Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine  
Volume 57, July-December 1858 

A Chapter on "Clubs," by Tony Dutell, Esq. [Godey's Clubs]                           131
A Christmas Eve [fiction]                                                                                  528
Adelaide Chetwood:  A Sketch of Southern Life, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]    48
A Gentleman's Necktie (Illustrated) [netting]                                                    547
A Lover's Phases, by Frank [poem]                                                                   60
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                                    
         S-Z, Capitals                                                                                          12
            A-O, Capitals                                                                                       103
            P-Z, Capitals                                                                                        202
            a-z, lower case, grass head                                                                   396
Alpine Flowers, by Willie Myrtle De Haven [poem]                                           63
An Autumn Murmur, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                              445
A Note or Card Case in Covered Rings (Illustrated)                                          70
A Son's Remembrance, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                          159
A Tudor Suburban Residence (Illustrated) [with plans]                                       64
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey                                                          38, 423
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside:  No. XVII—The Escape-Valve, by Edith Woodley  
            [fiction]                                                                                                142
Aunt Tryphena Bordergrass' Steamboat Ride, by Clara Augusta [fiction]         430
Autumn Leaves (Illustrated) [embroidery]                                                        394, 456
Autumn Winds, by Jane H. Shaw [poem]                                                         352
A Vision, by J. M. M. [poem]                                                                           445
"Avium Migrationes," translated by Cecilia Ferguson                                      159
A Wife's Power                                                                                                  30
Basques (Illustrated)                                                                                       160, 292
Beautiful Simile                                                                                                 154
Bells in Distant Lands [poem]                                                                            444
Bonbon Basket (Illustrated)                                                                               69
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                        66, 162, 260, 288, 449, 542
Boudoir Bag (Illustrated)                                                                                     7, 75
Braiding Pattern for a Boy's Sack (Illustrated)                                                  296
Bridal Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                          452, 453
Bridal Song, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                                        444
Bridal Song, by Mrs. Jane M. Mead [poem]                                                       61
Broderie for a Handkerchief (Illustrated)                                                          169
Broderie for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                       169
Brodeuse Outline Circle (Illustrated)                                                                163
Broken Music, by H. Clay Preuss [poem]                                                        258
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                            161, 355, 455, 541
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          160, 161, 354
Carryl's Curtain Establishment (Illustrated)                                                         97, 171
"Catch the Sunshine," by Nannie Oh! [poem]                                                    256
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
A Costly Gift Book                                                                               267
A Group of Household Charms                                                             285
A New Out-of-Door Amusement [archery]                                           381
Bridal Etiquette                                                                                     475
Convenient Hints for Quiet Households                                                 189
Dressing Children                                                                                 189
Ideal Heroism                                                                                       285
Literary Vanity                                                                                      381
Married and Single                                                                               567
Neighborship                                                                                          93
New Books and Music                                                                           94
Our Neighbors [poem]                                                                           93
New Books and Music                                                                           94
Sowing Seed                                                                                        475
The Garden                                                                 
             No. 7—July—Chrysanthemums, pansies, watering plants, 
                    transplanting, geraniums, composts                                                   93
No. 8—August—Propagation of plants                                             190
                No. 9—September—Flowers in bloom, moving plants indoors          286
No. 10—October—Taking up bulbs, planting bulbs, dividing hardy 
                    perennials                                                                                     382
No. 11—November—Evergreens and ivy                                        476
No. 12—December—Washing plants, proper temperature for house 
                    plants, winter flowering plants, scale control, camellias                   567
To Correspondents                                                      
             Tonics damaging teeth, tooth powders; possibility of women artists; 
                    mosaic jewelry; bridal gifts from a bridesmaid—handkerchiefs; 
                    fichus or capes; Graham bread                                                        94
How to make an egg go into a bottle; watering plants; Christian 
                    charity better than cleanliness; preservatives from moths; vegetable 
                    or botanic extract, liquid bandolines, rose bandoline, almond 
                    bandoline, gum tragacanth                                                             190
Cosmetics discourages; cleaning grease from wallpaper; blacking for 
                    kid or morocco; taking ink from unpolished surface; Philadelphia 
                    cream cheese receipt; making oil cloth                                           286
