Godey's Lady's Book
Volume LIX, July-December 1859 

A Lover's Dream, by Shenandoah [poem]                                                       230
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)
         Crochet, capitals, lower case, numbers                                                  108
            Variety alphabet, capitals, A-0                                                              300
            Variety alphabet, capitals, P-Z                                                              400
            Floral, capitals, A-U                                                                             496
A Mother's Love, by George W. Cook [poem]                                                  61
Amusements at Home [dancing, music, drawing]                                                 47
Amusing Tricks [freezing mixture; wine upon water; night light; to obtain flame 
            from water; metallic vegetation; to produce cold; to melt steel as easily 
            as lead]                                                                                                327
An Appeal, by S. P. Bryan, M. D. [poem]                                                        254
A Netted Couverette for Fruit, Cake, etc. (Illustrated)                                     362
A Parting Lay, by Alone [poem]                                                                       350
A Pleasant Letter [from Nahma, Delta Co., MI]                                                147
Applique Reticule (Illustrated)                                                                           71
Articles for Fancy Fairs (Illustrated)  
Glass boxes with raised covers; temple or cottage boxes; diamond
                boxes; octagon boxes; mirror and pincushion boxes; painted-glass 
                jewel boxes                                                                                      164
Harlequin and mirror jewel boxes; glass picture-frames                          260
Glass baskets                                                                                       358
Worsted work-basket; moss baskets                                                    457
A Title Lost, a Heart Won:  A Novellette, by Captain B_____, Mississippi
         [fiction]                                                                              29, 149, 246, 339, 439, 533
Aunt Bethiah's Visit, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                            210, 301
Aunt Magwire's Account of the Mission to Muffletegawny, by the author of 
            the "Widow Bedott Papers"
[fiction]                                                     13
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey [fiction]                                              21
Aunt Tabitha's Fire-side:  A Ghost Story, by Edith Woodley [fiction]                317
Autumn, by Lillian [poem]                                                                               417
Autumn, by R. S. H. [poem]                                                                              539
Autumn Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                           200, 287
Autumn Musings, by Mabel Gray [poem]                                                         351
Bead Net for the Hair (Illustrated)                                                                   204, 287
Beautiful Extract                                                                                               113
Beauty, by Ellen [poem]                                                                                   445
Beware of the Thorns (Illustrated)                                                                     97
Blind Little Eddie, by Kruna [poem]                                                                   62
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                            102,190, 200, 256, 287, 352, 598
Borders for Mats, in O. P. Beads (Illustrated)                                                  357
Braiding Pattern for a Mantle (Illustrated)                                                        398
Braiding Pattern for a Note-Case (Illustrated)                                                  209, 354
Broad Line Drawing Lessons (Illustrated)                                    43, 139, 237, 319, 427, 526
Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                                         492
Broderie for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                       198
Buttercups (Illustrated)                                                                                        1
By the Graves of my Kindred, by Charles Stewart                                           519
Cable Border, in Beads (Illustrated)                                                                  70
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                            66, 352, 450
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                              66, 159, 450
Carriage Friends, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                        133, 231, 320, 429, 510
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
"A Cooking School"                                                                               92
A Mother's Wages, by Alice B. Haven [poem]                                     189
Becoming Colors                                                                                  189
Books for Summer Reading                                                                    93
Caprices of Fashion      [use of flowers, lace, and ribbon on ball 
                dresses, headdresses, bonnets, berthes; jewelry]                               286
House Gardening                                             
             No. 7—Hints for the Arrangement of Cut Flowers                              93
                No. 8—Cut Flowers Again                                                               190
                No. 9—Moss, etc. as Parlor Ornaments                                           285
                No.10—Potting House Plants                                                           381
                No. 11—Generalities                                                                        475
                No. 12—Concluding Hints                                                               566
Notes and Queries                                           
             How to remove stains from marble; signs of the times—detailed list 
                    for sale of furniture from home; to cleanse the hair, and prevent its 
                    falling out; Mechlin lace                                                                  94
Carpet moths; pearls and topaz; cheap furniture; old cornices             190
"Ice storm carriages"—what are they, and what is their use?; 
                    Brazilian pebble for eyeglasses lenses; black lead for pencils; 
                    cleaning bone or ivory handles of knives; artificial flowers              286
Is jet a mineral?; varnish for wall-paper; Egyptian burials; how to 
                    have an inodorous scouring liquid, that will take out paint, grease, 
                    and soil from silks and woollens; how to conquer an over-sensitive 
                    disposition                                                                                   382
Camphor; "Gentle Annie": care of the feet; lip salve; Australian 
                    flowers; to cleanse books or drawings from grease; straw 
                    braiding—history                                                                         475
We will forward any or all of our books; how are authors paid?; 
                    styles of note-paper and envelopes; crimson and black vs. scarlet 
                    and black                                                                                     566
Juvenile Libraries:  A Gift for All Times and Seasons
                The Baby Library, for children from two to five                                 285
                No. 2                                                                                               382
                History, Travels, Biography, etc.                                                       565
"The Murder of the Innocents"                                                              565
The Preacher of Beckenham Barn—Miss Marsh                                   381
The Sunday Library [37 chosen titles]                                                   475
Charades in Action (Illustrated) [game-stir]                                                        57
