Godey's Lady's Book
January-June, 1860 

A Baby's Shoe, Embroidered in Chinese Knotting (Illustrated)                           66
A Bordered Net for Sleeping In (Illustrated)                                                      71
A Braided Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                   107
A Chenille Net for the Hair (Illustrated)                                                           355
Acting Charade.--Master-Piece, by S. Annie Frost                                          143
A Dirge, by Mrs. S. S. Jessop [poem]                                                                 62
A Flower-Pot Screen (Illustrated)                                                                   457
A Fortunate Mistake, by Paul Laurie [fiction]                                                  337
A French Belle a Hundred Years Ago                                                               150
A Friend, by J. Howard Smith [poem]                                                             350
A Gothic Villa (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                            352
A Lesson from the Flowers, by Mrs. H. E. Francis [poem]                              447
Allie Belle, by Harriet N. Havens [poem]                                                         540
Alone, by Mrs. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                                         156
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                                    
         Capitals, grapevine, A-F                                                                         12
            Capitals, grapevine, G-M                                                                      108
            Capitals, grapevine, N-S                                                                       204
            Capitals, grapevine, T, U, V, W, Y, Z                                                   300
A Morning Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                            169
Anna Heyward; or, Perfected Through Suffering [fiction]                                   342
Another Letter from Our Agreeable Western Correspondent [Wisconsin]          524
A Pen-Wiper for a Writing-table (Illustrated)                                                   263
A Record of Spring, by Marian Gwynn [poem]                                               540
Articles for Fancy Fairs (Illustrated)                            
         Long Purse in Knitting; Infant's Shoe in Crochet; Child's Cloth Gaiter; 
                Bracelet in Crochet                                                                              70
Watch-Case in Chenille; Basket in Crochet and Beads; Modelling in 
                Pasteboard and Paper; Pasteboard Boxes                                         164
Modelling in Pasteboard and Paper; Card Boxes; Basket and Work 
                Bag; Pasteboard Baskets                                                                  265
Modelling in Pasteboard and Paper; Hyacinth Stands; What-Nots, 
                or Card-Receivers; Crimped Paper Hand-Screens                            357
Watch-Pocket; Long Purse in Knitting; Candlestick Socket of Chenille 
                and White Beads; Modelling in Pasteboard and Paper; Charade 
                Flowers                                                                                             456
Straw baskets, temples, etc., lavender baskets, rice or bugle baskets      546
Articles for the Kitchen (Illustrated)                                                                   75, 171, 268
Art Thou Watching O'er Me, Mother? by Rose Clinton [poem]                        351
A Tale of the Old Church Bell, by Mrs. M. W. Hackleton [poem]                     446
A Travelling Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                          169
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey                                                        225
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside:  A Visit from Old Friends, by Edith Woodley [fiction]  502
A Valentine, by Mary E. Nealy [poem]                                                            157
Avoid Deception                                                                                              241
A Winter Cuff.--Netting (Illustrated)                                                               166
Baby's Bib, Embroidered (Illustrated)                                                              395
Baby's Knitted Bib (Illustrated)                                                                           8
Baby's Shoe [crochet and wool]                                                                       167
Basket in Crochet and Beads (Illustrated)                                                        164
Bead Bracelet and Chain (Illustrated)                                                              453
Beauty                                                                                                              146
Blunders in Behavior Corrected:  Code of Deportment for Both Sexes      
Absence of mind; accomplishments; affectation; affronts; ballroom; 
                children; cleanliness                                                                             30
Calls; commands; control of temper; conversation                                 121
Dining out; dining at home; drinking healths; disputes; dress; 
                eccentricities; excesses; engagements; familiarity; favors                     215
Friendship and acquaintance; homely parties; hospitality; hurry; 
                imitation; introductions; invitations; jesting; ladies; leaving company     314
Letters; mourning; mysteriousness; punctuality; punning; purse-pride; 
                quarrels; ridicule; sulkiness; salutations; small-talk; secrecy; spite 
                and revenge; spitting; surliness; vanity; vulgarities; whispering              413
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        258, 449
Border for a Handkerchief, New Style (Illustrated)                                          394, 457
Bosom Friend, or Sontag, and Sleeves (Illustrated) [knitted]                              67
Boswell's Introduction to the Literary Club (Illustrated)                                    193
Brace for Child's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                 453
Bracelet in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                         70
Braided Border (Illustrated)                                                                            550
Braided Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                       362
Braiding Pattern for an Infant's Cloak (Illustrated)                                            170
Braiding Pattern for Pinafore or Ladies' Jackets (Illustrated)                             361
Braiding Pattern for Top of Pincushion (Illustrated)                                            15
Braiding Pattern for Zouave and Other Jackets (Illustrated)                              358
Bridal Pincushion (Illustrated) [embroidered]                                                     10
Broad Line Drawing Lessons (Illustrated)                                        44, 151, 244, 334, 435, 526
Broderie for a Child's Dress (Illustrated)                                                          552
Candlestick Socket of Chenille and White Beads (Illustrated)                           456
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                  64, 103, 104, 160, 541
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                            159, 542
Card Receiver (Illustrated)                                                                              452
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
A Charity that Begins at Home                                                              190
A Cheerful Breakfast-table                                                                   382
A German Household                                                                           477
A Miscellaneous Catalogue [books for children age 8-14]                       89
A Modern Heroine [Garibaldi's wife]                                                      89
Boarding-School Evils [rivalries of dress]                                              189
Books for Young Ladies                                                                       382
Fresh Hints for Flower Gardening        
No. 1—Arrangement of Flower Beds                                               382
No. 2—Bulbous Plants [hyacinths, narcissus, iris, lily, tulip, crocus,
                    snowdrop]                                                                                    478
No. 3—Mignonette flowers throughout the year; sowing flower 
                    seeds; preserving bulbs; perennial tuberous plants                          571
Hon. Mrs. Norton                                                                                381
India Shawls                                                                                         189
Isa Craig, "The Ballad of the Brides of Quair" [poem]                            285
