Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine  
Volume 56, January-June 1858 

A Chain in Beads and Twist (Illustrated) [crochet]                                           394, 457
A Country House (Illustrated) [with plan]                                                        448
Ada Frazier:  A Sketch of Southern Life, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]
            [Mississippi]                                                                                         125
A Doll's Collar (Illustrated)                                                                              107
A Gauntlet Cuff (Illustrated) [knit and crochet]                                                 451
A Good Name                                                                                                 135
A Lady's Netted Cap for Mourning (Illustrated)                                                  4, 66
Alone, by Mabel Gray [poem]                                                                         445
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)                        
Capitals, Medieval Human Figures, A-Z                                                  12
Crochet Alphabet, capitals, A-Z                                                           108
A-J, Capitals, Feathered                                                                       204
K-S, Capitals, Feathered                                                                      300
T-Z, Capitals, Feathered                                                                       396
A-R, Capitals                                                                                       492
Ambition, by E. A. Sandford [fiction]                                                               514
A Mother's Influence, by Jessie Atherton [poem]                                             159
An Indian Tale, Founded on Fact, by "Seul" [fiction]                                          45
An Offering, by Mary N. Rockwell [poem]                                                       543
A Northern May-Day, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                    446
Antimacassar, for an Easy Chair (Illustrated)                                                    553
A Recollection, by C. S. A. [poem]                                                                     62
A Requiem, by Mrs. Sarah L. Locwell [poem]                                                 351
A Rustic Hanging Basket (Illustrated)                                                              455
A Tale of the Times, by T. S. Arthur (Illustrated) [fiction]                                481, 536
At the Sepulchre, by Cora Linn [poem]                                                            350
A Tribute to the Memory of Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz, by Robert G.  
[poem]                                                                                      61
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside.  No. XVI—The Robbery on the Turnpike,
            by Edith Woodley [fiction]                                                                   224
A Valentine, by E. B.    [poem]                                                                        158
Bandeau for the Hair (Illustrated)                                                                    364
Black Bead Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                                    262
Blanche Brandon [fiction]                                                                                 306
Blessed are the Peacemakers (Illustrated)                                                       193
Boat Song, by D. W. C. Roberts [poem]                                                          352
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        257, 353, 354, 547
Border for Child's Frock (Illustrated)                                                              198
Boy's Jacket (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                          260, 267
Braided Bib (Illustrated)                                                                                  390
Braided Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                            365
Braided Turkish Smoking-Cap (Illustrated)                                                     104
Braiding Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                           552
Broderie Anglaise for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                            7
Broderie for a Dress (Illustrated)                                                                      75
Bugle Mat for Hyacinth Glass (Illustrated)                                                       458
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                   4, 66, 161, 258, 355, 553
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          449
"Catch the Sunshine," by Marion Harland [fiction]                                             13
Centre-Table Gossip, containing--
Correspondence of the "Centre-Table," Extract No. 1—On our recent 
                return voyage from China; No. 2—Letter from Fort Leavenworth     286
Homely Housekeeping                                                                           91
How Domestic Discord is Made                                                            91
India Muslins and Tissues                                                                    477
Items of the Royal Embroidery [Marriage] (Wedding Dress of the 
                Princess Royal, the Bridesmaids, the Queen's Dress, the Wedding 
                Rings, the Wedding Cake, Bridal Travelling Dress, the Wedding 
                Presents)                                                                                         381
            Married and Single                                                                                92
Mourning                                                                                            572
New Books and Music—A Woman's Thoughts About Woman;
                Adele; Ursula; The Coopers; new music                                          572
Paris Items                                                                                         190
Profitable Fancy Work                                                                       190
The Garden      
No. 1—The Value of Keeping a Garden                                           90
                No. 2—Gardens as a Source of Patience, Attaching a Man 
                    Permanently to his Home                                                            189
                No. 3—Laying Out Small Suburban Rear Gardens                          285
                No. 4/5—April--Roses, Hardy Annuals, Hollyhocks, Sowing Seed 
                    for Fall Plants in Hotbed, Lawns; May—Center Bed, Potted 
                    Plants, Sharing Cuttings                                                               476
No. 6—Roses, June Flowers; Replacing Stored Bulbs; Marigolds; 
                    Background Plants; Keeping the Garden in Order; Potted Plants;
                    Watering                                                                                     571
The Nursery                                                                                        287
The Wife to Her Ruined Husband [poem]                                              92
To Correspondents 
Spots on Glass Lamp Chimneys; Hand-Me-Downs; Influenza; 
                        Holiday Gifts (Blessings and Spiritual Gifts)                                92
Sugar Tongs; Suggested Books for Birthday or Bridal Gifts; Value 
                        of Jackets                                                                               191
Advice on Nursing as a Profession; Hansel Monday; More 
                        Bishops                                                                                  287
                    Bridal Dresses, Bridal Veils                                                         382
                    Scrapbooks, Removing Stoppers from Glass Bottles, "Falling 
                        Out," Raised Berlin Work; To Clean the Gilding of Pier-
                        Glasses; Keeping Bouquets Fresh                                           478