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  255, 451
Chemistry for the Young                                                          
         Lesson XIII (continued)                                                                          92
            Lesson XIII (continued)                                                                        188
            Lesson XIII (continued)                                                                        284
            Lesson XIV.  Zinc and iron                                                                   380
Chenille Headdress (Illustrated)                                                                         12, 96
Children                                                                                                           506
Child's Bib in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                   459
Child's Braided Boot (Illustrated)                                                                      74, 75
Child's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                                 169
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                 7, 95, 209, 383, 541
Church (Illustrated)                                                                                         289, 364
Cigar-Case in Application and Embroidery (Illustrated)                                    262
Boy's Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                               543
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                              7, 298
Elegant Summer Mantle (Illustrated) [includes diagram]                          65, 67, 69, 159
Evening Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                            256
            Evening Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                            354, 355
Fall Cloaks (Illustrated)                                                                       295, 383
Fall Dress (Illustrated)                                                                         486, 567
Fall Paletot (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                452, 454
Ladies' Working-dress (Illustrated)                                                        73
La Mode (Illustrated) [dress]                                                              481, 567
New Fall Style (Illustrated) [dress]                                                      293, 383
New Style Gored Dress (Illustrated)                                                    484, 485, 567
Organdie Robe (Illustrated)                                                                     6, 95
Sortie du Bal, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                    393, 488
The Castilian, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                        4
The Cora Mantle (Illustrated)                                                              294
The Cordovan, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  196
The Florentine, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  387
The Hispania, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                    292
The Saragossa, from Brodie (Illustrated) [cloak]                                  100
The Zouave Jacket (Illustrated) [and skirt]                                           487, 567
Winter Cloaks (Illustrated)                                                              390, 391, 491, 477
Cold from Damp Clothes                                                                                    49
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                 76, 170, 450, 459, 493
Collar, in Broderie a la Point de Poste (Illustrated)                                             76
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                              67, 166, 259, 456, 460, 549
Crochet Alphabet and Figures (Illustrated) [capitals, lower case, numbers]       109
Crochet Coronet Basket (Illustrated)                                                               545
Crochet Lace (Illustrated)                                                                               160, 458, 548
Crochet Neck-Tie (Illustrated)                                                                        490, 546
Crochet Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                            68, 394, 455, 491
Crochet Undersleeve with Cuff (Illustrated)                                                     489, 543
Crucified, by Carrie Calderwood [poem]                                                          62
Curtains for Parlor or Drawing-Room Windows (Illustrated)                            265
Design for a Braided Pen-wiper (Illustrated)                                                    546
Design for Braidwork (Illustrated)                                                                   460
Design for Quilting (Illustrated)                                                                        550
Despair, by Wm. W. Turner [poem]                                                                 539
Diagram for Boy's Dress (Illustrated)                                                               544
Diagram for Summer Mantle (Illustrated)                                                           69
Diagram for Evening-Dress (Illustrated)                                                           257, 355
Diagrams for Dressing Children—For Little Girls Who Read Godey 
            (Illustrated) [paper dolls]                                                                     385, 455
Drawing-Room Chess-Table (Illustrated) [Berlin work]                                   266
Editors' Table, containing--
A Dear Little Baby, by Lucy Hardy Odercurk                                      177
A Few Words to Our Lovely Young Friends                                         555
American Missionaries and Thanksgiving Day                                        177
A Mother's Lyric, by Sarah Josepha Hale [poem]                               467
An Adventurous Lady [Mrs. Louisa Kay Kerr]                                     178
A Physician's Advice                                                                            370
A Word for Young Poets                                                                      273
Be Careful What You Write                                                                  557
Books for the Season                                                                           557
Christmas Hymn, by Mrs. S. J. Hale [poem]                                         555
Do Women Commit as Many Crimes as Men?                                      465
Education for Woman [Mary Sharp College, Winchester, TN]              178
Growing Old, by Mrs. Hale [poem]                                                        81
Heroes                                                                                                 497
Idleness                                                                                                273
Judgment and Mercy [poem]                                                                371
Life Sketches—Mrs. Shimmelpenninck                                                   82
Madame de Genlis                                                                                  82
Mary Stuart                                                                                          466
Mount Vernon                                                                                      371
Mount Vernon Association                                                       83, 178, 274, 371, 557
Music Teachers                                                                                    370
Our Little Children                                                                                272
Our Thanksgiving Union                                                                        466
Places of Education for Young Ladies
                The Ohio Female College at College Hill, Hamilton, County, OH; 
                    Miss S. J. Hale's Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies         82
                The French Institute at Worcester, MA; Miss S. J. Hale's Boarding 
                    and Day School for Young Ladies                                                 274
Troy Female (Ladies') Seminary; The Wesleyan College at 
                    Cincinnati; The Baltimore Ladies' College; The Female (Woman's) 
                    Medical College of Pennsylvania; Miss S. J. Hale's Boarding and 
                    Day School for Young Ladies                                                       556