Natural Ornaments                                                                               571
Notes and Queries                                                       
             How to quilt on a Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine; low spirits; 
                    to remove marks of rain from a cloth mantle; paint upon velvet; 
                    Miss Hosmer's works; complaining of one's husband                        90
How to give children old school medicines, who was Wallenstein?, 
                    how to order books from a distance; fifty dollar sewing machines; 
                    Madame Clement's School, Beverly, NJ                                         191
What are cartoons? [designs drawn on pasteboard, preparatory to 
                    painting in fresco]; is America alone in her Fast Young People?; a 
                    peppermint plantation in Michigan; the Thibet goat—its cost; ink 
                    stains on valuable books and engravings                                         286
A Child's Smile [poem]; Easter eggs—to color them; government of 
                    children; red and black houservants                                               382
Domestic confectionery—chocolate drops; hair powder; cleanliness 
                    to godliness; incombustible dresses                                               479
To pack fruit for carriage; sea-side life; skeleton leaves; hops as a 
                    vegetable; an experiment on tomatoes                                            572
Over-Dress                                                                                        89
Sewing a Part of Education                                                               478
Sowing Sorrow                                                                                285
The Wardrobe [how do you hang up your dresses, cloaks, etc.]        574
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  449
Chemistry for the Young                                                         
Lesson XIV (concluded)                                                                       188
Lesson XV—Gold, tin, antimony, bismuth                                             284
Lesson XV (concluded)                                                                        381
Lesson XVI—Platinum                                                                         476
Lesson XVI (continued)                                                                        570
Child's Cloth Gaiter (Illustrated)                                                                        70
Carriage-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                 293, 384
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                            97, 191
Evening Dress (Illustrated)                                                                   100, 191
Fashionable Dress for a Lady (Illustrated) [ballgown]                           514, 545
Fashionable Dress for a Young Lady of Fourteen (Illustrated)              543
Home Dress (Illustrated)                                                                     198, 287
Infant's Gored Dress (Illustrated)                                                         257
Lady's Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                              260
Redingote Magicienne (Illustrated)                                                       199, 287
Spring Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                 196, 287
Spring Mantles (Illustrated)                                                                 488, 489, 573
Spring Walking Costume (Illustrated)                                                  292, 383
Sultana Cloak (Illustrated)                                                                     4, 91
The Adelaide (Illustrated) [dress]                                                        484, 573
The Albuera from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                          6
The Amalia (Illustrated) [dress]                                                           388, 480
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                 197
The Arragonese, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                101
The Aspasia (Illustrated) [dress]                                                          389, 480
The Beatrice (Illustrated) [ballgown]                                                    390, 480
The Clotilde, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                     490
The Constance, from Brodie (Illustrated) [ballgown]                            391, 480
The Cordovan, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  393
The Diego (Illustrated) [dress]                                                                 5, 91
The Gored Robe (Illustrated)                                                              294, 384
The Juliet (Illustrated) [ballgown]                                                         392, 480
The Lelia (Illustrated) [dress]                                                               485, 573
The Olivares (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                             1, 91
The Saragossa, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  296
The Scotia (Illustrated) [cloak]                                                            102
The Zouave Jacket (Illustrated)                                                           295
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                         69, 203, 363, 396
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                                13, 542
Cottage (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                                      256
Cottage in the Italian Style (Illustrated) [with plan]                                            566
Cousin Annie Hastings' Letters, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                      54
Cuff to Match Collar (Illustrated)                                                                     203
Damask-Work Curtain Border (Illustrated)                                                     550
Darning Stockings, by R. L. H. [fiction]                                                             528
Designs for Quilting (Illustrated)                                                                         16
Diagram of an Opera Hood, and of a New Sleeve (Illustrated)                         450
Diagram of a Fashionable Dress (Illustrated)                                                    545
Diagram of a Lady's Dress (Illustrated)                                                            261
Doll's Collar in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                             69
Domestic Life                                                                                                   525
Draperies, Curtains, and Blinds (Illustrated)                                                     183, 282, 325, 506
Drawing-room Work-bag (Illustrated)                                                             455
Dress:  How to Adorn the Person, by Mrs. M. L.                     
         To consider and review our dresses, bonnets, and shawls, or their
                substitutes; leadership of the French                                                  230
Choice of color; promenade and ball-room; dinner                                336
Shawls; mantles; collars, cuffs, chemisettes, and sleeves; coiffures;
                veils; caps; straw bonnets; silk bonnets; hats                                      429
Caps; coiffures; ornaments for the hair; shoes                                        515
Editors' Table, containing--
Allibone's Dictionary of Authors                                                            466
American Thanksgiving in Prussia                                                          274
Baltimore Female College                                                                     557
Children                                                                                               272
False Pretences                                                                                      80
Fancy--Truth (from an unpublished Poem)                                         177
From Three to Five; or, a Drive in Washington                                      466
Giving Good Advice                                                                             370
Health of American Women Deteriorating                                             467
Hints about Love and Marriage [incompatibility, true love, a man's
                idea of love]                                                                                     176
How to Become Famous                                                                      559
Idyls                                                                                                     368
Lines, by Mrs. Virginia Cary [poem]                                                   177
Mount Vernon                                                                                      274
New England Woman's Medical College                                               468