Brightening grates, cleaning German silver; taking impressions of 
                    leaves; macaroni; definition of "growing in masses" in gardening; 
                    barberry jelly                                                                                 382
Mince-pie; German vs. Italian music; to have roses bloom in winter; 
                    macaroni receipts                                                                          476
Best composition for doll's heads, doll's clothes; warming carriages; 
                    California marble, infant formula; black poplin for mourning; 
                    measurements needed for custom riding habit                                 568
Chemistry for the Young                                                                      
         Lesson X (continued)                                                                            272
            Lesson X (concluded)                                                                           368
            Lesson XI.  Special Remarks Concerning Mercurial Combinations         462
Lesson XI (continued)                                                                           556
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                        481, 569
Christening Robes (Illustrated)                                                                         447, 448
Christmas for Rich and Poor, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                 513
Cigar-Case in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                  163
Clergyman's Band Case (Illustrated)                                                                171
A Girl's Cloak (Illustrated)                                                                  487, 569
Bride's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                    297, 383
Fancy Dresses (Illustrated) [costumes]                                                488, 489, 569
Girl's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                       105, 191
Good Advice (Illustrated) [girls' dresses]                                                 4, 95
La Demie Toilette (Illustrated)                                                             196, 287
La Victoria (Illustrated) [dress]                                                            486, 569
Le Paris Elegant (Illustrated) [children]                                                197, 287
Morning-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                     5, 95, 100, 191
Opera Cloak (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                 9, 74, 75, 95
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              11
The Austurian (Illustrated)                                                                   393, 477
The Barcelona, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              262
The Castiglione, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                            360
The Cherbourg (Illustrated)                                                                 385, 477
The Coatee (Illustrated)                                                                      104
The Latest Style of Dinner-Dress (Illustrated)                                      101, 191
The Lonjumeau Dress (Illustrated)                                                       388, 477
The Lou-Lura (Illustrated)                                                                   389, 477
The Ophelia (Illustrated)                                                                      485, 569
The Rose (Illustrated) [dress]                                                              484
The Sevillian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                 106
The Tablier Style (Illustrated)                                                              293, 388
The Valencian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              551, 569
The Zerlina Dress (Illustrated)                                                             390, 477
Walking-Dress (Illustrated)                                                                     8, 95
Collar and Sleeve in Brussels Embroidery (Illustrated)                                      356, 357
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                            102, 104, 200, 356, 362, 548
Contentment                                                                                                     412
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                            6, 102, 165, 266, 298
Corners for Samplers (Illustrated)                                                                      73
Covers for Cake Baskets, etc. (Illustrated)                                                      359
Crochet Lace (Illustrated)                                                                               261, 451
Crochet Mat, with Forget-me-not Bordure (Illustrated)                                    454
Crochet Purse (Illustrated)                                                                              392, 456
Crochet Toilet Mat (Illustrated)                                                                       263
"Cut a Dido" [origin of phrase]                                                                          128
Darkened Days, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                                       62
Darned Netted Curtains (Illustrated)                                                                545
Design for a Country-House (Illustrated) [with plans]                                       353
Diagram for a Child's Over-Gaiter (Illustrated)                                                 395
Diagram of Dress Body (Illustrated)                                                                451
Disenchantment, by Pauline Forsyth                                                                437
Doll's Collar (Illustrated)                                                                                 548
Douglas & Sherwood's Patent Balmoral Skirt (Illustrated)                                  69
Drapery Body for Evening Costume (Illustrated) [with diagram]                       543, 544
Dress-Body (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                           450
Editors' Table (Illustrated)
A Blind Girl's Idea of Ladies, by Mrs. Hale [poem]                               558
A Contrast                                                                                             83
Fairies                                                                                                  177
            Genevieve, by Fannie Stevens Bruce [poem]                                       275
            Harem Life                                                                                           275
            Household Management in Germany                                                       83
            How can Social and Domestic Life be Improved?                                 557
            Knowledge                                                                                           276
            Lazy Ladies                                                                                            83
            Our Little Children, Shall They Live? [Philadelphia Children's Hospital,    81
            Our National Thanksgiving                                                                    463
            Poetry worth Gold                                                                                  82