Property Rights of Married Women [Michigan]                                     273
School for Young Ladies                                                                        83
School-houses and School-teachers                                                      467
Shall Thanksgiving Day be an American National Festival?                      81
Smiles and Tears, by E. C. D. [poem]                                                   273
Subscribers for the Washington Portrait                                                   83, 179
The Costume of the Puritans                                                                 272
The Instinct of Faith in God                                                                   177
The Furman University                                                                          467
The White Mountains of New Hampshire                                              369
The Woman of Letters                                                                          176
Woman's Condition in Great Britain                                                      370
Ellen Galt Martin, by a Deaf Mute [poem]                                                          64
Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                                      493
Embroidered Shoe, for an Infant (Illustrated)                                                   548
Embroidered Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                     395
Embroidery for an Infant's Cloak or Talma (Illustrated)                                    106
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            8, 66, 74, 75, 105, 106, 107, 163, 167,
168, 170, 201, 262, 264, 265, 267, 296, 297, 364, 394, 395, 399, 452, 455, 456,
458, 460, 489, 490, 491, 494, 495, 542, 547, 550
Enigmas                                                                                        64, 158, 254, 351, 448, 540
Erroneous Judgment in Youth                                                                            518
Eyes, by Mrs. H. Stanton [poem]                                                                       62
Fancy Plait for Velvet (Illustrated)                                                                   204
Fancy Ribbon Headdress (Illustrated)                                                              103
         Out of door wraps; walking dress; dinner dress; muslin robe; cap; 
                handkerchief; slippers; organdie dress; children's dresses; hoods for 
                sea voyage and sea shore; headdress; new styles for dressing hair; 
                new department store at Genin's Bazaar; robes/wrappers/peignoirs; 
                travelling dresses; travelling bonnets; mantles; mantillas                       94
Dinner dress; visiting dress; evening dresses; summer bonnets; outfits 
                for boys just past petticoat stage; travelling dresses during hot 
                weather; clothing for watering places; evening dresses for young 
                ladies; headdresses for balls; sortie de bal                                       191
Street dress; walking dress and mantle; infant's clothing; autumn
                bonnets; straw bonnets; mantillas and shawls; black silk dresses; 
                Francis 1st sleeve; pagoda sleeve; Eugenie's bonnets; pocket 
                handkerchiefs; undersleeves and collars; crossings of velvet            286
Walking dress; black silk dress; carriage or dinner dress; fall cloaks; 
                headdress; hood for evening; children's dresses; short 
                night-dresses; new dress trimmings; sleeves; cord trimming 
                (Illustrated); Zouave jackets; white bodies with colored skirts; 
                flounces; hoops; black with everything; fall travelling cloaks             382
Cloaks and mantles; ladies' drawers; night-dresses; bonnets; the
                trousseau of "the Spanish wedding'                                                476
Dresses for evening gatherings; carriage dresses; Zouave jacket;
                gored dresses; walking dresses; Bayadere stripes; morning 
                dresses; bonnets [Illustrated]; children's hats; walking coats; girls' 
                burnous; Demorest patterns                                                           566
Firesides and Facts of the Revolution, by E. F. Ellet  
[The Dutch Supper; The Election; A Brief; Court Anecdotes; The 
                Night Assault; An Heroic Act]                                                        145
Five Years, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                         330
Fix, Communication from Mons. Bon Jean    [definition of word, confusing 
            to Frenchman]                                                                                       41
Flower Stands (Illustrated)                                                                              257
Fruit Basket in Chenille and Beads (Illustrated)                                                360
Gather Me Pinks, by S. Newton Perryhill [poem]                                              63
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         Hand Shadows—camel, goose; subscriptions from Choctaw Nation        87
Miss C. Richings; embroidery stamps; the best sewing machine (a wife); 
                how you may know good fathers; every day absurdities; jokes; hand 
                shadows—goat, old man; noises in the sick-room                              183
The way to spoil girls; Godey's by dog train; learning to swim; hand 
                shadows—bird; neutralizing poisons; Medley from the Poets [poem]; 
                fruits and flowers—the strawberry, pompon or daisy 
                chrysanthemums; dresses worn at Her Majesty of England's last 
                drawing room; spirit of the country press                                          277
Hand shadows—rabbit; regulations for the household of Henry VIII; 
                pianos for schools, cottages, small rooms, etc., etc.; a pretty 
                conceit (period chia pet); Shakespeare and his friends; definitions of 
                "alarm"; hearing with the teeth                                                            375
Losses by mail to Texas; cure for hydrophobia; a list of articles we can 
                supply; a young lady's pastime in Paris; various quotations; note from 
                Lockport, TX                                                                                   470
A slight explanation of the "Trial of Effie Deans"; a note from the Iowa 
                Western Freemason; piano-fortes for $150; A valuable book for 
                ladies—Art Recreations                                                                     560
Ground Plan for Suburban Villa (Illustrated)                                                     167
Hair-Crimper--How to Use It (Illustrated)                                                       167
Hair-Net in Chenille and Beads (Illustrated)                                                     547
Hanging Baskets, etc. (Illustrated)                                                                   162
Hanging Flower Basket (Illustrated) [beads]                                                    202, 263
Has Summer Fled? by Willie Myrtle De Haven [poem]                                    252
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                         12, 96, 103, 159, 160, 353, 450
Health Department, by Jno. Stainback Wilson, M. D., Columbus, Ga.                             
Manner of exercising—walking, bowling, jumping the rope, dancing 
                during the daytime, singing and reading aloud; work, etc.—why 
                young men cannot afford to marry; position in sleep; how to acquire 
                a good carriage; cold feet and corns; rules to be hung over every 
                lady's looking-glass                                                                            83
Carriage riding; riding on horseback; the muscles of expression—beauty; 
                dreaming; smell injured by snuff, etc.; the pupil in disease; mind your 
                eyes; grow fat and laugh                                                                     179
The air of cities—health a duty; can nothing be done?  what woman can 
                do; fashionable ladies                                                                         274
Falling of the palate; salivation—how produced; the pupil in disease; 
                taste influenced by education; we should follow nature; the pulse; Mrs. 