                    Undersleeves; The Lancer; Quadrilles; Simplifying an Organdy 
                        Dress; Ball Shoes; Toys; Bayadere Stripes                              572
Charles Maitland:  or, the Force of Imagination, by Mrs. M. S. Whitaker
         [fiction]                                                                                               402, 498
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                161, 449, 450
Chemistry for the Young                                                          
         Lesson VIII (continued)                                                                        79
            Lesson VIII (concluded)                                                                     176
            Lesson IX.  Method of Getting Silver Out of Its Chloride                     272
            Lesson IX (continued)                                                                         369
            Lesson IX (concluded)                                                                        464
            Lesson X.  Comparative Properties of Silver, Lead, and Mercury in
                Relation to Chlorine and Hydrochloric Acid                                      560
Child's Night-dress with Feet (Illustrated)                                                       552
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                257, 258, 296, 297, 547
Caradori (Illustrated)                                                                         295, 383
Cariola (Illustrated)                                                                            294, 383
D'Angri (Illustrated)                                                                           292, 383
Jacket, in Pique (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                            1, 73
La Grange (Illustrated)                                                                       293, 383
Lady's Jacket (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                             97, 100
Mantle for an Invalid (Illustrated)                                                        546
The Barcelona, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                             395
The Biscayan, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                               167
The Calpe, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                   196
The Castiglione, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                             70
The Cordovan, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                             299
The Moresco, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                               489
Collar, in Bead and Bugle Guipure (Illustrated)                                                101, 163
Collars (Illustrated)                                                     11, 65, 101, 103, 107, 364, 394, 491, 549
Coral Reefs                                                                                                      239
Corners for Pocket Handkerchief (Illustrated)                                                  171, 201, 260, 556
Corregio, by Kruna [poem]                                                                              252
Cousin Tom, by Anna Hastings [fiction]                                                             39
Cover for Castor Stand (Illustrated)                                                                358
Crochet Alphabet (Illustrated) [capitals, A-Z]                                                  108
Crochet a la Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                        72, 357, 358
Crochet Purse, in Colored Silks (Illustrated)                                                    202
Dahlia Pen Wiper, in Raised Berlin Work (Illustrated)                                      261
Death of the Hon. James Meacham, by Julia A. Barber [poem]                          60
Design for a Suburban Cottage Residence (Illustrated) [with plans]                    63
Designs for Table-Covers (Illustrated)                                                               71
Diagram of Boy's Jacket (Illustrated)                                                               267
Diagram of Lady's Jacket (Illustrated)                                                             100
Diagram of Little Girl's Paletot (Illustrated)                                                      363
Diagram of Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                          73
Diagrams of Spring Cloak for an Infant (Illustrated)                                         456
Dinner-dress (Illustrated)                                                                                485, 573
Doll's Cap (Illustrated)                                                                                    553
"Don't Stay Long" [poem]                                                                                 446
Douglas & Sherwood's Patent Adjustable Bustle and Skirt (Illustrated)            166, 454
D'Oyley in Flanders Guipure (Illustrated)                                                         106
Dramatic Conversaziones                                                                                  147
Dress of the Princess Royal's Bridesmaids (Illustrated)                                     389
Dresses (Illustrated)                                                        256, 389, 392, 393, 485, 486, 487, 545
Dresses for the Country or Watering-places (Illustrated)                                  392, 393, 479
Editors' Table, containing--
A Chapter of Excerpts [poems and clips]                                              373
A Lament, by Lilian [poem]                                                                   83
Annual Report of the Managers of the Chester County Agricultural
                    Society                                                                                         465
A Taste for the Beautiful                                                                       177
A Thought for Husbands                                                                       275
A Thought for Wives                                                                            275
A True Compliment                                                                              468
A Woman with Wrongs                                                                        468
Beneficence                                                                                          179
Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies                                          373, 468, 564
Brazil and the Brazilians                                                                        370
Cherokee Female Seminary                                                                  563
Common Sense better than Transcendentalism                                      179
Dress and Its Influence [excerpts from Chambers' Journal article
                "Growing Old"—advice to the middle aged]                                      466
Edgeworth Ladies' Seminary [Greensboro, NC]                                   468
English Literature                                                                                  180
English Periodicals                                                                                180
Fashion--Its Influence and Results                                                           80
Health Department                                                                                564
Hints about the Spine Complaint [curvature of the spine]                        179
Hints for Poets                                                                                      562
Is Salt Food?                                                                                        563
Is Water Food?                                                                                    562
Lady Bulwer in Trouble                                                                        468
Novels that are always New                                                                 561
"Our Brother Sleeps"                                                                              83