New York School of Design for Women                                               468
Notes on Nursing, by Florence Nightingale                                            467
Our Friend, Mrs. Haven [and the "Sensible School" of writing]              176
Our Native Language                                                                            369
Palace Homes for the Traveller                                                             465
Polyglottic                                                                                            468
Sewing and Swimming                                                                          369
"Strong-Minded Women"                                                                     177
Swedish Women                                                                                  559
Thanksgiving a Legal Holiday                                                                368
The American Sculpteress—Harriet Hosmer                                         467
The Freemason's Hymn, by Sarah Josepha Hale [poem]                        81
The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                                   80
The New National Holiday [Thanksgiving]                                            175
The "Presentation Plate" and "The Light of Home"                                   79
The Salons of Paris                                                                               558
Washington National Monument                                                             81, 274
Women's Wages in California                                                               468
Embroidery Composed of Guipure and Transfer (Illustrated)                            297, 356
Embroidery, Inserting &c. (Illustrated)             7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 102, 103,
106, 160, 170, 259, 261, 267, 292, 293, 294, 297, 360, 362, 395, 396, 449, 451,
459, 491, 540, 543, 547, 551, 552
Emma's Grave, by James Ristine [poem]                                                          254
End of Neck-tie (Illustrated)                                                                            299
Enigmas                                                                                            62, 158, 255, 351, 447, 540
Eva Lee, by Mrs. M. M. Hines [poem]                                                               61
Evangeline, by J. W. Beazell [poem]                                                                 447
Evening Shadows, by Mabel Gray [poem]                                                         61
Fancy Cape (Illustrated) [spotted lace, velvet, bugles, ribbon]                          104
Fancy Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                              168
Fancy Headdress (Illustrated)                                                                          262
Fancy Mourning Cape (Illustrated) [net, lace, and ribbon]                                103
Fairies, by Nellie [poem]                                                                                  157
         Bridal toilet; reception toilets; mantles and cloaks; lady's hood; wedding 
                ball dress; coiffures; evening receptions; sleeves; flounces and ruffles; 
                striped silks; moire fabrics; colors; furs                                                 90
Evening dresses; opera dress; children's clothing; lady's night dress;
                use of guipure, thread, and Chantilly lace; dressing the hair; collars and 
                cuffs; Valenciennes lace; slippers, boots, and shoes; headdresses; 
                heart-shaped watch                                                                           191
Spring dresses; home dress; redingote magicienne, knitted counterpane 
                in stripes, Fifth Avenue shopping; burnous; silk mantles; crinoline—
                notes from England and France; bonnets; dressing the hair; 
                bridesmaid dresses; mohair                                                               287
Dresses; walking dresses; child's dress; carriage dress; gored robe; 
                spring silks; cheques; shawls; bows; trims; skirts; bonnets                  383
Dress; walking dress; ballgowns; child's dress; bonnets; bonnet 
                trimming; headdresses; sashes; ribbons; flounces; morning dress 
                fabric; gored dresses; sleeves; black lace points and mantillas            479
Robes; dresses; spring mantles; travelling dresses; clothes for summer 
                watering places; underskirts                                                              573
Ferneries for the Parlor, by Harland Coultas                                                    443
Filling for Wheels (Illustrated)                                                                          396
Flounce for Evening-dress (Illustrated)                                                             550
Flouncing for an Evening-dress (Illustrated)                                                      486, 550
Forgiveness                                                                                                      415
Frame Cottage (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                           567
Fretfulness                                                                                                        155
Garden Hood, for a Little Girl (Illustrated) [knitted]                                         450
Gentleman's Gaiter (Illustrated)                                                                          73
Gentleman's Shirt (Illustrated)                                                                          259
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                     
         A list of articles we can supply; hoops worn by factory girls; portable 
                hand-books of games; paper shirt-collars; The Greeting of the New 
                Year to Godey, by Kruna [poem]                                                       85
Optics of a soap bubble (Illustrated); draperies, curtains, and blinds; 
                crown silk court skirt; finding fault with your children; bird in a cage
                trick                                                                                                  183
            Boswell's Introduction to the Literary Club; tight sleeves; The Flower-
                Garden—roses, verbena, petunia, heliotrope, fuchsia, geraniums, 
                hollyhock, phlox, dahlia, daisy chrysanthemum, carnations, alyssum, 
                double daisies, delphinium, hardy flowering shrubs; short note from
                Texas; usefulness of the Lady's Book; promote and encourage the 
                study of music—pianos for $150—including letters from Judson 
                Female Institute in Marion, AL and Farmville Female Seminary, 
                Farmville, VA; draperies, curtains, and blinds; tableaux vivants:  
             Mischief in School (Illustrated)                                                        279
Fun at home; Parables of Our Lord; The Flower-Garden—gladiolus, 
                Gandavensis varieties, double tuberose, tiger-flower, Jacobea lily; 
                To the Lady's Book, by S. L. P. [poem]; tableaux vivants:  The 
                Burglary (Illustrated); How to Dress a Doll (Illustrated); lady 
                office-holders in England                                                                    375
Ossian E. Dodge; Georgetown (S. C.) Times on women; experiment 
                with a new set of teeth; How to Dress a Doll (Illustrated); Madame 
                Clement's French and English Protestant Family School for Young 
                Ladies [Beverly, NJ]                                                                        472
Instructions to Texas subscribers; Ella Moore's Letters from the City—
                Letter 1—Tableaux Vivants—The Bleeding Nun, Lifting the Veil, 
                The Sorceress; Oakford's fashions; note from Sequin Mercury; 
                cottage in the Italian style; frame cottage (Illustrated); Miss 
                Martineau on cookery; How to Dress a Doll (Illustrated)                 563
Godey's Offering for New Year's (Illustrated) [designs for bags or smoking 
            caps in crochet; short purse in crochet; fancy crochet bag; basket purse] 68
Gothic Cottage (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                            63
Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter; or, The Three Ages of Dress (Illustrated) 
[turn of century, 1830s, 1860]                                                              289
Half of a Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                547
Half of Morning Collar (Illustrated)                                                                  396
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                                 105, 262, 448
Headdresses, Neck-tie, and Fancy Cuff (Illustrated)                                        105
Health Department, by Jno. Stainback Wilson, M. D., Columbus, Ga.                                   