                Willard on the circulation                                                                   372
The Skin—dangers of mistreatment, etc.; man, a mass of little cells;
                    power and happiness                                                                    558
Henry Sandford's Fortunes, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                   528
Heroic Women of the Revolution, by Mrs. E. F. Ellet (Illustrated) [Mary
            Anna Gibbes, Dicey Langston, Hannah Erwin Israel, Mary Slocumb, 
            Rebecca Motte, all of SC]                                                                    224
Hoods for Sea Voyage (Illustrated)                                                                     8, 9, 95
Household Education                                                                                        538
Human Judgment, by Sheelah [fiction]                                                              420
Hymn to the Southern Breeze, by J. M. T. [poem]                                            351
Impromptu Taper for a Sick-room (Illustrated)                                                  75
Infant's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                                 353
Infidelity, by Harriet E. Francis [poem]                                                           540
Initials (Illustrated) [E, C]                                                                                546
Josephine's Farewell to Napoleon, by Harriet M. Bean [poem]                        348
Lady's Apron (Illustrated)                                                                               550
Ladies' Drawers (Illustrated)                                                                           396, 477
Ladies' Robe Department, from Genin (Illustrated)                                            5, 95
Lamp Fairy (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                    203, 263
Latest Style of Collar (Illustrated)                                                                    459
Letter-Cases (Illustrated)                                                                                361
Letter to a Lady on Things She Ought to Know, by a Physician [how the 
            human hair might be best preserved in its integrity]                                 412
Letters for Marking (Illustrated) [C, D, F, G]                                                   355
Letters from Rio de Janeiro, by C. H. E. [Brazilian Independence Day
            celebration; botanical gardens]                                                              419
Life, by Rev. D. S_____ [poem]                                                                       448
Life's Morning-Land, by John B. Duffey [poem]                                               347
Lines, by Julia A. Barber [poem]                                                                     251
Lines addressed to a Friend on her Marriage, by M. S. [poem]                          253
Literary Notices                                                                       
         The Jealous Husband:  A Story of the Heart; Waverly, Old Mortality, 
                Heart of Midlothian, Woodstock; High Life in New York; 
                Davenport Dunn:  A Man of Our Day; Webster and Hayne's 
                Celebrated Speeches; A Treatise on Theism, and on the Modern 
                Skeptical Theories; An American Pronouncing Dictionary of the 
                English Language; Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land, or The 
                Crescent and the Cross; The Life of Friedrich Schiller; The Flounced 
                Robe, and What It Cost; Father Tom and the Pope, or A Night at 
                the Vatican; The Life of James Watt; Napoleonic Ideas; Ben 
                Sylvester's Word; Shakspeare's Legal Acquirements Considered; 
                The Harp of a Thousand Strings, or Laughter for a Lifetime; Love  
                Me Little, Love Me Long; Inconstant, or, Wine Works Wonders; 
                The Miller of New Jersey, or The Prison Hulk; The Castle Spectre; 
                The Dark Hour Before Dawn; A Glance at New York; The 
                Double-Bedded Room; Ebenezer Venture, or Advertising for a 
                Wife; Hiram Hireout, or, Followed by Fortune; The Vermont 
                Wool-Dealer; Senor Valiente:  A Comedy, in Five Acts; Border 
                War:  A Tale of Disunion; The Culprit Fay:  A Poem; Hours With 
                My Pupils: or, Educational Addresses; The Convalescent;  The 
                Art of Extempore Speaking:  Hints for the Pulpit, the Senate, and 
                the Bar; The Life of General H. Havelock, K. C. B.; Sermons by 
                Rev. C. H.  Spurgeon; Poems and Ballads of Goethe; Life of 
                Mahomet; Plan of the Creation:  or, Other Worlds and Who 
                Inhabit Them; Mothers and Infants—Nurses and Nursing; Old 
                South Chapel Prayer-Meeting; The Pillar of Fire:  or, Israel in 
             Bondage; Life and Events; The Microscopist's Companion; All the 
                Year Round; A Discourse on Shameful Life; A Discourse on the 
                Evils of Gaming                                                                           84
Fortunes of Nigel; Bride of Lammermoor; Anne of Geierstein; The 
                Monastery; Davenport Dunn:  A Man of Our Day; Jack 
                Downing's Letters; The Cavalier:  An Historical Novel; John 
                Halifax, Gentleman; Gerald Fitzgerald, "The Chevalier"; The 
                Wars of the Roses; or Stories of the Struggle of York and 
                Lancaster; The Bertrams:  A Novel; Cosmos:  A Sketch of a 
                Physical Description of the Universe; The Cassique of Kiawah:  
A Colonial Romance; Poems by Anne Whitney; The Tin 
                Trumpet, or Heads and Tails for the Wise and Waggish; The 
                Exploits and Triumphs, in Europe, of Paul Morphy, the Chess 
                Champion; The Boy's Book of Modern Travel and Adventure; 
                On the Probable Fall in the Value of Gold; Prairie Farming in 
                America; Chambers' Encyclopedia; Wall Street to Cashmere; 
                Sloan's Constructive Architecture:  A Guide to the Practical 
                Builder and Mechanic; The Virginia Springs, and Springs of 
                the South and West; Five Essays by John Kearsley Mitchell; 
                Summer Pictures, from Copenhagen to Venice; The Bible in the
                Levant; The Christian Graces; Truth is Everything:  A Tale for 
                Young Persons; Six Soundings; Igdrasil, or The Tree of 
                Existence; The Book of Anecdotes and Budget of Fun; The 
                Ladies' Hand-book of Fancy and Ornamental Work; First 
                Principles of Physics or Natural Philosophy; New Star Papers, 
                or Views and Experiences of Religious Subjects; Plain and 
                Pleasant Talk About Fruits, Flowers, and Farming; Acadia, 
                or A Month With the Blue Noses; The Vagabond; The 
                Romance of a Poor Young Man; A Bachelor's Story; The 
                New and the Old, or, California and India in Romantic 
                Aspects; The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn; Cuba and 
                Back:  A Vacation Voyage; The Poetical Works of James 
                Gates Percival; Memoirs of the Early Italian Painters:  Studies, 
                Stories, and Memories; Eschatology, or, The Scripture Doctrine 
                of the Coming of the Lord, the Judgment, and the Resurrection;
                Sabbath Talks with Little Children, on the Psalms of David; 