Places of Education for Young Women                                    
             Baltimore Ladies' College                                                                   82
                Oxford Ladies' College, Ohio                                                           275
"Poems by Rosa"                                                                                    81
Saleratus Destroys the Teeth                                                                 564
            Salutatory to Our Readers                                                                      80
Settled for Life.  A Word to Young Ladies  [fiction]                              274
The American Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                     83, 180, 276, 372, 468, 564
The Five Gateways of Knowledge                                                        273
The Great London Preacher                                                                 177
The Herndon Memorial                                                                         83, 276, 373, 468
The Industrial Women's Aid Association:  A Good Work.  Who Will 
                    Aid?                                                                                              82, 276
The March Snow Storm [poem]                                                           275
The Royal Marriage                                                                              561
The Twilight Angel, by Fannie Stevens [poem]                                    179
The Welsh Nightingale                                                                          180
The Wreck of the Central America, by Mrs. Sarah T. Bolton [poem]   467
Two Scenes in Cherokee Land [before and after civilization]                 563
            Elder's Biography of the late Doctor Kane, by Rev. D. Whitaker  
                                                                                     212, 301
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 69, 75, 97, 100, 104, 106, 107,
            163, 164, 172, 203, 258, 264, 266, 267, 268, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 365,
            453, 456, 459, 491, 550, 556
Embroidery for a Child's Cloak or Sacque (Illustrated)                                    453
Enigmas                                                                                                62, 159, 255, 352, 447, 544
Evening-dress for the Opera (Illustrated)                                                         487, 573
Family Prayer, by Rev. H. Hastings Weld (Illustrated) [poem]                          59
Walking dresses; dinner dresses; effect of panic on clothing prices;
                trimming dresses; Venetian sleeves; making up poplins; party 
                dresses for young girls; ball dresses                                                     93
Evening dresses; furs; opera-cloaks or bournous; dressing gowns;
                cloth cloaks; flounced skirts; sleeves                                                  191
Carriage dress; street dress; dinner dress; juvenile fashion; dinner
                dress; cut of dresses; side trimmings; flounces; sleeves—funnel, 
                volante, bouffant, closed; jackets; passementerie; fringes; bonnets; 
                red and black stripe petticoats                                                           287
Walking dress; robe dress; child's walking dress; morning cap,
                chemisette, basque, headdress, undersleeves; spring mantles; 
                children's dresses; fashion responding to the economy; order for 
                rich western child; round or Pamela hats; opera cloaks; hair styles;
                bonnets                                                                                             382
Robe, silk dress, crape hat, spring straw hat, basque, robe, mantilla,
                Princess Royal riding habit, dresses for morning promenade at 
                springs or seaside, street and carriage wraps and mantles, crape 
                bonnets, straw bonnets, veils, plainer fabrics—chintz, mousselines, 
                spring silks, flounces, bretelles                                                            479
Dresses for outside parties; riding dresses, dinner dress, walking
                dress, coiffure [page missing from microfilm]                                       573
Female Education                                                                                                21
Firesides and Facts of the Revolution
            John Boyce of SC, The Tinsley Family of SC, by E. F. Ellet                  121
            The Haynie Family of SC, William Caldwell of SC, Customs Among 
                the Primitive Dutch in South Carolina, Savage Malignity, Use of a 
                Bogus Baby                                                                                       436
First and Second Love, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                          439
Flower-Vase Mat in Crystal and Blue Beads (Illustrated)  [crochet]                      8, 67
Frank Ward's Confession, by Helen Hamilton [fiction]                                      220
Full Instructions in Needle-Work of all kinds              
Materials in Metal; Beads                                                                      169
            Implements For All Sorts of Needle-Work; Trimmings—Tassels, 
                Screen Handles, Fringes, Cords                                                         265
            To Preserve Materials from Injury; To Quill Ribbon for Trimming;
                To Make Up Sofa Cushions; To Make Up Carriage Bags; To 
                Make Up Banner Screens; To Mount Hand Screens; To Increase 
                the Size of an Engraved Pattern                                                         361
Godey's Arm-Chair             
Godey's as a New Year's Present; Irish Epitaph [poem]; New-Year's 
                Family Toasts; Jokes                                                                          86
John Grigg, Esq.; Colored Photographs; Old Dominion Coffee Pots; 
                Yankee Precedent, by George E. Senseney [poem]; Monthly List 
                of New Music; Dresses Worn at a Reception of the Queen of 
                England; Poem to Godey's; About Crinoline; Jokes; Letter from 
                Oregon; A Tribute to Worth, by Rosetta [poem about Godey's]        183
Portrait of Washington Printed in Oil Colors; Keep Your Mouth Shut; 
                Monthly List of New Music; Women and Ladies; False Spelling 
                Arising Out of Sound; Jokes; Dresses Worn at Her Majesty's 
                Drawing-Room; Spare That Tea [poem]                                           279
Would-be Ladies at the Opera; Beggars—an Incident; The Flower-
                Garden (seed for twenty favorite varieties); House of Employment; 
                Note from Huntsville (TX) Item; Jokes; Judge Longstreet on 
                Newspapers                                                                                    375
All Godey's Dresses Wearable; Giving Characters to Servants; The
                Gallandet Gazette; The Magician's Own Book; Anecdote of Irish 
                Servant; Extended Hoops; Jokes; Godey's Needles, by Kruna  
                [poem]; The Post-Office Robberies; Dan Rice's Great Show; 
                Instructions for Knitting a Quilt in Shell Pattern; Instructions to 
                Harden Tallow Candles                                                                    470
Misbehavior at the Opera; Jokes; Patience in Dealing with Children; 
                How to Cool Water; Whiskers; Piano Prices                                    567
Group of Flowers in Imitation of Tapestry (Illustrated)                                         9, 67
Hair Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                                                105
Handkerchief Border (Illustrated)                                                                    362, 457, 460
Hanging Portfolio (Illustrated)                                                                          102, 164
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                                   65, 354, 450
Hints to Dressmakers and those who Make their own Dresses, by Mrs.  