         Intense mental application, light reading, bad positions, directions for the 
                sedentary, directions for those who have more leisure, women should 
                not submit to restraints                                                                         82
Quantity of gastric juice, effects of stimulants and over-eating; fat bacon 
                and pork, and frying; the warm bath and wetsheet pack                     178
Effects of taking tea and coffee on children, transmission from parents to 
                children—hereditary disease, mortality of infants, function of the lungs275
The dress of infants; the dress of little girls                                             370
Air for children                                                                                     468
Bathing and washing infants; the head and hair of infants                         560
Hidden Beauty, by Alice B. Have [fiction]                                                         245
Home in the Rain, by Anna L. Romaine [poem]                                                349
Ida, by Mrs. E. F. Ellet [poem]                                                                        253
Infant's Boot (Illustrated)                                                                                 359
Infant's Pincushion (Illustrated) [beads or pins]                                                   11
Infant's Shoe in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                  70
Initial Letters (Illustrated)        
         B                                                                                                            73
            SC                                                                                                       356
In Time of War, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction—Mexican War]            109
Invalid Cushion in Crochet and Colored Wools (Illustrated)                               74
Jacassa's Journal, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                                  46, 126
Keep the Birthdays                                                                                           509
Knitted Berries and Fruit
            Holly and Its Berries                                                                               72
            Mistletoe and Its Berries; the Yew and Its Berries                                 162
            Acorn and Oak Leaves                                                                         266
            Apple and Orange                                                                                358
            Pear                                                                                                     548
Knitted Counterpane in Stripes (Illustrated)                                                     287
Knitted Rigolette; or, Winter Headdress (Illustrated)                                        161
Lace Border for a Shawl of Lace (Illustrated)                                                  363
Lady Clare, by Fannie Stevens Bruce [poem]                                                    60
Lady's Hood (Illustrated)                                                                                    7, 91
Lady's Night-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                       107, 191
Lady's Reticule, in Straw Work (Illustrated)                                                     200, 262
Lamp Mat in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                   168
Latest Style of Collar (Illustrated)                                                                    363
Letter from California [history of discovery of gold]                                           347
Letter from Wisconsin, by Hattie Hiland [description of St. Joseph]                 348
Letters for Marking (Illustrated) [V, W, Y, Z]                                                  162
Letters from a City Girl in the Country, by Carrie Carlton [fiction]                    114
Lillian's Masquerading, by Mrs. Frances Fuller Barritt [fiction]                        205
Lines, by Eva Evans [poem]                                                                            527
Literary Notices                                                           
            Lizzy Glenn, or The Trials of a Seamstress; The Old Stone Mansion; 
                Peterson's Edition for the Million of the Writings of Charles Dickens; 
                American Notes; Women Artists in All Ages and Countries; Harry 
                Lee, or Hope for the Poor; Harper's Library of Select Novels; 
                Reynard the Fox; Loss and Gain, or Margaret's Home; The 
                Children's Picture Gallery; The Minister's Wooing; Poems by Susan 
                Archer Talley; The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green; A Budget of 
                Humorous Poetry; History of Independence Hall, from the Earliest 
                Period to the Present Time; Wild Scenes on the Frontier, or Heroes 
                of the West; Gold Foil, Hammered from Popular Proverbs; Edith, the
                Backwoods Girl; At Home and Abroad, a Sketch-book of Life, 
                Scenery, and Men; Life of Julius Caesar; Life of Vittoria Colonna; 
                Self-Education, or The Means and Art of Moral Progress; Life's 
                Morning, or Counsels and Encouragements for Youthful Christians; 
                The Money King, and Other Poems; The Sea of Ice, or The Arctic 
                Adventures; Leaders of the Reformation; A Commentary, 
                Explanatory, Doctrinal, and Practical, on the Epistle to the Ephesians; 
                Chanticleer:  A Thanksgiving Story; Ellie Randolph; Christmas 
                Vigils; Christmas Earnings; Hymns for a Christian Child; Little 
                Footprints                                                                                           83
A Critical Dictionary of English Literature, and British and American 
                Authors, Living and Deceased; A Tale of Two Cities; Peterson's 
                Complete and Cheap Edition for the Million of the Entire Writings of 
                Charles Dickens; The Pic-Nic [Pickwick?] Papers, by Charles 
                Dickens; Wild Southern Scenes:  A Tale of Disunion and Border 
                War; The Virginians:  A Tale of the Last Century; Preachers and 
                Preaching; The Prairie Traveller:  A Hand-Book for Overland 
                Expeditions; Stories of Rainbow and Lucky; The Queen of Hearts; 
                Fisher's River (North Carolina) Scenes and Characters; The 
                Student's Hume-— History of England from the Earliest Time to 
                the Revolution in 1688; A Good Fight, and Other Tales; The Most 
                Excellent Historie of the Merchant of Venice; A History of the 
                Four Georges, Kings of England; The Physiology of Common 
                Life; Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; Anna Clayton, or The 
                Inquirer After Truth; Historical Sketches of Hymns, Their Writers 
                and Their Influence; Poems by Henry Harbaugh; Edith's Ministry; 
                Book of Plays for Home Amusement; Willie and Nellie, or Stories 
                about my Canaries; No Lie Thrives:  A Tale; Everybody's Lawyer 
                and Counsellor in Business; The Corner Cupboard, or Facts for 
                Everybody; Parlor Theatricals, or Winter Evening's Entertainment; 
                The Secret Out, or One Thousand Tricks with Cards and Other 
                Recreations; A History of South Carolina, from the First European 
                Discovery to its Erection into a Republic; Sermons, Preached and 
                Revised by the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon; Sermons by Richard Fuller; 
                The Palace of the Great King, or, The Power, Wisdom, and 
                Goodness of God, Illustrated to the Multiplicity and Variety of His