            Sonnet.--The Power of Thought, by Mrs. Hale [poem]                         179
            Subscribers for the Washington Portrait                                                 371, 466, 559
            Thanksgiving Day                                                                                 371
            The American Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                 178, 371, 466, 559
            The Bible in Education                                                                          179
            The Herndon Memorial                                                                           83, 276, 558
            The Mother of the Chevalier de Bayard                                                 466
            The True Principles of Economy                                                            557
            To the Memory of Captain Herndon, by a Young Lady [poem]             558
            Unhappy Women                                                                                 275
            Valedictory Address                                                                             465
            Visit to a Water-Cure [Mount Prospect Water Cure at Binghamton, 
                NY]                                                                                                  371
            What a Christian Woman has Done                                                       369
            What a Heathen Woman Does                                                              370
            Who are the Authors of the Atlantic Telegraph?                                     463
            Witchcraft:  Its Persecutions, and its Victims Chiefly Women                 558
            Woman's Sphere, Rights, and Duties                                                     273
Education                                                                                                           56
Effect of Color upon Health                                                                              150
Ellen Galt Martin [deaf and mute], by Joe, the Jersey Mute                              347
Embroidery for a Talma or Child's Cloak (Illustrated)                                      294
Embroidery for an Infant's Shawl or Blanket (Illustrated)                                  170
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            66, 71, 75, 101, 102, 105, 163, 167, 168,
            169, 170, 261, 264, 266, 267, 294, 296, 297, 298, 355, 357, 358, 362, 363, 364,
            392, 449, 451, 456, 457, 458, 487, 488, 489, 490, 545, 549
Enigmas                                                                                            63, 159, 258, 352, 446, 540
Fancy Bead Basket (Illustrated)                                                                      544
Fancy Mat, with Bead Border (Illustrated)                                                       548
         Organdy robe; challis skirt with muslin jacket; grenadine dress; 
                children's dresses; dresses for girls 10-14; morning dress; walking 
                dress; opera cloak; morning and evening dress for watering places; 
                opera cloaks; flowers to trim evening dresses; headdresses; 
                handkerchiefs; carriage screens                                                           95
Ashes of roses dress; walking dress; riding-habit; boy's dress, girl's 
                dress, morning dress, dinner-dress, basque, child's dress, various 
                styles of hoops, basques going out of style; sleeves; fabrics; second 
                mourning styles; juvenile fashions; jewelry                                          191
Carriage dress; evening dresses; lavender dress; dinner dress; children's 
                dresses; favorite colors for fall bonnets (illustrated); evening 
                headdresses; fall silks; trim on dresses; capes; fichus; jackets; caps     287
Dressing gown; walking dress; dinner dress; pointed basque; tablier 
                style of dress; bride's dress; wedding reception dress; girl's dress; 
                child's walking dress; boy's dress; effect of business panic on dress; 
                bonnets; mantles; dress fabrics; dress trimmings                                  383
Carriage dress; robe dress; walking dresses; cloaks; displays at Genin's; 
                bonnets; mantles; mourning store                                                        477
Bride's dress, bridesmaid' dress; robe a lez; cloak; dress; child's cloak; 
                children's dresses; raglans losing favor; cloaks; pardessus; dress 
                trimmings; jackets or basques; bonnets for girls ten to twelve; round 
                beaver hats; walking dresses for little girls                                          569
Fashions in the Olden Times [1719-1753]                                                         511
Father and Mother                                                                                            527
Figures for Samplers (Illustrated)                                                                       73
Firesides and Facts of the Revolution, by E. F. Ellet [The Caldwell Family of 
            SC, Major Robert Gillam, Benjamin Eddins]                                          253
First 18 Lines of R. Herbert's Latin Prize Poem "Avium Migrationes" Translated 
            by Cecilia Ferguson                                                                           159
Flower Border, in Berlin Work (Illustrated)                                                     358
Fourth of July Celebration at Dozeyvale, by Kate Berry Potter [fiction]              17, 115, 223
"For Better, for Worse," by H. C. [poem]                                                         257
French Dinner Napkin Ring (Illustrated)                                                             71
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                                 
         Pennsylvania State Editorial Convention; The Old Dominion Coffee Pot; 
                Appeal to Not Use French in Articles; Douglas & Sherwood's Skirt 
                Manufactory; Home Difficulties; Hymeneal Revenge [poem]; A Wife 
                Wanted; Boarding on the European Plan; Jokes; Predictions from 
                1827; The Value of a Sister                                                                88
Philadelphia Restaurants; Atlantic City; Poem to Godey's; Jokes; 
                Retiring to the Country; The Importance of Customary Occupation; 
                How to Dry Currants [poem]; Dresses Worn at Her Majesty's 
                Drawing-Room; Musk; Hair Preparations; Mrs. Partington on 
                Hoops; Godey, after Longfellow                                                       182
            Soule College for Young Ladies [Murfreesboro, TN]; poem about 
                Godey's; The Old Pedagogue; Toilet Curl Clasps; Enticing Away 
                Servants; Dresses Worn at the Last Reception;  A Warwhoop 
                [poem]; Response to Advertisement for a Wife; Hints Relative to 
                Flowers                                                                                            279
Toilet Curl Clasps; Excursion to Lancaster, Harrisburg, Altoona, 
                Cresson, Etc.; Cherry Hill Cut [men's haircut]; The War-Hoop 
                [poem]; Sundry Mottoes from Punch; Very Neat [poem]; Jokes; 
                Poem/Letter from Katharine P.; New Music; Balmoral Skirts             375
Grandest Store in Philadelphia Yet; Christian Courtesy; To Katharine P. 