                Romanism in America; The Mothers of the Bible; Elements of 
                Map-Drawing:  With Plans for Sketching Maps by Triangulation, 
                etc.; Book-Keeping by Single Entry                                              180
The Pirate; Red Gauntlet; Count Robert of Paris; The Ladies'
Complete Guide to Needle-Work and Embroidery; Peterson's 
                Maps of the Seat of War; Lord Montagu's Page:  An Historical 
                Romance of the Seventeenth Century; The French Revolution of 
                1798, as Viewed in the Light of Republican Institutions; 
                Elementary Grammar, Etymology, and Syntax; M. T. Ciceronis de 
                Officiis Libri Tres; Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English 
                Princesses Connected with the Regal Succession of Great 
                Britain; Walter Thornley, or A Peep at the Past; Memoirs of the 
                Empress Catharine II; Napoleon III, The Man of Property; 
                History of the Republic of the United States of North America; 
                Aguecheek; The Little Pig Monthly; The Poetical Works of Edgar 
                Allan Poe; All the Year Round; The China Mission; Parlor 
                Charades and Proverbs; Italy and the War of 1859; The Home 
                Melodist: A Collection of Songs and Ballads for the Voice 
                Only; One Hundred Songs of Ireland; Mabel, or Heart Histories; 
                The Microscopist's Companion; Lives of the Bishops; Aunt Charity; 
                Rambles of a Rat; The Christ Child; Philip and Arthur; The Story 
                of a Story-Book                                                                    275
The Southern Gardener and Receipt-Book; Forty-Four Years 
                of the Life of a Hunter; Knitting-Work:  A Web of Many 
                Textures; Memoirs of Vidocq, the Secret Agent of the French 
                Police; Popular Tales from the Norse; The Roman Question; 
                Tent and Harem:  Notes of an Oriental Trip; Chambers' 
                Encyclopedia; Life and Liberty in America, or Sketches of a 
                Tour in the United States and Canada in 1857-8; Gerald 
                Fitzgerald, "The Chevalier"; The Life of Jabez Bunting, D. D.; 
                A Select Glossary of English Words Used Formerly in Senses 
                Different from Their Present; Temper:  A Novel; Lectures for 
                the People; Love; Personal Recollections of the American 
                Revolution:  A Private Journal; Hartley Norman:  A Tale of the
                Times; Shelley Memorials; Idyls of the King; The Roman 
                Question; A Sabbath Discourse on the Death of the Hon. Rufus 
                Choate; Richardson's New Method for the Piano-Forte; Belle, 
                or The Promised Blessing; Ben Silvester's Word:  A Book for 
                Boys; The Young Pilgrim; Warfare and Work                              372
Peterson's Complete and Cheap Edition for the Million of the Entire 
                Writings of Charles Dickens; The Mohicans of Paris; Dow's 
                Patent Sermons and Machine Poetry; Miss Leslie's Behavior 
                Book; Peveril of the Peak; The Black Dwarf; The Highland 
                Widow; The Surgeon's Daughter; Castle Dangerous; Breakfast, 
                Dinner, and Tea, Viewed Classically, Poetically and Practically; A
                Natural Philosophy; Chamber's Encyclopedia:  A Dictionary of 
                Universal Knowledge; Henry St. John, Gentleman; A Life for a 
                Life; My Third Book:  A Collection of Tales; American Wit and 
                Humor; The Dictionary of Love, Containing a Definition of all 
                the Terms Used in the History of the Tender Passion; The Book 
                of One Thousand Comical Stories, an Endless Repast of Fun; 
                The Life, Travels, and Books of Alexander Von Humboldt; 
                Parlor Charades and Proverbs; Four Years Aboard the 
                Whaleship; Travels in Greece and Russia, with an Excursion to
                Crete; Oriola:  A New and Complete Hymn and Tune-Book for 
                Sabbath Schools; Life of Col. David Crockett; Miss Slimmens's 
                Window, and Other Papers; Sylvia's Word—Crimes Which the 
                Law Does Not Reach; From Dawn to Daylight, or, the Simple 
                Story of a Western Home; Ten Years of Preacher-Life:  Chapters 
                from an Autobiography; Sunday Morning Thoughts; Sunday 
                Evening Thoughts; Emilie the Peacemaker; Lessons from Jesus; 
                Smooth Stones Taken from Ancient Brooks; Jesus Only                  468
A New Dictionary of Quotations, from the Greek, Latin, and Modern 
                Languages; The Glory of the House of Israel; The Eighteen Christian 
                Centuries; The Poetical Works of Winthrop Mackworth Praed; 
                Peterson's Complete and Cheap Edition, for the Million, of the Entire 
                Writings of Charles Dickens; Chambers's Encyclopedia; A Sequel 
to "The Suspense of Faith"; Elements of Military Art and Science; 
                Parties and Their Principles:  A Manual of Political Intelligence, 
                Exhibiting the Origin, Growth, and Character of National Parties; 
                Mary Lee; Out of the Depths:  The Story of a Woman's Life; 
                Memoirs of Robert Houdin, Ambassador, Author, and Conjurer; Life 
                of Hannibal; Life of Thomas a Becket; Dick and His Friend Fidus; 
                A Familiar Compend of Geology; Beulah; Almost a Heroine; The 
                Logic of Political Economy; The Rectory of Moreland, or My Duty; 
                Germaine; Haydn's Oratorio, the Creation                                         559
Little Eddy, by G. H. S. Hull [poem]                                                                156
Lizzie and Cupid [poem]                                                                                   349
Lounging Cap, Crocheted over Cord (Illustrated)                                            170
Maggie Ray's Sermon, by M. A. T. [fiction]                                                         27
Mat for a Taper Candlestick, or for a Watch-Stand (Illustrated)                       258
Memoria (To J. P.) [poem]                                                                               329
Modern Marriages                                                                                            505
Monthly Report from Genin's Bazaar (Illustrated)  
Lady's robe, handkerchief, morning cap, two styles of slippers                   5
            Clothing for boys just out of petticoats                                                   101, 191
            Babies' clothing                                                                                    197, 287
Mrs. Daffodil at Mrs. Smith's Party, by Virginia de Forrest [fiction]                 122
Mrs. Daffodil at the Academy of Fine Arts, by Virginia de Forrest                   507
My Clare, by Katie Lynne [poem]                                                                   539
My First Gray Hair, by Mary E. Nealy [poem]                                                 156
My Lily, by A. G. H. [poem]                                                                            252
Chariton Polka, by E. B., of Chariton, Iowa                                        290
How Pleasant 'tis to Live, by L. C. Weld                                               487
I'm a Merry, Laughing Girl, by George R. Poulton                                   2
I Think of Thee, by Dr. Charles Rhasea                                               194