How to Make a Dress Body Fit Well; Hints on Pockets; Hints on 
                Summer Jackets                                                                               413
Hints on Braiding Cloaks or Dresses; How to Cut Out and Fit a Body; 
                Hints on Shirt-Making                                                                       523
Home Treasures, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                                     255
Honeycomb Carriage Cushion (Illustrated)                                                       550
Imitation of Ground Glass for Windows (Illustrated)                                         548
Infant's Apron (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                          74, 264
Infant's Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                              170
Initials (Illustrated)      
         O                                                                                                         451
            S. H.                                                                                                    550
Iron More Useful than Gold                                                                                38
Is it True? by Kate Berry [fiction]                                                                     241
Jacket, in Pique (Illustrated)                                                                                1, 73
Juvenile Department (Illustrated)                                
Samplers for Our Young Friends                                                           162
            Samplers for Our Young Friends                                                           263
Kate Severn's Wedding, by Judith Hemmenway [fiction]                                  152
Keats; a Monody, by J. H. M'Naughton [poem]                                               542
Lady's Chemise, Front and Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                 363
Lady's Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                                    1, 73, 97, 100
Lady's Shoe Bag (Illustrated)                                                                           259
Ladies' Walking-dress (Illustrated)                                                                   486, 573
Lamp or Vase Mat (Illustrated)                                                                        185
"Les Larmes dans la Voice," by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                 544
Life's Chalice, by J. Howard Smith [poem]                                                       542
Life's Distrust, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                                          351
Light Out of Darkness:  A Blind Man's Story, by Louise Chandler Moulton
         [fiction]                                                                                                 109
Lines to Mary, by M. W. [poem]                                                                       255
Literary Notices                                                                       
         Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Million; Sketches by Boz; Roumania:  The 
                Border Land of the Christian and the Turk; The Artist's Bride, or The 
                Pawnbroker's Heir; The Adopted Daughter and Other Tales; Travels 
                and Discoveries in North and Central Africa; Gertrude of Wyoming, 
                or The Pennsylvania Cottage; The Farmer's Boy; World-Noted 
                Women; Poems by William Cullen Bryant; The Planter's Daughter:  
A Tale of Louisiana; Guide to the Oracles, or The Bible Student's 
                Vade-Mecum; City Poems; White Lies:  A Novel; Propria Que 
                Maribus; The Cousins, or The Captain's Ward; The Poor Boy and 
                Merchant                                                                                          84
            Lives of the Bishop; The Life of Henry Martyn; Not a Minute to Spare; 
                Wings and Stings; Charlie Hope; Sunday at Oatlands; A Place for 
                Everything and Everything in Its Place; Living and Loving; Burns' Works; 
                Prayers for the Use of Families; Mabel Vaughan; The Poets of the 
                Nineteenth Century; The Hasheesh Eater; The Two Apprentices with a 
                History of Their Lazy Tour; Sartaroe:  A Tale of Norway; The Saint 
                and His Savior; Fast-Day Sermon                                                     181
The Lost Daughter; Portraits of My Married Friends; Lucy Howard's 
                Journal; Why and What am I?; Autobiographical Sketches and 
                Recollections; Sketches of Art, Literature, and Character; Stories 
                and Legends of Travel and History for Children; Parthenia:  Or Last 
                Days of Paganism; Twin Roses:  A Narrative; White Lies:  A Novel; 
                The Plant Hunters, or Adventures Among the Hamalaya Mountains; 
                Christianity in the Kitchen:  A Physiological Cook Book; Ladies' 
                Almanac, for 1858; Smiles and Tears, or Life at Glenbrook; Jumpin 
                Jack's Adventures; Mrs. Follens' Twilight Stories                                 277
Medical Lexicon:  A Dictionary of Medical Science; Debit and Credit; 
                The World of Mind:  An Elementary Book; European Acquaintance, 
                Being Sketches of People in Europe; Scenes of Clerical Life; 
                Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; Leisure Labors; 
                Hide and Seek:  A Novel; The Reason Why; The Poetical Works of 
                James R. Lowell; Plain Instructions for Coloring Photographs                374
The Belle of Washington:  A True Story of the Affections; The Three 
                Beauties; Oriental and Western Siberia:  A Narrative of Seven Years' 
                Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis 
                Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia; The Works of 
                Tacitus; English Grammar:  The English Language in Its Elements and 
                Forms; The Family Doctor:  A Counsellor in Sickness, Pain, and 
                Distress, for Childhood and Old Age; The Life of Dr. Elisha Kent 