                [poem]; Ladies' Travelling Reticule; Why Ladies Should Read 
                Newspapers                                                                                     470
[all notes and advertisements]                                                                563
"Gone Home," by the late D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                              255
Guardian Angels, by Daniel Jay Sprague                                                         407
Half an Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                          362
Handkerchief Border (Illustrated)                                                                    162, 298
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                     65, 66, 259, 260, 457, 542
Health Department                                                                   
         Popular Errors, Etc., by Jno. Stainback Wilson [patent medicines,
                perils of medicine by intuition]                                                             85
Author a "regular physician," dress (corsets, thin shoes, pro-hoops)       180
Dress—danger of corsets, infants' clothing                                             276
Diet                                                                                                      372
Bathing                                                                                                 466
Drinks—Water; Alcoholic                                                                    560
Hints to Dressmakers and those who Make their own Dresses, by Mrs. 
         A Few Hints on Stays; Hints on Making a Skirt                                       36
            Hints on Apron-Making; How to Make a Cap                                      151
Hints on Jackets--When to Wear Them, by Mrs. Damas                                  268
House Gardens                                                                                                 391, 428
How to Make Home Happy                                                                             230, 299, 309
I am not Lonely [poem]                                                                                    351
Innocence, by W. S. Gaffney  [poem]                                                                 62
Jessie Moore's Journal, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                498
Kate Arnold, by Violet [fiction]                                                                        240
Laces and Embroideries                                                                                    155
Lady's Dressing-Slipper, in Damask Tapestry (Illustrated)                                499
Lady's Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                                   104
Life's Stage, by C. H. M. [poem]                                                                      255
Lines, by Esther [poem]                                                                                   350
Lines, by J. R. Conyngham [poem]                                                                  538
Lines to Miss E. H. H., by G. R. Calvert [poem]                                              256
Literary Notices                                                                       
         Lily White:  A Romance; Principles of Social Science; Contributions to 
                American History; The Lives and Times of the Chief Justices of the 
                Supreme Court of the United States; Sermons of the Rev. C. H. 
                Spurgeon of London; Glimpses of Jesus; Life Thoughts Gathered 
                from the Extemporaneous Discourse of Henry Ward Beecher; 
                Robert Oaklands or The Outcast Orphan; The Corsair:  A Venetian 
                Tale; Ciprina, or The Secrets of a Picture Gallery; The Iron Cross, 
                or The Countess of Errol; Charles Ransford, or Love on Board a 
                Cruiser; History of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the 
                Constitution of the United States; History of Europe from the Fall of
                Napoleon in 1815 to the Accession of Napoleon in 1852; The New 
                York Pulpit in the Revival of 1858; Practical and Progressive Latin 
                Grammar, Elementary Course; The True Glory of Woman as 
                Portrayed in the Beautiful Life of the Virgin Mary, Mother of our 
                Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ; Recollections of the Last Days of 
                Shelley and Byron; Run Away to Sea:  An Autobiography for Boys; 
                The Hand, but Not the Heart or The Life Trials of Jessie Loring; 
                The Hero Missionary, or A History of the Labors of the Rev. 
                Eugenio Kincaid; Gunn's Domestic Physician, or Home Book of 
                Health                                                                                                85
The History of Minnesota; Quits:  A Novel; An Epitome of the 
                American Eclectic Practice of Medicine; Mary Derwent; Why Do 
                You Wear It? or The Fashionable Professor; The Bouquet and Other 
                Poems; Cornell's First Steps in Geography; Ursula:  A Tale of 
                Country Life; Fred Markham in Russia, or The Boy Travelers in the 
                Land of the Czar; Steps Toward Heaven; The Yellow Frigate, or 
                The Two Sisters; The Living Age; Prayers for the Use of Families; 
                Specimens of Douglas Jerrold's Wit; Select Discourses; Woman:  
Her Mission and Life                                                                        181
Lord Montague's Page:  An Historical Romance of the Seventeenth 
                Century; Confessions of a Pretty Woman; The Jealous Wife; A Poor 
                Fellow; Hadji in Syria, or Three Years in Jerusalem; Osceola, the 
                Seminole, or The Red Fawn of the Flower Land; Wildflower; The 
                Garden:  A Pocket Manual of Practical Horticulture; The World's 
                Battle; A Cyclopedia of Commerce and Commercial Navigation; The 
                Boy Missionary; Life of Bishop Heber                                               277
Man Upon the Sea; Mizpah:  Prayer and Friendship; Moredun:  A Tale 
                of Twelve Hundred and Ten; Memoirs of Rachel; Doctor Thorne: 
                Novel; Mensuration and Practical Geometry; History of King 