March of the Mystic Brotherhood, by Prof. Edward Ambuhl                 98
The Willow Tree, by Prof. Edward Ambuhl                                        388
Netted and Darned Border for a Tidy (Illustrated)                                           458
Netted Shawl (Illustrated)                                                                               392
New Style for Gentleman's Collars (Illustrated)                                                359
New Styles for Dressing the Hair (Illustrated)                                              10, 11, 95, 296, 383
Night-Gowns (Illustrated)                                                                            299, 383, 397, 477
Not all a Waif, by W. S. Gaffney                                                                      328
Nothing to Do                                                                                                  131
Novelties of the Month (Illustrated)                                        
         Muslin mantle, berthe, breakfast caps, fichu                                             65
            Summer mantle; breakfast cap; headdress for dinner; undersleeves        159
            Sacque for morning dress; autumn riding hat; chemisette and sleeves; 
                fall bonnets                                                                                       255
            Fichu or cape; bonnets; cache peignes; undersleeves                             352
            Cache peigne; cap; Marie Theresa fichu; collar and sleeve; cambric 
                    sets                                                                                               450
            Children's dresses; sacque chemise for a little girl; drawers                     541
Observations on the Growth of Trees, by Harland Coultas                               344
October, by A. Maria Beach [poem]                                                                350
Ossie Thyme, by H. L. Abbey [poem]                                                               155
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    opposite 264
Pattern for a Melon-shaped Lounging-Cap (Illustrated)                                    399
Picnicking in the Pine Woods; or, Fishing and Flirting at Thunder Bay, by
         the author of "Lucy in the City," etc., etc. [fiction]                             401, 497
Plan of Church (Illustrated)                                                                              364
Play-Houses for Children, by Grandfather                                                       347
Porte-Monnaie (Illustrated)                                                                             455
Presently                                                                                                          312
Protection Purse (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                            453
Principle, by Violet [fiction]                                                                              126
Purse, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                          356
Receipts, &c.                                                                          
         Directions for Preserving Fruits, Etc.—plums, to preserve purple plums, 
                to preserve plums without the skins, to dry plums, to preserve green 
                gages, jam of green gages, to keep damsons, to preserve apples, to 
                preserve pippins in slices, to preserve crab-apples, to preserve pears, 
                to stew pears, to bake pears, pear marmalade, pine-apple preserve, 
                pine-apple jelly, quince marmalade, candied orange or lemon-peel, 
                fruit wafers for dessert; Fruit Pies, Puffs, Puddings, Etc.—codling tart, 
                new-fashioned apple-pie, stewed apples, cheese puffs, parmesan 
                puffs, excellent light puffs, chicken pudding, transparent pudding; The
                Teeth:  How to Preserve and Beautify—scaling the teeth, artificial 
                teeth; Miscellaneous—to set a chalk drawing, mashed potatoes and 
                spinach or cabbage, cold potatoes scolloped, to fasten on the handles 
                of knives and forks, dried herbs, bunions, distilling a perfume, black 
                spots on the face, etc.;  Contributed Receipts—protest from Old 
                Point Comfort, VA about "Virginia pudding" receipt, real Virginia 
                pudding, plum pudding, baked puddings, love pudding, corn pudding    77
Directions for Preserving Fruits, etc.—peaches, to preserve apricots, 
                peaches, and green gages in brandy, blackberries, blackberry syrup, 
                blackberry wine, blackberry and wine cordial, preserved grapes in 
                bunches, brandied cherries, brandy grapes, quinces preserved whole,
quince and apple jelly, apple jelly, apple marmalade, tomato preserves, 
                to pickle tomatoes, tomato catsup, tomato figs, preserved citron 
                melons;  Fruit Pies, Puffs, Puddings, Etc.—orange tartlets, lemon 
                tartlets, German puffs, Austrian puffs, French puffs, icing for fruit pies 
and tarts, biscuit pudding, chocolate pudding; The Teeth:  How to 
                Preserve and Beautify—artificial teeth, dentifrices; Miscellaneous—to 
                destroy warts, to cement broken China, to take out mildew, to take 
                grease out of silks or stuffs, to make old silk look as well as new, to 
                dye white gloves a beautiful purple, to clean looking-glasses, to destroy 
                bugs in a few hours, to preserve gilding and clean it, summer drink; 
                Contributed Receipts—Piccolomini cake, corn fritters, Charleston 
                pudding, rhubarb dumplings, suet pudding, butter-milk curds, Everton 
                taffy, rusk like pound-cake, one egg tea-cake                                    172
The Boiling of Animal Food (Illustrated)—utensils, general principles 
                of boiling, trussing and boiling poultry—turkeys, guinea-fowls, fowls, 
                geese, ducks, rabbits; Hints for Housekeepers; Fruit Pies, Puffs, 
                Puddings, etc.—green apricot tartlets, prune tart, to prepare 
                cranberries for tarts, Spanish puffs, Lady Abbess's puffs, bread 
                pudding, baked bread pudding, a rich rice pudding, orange pudding, 
                lemon pudding; The Teeth:  How to Preserve and Beautify—
                dentifrices, tincture for toothache, red tooth powder, Sala's Balsam 
                for toothache, a powder for dotted or honey-comb teeth, a tooth-paste 
                for cleaning the teeth, and to cause the gum to grow close to the 
                enamel; Miscellaneous—hair of children, worth knowing, rolling blinds, 
                to take ink blots from paper, to bore a hole through the bottom of a 
                glass bottle, a certain cure and preventive for chapped hands and 
                faces, spring fruit sherbet, umbrellas, rose lip-salve, to clean pewter 
                and tin, varnishing paper hanging, nutritious composition, barley 
                coffee, making vinegar, a plain cake, to clean stone stairs and halls; 
                Contributed Receipts—Virginia mush pie, rice corn bread, tea-cake, 
                a nice dessert, tomatoes, pickles                                                       268
Directions for Boiling Joints—boiled beef, pickled pork, ham and 
                bacon, beef tongue, beef tongue rolled, a leg or shoulder of mutton, 
                neck of mutton, shoulder of mutton with bread crumbs, lamb, veal, 
