, or
                been cut; The Toilet—cold cream, rose cold cream, cold cream of
                almonds, violet cold cream, imitation violet cold cream, tuberose,
                jasmine and fleur d'orange cold creams, camphor cold cream
                (otherwise camphor ice), cucumber cold cream, pomade of
                cucumber; Miscellaneous—to make light materials fireproof, mode
                of employing soda in washing, how they make coffee in France, game
                puddings, to polish plate [poem]; barley water, toast and water, how
                to eat an egg, to cook a beefsteak, to preserve apples in quarters in
                imitation of ginger, potato soap, tomato soup; Contributed Receipts—
                a pudding without milk, disinfecting or chlorine gas, ground rice
                pudding, receipt for mending glass or china, drop sponge biscuits,
                ginger biscuits, chow-chow                                                              265
Curing Meat—curing, to corn a round of beef of eighteen or twenty
                pounds weight, the Dutch way to salt beef, Hamburg beef, spiced
                beef, spiced flank of beef; Savory Puddings—steak or kidney
                pudding, beef-steak pudding, baked beef-steak pudding
                (Toad-in-a-hole), mutton pudding, suet pudding, potato pudding
                with meat, Yorkshire pudding, peas-pudding; Miscellaneous
                Cooking—a good soup, Gloucester jelly for invalids, crab, to make
                English stew, beef broth, or French pot-au-feu, orange marmalade,
                potted cheese (rich), Italian cheese; Bills of Fare for October;
                Fifteen Rules for the Preservation of Health; Very Nice Autumn
                Dinners for Families [bills of fare]; The Toilet—Cold Cream—
                almond balls, camphor balls, camphor paste, glycerin balsam, rose
                lip salve, white lip salve, common lip salve; a fragrant breath;
                Miscellaneous—red ants, to save the ladies from burning up, utility
                of gas tar, parchment glue, covering for corks, fine yellow coloring
                for walls, to get a broken cork out of a bottle, powder for cleaning
                gold lace, to keep Britannia-metal bright, to cure beef red, like
                ham                                                                                                  362
Curing Meat—hung beef, to cure tongues, to cure sheep's tongues, for
                curing hams, Westphalia hams, mutton ham; Receipts for Making
                Pastry—remarks, receipts for the various kinds of pastry, to make
                barm crust very plain, another barm crust (sufficient for three tarts),
                short crust, an economical short crust for common purposes, plain
                short crust made with butter, rich short crust, sweet and crisp tart
                paste, crisp short crust for tarts; Miscellaneous Cooking—succotash,
                apple marmalade, tomato sauce for winter use, breakfast cake,
                macaroons, Johnny cakes, dough nuts; Bills of Fare for November;
                Hints to Economists; Miscellaneous—cure for in-growing nails, to
                take stains out of silver, india-rubber, to clean sponge, to promote
                the growth of the hair, to mend china, to make eau de cologne,
                French polish for boots and shoes, to take spermaceti out of a hearth
                or floor, to make shoes or boots water-proof, bleaching ivory;
                Contributed Receipts—an apple jelly Charlotte, excellent vinegar,
                corn oysters, Scotch-cake, how to make a picture frame of pine
                leaves, or pine needles                                                                    457
Plum Pudding and Other Receipts for Christmas—the philosophy of
                plum puddings, average of eighteen receipts for plum pudding,
                average deductions respecting the composition, rich plum puddings,
                old English Christmas plum pudding, boiled plum pudding, a rich
                Christmas pudding, a good Christmas pudding, little plum cakes to
                keep long, pumpkin pudding, mincemeat, mince pies, Christmas
                Cake [poem]; lemon cake, lemon gingerbread, seed cake, queen
                cake, imperial gingerbread, soft crullers, a good pound-cake;
                Christmas and New Year's Dinners [bills of fare]; How to Cook
                Poultry—to boil a turkey, to roast a turkey, to "devil" turkey,
                stuffing for turkeys, fowls, and veal, to bone poultry and game, to
                bone fowls for fricasees, curries, and pies, to roast a goose, sauce
                for a roasted goose, to stew a goose, ducks, to boil ducks, to stew
                a duck; Very Nice Winter Dinners for Families [bills of fare];
                Miscellaneous—to clean turkey carpets, to extract marking ink,
                frost-bitten fruits and vegetables, furniture polish, to render hard
                water soft, offensive smells, to preserve eggs, to perfume linen, a
                very pleasant perfume and also preventative against moths, blacking,
                to destroy cockroaches                                                                     551
Reduced Pattern of a Corsage Without the Basque (Illustrated)                        159
Rival Claims--Christmas in the City and Country                                               561