                Richard the Second of England; History of King Richard the Third, 
                of England; Belle Brittan, or A Tour of Newport and Here and There; 
                Two Millions; The Public and Private History of Napoleon III, 
                Emperor of the French; Titcomb's Letters to Young People, Single 
                and Married; The Family Aquarium, or Aqua Vivarium                      373
Courtship and Matrimony, with Other Sketches from Scenes and 
                Experiences in Social Life; The Two Sisters; The Arts of Beauty, or 
                Secrets of a Lady's Toilet; Life of Lord Timothy Dexter; The 
                Coopers, or Getting Under Way; Shamah in Pursuit of Freedom, or 
                The Branded Hand; True to the Last, or Alone on the Wide, Wide 
                Sea; Philadelphia and Its manufactures; India and the Indian Mutiny; 
                The Age:  A Colloquial Satire; George Melville:  An American Novel; 
                Coming Home; Manual of Devotion, for the Use of Schools and 
                Private Families                                                                               468
The Opera Dancer, or The Mysteries of London Life; The Rival 
                Beauties:  A Novel; The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe; 
                Electron, or The Pranks of the Modern Puck, a Telegraphic Epic 
                for the Times; The Laying of the Telegraphic Cable; Gillian and 
                Other Poems; Isabella Gray:  A Novel; In and Around Stamboul; 
                Sir Walter Raleigh and His Times; The Citizen's Manual of 
                Government and Law; Mormoniad; Peasant Life in Germany; Agnes:  
A Novel; Jane Eyre; Shirley; Villette; Life of General Havelock; 
                Memoir of Captain Hammond, Rifle Brigade; English Hearts and 
                English Hands                                                                                  561
Little Eddie, by Lillian [poem]                                                                         538
Little Walter, by Kruna [poem]                                                                         60
Look Upward                                                                                                  239
Longings, by Miss M. Louisa Southwick [poem]                                                61
Loraine, by Prentice Cary [poem]                                                                     61
Lounging-Cap in Braid (Illustrated)                                                                  492
Margaret's Home, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]                               30, 133, 231, 327, 415, 518
Memory, by Georgiana D. Shepherd [poem]                                                  539
Morning-Cap--Maltese Pattern (Illustrated) [crochet]                                      455
Morning Collar, Cuff and Open Undersleeve (Illustrated)                                 102
Mrs. Daffodil buys Presents, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                           320
Mrs. Daffodil hunts for Mrs. Smith, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                 523
Mrs. Daffodil Visits the Academy of Natural Sciences, by Virginia De  
[fiction]                                                                                      26
By the Sea-side, by J. Starr Holloway                                                   98
Gondolia Schottisch, by Edward Ambuhl                                             482
Nellie Gray, by Professor Poulton                                                           2
Remembrance, by Carolus Cababia                                                    194
Sweet Lizzie Haidee, by J. Hay Debbin                                                290
The Passing Bell, by J. Starr Holloway                                                386
My Cousin Jot, by John de Winter [fiction]                                                      242
My First Love, by Prairie Fay [poem]                                                             254
My Fortune, by S. W. Hazeltine, M. D. [poem]                                                157
"My Son, if Sinners entice Thee, consent thou not"(Illustrated)                          193
Names for Marking (Illustrated)  
Adele                                                                                                     70
            Ernestine                                                                                              165
            Anna                                                                                                    197
            Marie                                                                                                   266
            Lucie                                                                                                    550
Nellie's Diary, by Birdie Rae [fiction]                                                                299, 397
Nevermore, by Lillian [poem]                                                                          257
Nothing New Under the Sun (Illustrated) [Herculaneum and Pompeii]                13, 109
Novelties of the Month (Illustrated)                                        
         Coiffure for a hop or picnic, carriage dress, garden hats, riding hat,
                cache peignes                                                                                   65
Basque; cape; undersleeves; pointed fichu; Honiton fichu; morning 
                cambric caps; bonnets                                                                     160
Coiffures—evening at home, plain evening dress, evening costume, 
                theatre, for young lady; bonnets                                                      259
Fichu for dinner or evening dress; simpler fichu; berthe for evening 
                dress; collar and sleeve; breakfast or invalid cap; cambric cap          354
Cloak for infant in long clothes; christening robe; infant's robe in 
                broderie Anglais; child's spencer of white muslin, capeline, hood for 
                older child                                                                                        447
Breakfast-cap, headdress, mourning undersleeves, chemisette for 
                evening, lapel collar for morning, cap bonnet, bonnet, quilted silk 