                beef-bouilli, a calf's head, tripe, to boil marrow-bones, cow-heels, 
                or ox-feet, to boil pigs' pettitoes, to prepare pig's cheek for boiling; 
                Ices and Creams—sorbetieres, ice for icing—how to prepare, 
                strawberry ice or cream, cherry ice, water ices generally, clotted 
                cream, cherry ice cream, currant ice cream, gooseberry cream, 
                lemon ice cream, cream to keep, pine-apple cream; The Teeth:  
How to Preserve and Beautify—dentifrices—camphorated quinine 
                tooth-powder, odontalgic tincture for loose teeth, odontalgic essence 
                for toothache, Parisian tooth-powder, Grecian dentifrice, Indian 
                dentifrice, camphorated charcoal, prepared charcoal tooth-powder, 
                rose tooth-powder; Miscellaneous—a soothing beverage for a 
                cough, for chapped hands, a drink, cordial peppermint, to keep 
                geraniums through the winter, to preserve eggs for winter use, a 
                cheap pomatum, how to save sweet herbs, to make alum baskets,
                pickled eggs, stewed cucumbers; Contributed Receipts—to make 
                green sweetmeats, yellow pickle, to make yeast, how to keep corn 
                for winter use, to keep tomatoes, tomato marmalade, corn meal
                pudding                                                                                          365
Stewing and stews—pots, Irish stew, harricot of mutton, stewed
                mutton cutlets (French), hot-pot, to stew a breast or shoulder of 
                venison, mock venison stewed, hodge podge, to stew a rump of 
                beef; Puddings, Cakes, etc.—Yule cake, to make orange pudding, 
                luncheon cake, a seed cake (poem), arrowroot pudding, rock 
                biscuits, tipsy cake, method of fixing French pastry (Illustrated), 
                snow pudding, Cambridge pudding, vermicelli pudding, French 
                pancakes, icing for a plum cake; Sauces—parsley and butter, 
                fennel sauce, white caper sauce, egg sauce, sauce for rump-steak,
                apple sauce; The Teeth:  How to Preserve and Beautify—Tic 
                Douloureaux, cautions; Miscellaneous—to remove grease spots 
                from crimson damask without changing the color, to preserve eggs, 
                bread cheesecakes, choose the sunny side of the street, remedy 
                for the stings of bees, a black varnish for old straw or chip hats, to 
                keep beds well aired, bluing for clothes, to clean alabaster, cure 
                for sprains, to restore the color of dark blue or any other colored 
                silk or ribbon, treatment of geraniums, fuchsias, etc., during winter, 
                to remove a crystal stopper from a decanter, sealing wax, to take 
                mildew out of linen, to remove iron moulds, portable balls for taking 
                grease spots out of clothes                                                               461
Plum Pudding and Other Receipts for Christmas—the philosophy of 
                plum puddings, average if eighteen receipts for plum pudding, 
                average deductions respecting the composition, old English
                Christmas plum pudding, a rich Christmas pudding, boiled plum 
                pudding, a good Christmas pudding, mince pies, mincemeat, 
                pumpkin pudding, little plum cakes to keep long, twelfth cake 
                [poem], cranberry pudding, boiled or steamed Indian pudding, 
                queen cake, seed cake, lemon cake, imperial gingerbread, lemon 
                gingerbread, muffin pudding, her majesty's pudding; Stewing and 
                Stews—stewed meats, stewed beefsteak, to stew brisket of beef, 
                beef stewed a la mode, a fricandeau of beef, beef collops, beef 
                Robart, stewed beef palates, to stew an ox-tongue, to stew a 
                knuckle of veal, a fillet of veal stewed white, Scotch collops
                (white), Scotch collops (brown), to collar breast of veal to eat hot, 
                to stew a breast of veal; Miscellaneous—a savory dish, to wash 
                lace or blonde, for chapped hands and faces, to clean carpets, 
                tough meat, a dry curry, French mustard, to remove marks of rain 
                from a cloth mantle, to clean cane chair bottoms, to clean 
                looking-glasses, pickling hams, milk of roses, transparent paper; 
                Contributed Receipts—Portugal cake, clove cake, ginger sponge 
                cake, corn muffins, corn bread (yellow flour), crab soup (very rich), 
                preparation for yellow pickles, excellent vinegar, potato pie (fine), 
cream pie (fine), Texas jumbles, a good paste for tarts, molasses
                pie                                                                                                     551
Rejected, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                               158
Riding-Hat (Illustrated)                                                                                    255
Rules for Home Education                                                                                   56
Sabbath Musings--Consecration, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                         157
Sacque (Illustrated)                                                                                         255
Sacredness of Tears                                                                                           19
Sampler Pattern for Our Young Friends (Illustrated)                                        264
Secret Sympathies, by Marian Gwynn [poem]                                                 446
September, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                             251
"She Won't Hear Me"                                                                                       538
Shoes (Illustrated)                                                                                           169, 353
Short Night-Gowns (Illustrated)                                                                      299
Silk Net for the Hair (Illustrated)                                                                     451
Silk or Satin Hood for Evening (Illustrated)                                                      297, 383
Sketching from Nature, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                            44
Smiles, by R_____ [poem]                                                                                 61
Snow-Flakes [poem]                                                                                        540
Some of the Work in Which Women Are Deficient [cooking, child care,
            charity work, purpose in life]                                                                 221
Something That We Have Seen (Illustrated) [rocky-boat for children]              201
Sonnet  [poem]                                                                                                348
Sonnet--Adversity, by William Alexander [poem]                                            252
Sonnets--A November Picture, by Kruna [poem]                                             445
Sortie de Bal, or Opera Cloak (Illustrated)                                                      393
Speak Gently to Each Other [fiction]                                                                 411
Stanzas, by J. H. M'Naughton [poem]                                                             254
Stars and Storms, by C. L. Thompson [poem]                                                  444