                Kane and of Other Distinguished American Explorers                            469
Sartaroe:  A Tale of Norway; Stories of Waterloo; The Quaker Soldier, or 
                The British in Philadelphia, an Historical Romance; History of the 
                Inductive Sciences from the Earliest to the Present Time; Adele:  A Time; 
                Elementary German Reader; Poems by Howard H. Caldwell; Vraie 
                Prosodie Francaise; The Magician's Own Book; Chesterfield's Art of 
                Letter-Writing Simplified; Courtenay's Dictionary of Three Thousand 
                Abbreviations; The Young Housewife, or How to Eke Out a Small 
                Income and Insure Domestic Happiness and Plenty on a Limited Scale 
                of Expenditure; Mind Your Stops: Punctuation Made Plain and 
                Composition Simplified; Prince Charles, or, The Young Pretender; 
                Leonora, a Lyrical Drama in Three Acts; The Medical and Surgical 
                Reporter; Livingstone's Travels and Researches in South Africa; The 
                Angel and the Demon:  A Tale of Modern Spiritualism; The Life of 
                George Stephenson, Railway Engineer                                                  565
Look Aloft! by J. W. Bryce [poem]                                                                        61
Lucy in the City, by the author of "The Tallow Family"                                       54, 148, 248
Manufacture of Silk in China                                                                                 540
Margaret's Home:  A Household Tale, by Alice B. Haven [fiction]         24, 116, 229, 334, 420, 528
Marine and Fresh-Water Aquariums (Illustrated)                                                   51
May Kendall, by Mrs. C. W. Dennison [fiction]                                                    236
Memory's Dearest Picture, by the late D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                158
Midnight Musings, by N. F. B***** [poem]                                                           59
Misguided Love and Genius, by Norman W. Bridge [poem]                                 541
Model Cottages, for Laborers, Mechanics, &c. (Illustrated) [with plans]              259
Monument at Glenwood Cemetery, Erected by the Scott Legion as a Burial-Place 
                for Pennsylvania Volunteers Who Served During the Mexican War            
                 (Illustrated)                                                                                        490
Morning Collar (Illustrated)                                                                                 394, 549
Mr. Fitz Foom in the Country, by the author of "The Tallow Family" [fiction]    429
Mrs. Daffodil's Interview with a Count, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                329
Afton Ripplers Waltz, by J. Starr Holloway                                             290
Fleuve du Tage, by J. Starr Holloway                                                      194
Gertrude Mazourka, by J. Hamilton Whitney                                           482
Oh leave her to her Grief!                                                                              2
The Last Rose of Winter                                                                             98
The Young Cavalier, by Carl Hohlweg                                                     386
My Baby, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                                    61
My Baby-Boy is Dead, by F. H. Stauffer [poem]                                                 157
My Hawk, by Will O. Stoddard [poem]                                                               332
My Valentine, by X. Y. Z. [poem]                                                                         156
Names for Marking (Illustrated)                                                         
         Daisy                                                                                                         71
            Henry                                                                                                       354
            Pauline                                                                                                     364
            Adele                                                                                                       550
Netted Cheese or Cake D'Oyley (Illustrated)                                                        10, 69
Newest Style of Headdress (Illustrated)                                                               488, 574
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)  
Two girls and boy outside, headdresses, habit-shirt and collar, pointed 
                collar of embroidery, undersleeves                                                          64
Morning dresses, chemise, caps, undersleeves                                           160
Visiting dresses and cards, child's poplin dress, child's walking dress, 
                child's lawn dress, infant's cap, infant's bonnet or hood                           256
Trimming a walking dress, bonnets and headdresses                                  353
Chemisette and sleeves, fichu Marie Antoinette, sleeves, habit shirt, 
                headdresses                                                                                         449
Girls' party dresses, home-dress, mantle for an invalid, child's walking 
                dresses, child's hood                                                                            545
Opera Cloak of the New Material (Illustrated)                                                     487
Ornamental Lamp Cap (Illustrated)                                                                     171
Orne Crochet Cover, for a Work-table (Illustrated)                                             551
Our Thoughts                                                                                                       401
Our Two Gifts, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                                205, 322
Paletot for a Little Girl (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                356, 363
Paper Flower-Making (Illustrated)                 