                bonnet                                                                                             541
On Being Told Not to Forget, by A. D. M. [poem]                                           352
Ornamental Quilting (Illustrated)                                                                      76, 201, 361, 550
Oriental Sketches, by Mrs. Sarah Barclay Johnson (Illustrated) [actually,
            Syria and area that is now Israel]                                                           493
Origin of Popular Phrases [robbing Peter to pay Paul; Roland for an Oliver; 
            Mind your p's and q's]                                                                             44
Ornaments for the Hair (Illustrated)                                                                 457
Our Juveniles (Illustrated)                                                                                289, 383
Paper Flower-Making (Illustrated)     
Bell Flower, Ranunculus, the Carnation                                                   57
            The Dahlia, Pompon Rose, Field Poppy                                                144
The White Lily, Pomegranate, Rose of May                                          247
Rose, Convolvulus, Corn Flower, Camellia                                           333
Cabbage Tulip, Double Laurel, Peony                                                   435
Honeysuckle, Heartsease, Single Hyacinth, Snow Ball, Sweet Pea,
                Japanese Rose                                                                                  516
Parlor Gardens—Ferns, La Jardiniere (Illustrated)                                           391, 428
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                                    172, 265
Pattern for Muslin Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                      267, 297
Pattern for Silk Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                           364
Perforated Linen Work (Illustrated)                                                                 172
Plans for Cottage published in November number (Illustrated)                          550, 552
Porte-Monnaie to be Embroidered on Kid (Illustrated)                                    268
Portion of a Collar (Illustrated)                                                                        170
Precious Memorials, by T. S. Arthur (Illustrated)                                                1, 59
Prize Frock in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                   295, 296, 361
Rabbit Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                         263
Receipts, &c.                                                                          
         Directions for Preserving Fruits—Arthur's self-sealing cans, peaches, 
                strawberries, raspberries, cherries, fresh stewed fruits, Reybold's 
                plan for preserving peaches, general directions for preserving, 
                kettles for making preserves, to keep preserves, to clarify sugar 
                for preserving, to preserve fruits without sugar or vinegar, 
                preserving fruit by hermetically sealing, tomatoes, strawberry jam or 
                marmalade, to preserve strawberries whole, strawberries stewed 
                for tarts, strawberries preserved, to preserve strawberries or 
                raspberries for creams or ices without boiling, to preserve 
                strawberries, raspberries, to preserve raspberries whole, raspberry 
                jam, blackberries, blackberry syrup, blackberry wine, blackberry 
                and wine cordial, currants preserved, red or white currant jam, 
                green currant jam, green gage jam                                                         77
Directions for Preserving Fruit—currant jelly, currant jelly without 
                cooking, gooseberries preserved, to keep red gooseberries, fine 
                rhubarb jam, cherries preserved, to dry cherries, plums, to preserve 
                purple plums, to preserve plums without the skins, to dry plums, to 
                preserve green gages, jam of green gages, to keep damsons, to 
                preserve damsons a second way, to preserve apples, to preserve 
                pippins in slices, to preserve crab-apples, baked sweet apples, 
                baked sour apples, coddled apples, to preserve fruit so as to keep 
                well in a hot climate, to preserve pears, to stew pears, to bake pears, 
                pears in brandy, pear marmalade, to bottle fruit, pine-apple preserve, 
                pine-apple jelly, barberries, a new preserve, to candy fruit, to 
                preserve cucumbers and melons, how to make tomato figs, tomato 
                preserves, to pickle tomatoes, tomato catsup, to preserve Seville 
                oranges whole, oranges in jelly; Bill of Fare for a Dinner for Eight 
                Persons in August or September; Bill of Fare for Twelve Persons 
                in August or September; Bill of Fare for Sixteen or Eighteen Persons 
                in August or September                                                                  173
How to Cook Pork—to pickle pork, boiled pork of all kinds, pork 
                cutlets, pork chops or steaks, to collar a pig's head, pig's head 
                baked, pig's head boiled, pig's feet stewed, pig's feet and ears fried, 
                pig's harslet; Directions for Preserving Fruits-—reserved grapes in 
                bunches, quince marmalade, quince and apple jelly, preserving 
                pears and apples, to make pure wine of apples, apple jelly, apple 
                marmalade, to preserve fruit jellies from mould, preserves, to cover 
                jam pots; Sick-Room and Nursery—ventilation, putting the room in 
                order; Miscellaneous—to copy engravings, to wash fine crochet 
                lace that it may not shrink and become thick, to clean wall paper, 
                pot pie, to bleach skeleton leaves, seidlitz powder, ginger beer, 
                sandwiches for evening parties; Contributed Receipts—another 
                receipt for hardening tallow candles, watermelon-rind preserves, 
                to make Congress water, to cure a felon, to make blackberry wine, 
                a fruit cake for a large party or wedding, a good tea-cake, for 