                Works; The Great Tribulation, or Things Coming on the Earth; 
                Sword and Gown; Twelve Years a Soldier's Life in India; True 
                Womanhood:  A Tale; Tom Brown at Oxford; British Novelists, 
                and their Styles; Kind Words for Children, to Guide Them in the 
                Path of Peace; The Lives of the Bishops; Unca:  A Story for Girls; 
                Motes in the Sunbeam; The Circle of Blessing; Old friends with 
                New Faces; Morphy's Match Games; Elements of Draughts; 
                Chess-Player's Instructor                                                                  170
Tales of a Grandfather; The Lectures of Lola Montez; Doesticks' 
                Letters, and What He Says; The History and Records of the 
                Elephant Club; Plu-Ri-Bus-Tah:  A Song That's By No Author; a 
                Deed Without a Name; The Witches of New York; History of the 
                Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia; Footfalls on the Boundary 
                of Another World; Title Hunting; Compensation, or Always a Future; 
                The Book of Popular Songs; The Child's Book of Fairy Tales; 
                Thoughts and Reflections on the Present Position of Europe, and Its 
                Probably Consequences to the United States; History of the 
                Republic of the United States of America; Evenings at the 
                Microscope; Morphy's Games; Here and There, or Earth and 
                Heaven Contrasted; The New Night-Caps, told to Charley; Baby 
                Night-Caps; Martha's Hooks and Eyes; The Diary of a Samaritan, 
                by a Member of the Howard Association of New Orleans; 
                Self-Help, with Illustrations of Character and Conduct; A Popular 
                History of the United States of America; History of Peter the Great, 
                Emperor of Russia; Misrepresentation:  A Novel; Harry's Summer in 
                Ashcroft; Stories of Rainbow and Lucky; Mother Goose for Grown 
                Folks:  A Christmas Reading; The Professor at the Breakfast Table, 
                with The Story of Iris; The Crusades and the Crusaders; Earnest 
                Bracebride, or Schoolboy Days; Seven Years, and Other Tales; 
                Prenticeana, or Wit and Humor in Paragraph; How Could He 
                Help It? or, The Heart Triumphant; The Wife's Trials and Triumphs;
                The Old Battle-Ground; The Florence Stories; The Oakland 
                Stories; Apelles and His Contemporaries; Stories of Henry and 
                Henrietta; Sir Rohan's Ghost:  A Romance; Fairy Dreams, or 
                Wanderings in Elf-Land; The White Hills:  Their Legends, 
                Landscape, and Poetry; Kate and Effie, or, Prevarication; The 
                Three Wakings, with Hymns and Songs; The Cottage and its 
                Visitor; Little Willie, Unica; First and Last Journey; Brook Farm:  
             The Amusing and Memorable of American Country Life; Haste 
                to the Rescue, or Work While it is Day; Sophie Krantz; The 
                One Motive; Coralie and Rosalie                                                       276
The Adopted Heir; The Planter's Daughter:  A Tale of Louisiana; The 
                Man in Black:  An Historical Romance of the Days of Queen Anne; 
                The Haunted House; The Lectures of Lola Montez; The Rivals: 
                Tale of the Times of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton; The 
                Doomed Chief, or Two Hundred Years Ago; Lyrics and Other 
                Poems by S. A. Donaldson, Jr.; Great Facts:  A Popular History and 
                Description of the Most Remarkable Inventions During the Present 
                Century; Restatements of Christian Doctrine, in Twenty-Five 
                Sermons; Chambers's Encyclopedia:  A Dictionary of Universal 
                Knowledge for the People; Seven Years and Other Tales; Prince 
                Charlie, the Young Chevalier; Bible Stories, in Bible Language; The 
                Path Which Led a Protestant Lawyer to the Catholic Church; The 
                Eighteen Christian Centuries; The Origin of Species by Means of 
                Natural Selection; Mary Staunton, or the Pupils of Marvel Hall; 
                An Appeal to the People in Behalf of Their Rights as Authorized 
                Interpreters of the Bible; Life in Spain:  Past and Present; The 
                Leisure Moments of Miss Martha Haines Butt, A. M.; Almost a 
                Heroine:  A Romance; Florence de Lacy, or Quicksands and 
                Whirlpools;  Violet Davenant:  A Romance; Fanny; The Woman 
                of the World; Lisa, or, The Mesmerist's Victim; The Female Skeptic, 
                or Faith Triumphant; The Great Tribulation, or Things Coming on 
                the Earth; The Romance of a Poor Young Man:   A Drama; The 
                Gospel in Burmah; The Missing Link, or Bible Women in the 
                Homes of the London Poor; The Hart and the Water-Brooks: 
                Practical Exposition of the Forty-Second Psalm; Friends in 
                Council; a Familiar Compend of Geology; Religious and Moral 
                Sentences Culled from the Works of Shakspeare; Home Dramas 
                for Young People; A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of 
                Sir John Franklin and His Companions; Poems by Sydney Dobell; 
                The Home Circle:  A Collection of Piano-Forte Music; New 
                Method for the Melodeon, Harmonium, and Other Instruments 
                of the Organ Class; The American Almanac; Poems of Two 
                Friends; Christ in History                                                                  372
The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans; The North 
                American Sylva, or, A Description of the Forest Trees of the United 
                States, Canada, and Nova Scotia; The Haunted Homestead, and 
                Other Nouvellettes; The Caxtons:  A Family Picture; The Life and 
                Times of Herod the Great; An Ancient Geography, Classical and 
                Sacred; Dr. Oldham at Greystones, and His Talk There; Notes on 
                Nursing:  What It Is and What It Is Not; History of the Early Church; 
                Passing Thoughts on Religion; Edgar Poe and His Critics; The Habits 
                of Good Society:  A Hand-Book for Ladies and Gentlemen; Answer 
                to Hugh Miller and Theoretic Geologists; Narrative of the Early of 
                Elgin's Mission to China and Japan, in the Years 1857, '58, '59; 
                Lucy Crofton; The Life and Times of Gen. Sam. Dale, the 
                Mississippi Partisan; The Marble Faun; or, The Romance of Monte 
                Beni; A Trip to Cuba; Notes on Travel and Study in Italy; Whims 
                and Waifs; Stories from Famous Ballads; Ten Thousand Wonderful 
                Things; Adventures and Observations on the West Coast of Africa 
                and Its Islands; Bible History; American Normal Schools:  Their 
                Theory, Their Workings, and Their Results; Home pastimes; or, 
                Tableaux Vivants                                                                              469
American Notes and Pic-Nic papers; Brazil and the Brazilians; Our 
                Living Representative Men; Say and Seal; The Bible and Social 
                Reform; The Satires of Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia, and Lucilius; 
                Aeschylus; Quinti Horatii Falcci Opera Omnia; Stories of Inventors 
                and Discoverers in Science and the Useful Arts; Stories of Rainbow 
                and Lucky; Chambers's Encyclopedia; Night Lessons from 
             Scripture; Essays—Critical and Miscellaneous, by T. Babington 
                Macaulay; A Voyage Down the Amoor, with a Land Journey 
                Through Siberia, and Incidental Notices of Manchooria, 