         Paper; Flowers in General; The Tools; The Poppy                                     418
            Rose Tremiere; The Daisy                                                                         512
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                        5, 67, 165, 197, 298, 555
Patchwork Watch-Hook (Illustrated)                                                                  360
Personal Reminiscences of Miss Eliza Leslie, by Alice B. Haven                            344
Philopena [a game]                                                                                               155
Pin Money [origin of the phrase]                                                                             32
Portion of Collar in Bead and Bugle Guipure (Illustrated)                                     101, 163
Portion of an Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                      491
Portion of Turkish Smoking-Cap (Illustrated)                                                       105
Purse a la Chapeau (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                            454
Receipts, &c.                                                                          
         Cookery for the Sick—arrow-root mucilage, mucilage of sago, oatmeal 
                gruel, mucilage of rice, simple bread panada, toast water, apple tea or 
                water, lemon-peel tea or water, lemonade, simple barley water, boiled 
                bread pudding, beef tea; How to Cook Poultry—to roast ducks, to boil
                ducks, to stew ducks, stewed ducks, to hash ducks, wild ducks or teal, 
                wild ducks, roast fowls, boiled fowls, cold fowls; Bills of Fare—dinner 
                for eight persons in January or February; Practical Hints on the 
                Domestic Management of the Room—use of chloride of lime or zinc to
                prevent epidemics, importance of smallpox vaccinations, dangers of 
                scarletina in females soon after confinement; Miscellaneous—furniture 
                polish [poem], to take ink out of muslin, Barbados jumbles, to perfume 
                apartments, to renovate black cloth clothes, Parisian freckle water, to 
                remove corns, to keep stoves and ranges bright, to prevent oil lamps 
                from smoking; Contributed Receipts—to preserve watermelon rind, to 
                preserve citrons, potato pudding, gruel batter-cakes [a Southern 
                receipt], pound-cake, Tennessee corn-bread, Southern biscuit                 76
How to Cook Poultry—fowls with truffles, fowl broiled, hashed fowl, to 
                grill cold fowls, roasted guinea fowl, fricasee of fowl, made dishes of 
                poultry, fowl a la Bechamel, gravy for a fowl when there is no meat to 
                make it of, blanc, chickens boiled, chickens pulled; Bill of Fare for a 
                Dinner for Twelve Persons in January or February; Sick-Room and 
                Nursery—bath; Toilet—odors for the handkerchief—flowers of Erin, 
                royal hunt bouquet, bouquet de flora (otherwise extract of flowers, the 
                guard's bouquet, fleur d'Italie or Italian nosegay, Jockey Club bouquet 
                (English formula), Jockey Club bouquet (French formula); 
                Miscellaneous—ice in surgical operations, for sprains and bruises, 
                essentia odorifera, household remedy for chilblains, pot pourri, to gild 
                without gold, hot water, cure for toothache (outward application); 
                Contributed Receipts—soap, boiled buttermilk, a nice dish of potatoes 
                for breakfast or tea, to roast venison, scarlet fever, to make icing, 
                remedy for burns, for frosted feet, sweet-pickled cucumbers, floating 
                island, cucumber ketchup                                                                        176
Aunt Deborah's Receipts to Her Niece—soup making, ox-tail soup, 
                mock-turtle soup, Mulligatawny soup, shin-of-beef soup, pea soup; 
                Sick-Room and Nursery—types of baths; Bills of Fare for a Dinner for 
                Eight Persons in March; Miscellaneous—superior palm-soap, ointment 
                for scurf in the heads of infants, cure for chapped hands, wash for a 
                blotched face, remedy for blistered feet from long walking, Dr. Birt 
                Davies' gout mixture, burns, scalds, to sweeten musty bottles, teething; 
                Contributed Receipts—cough mixture, a plaster for a cough, rice pudding 
                without eggs, soda loaf-cake, cup-cake, sponge cake, lemon pie, 
                snowballs, receipt for sweet pickle, pickled citron                                  269
How to Cook Poultry—curried chickens, to braise chickens, cutlets of 
                chicken, fried chicken a la Malabar, pigeons as woodcocks, pigeons 
                roasted, roasted pigeons, pigeons stewed, pigeons larded and braised, 
                fillets of pigeons, compote of pigeons, pigeons in jelly, to pot pigeons; 
                Sick-Room and Nursery—list of the principal poisons with their 
                antidotes or remedies, creosote a cure for dysentery, nitrate of silver for 
                burns and scalds, a strengthening jelly for invalids, mutton custard for 
                bowel complaints or consumptive cases; The Toilet—odors for the 
                handkerchief—a Japanese perfume, Kew Garden nosegay, eau des 
                millefleurs, millefleurs et lavender, Delcroix's millefleur lavender; Bill of 
                Fare for a Dinner for Eight Persons in April or May; Bill of Fare for 
                Twelve Persons in April or May; Bill of Fare for Sixteen or Eighteen 
                Persons in April or May; Miscellaneous—ginger lemonade, hippocras, 
                bottled imperial, imperial drink, imperial pop, tincture of allspice, 
                essence of nutmeg, essence of ginger, rose water, for bread jelly, to 
                prevent the smoking of a lamp, oil of roses for the hair, for cleaning 
                floor boards, rancid butter, to render linen, etc. incombustible, making 
                coffee, an easy method of exterminating rats and mice, pepperpot, a 