                cough, cure for flux, to make a good hard soap for common use, to 
                remove a cataract or film growing on the eye                                 200
How to Cook Pork—to cure hams, another receipt to cure ham, 
                boiled ham, to bake a ham, to braise a ham, ham rashers, to melt 
                lard, to cure tongues; Sick-Room and Nursery—the nurse; The 
                Toilet—tooth powders and mouth washes, quinine tooth powder, 
                prepared charcoal, Peruvian bark powder, homaeopathic chalk, 
                cuttle-fish powder; Bill of Fare for a Dinner of Eight Persons in 
                October or November; Bill of Fare for Twelve Persons in 
                October or November; Bill of Fare for Sixteen or Eighteen 
                Persons in October or November; Miscellaneous—Indian 
                trifle, Folkestone pudding-pies, scalded pudding, lemons, to boil 
                parsnips, Dutch sweetbreads, a cure for burns; Contributed 
                Receipts—tri-colored cake, faith cakes, to keep lemon juice, 
                apees, to make "sweet potatoes" of Irish potatoes, rose-colored 
                pudding                                                                                     365
Game, etc.—haunch of venison, to dress venison, to hash venison, 
                hashed venison, a stewed shoulder of venison, neck and 
                shoulder of venison, pheasants, boiled pheasant, roasted black 
                cock, partridges, boiled partridges, stewed partridges, broiled 
                partridge; How to Cook Oysters—oysters, stewed oysters, 
                stewed oysters on toast, roast oysters, scalloped oysters, oyster 
                fritters, an oyster pie with sweetbreads; Sick-Room and 
                Nursery—The Nurse, The Patient; The Toilet—tooth powders 
                and mouth washes, borax and myrrh tooth powder, farina 
                piesse's powder, rose tooth powder, opiate tooth paste, violet 
                mouth wash, eau botot, botanic styptic, tincture of myrrh and 
                borax, tincture of myrrh with eau de cologne, camphorated eau 
                de cologne; Miscellaneous—prevention or pitting in smallpox, 
                cold feet, clouted cream, dentifrice, lemonade powder, cold 
                pudding, gingerbread nuts, orange pudding, fine gingercakes for 
                cold weather, Sir A. Cooper's Chilblain Liniment, Bath pudding    459
Plum Pudding and Other Receipts for Christmas—Christmas plum 
                pudding, a good Christmas pudding, mince pies, mincemeat, paste 
                for boiled pudding [poem], maigre plum pudding [poem], sauce 
                for maigre plum pudding [poem], paste for stringing tartlets 
                [poem], a custard pudding [poem], batter pudding [poem], 
                bread pudding [poem], a good paste for meat or savory pies 
                [poem], tart paste for family pies [poem], puff paste [poem], 
                sweet or short crisp tart paste [poem], twelfth cake [paste], Sally 
                Lunn [poem]; Sick-Room and Nursery—The Patient; Bill of 
                Fare for a Dinner for Eight Persons in December; Bill of Fare for 
                Twelve Persons in December; Bill of Fare for Sixteen or Eighteen 
                Persons in December; Miscellaneous—economical use of nutmeg, 
                calf's liver fried, to clean teatrays, method of cooling liquids, to 
                make lard candles, a sure remedy for a felon, mustard poultices         553
Reminiscences of Bonnets, by Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated)  
[comparing 1831 and 1856]                                                                 342
Resignation, by F. H. Stauffer                                                                            25
Sack Pattern (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                          364
Screen for a Jam or Marmalade Pot, by Mrs. Warren (Illustrated) [crochet]      67
Shall I be Missed?  by Mollie Mull [poem]                                                       539
Shattered by the First Storm, by T. S. Arthur (Illustrated)                                107, 152
Shell Pattern Quilt (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                           168
Sighings, by A. S. [poem]                                                                                    62
Sleeve in Brussels Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                      357
Social Games [The Witch, The Wizard, My Trade, The Butterfly, The Painter 
            and the Colors; Forfeits—A Song Upon a Given Subject, The Will, 
            Comparisons, Kissing the Candlestick]                                                 139
Sofa Cushion in Black Net (Illustrated)                                                            199, 264
Song, by Flora Wildwood [poem]                                                                    352
Song--O give me Honest Friends and True! by B. T. F. C. [poem]                    445
Sonnet, by Hugh N. Moore [poem]                                                                  540
Sonnet--Sadness, by E. P. Johnson [poem]                                                     258
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander                                                                            
         The Pole-Star                                                                                       158
            What is the Truth?                                                                                443
Spirit Longings, by Finley Johnson  [poem]                                                      539
Star Toilet Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                   198, 261
Straw Watch-Pocket (Illustrated)                                                                    166
Suggestions to Those Who Give Dinner-Parties                                                 422
Swimming—Effects of Bathing on the Health; Times and Places of Swimming; 
            Aids in Learning to Swim; The Cramp                                                   123
The Art of Dress [colors]                                                                                  324
The Attack, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                          249
The Blue-eyed Daughter [poem]                                                                       158