                Kamschatka, and Japan; The Biblical Reason Why; The Art of 
                Dancing, Historically Illustrated; Wolfe of the Knoll, and Other 
                Poems; Cathara Clyde:  A Novel; Adela, the Octoroon; Walter 
                Ashwood:  A Love Story; Woman (La Femme); Letters from 
                Switzerland; Hester and I, or Beware of Worldliness; The Florence 
                Stories; The Pioneers, Preachers, and People of the Mississippi 
                Valley; Wild Sports in the South, or The Camp-fires of the 
                Everglades; Holmby House:  A Tale of Old Northamptonshire; 
                Tom Brown at Oxford; Life's Evening, or Thoughts for the Aged; 
                Rita:  An Autobiography; Fragments from the Study of a Pastor;
                Our Farm of Four Acres, and the Money We Made By It; The 
                Orchard House, or Culture of Fruit Trees in Pots Under Glass; The 
                Manual of Phonography                                                                    561
Long Purse in Knitting (Illustrated)                                                                     70, 456
Love and Matrimony (Illustrated) [cartoon—attention, declaration, 
                solemnization, possession, altercation, reconciliation]                         385
Loveliness                                                                                                        135
Love's Miracle; or, The Charm of Music, by J. W. Bryce [fiction]                      345
Macaroon Patchwork in Silk and Velvet (Illustrated)                                       106, 163
Mammoth Cave, by Mrs. S. S. Jessop [poem]                                                  445
Married Life                                                                                                     236
Mary Grey, by Emily B. Carroll [fiction]                                                          497
May, by Sarah J. C. Whittlesey [poem]                                                           447
Miss Slimmens's Boarding-house, by the author of "The Tallow Family"                           
Single Gentlemen Preferred; She is Confidential With Dora                      33
            Her Opinion of Women Boarders in General; A Terrible Accident         147
            Confidential, Between Miss Slimmens and Herself; She Gets an
                Invitation to the Concert                                                                    237
            She Takes a Little Bound Girl to Love and Cherish; She Casts Her
                Bread Upon the Waters; The Professor at the Tea Table; The 
                Double Wedding—Married at Last!                                                   318
Married at Last! (concluded); She Goes to Market—Domestic 
                Economy; A New and Interesting Boarder                                        437
What the Heart of a Maiden Said to a Young Man [poem]; Hope On, 
                Hope Ever; How She Came to Take a Lady Boarder; Rat 
                Exterminator                                                                                     531

Modelling in Pasteboard and Paper (Illustrated)                                              164, 265, 357, 456
Morning Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                               360
Mrs. Bowen's Investment, Only for Housekeepers, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]  38
Mrs. Bowen's Parlor and Spare Bed-room, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]           136
Gently Flow, Neshaminy, by Prof. Edward Embuhl                            482
In My Swift Boat Come Dearest, by C. Everest                                    94
Mingo Polka, by Prof. Edward Ambuhl                                              198
O'er My Heart a Sadness Stealing, by J. H. M'Naughton                     290
The Golden Ringlet, by Miss J. R.                                                         386
Winter Winds, by J. Starr Holloway                                                        2
My Child, by Laura W. Lamoreux [poem]                                                       446
My Child, by Sophia North [fiction?]                                                               123
My Serenade, by C. D. [fiction]                                                                        212
My Sisters and I:  A Family Sketch, by Kate Berry Potter  [fiction]                  405
My Wife, and Where I Found Her, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]              303
Nature's Song in the Night                                                                                133
Neck-tie (Illustrated)  
         Of silk or velvet, bound with a different color                                           69
            Of ribbon, lace, velvet, and beads                                                         105
            Of lace, braid, and beads                                                                      298, 299
Neck-tie, in Applique of Net and Muslin (Illustrated)                                       264
Netted Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                  361
New Style of Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                         202
Not All a Waif, by W. S. Gaffney                                                                       37
Nothing Finished                                                                                               423
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)               
Fichu; collar and cuffs; shirt; chemisette and sleeve; child's street sacque              64
Opera or concert cap; fanchon night cap; winter undersleeves; evening
                fichu                                                                                                  159
Infant's gored dress; slips for young infants; quilted or Marseilles infant's 
                bib; sunbonnet or capeline for young child                                         257
Dress for little girl; child's chemises; drawers for little girl; little girl's
                apron                                                                                                353
Casaque for the house; headdresses for dinner or evening; habit shirt for 
                home wear; undersleeves; bonnet                                                     448
Veste Algerien; Suisse canezou of muslin; collars and sleeves; caps for
                demi-toilette                                                                                     541
Oakford's Fashions for Spring (Illustrated)                                                       492
Ornamented Hyacinth-Glass (Illustrated)                                                         163
Our Good Time is in the Present, by W. G. Mills [poem]                                   156
Out in the Snow, by F. H. Stauffer [poem]                                                       158
Oxford's Fashions for the Spring (Illustrated) [riding hats, French jockey 
            leghorn cap, French cadet cap, walking boots, toilette slipper, cossack 
            cap, highland cap for infants, promenade hat, child's hats]                     492
Parting, by Jessie Atherton [poem]                                                                  538
Pasteboard Boxes (Illustrated)                                                                        165
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    before 289, 549
Patchwork Border (Illustrated)                                                                        201, 262
Patience, by Beata [poem]                                                                               157
Pattern for a Child's Pardessus (Illustrated)                                                        74
Pleading, by Ella C. Hall [poem]                                                                      255
Poetry of Common Life, by Enul [poem]                                                          539
Raindrops, by Zinnia Zell [poem]                                                                     255