                very nice stew of tripe, to make French mustard, to make perry, 
                common cup cake                                                                               366
How to Cook Pork—to roast a suckling pig, to scald a suckling pig, 
                roast pig, a leg of pork roasted, a leg of pork broiled, loin of pork, 
                sparerib, sparerib of pork, chine of pork, neck of pork rolled, a fillet 
                of pork to resemble veal, griskin of pork, all roast porks; Sick-Room 
                and Nursery—Washing and Dressing; The Toilet—cleansing the hair, 
                bandoline for the hair, a wash for cleansing and preventing the hair 
                from falling off, to remove freckles, for chapped hands, scented 
                washball; Miscellaneous—mixture to destroy bugs, substitute for 
                coffee [parsnips], poultice for a fester, to restore peach-color ribbon 
                when turning red, to clean white feathers, dandelion coffee, to remove 
                mildew, to curl feathers, how to take impressions of seals, tapioca 
                pudding, snow rice cream, Swiss cream, browning for cakes, soda 
                cake, broiled pigeons; Contributed Receipts, by Mrs. Tucker—to 
                dress a rump of beef, a la Bouillie, to make calves feet jelly, to make 
                gingerbeer, to make French sauce for puddings, composition cake, 
                common loaf-cake, to make French mustard, Nim's puffs, blanc-mange, 
                puff paste                                                                                           461
How to Cook Pork—pig's cheeks, pig's face for breakfast, pork 
                sausage, saucisses de l'Espagnole; A Few Receipts for Making 
                Rhubarb Wine; Sick-Room and Nursery—Meals; The Toilet—
                Absorbent Powders—violet powder, rose face powder, plain or 
                unscented hair powder, face powder, perle powder, blanc de perle, 
                French blanc; Bill of Fare for a Dinner of Eight Persons in June or 
                July; Bill of Fare for Twelve Persons in June or July; Bill of Fare for 
                Sixteen or Eighteen Persons in June or July; Miscellaneous—to dress 
                spinach in the French way, to rear a myrtle from a slip, to remove 
                sunburn, baroness's pudding, remedy for bronchitis, moths in carpets, 
                singular palliative for toothache; Contributed Receipts—cup cake, felix 
                gingerbread, bunn cake, lemon custard for paste, lemon custard for 
                cups, peaches in cans, baked batter pudding, apple pie without apples, 
                biscuit, to make hard tallow candles, cure for a sprain, cure for a 
                burn                                                                                                     557
Riding-dresses (Illustrated)                                                                                  484, 573
Rome, by Hermione [poem]                                                                                 157
Section of Child's Collar, in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                   364
Section of Point Collar (Illustrated)                                                                        11, 69
Severed, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                                    445
Shawls for the Ladies, and where they come from (Illustrated)                             397, 493
Shell-Pattern Mat (Illustrated)                                                                             168
Sleeve in Applique of Net and Muslin (Illustrated)                                                    6
Slipper in Applique (Illustrated)                                                                           164
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                                           164, 170, 185, 365
Smiles for Home, by T. S. Arthur [fiction]                                                               33
Social Games [Jack's Alive, Thread Paper Poetry, Last Letters, Horned 
                Ambassador, Cross Purposes]                                                              222
Song.--Twilight Dreams, by Lochiel Moore [poem]                                              158
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander  
Paradise                                                                                                     62
            Elijah                                                                                                        159
            Spirit of Life                                                                                              253
            Atalanta                                                                                                    352
            Genesaret                                                                                                 446
Sortie Cap (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                                          355
Sprigs of Flowers for Bead-Work (Illustrated)                                                       75
Spring Cloak for an Infant (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                          455
Stanzas, by D. W. Hazeltine, M. D. [poem]                                                          350
Stanzas, by J. B. Hickey [poem]                                                                             60
Star D'Oyley (Illustrated)                                                                                    171
Sympathetic Inks [invisible inks]                                                                            321
The Art of Making Feather Flowers                                                                      227
The Autumn Leaves, by Charles D. Gardette [poem]                                          156
The Bohemian's Song of Fatherland, by Mrs. A. T. Ferguson [poem]                   157
The Bridals, by Mrs. C. F. Morse [poem]                                                             542
The Broken Flower, by A. W. G. C. [poem]                                                         541