The Broken Cup, translated from the French, by Mrs. A. F. Law [fiction]      343
The Child alone with Nature, by Jessie Atherton [poem]                                  538
The Coatee (Illustrated)                                                                                  104, 191
The Country Cousin, by Mary W. Janvrin [fiction]                                           203
The Curse and Blessing, by Emily Hermann [poem]                                        156
The Deserted Nest, by Beata [poem]                                                               158
The Dying Girl, by Julia A. Barber  [poem]                                                      539
The Faded Flower, by Mrs. Clara B. Heath [poem]                                         255
The Family Drawing-Master (Illustrated)        
         No. XIV.  Perspective—The Point of Sight, The Point of Station             43
No. XV.  Perspective—The Point of Sight                                            129
No. XVI.  Perspective—Private Lessons                                              221
No. XVII.  Perspective—Triangles                                                       318
No. XVIII.  Perspective—Practical Exercises                                       413
No. XIX.  Perspective—Books and Office Furniture                             526
The Glory of God, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                                 61
The Gypsy Basket (Illustrated)                                                                        546
The Honiton Skirt, with the Adjustable Bustle (Illustrated)                                458
The Innkeeper's Daughter, by Annie Fraust (Illustrated) [fiction]                     409
The Last Votary of the Venus, by Helen Hamilton                                           125
The Latest Style of Pointed Basque (Illustrated)                                               292, 383
The Laugh of My Boy, by Mrs. Mary Jane Phillips [poem]                              157
The Little Store, by S. A. Wentz [fiction]                                                           532
The Miracles, by Rev. H. Hastings Weld (Illustrated) [poem]                          350
The Mother's Prayer, by R. Peale Wilkie [poem]                                              443
The Nonpareil Garment (Illustrated) [one piece undergarment]                         167
The Philosophy of Pastime                                                                                238
The Poet's Mistress, by R. V. Sheldon, Esq. [poem]                                         256
The Rose Leaf, by J. D. [poem]                                                                        540
The Skirt-Supporter (Illustrated)                                                                     361
The Spirit-Bird, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                              350
The Storm-Glass                                                                                              442
The Sunbeams We Scatter [fiction]                                                                   314
The Trials of an Irish House-servant, by the author of "The Tallow Family"
         [fiction]                                                                                                 216, 338
The Unloving Wife, by Clara Augusta [fiction]                                                 146
The War Wreath [poem]                                                                                  257
The Watching Wife, by Mrs. Mary Jane Phillips [poem]                                  446
The Wedding-Gift, by Helen Hamilton [fiction]                                                310
The Whatnot (Illustrated)                                                                                  10, 74
Thoughts of One upon a Bed of Sickness, by C. G. Barber [poem]                   157
To Annie, by Miss M. Crosby [poem]                                                              445
To Belle, by her Ami    [poem]                                                                         351
To C******, by C. S. A. [poem]                                                                     158
To Her I Love, by She Knows Who! [poem]                                                      63
Toilet Glass (Illustrated)                                                                                  172
To M. C. F., by B. H.  [poem]                                                                         540
To my Cousin Helen, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                             257
To One Beloved, by Mrs. J. H. Thomas [poem]                                               444
To _____, by C.  [poem]                                                                                  446
Transplanted, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                         444
Travelling Wallet (Illustrated) [Berlin wool work]                                             491, 550
Trust Not the Future, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                349
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                102, 160, 355, 541
Variegated Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                  359
Vase for Preserving Flowers (Illustrated)                                                         164
Vesper Melody, by Ucalco [poem]                                                                    62
Violet, by Georgiana H. S. Hull [poem]                                                           351
Wake Those Notes No More, by T. Apoleon [poem]                                       248
Watch-Pocket (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                 72
"What's in a Name?" [naming children]                                                                24
Why Do We Love? by Robert G. Barnwell [poem]                                         446
Winter Mantle, or Sortie-de-Bal in Crochet (Illustrated)                                   549
Woman in Adversity                                                                                         434
"Words Fitly Spoken," by Lina [fiction]                                                            335
Work for Children (Illustrated) [Figures for samplers, corners for samplers]       73
Worship in the Wilderness, by Fannie Fenton (Illustrated) [fiction]                   45