Receipts, &c.                                                                          
         Articles for the Kitchen (Illustrated), oval boiler, round boiler, 
                saucepan, upright saucepan, turned teakettle with drop handle, 
                upright sauce with lips; Stewing and Stews—stewed meats, 
                fricandeau of veal, a cheaper but equally good fricandeau of veal, 
                ragout breast of veal, harricot of veal, to stew lamb's head; Stewed 
                poultry, game, etc., to stew fowl with rice, to stew a turkey or fowl, 
                to stew pigeons, to stew giblets, to stew a duck or goose; Bills of 
                fare for January; Presence of mind and common sense, helping a 
                person who has fainted; treating poison; stopping bleeding; Cakes, 
                etc.—Shrewsbury cakes, gingerbread, jumbles, rice buns, very nice 
                tart, Caledonian cream, German puffs; Plain Dinners for Winter—
                Christmas dinner, New Year's dinner; Cookery for the Sick—a good 
                jelly, pork jelly, broth of beef, mutton, and veal, chicken broth, eel 
                broth, beef tea, eggs; Miscellaneous—soaps, to clarify dripping, 
                barley, to cleanse gloves without wetting, to scour thick cotton 
                counterpanes, to clean gold lace, to scour carpets, hearth-rugs, etc., 
                odoriferous water, to make hominy bread, to preserve eggs, copying 
                ferns; Contributed Receipts—to dress rice, for a cough, salted fish, 
                a plain custard                                                                                     75
Articles for the Kitchen (Illustrated)—double skillet for boiling milk, 
                rotary egg beater, oval and round melon moulds for boiling puddings, 
                moulds for blancmange, jelly, etc.; Frying of Animal Food—fats, to 
                clarify dripping or skimmings, to clarify lard or suet, the fire for frying, 
             in frying, to fry steaks or chops, sausages, cutlets, sweetbreads, 
                mutton and lamb cutlets, pork chops; A Communication from Aunt 
                Deborah—soaps, gritty soap, pot-pourri, perfume bags, lavender 
                scent-bag, hair-wash, the growth of the hair, hair brushes; Bill of Fare 
                for February; Cookery for the Sick—arrowroot, bread, calf's feet 
                broth, quick-made broth, beef tea to drink cold, chicken panada, 
                ground rice milk, vinegar and lemon whey, a refreshing drink in a fever; 
                Miscellaneous—cures for stings, to remove foreign bodies from 
                beneath the eyelid, the sweeten pie dishes, to keep suet, to restore 
                the color of the keys of a piano, meat pie, to cleanse decanters, to 
                cleanse phials, etc., chromate of potash for warts, to season new 
                earthenware, to remove stains from mourning-dresses, to remove rust 
                from iron, to prevent mouldiness in ink; Contributed Receipts—to 
                cure cough or hoarseness, to remove bugs on cabbages or melons,
Higden pickle, for making yeast                                                         171
Articles for the Kitchen (Illustrated)—nursery lamp and kettle, patent 
                corkscrew, improved French cofetiere; Broiling of Animal Food—
                ordinary gridiron, the fire for broiling, instructions, broiled steaks, 
                mutton chops, fowls or pigeons, broiled kidneys; Cakes, Puddings, 
                etc.—to make gingerbread nuts, tea cake, sponge biscuits, icing for 
                cake, castle pudding, almond biscuits, gingerbread, orange pudding, 
                orange tart; Cookery for the Sick—calf's feet jelly, chicken broth, a 
                clear broth that will keep long, to make panada in five minutes, cold 
                caudle, flour caudle, water gruel, milk porridge, sago, tamarind or 
                cranberry juice; Bill of Fare for March; Hair Washes—rosemary                        
water, rosemary hair wash, Athenian water, vegetable or botanic 
                extract, astringent extract of roses and rosemary, saponaceous 
                wash, rose bandoline, almond bandoline; Miscellaneous—melted 
                butter, Parisian mode off roasting apples, to dye silk or woollen 
                green, to take a copy of a print or drawing, fragrant oil, to take 
                ink out of linen, keeping flies from glasses and frames; cure for 
                rheumatism; to make Windsor soap, to make isinglass glue, red 
ink from woollen table-covers; Contributed Receipts—for making 
                South Carolina Johnny or journey cake, receipt used at the South 
                for burns, for removing mildew and iron mould, a very nice bread 
                pudding, egg butter, to prevent or cure ruptured navels in infants, 
                dysentery, a spring dish, bread cake, fried peppernuts, perpetual 
             plum pudding, silver cake, gold cake                                                 268
Cooking of Meats, etc.—beef a la mode, veal pot-pie, roast leg of 
                lamb, chowder, good veal-stuffing, strong and nourishing veal-broth, 
                pepperpot, potted herring, lobster salad, oyster chowder, scrapple, 
                excellent directions for stewing, in dressing game, hot slaw, mock 
                turtle soup, cold potatoes scolloped; Purifying and Filtering Water; 
                Nice Family Dinners for Spring; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—rich bride 
                or christening cake, plum pudding, Indian loaf-cake, jumbles, gateau 
                Neapolitan (Illustrated), rice cake, lemon pudding, Bill of Fare for 
                April; Miscellaneous—to remove clinkers in stoves, preservation of 
                milk and cream, to remove rust from iron utensils, to clear the voice, 
                to cleanse marble, skeleton leaves, to prevent smoke from a lamp, 
                washing paint, to clean china and glass, hair wash, fish vinegar, 
                cucumber catsup, ginger beer; Contributed Receipts—Mississippi 
                cake, Washington cake, cocoanut pound cake, icing for tarts            364
Modern Ice Cream, and the Philosophy of Its Manufacture 
                (Illustrated)—vanilla, orange or pineapple, orange or lemon water 
                ices, Roman punch, frozen custard; Bill of Fare for May; Cooking of 
                Meats, etc.—stewed lamb, stewed mutton cutlets, excellent minced 
                veal, minced turkey or chicken, veal with oysters, tomato sweetbreads,
                tongue toast, ham toast; Vegetables, etc.—young corn omelet, 
                cauliflower omelet, scalloped tomatoes, stewed spinach, stewed peas, 
                onion custard, to stew carrots; Cakes, Puddings, etc.—cinnamon 
                biscuits, Boston gingerbread, lemon cheesecakes, lemon tartlets, rice
                cheesecakes equal to lemon, nice pudding, a choice pudding, puffets 
                for tea or breakfast, a good cheap cake, dessert biscuits; Bathing; 
                Miscellaneous—gum arabic paste, to make grease balls, to clean 
                whitewash brushes, to remove the odor from a vial, to remove 
                grease from a stove hearth, to remove paint from the wall of a room, 
             to destroy crickets; to destroy worms in garden walks, to remove 
                corns from between the toes, relieve for a sprained ankle, paste for 
                cleaning knives, how to clean old silver coins                                      460
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—observations on preserving, to 
                clarify sugar for preserving, to keep preserves, to preserve 
                strawberries, to preserve strawberries whole, to preserve strawberries 
                or raspberries for creams or ices without boiling, strawberries stewed 
                for tarts, to preserve strawberries in wine, strawberry jelly, 