Strawberry-Jeweled D'Oyley (Illustrated)                                                        168
Styles of Fancy Plaits for Velvet (Illustrated)                                                    104
Suburban Cottage (Illustrated) [poem]                                                             449
Summer Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                          102, 191
Summer Winds, by Lillian [poem]                                                                    158
Sunbeams [poem]                                                                                             348
The Art of Engraving, by C. T. Hinckley (Illustrated)                                       109, 205
The Art of Ornamental Hair-work (Illustrated)  
No. 7—Four-Ribbed Spiral Chain Plait; No. 8—Close Spiral Chain
                Plait                                                                                                  72
No. 9—Two-Ribbed, Double-Ribbed Spiral Chain Plait; No. 10—
                Thin Ring Plait                                                                                  166
No. 11—Thick Ring Plait; No. 12—Round Chain Plait; No.13—
                Snake Plait                                                                                       261
The Common Close Plait                                                                      360
No. 14—Whip plait                                                                              456
No. 15—Open Plait; No. 16—Wavy Plait; No. 17—Brooch   Plait      549
The Aurora Borealis, by Anne G. Hale [poem]                                                 445
The Back Closet of the Soul, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                       239
The Boiling of Animal Food (Illustrated)                                                          268
The Butterfly, by Mrs. E. B. Duffey  [poem]                                                     253
The Butterfly Vivarium (Illustrated)                                                                  310
The Cosmopolitan Art Association                                                                    478
The Cottage on the Moor, by Mrs. L. A. K. Bross [poem]                                350
The Desolated, by Hattie Boomer Barber [poem]                                            447
The Farewell, by F_____ [poem]                                                                     157
The Fay, by J_____ [poem]                                                                               63
The Golden Ringlet, by E. H. Keyes [poem]                                                      447
The Hair:  How to Promote, Preserve, etc.,
            Importance of hair as an ornament; basic care; nature and properties of 
                the hair                                                                                               34
The management of hair in infancy; use of the brush                               154
Weakness and falling-off of hair; baldness; restorative hair wash;
                Schroder's Restorative Balm; strengthening and adornment of the hair 
                [pomades and oils]                                                                           244
Ill effects of curling irons; bandoline; change of color in the hair; choice 
                of hair-brushes; hair dyes                                                                  337
The King of the Beautiful, by H. L. Abbey [poem]                                             349
The Loop and Vandyke Border, in O. P. Beads (Illustrated)                              70
The Madonna at Ghent, by R. S. H. [poem]                                                      251
The Man who Nurses the Baby                                                                           20
The Mother's Grave, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                             141
The Mystic Chamber, by Evangeline [poem]                                                   157
The Old Valentine, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                                414
The Recall, by Mrs. S. S. Jessop [poem]                                                             63
The Sunbeam's Mission, by Miss C. Mitchell [poem]                                          26
The Surprise, by O. P. H. [poem]                                                                     253
The Test of Faith, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                                                     50
The Three Humming-Birds, by Emmanuel Marquis [poem]                              132
The Treasure [poem]                                                                                        539
The Trio in a Dilemma, by Paul Wiggles [fiction]                                                59
The True Lady                                                                                                    28
The Well in the Rock, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                    35
The White Rose, by Lyret [poem]                                                                      61
The Woven Extension Skirt (Illustration)                                                         363
Thirty Years Ago, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                        521
Those Thanksgiving Goods; or, Penny Wise and Pound Foolish, by Martin 
            Arthur Jones
Tidy in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                             394, 455, 491
To a Sunset Cloud, by Charlotte A. Stuart [poem]                                          348
To My Sister, by Gay Humboldt Naramoire [poem]                                       448
To My Wife, by W. G. Mills     [poem]                                                             446
To Thee! by Bernardo [poem]                                                                           63
Travelling Reticule (Illustrated)                                                                         105
Trussing Poultry for Boiling (Illustrated)                                                           268
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                            160, 255, 353, 450, 451, 489
Variety Alphabet (Illustrated)  
Capitals, A-O                                                                                       300
            Capitals, P-Z                                                                                        400
Waiting for the Verdict, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                         313
Watch-Pocket for Fancy Fairs (Illustrated)                                                      161
Weaving Carpet, by E. C. S. [poem]                                                                252
What a Good Periodical May Do                                                                      518
What Precious Stones are Made of                                                                   426
Why Does the Wavelet Murmur? by Anne Ainsworth [poem]                          156
Why Don't Ladies Learn to Cook?                                                                   444
Why Wearily Sigh? by F. H. Stauffer [poem]                                                     63
Winding the Woollen Yarn, by Paul Laurie [poem]                                          446
Window Curtain Fashions (Illustrated)                                                             193, 265
Wisdom in Love-Making                                                                                  223
Withered Flowers, by Virginius Hutchen [poem]                                             349
Zuma; or, The Discovery of Cinchona, from the French of Madame de