The Child's Farewell to Earth, by Delphine P. Baker  [poem]                               253
The Dear Old Grandmother, by T. S. Arthur (Illustrated) [fiction]                        385, 435
The Downfall of Dr. Dogsnose, by Judith Hemmenway [fiction]                           341
The Family Drawing-Master (Illustrated)                                
         No. VIII.  Quadrilateral Figures                                                                  31
            No. IX.  Quadrilateral Figures (Concluded)                                               130
            No. X.  Series of Drawings for Practice                                                    246
            No. XI.  Rectangles, Parallelograms, etc.                                                  333
            No. XII.  Perspective—The Horizontal Line                                              427
            No. XIII.  Perspective—The Horizontal Line; The Vanishing Point            534
The Future Home, by George Lewellyn Miner [poem]                                         156
The Ghost in St. Timothy's, by Patience Perkins (late Patience Price) [fiction]      35
The Grave of Margaret Davidson, by Julia A. Barber [poem]                               254
The Hourglass Candle-stand for the Toilet-Table (Illustrated)                               452
The Household in Olden Times [various fines for misbehavior]                               527
The Last Word                                                                                                     511
The Manner of Doing a Service to Others                                                             438
The Metropolitan Gymnastic Costume (Illustrated)                                                 68
The Mother's Blessing, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                    217
The Mountain Lily, by Ettie Elton [fiction]                                                            415
The Old Homestead, by Lillie A. Bross [poem]                                                    132
The Old Time Grandfather, by T. S. Arthur (Illustrated) [fiction]                          289, 320
The Old Stile, by Virginia de Forrest (Illustrated [fiction]                                   133
The Ottoman (Illustrated)                                                                                    554
The Pioneers, by Miss M. Louisa Southwick [poem]                                              60
The Princess Royal (Illustrated)                                                                           388, 479
The Raindrop, by Stacy G. Potts, Jr. [poem]                                                       541
The Reception (Illustrated)                                                                                  256
There is No Bird so Free as I, by Hattie Boomer [poem]                                     254
The Science of Dress (Illustrated)                                                                   
         No. 1.  Appropriateness to age, height, simplicity, color                               22
            No. II.  Effect of dark and light, colors, effect of flounces, tight lacing         114
            No. III.  Hair styles, shoes and boots, cosmetics, false hair, false teeth       235
The Sleigh Ride, by R. K. Shaw [poem]                                                                254
The Slipper Sock [knitting]                                                                                   548
The Spectre [poem]                                                                                              543
The Storm, by Geral Sidney [poem]                                                                       59
The Sugar Camp, by Luta [poem]                                                                        542
The Tattlers of Tattletown, or, "The Nice Young Widow," by Mary W. Janvier
         [fiction]                                                                                                     136
The Useful and the Beautiful                                                                                  497
The Vacant Chair, by Winnie Willis [poem]                                                          544
The Watcher, by Ucaleo [poem]                                                                          445
The Wife at Home, by F. H. Stauffer                                                                     43
This World is not all Dark, Beloved, by Finley Johnson [poem]                              61
The World's Friends, by William James Lisle [poem]                                           158
To a Friend [poem]                                                                                              543
To an Estranged Friend, by Helen Mar [poem]                                                     351
To Hyla, by C_____    [poem]                                                                              447
Toilet Cushion and Box (Illustrated)                                                                     359
Toilet Cushion in Perforated Linen Work (Illustrated)                                           200, 201
Tortoise-Shell                                                                                                       124
Truths, Simply Expressed                                                                                      434
Two Evenings with the Dorcas Society:  A Winter's Tale, by the author of "A 
            Country Gentleman's Dream in the City"
[fiction]                                  424
Two May Days, by the author of "A Country Gentleman's Dream in the 
            City" (Illustrated)
I.  A May Bridal.  II.  The Little May Queen [fiction]   424
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                      65, 66, 161, 449
Webster on Origin                                                                                                228
What the Age Wants                                                                                            414
Widow Redstreak's Chitchat, by Kate Seaton [fiction]                                          525
Without and Within, by Helen Hamilton           [poem]                                         352
Xarifa, by G. H. S. Hull [poem]                                                                            350