                raspberries, raspberry jam, raspberry wine, raspberry cream, 
                currants preserved, to dry currants for dessert, currant jelly, red or 
                white currant jam, green currant jam, currant wine, compote of green 
                currants, black currant vinegar, gooseberries preserved, to keep red 
                gooseberries, compote of green gooseberries, compote of spring 
                fruit—rhubarb, to preserve rhubarb, fine rhubarb jam, rhubarb jam, 
                cherries preserved, compote of cherries, compote of morello 
                cherries, cherry jam, to dry cherries, to preserve oranges or lemons 
                in jelly, to keep oranges or lemons for pastry, orange shrub; Bills of 
                Fare for June; Miscellaneous—a truthful and cheap barometer, to 
                make barley sugar, meager broth with roots, to clean silks, to 
                preserve milk, seven-years catsup, the value of vinegar in economical 
                cookery; Contributed Receipts—Texas cream cake, a nice boiled 
                custard, rice pudding, to make honey, another Johnny cake receipt, 
                common fruit cake, seed cake, hedge                                                553
Retirement, by Thomas Henry Bacon [poem]                                                   538
Rich and Poor, by Anson G. Chester [poem]                                                   539
Sampler Pattern for Our Young Friends (Illustrated)                                          69
Shoes (Illustrated)                                                                                             66, 70, 167
Sonnet--Wissahicken, by William Alexander [poem]                                         62
Spring Song, by C. S. Flint      [poem]                                                             349
Stomacher and Edging of Child's Dress (Illustrated)                                         455
Striped Cushion in Berlin Wool (Illustrated)                                                     548
Success                                                                                                            252
Suggestive Notes on Grecian Oil Painting, by Mrs. E. Custard                          252, 344, 444, 530
Sunny Memories, by Myrta May [poem]                                                          539
Tea for the Ladies, and Where It Comes From (Illustrated)                              301, 397
Tears, by Frederick P. Luther [poem]                                                             351
The Aged Pilgrim, by Delia Dayton      [poem]                                                 253
The Art of Ornamental Hair-work (Illustrated)
         No. 18—Banded Plait; No. 19—Broad Wavy Plait                                72
            Receipts for 19 different chains                                                             165
            Receipts, 20-34, chains, rings, and bracelet                                           267
            Receipts, 34-48, chains, bracelets, rings, brooch                                   355
            Receipts, 49-60 (Illustrated), bracelets and chains                               458
            Receipts, 61-71 (Illustrated), chains and bracelets                               544
The Art of Swimming                                                                                        493
The Child's Gift, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                                    217
The Closing Day, by William F. Wood [poem]                                                 155
The Deserted, by Almena C. Saunders [poem]                                                446
The First Violets of Spring, by Carrie [poem]                                                   445
The Frozen Heart, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                               430, 517
The Latest Style of Collar, with Matching Cuff (Illustrated)                               203
The Launch (Illustrated)                                                                                  481
The Maltese Cross (Illustrated) [for book cover or Bible-mark]                       167
The Maniac, by Mrs,. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                               538
The Mother                                                                                                      529
The Ordeal; or, The Spring and Midsummer of a Life, by Alice B. Haven         
         [fiction]                                                                                                 329, 416, 510
The Philosophy of Domestic Embellishment                                                       421
The River by My Cottage, by Harriet N. Havens [poem]                                 254
The Two Souls, by Mrs. A. M. Butterfield [poem]                                           350
The Two White Roses, translated from the French by D. L. Dalton [fiction]      316
The Unruly Member, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                              17
The Widow, by Lilly Lee [fiction]                                                                     424
The Wonders of the Ocean                                                                                 53
Thou and I, by E. N. H. [poem]                                                                        156
Tidy for a Lounging Chair in Crochet (Illustrated)                                               68
To A. E. M., by Willie Myrtle De Haven [poem]                                             501
To A. M. F., by Anna [poem]                                                                          158
To Christiana [poem]                                                                                        350
To Hattie, by Circaleo [poem]                                                                         349
To Mary, by G. R. Calvert [poem]                                                                    61
To My Brother, by Julia Southall [poem]                                                          60
To Yield, or Not to Yield?  That is the Question, by A. B. [fiction]                     152
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                  54, 159, 449, 541
Unequally Yoked Together, by E. A. Sandford [fiction]                                    232
Velvet Wristlet (Illustrated)                                                                              458
Watch-Case in Chenille (Illustrated)                                                                164
Watch-Pocket (Illustrated)                                                                              456
Wilson's Request, by Miss Catharine Mitchell [poem]                                     254
Wilt Thou Love Me When I'm Old?  by Finley Johnson [poem]                       538
Winter, by Melva [poem]                                                                                 253
Winter Sock (Illustrated)                                                                                     9, 71
Winter Song, by Kelway [poem]                                                                      158
Wonderful Things (Illustrated)  
War chariot of Egypt; Queen Elizabeth's side-saddle; English toadstone 
                ring; sardonyx ring with cameo head of Queen Elizabeth, in the 
                possession of Rev. Lord John Thynne                                               134
Ancient armlet; chair of Dagobert; Egyptian standards; ancient Danish 
                 shield                                                                                               223
Mummy cases; Egyptian toilet-boxes                                                     423
Personal ornaments of the Egyptians                                                      537
Wristlet (Illustrated)                                                                                        298, 356
Wreath of Flowers in Bead-work (Illustrated)                                                  454