Robert Grey's Darling, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                             329
Round Cornered Handkerchief Pattern (Illustrated)                                            11
Rural Residence in the Anglo-French Style (Illustrated) [with plans]                  564
Scene in "Our" Sanctum; or, a Peep Behind the Curtain, by One who has
            "Been There"
  [fiction]                                                                         139, 241
Shoes (Illustrated)                                                                                           353, 493
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                                          68, 398
Solitude, by J. A. Turner [poem]                                                                      122
Some Account of Modern Coaches (Illustrated)
[Elizabethan through William III]                                                             13
            [early 18th century]                                                                               109
            [mid 18th century]                                                                                 205
Sonnet--To My Wife, by E. P. J. [poem]                                                         252
Sortie de Bal (Illustrated) [hood for going to opera or ball]                               395, 475
Speak Low, by Helen M. L. Warner    [poem]                                                  51
Spring Winds, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                                         146, 234, 337, 436
Suggestive Notes on Grecian Oil Painting, by Mrs. E. Custard                            41, 252, 349
Summer, by Kilway [poem]                                                                              145
Superstitions in Childhood                                                                                 518
Ten Years, by Charles Desmarais [poem]                                                       240
The American Press                                                                                          563
The Christmas Tree (Illustrated) [fiction]                                                          481, 505
The Eugenie Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                      66
The Fine Art of Patching                                                                                     60
The Foreign Count; or, High Art in Tattletown, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]     301
The Guiding Star [poem]                                                                                   328
The Half-Hour Before Dinner, by C. S. L. [fiction]                                            531
The Last Night at Home, by Mary N. Kirke Dilworth [poem]                          515
The Light of a Cheerful Face                                                                             251
The Old Brook Farm, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                  533
The Old Song, by Mrs. L. A. K. Bross [poem]                                                  156
The Prince of Wales at Pennytown, by Mary Martin [fiction]                            526
The Resilla (Illustrated) [light head covering when in a carriage]                        200, 255
The Romance of the Buckskins, by C. A. H. [fiction]                                         224
The Toy Shop (Illustrated)                                                                              478
The Twin Sisters, by S. Annie Frost [fiction]                                                       34
The Whispered Name, by W. E. S. [poem]                                                       530
The Young Eagle Hunter (Illustrated)                                                               289, 342
The Zouave Jacket, for Dinner for Evening Dress.  Two Designs (Illustrated)   160
Tidies (Illustrated)                                                                                           162, 202
Too Close Application                                                                                      540
Toilet of a Lady in the Reign of Louis XV (Illustrated)                                        97, 156
Trifling with Love, by William Wirt Sike [fiction]                                               413
Trimming for Child's Dress (Illustrated)                                                            263
Two Ways of Keeping a Wife, by Marion Harland [fiction]                             401, 497
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                    62, 158, 254, 350, 445, 446
Watch-Case in Chenille (Illustrated)                                                                547
Well-Dressed [advice]                                                                                      433
Willie's Love, by Mary Forman [fiction]                                                           516
Wonderful Things (Illustrated) [dagger of Raoul de Courey; glove presented
            by Mary Queen of Scots on morning of her execution; 16th century
            Spanish dagger; ring of Charles I; locket in memory of execution of
            Charles I]                                                                                                50
Working Pattern of Shawl Mantle (Illustrated)                                                  355
Wristlets (Illustrated)                                                                                       159, 543
Young Nurses (Illustrated) [children taking care of a baby]                                  1