Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine
Volume 54, January-June 1857 

A Brighter World than This, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                    351
A Concert at a Seraglio                                                                                      81
A Day in the Country.  A Sketch of Southern Life, by Pauline Forsyth
          [fiction]                                                                                                342
A Dress for any Season (Illustrated)                                                                101, 165
A Few Words for Children                                                                                 58
A Good Daughter                                                                                             304
A Household Friend [piano]                                                                              191
Alla Lee, by J. Devereux Ashton [poem]                                                         540
A London Party                                                                                                560
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated)    
            a-z, lower case                                                                                     106
            A-O, capitals, grape vines                                                                     298
            P-Z, capitals, grape vines                                                                      394
A Marriage in the Rothschild Family                                                                  514
American Country Life                                                                                        79
A Moonlight Scene, by M. A. R. R. [poem]                                                       255
A Morning Collar (Illustrated)                                                                         358
Ancient Toilet of a Roman Lady (Illustrated)                                                      35
Andalusia, by Edward A. Warriner [poem]                                                      446
A Nervous Wife, and How She Was Cured, by T. S. Arthur [fiction]                409
A New Toy [hydrogen balloon]                                                                        381
An Idyl for Addie's Bridal, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                      256
Another Pleasant Letter from the West [Wisconsin]                                           320
Answering Letters                                                                                             209
Antimacassar in Square Netting (Illustrated)                                                     549
Aquariums, No. 1 (Illustrated)                                                                         525
Arctic Explorations, by Rev. D. K. Whitaker (Illustrated)                                299, 395
Arthur Rivers, by Helen Irving [fiction]                                                            145
A School for Indian Girls                                                                                  561
A Series of Truths                                                                                             498
A Suburban Cottage in the Italian style (Illustrated) [with plans]                        353
A Symmetrical Cottage (Illustrated) [with plans]                                              161
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside, by Edith Woodley      
         No. XIII—Seth Topliff's Practical Joke, and the Way He Was Paid        53
A Woman's Smile                                                                                             537
A Wool Collar [knitted] (Illustrated)                                                                  67
A Young Lady's Ideas of Western Life [fiction]                                                 465
Baby Lily, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                              445
Baby's Over-Sock (Illustrated)                                                                          70
Basque and Diagram (Illustrated)                                                                       63, 64, 257, 258
Bead Carriage Bag (Illustrated)                                                                       358
Beaded Bag (Illustrated)                                                                                 102
Book-Marker (Illustrated) [cross stitch] [For My Friend]                                  71
Bonnet for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                                              357
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                            65, 259, 357, 384, 453, 545
Boy's Cloak (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                           165, 172
Braided Baby's Bib (Illustrated)                                                                           6, 7, 69
Braiding Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                            202, 544
Braidwork.--Baby's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                             359
Broderie Border (Illustrated)                                                                           554
Brioche Applique Cushion (Illustrated)                                                              68
Brioche Cushion, Braided on Merino (Illustrated)                                            261
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                            356, 545
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          260
Carolina Backwoods Sketches, by Mrs. M. S. Whitaker         
         No. 1—Dora Days                                                                                 49
            No.II—Israel Boatman                                                                         245
            No.III—Tira, The Dairy-Woman [African-American]                           346
            No.IV—Gordon, The Gardener [African-American]                             431
            No.V—Clary [African-American/Native American]; Abram Murdoch
                [octogenarian recluse]                                                                       516
Carriage Dress                                                                                                 189
Celebrated Women--Mrs. Hemans (Illustrated)                                               261
Centre-Table Gossip              
Work for the Centre-Table—Infant Socks, Slippers, and Other 
                Crochet; Greenhouse Plants and Evergreens; Wise Counsel for the 
                New Year                                                                                         91
Carriage Dress; The Flowers of Winter; Sunday Evenings at Home—
                No. 1; A Household Friend [piano]                                                  189
The Fashion of Mourning; Maids of All Work                                       286
Gift-Making (Wedding and Birthday Presents); the Rothschild Wedding; 
                A New Toy—Hydrogen Balloons; Sunday Evenings at Home—
                No. 2                                                                                               381
Sunday Evenings at Home—No. 3; The Admiral's Opinion; Work in the 
                Flower Borders for May; Strings and Pins                                         477
Sunday Evenings at Home—No. 4:  What We Must Come To;
Petticoat Suspenders; Fashion Items from Various Sources; Work 
                for the Flower Borders in June                                                          570
Change, by Mary S. Alward [poem]                                                                 254
Chemisette in Irish Guipure (Illustrated)                                                               1
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                      1, 259, 355, 547
Chemistry for the Young                      
         Lesson III, continued; Lesson IV—A Mixture of Sand, Salt, Starch, 
                and Sugar being Given, to Separate the Four                                       78
Lesson IV, continued                                                                            176
Lesson IV, continued                                                                            272
Lesson V—A Mixture of Sand, Starch, Salt, Sugar, and Butter being 
                Given; to Separate the Five                                                              368
Lesson VI—Some Further Remarks About the Properties of Chloride 
                of Silver                                                                                           464
Child's Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                              201
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                        289, 383, 451, 452
Fashionable Mantle (Illustrated)                                                           543, 544
The Alcamena (Illustrated)                                                                  392, 479
The Belvidera (Illustrated)                                                                   393, 479
The Darro, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                    196, 197
The Desdemona (Illustrated)                                                                   5, 93
The Florentine, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              292
The Hippolita (Illustrated)                                                                    392, 479
The Imogen (Illustrated)                                                                      393, 479
The Incoyrable (Illustrated)                                                                   89
The Montano Talma, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                     100
The Moresco (front view), from Brodie (Illustrated)                             388
The Moresco (back view), from Brodie (Illustrated)                            389
The Ophelia (Illustrated)                                                                          5, 93
The Shawl Josephine, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                        4
The Valencian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              293
The Vittoria, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                  481
Cloth Legging for a Child (Illustrated)                                                                71
Coffee, its History and Cultivation                                                                       51
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                      67, 104, 294, 358, 453
Come and See my Garden, by Anna M. D. McCoy [poem]                              541
Comic Alphabet (Illustrated) [A-Z, capitals, human figures]                              490
Common Things                                                                                               532
Convolvulus Flower Mat (Illustrated)                                                               193, 265
Crochet Pattern for a Purse (Illustrated)                                                           488
Cruelty to Women                                                                                            274
Cupid's Arrows, by J. Howard Smith [poem]                                                  349
Curious Statistics about French Women                                                            276
Diagram of Shirt (Illustrated)                                                                           364
Daily Trials, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                               434
Diarium, by Mrs. Susan H. Waddell                                                                 225
Dress Frock, with Diagram (Illustrated)                                                           449
Editor's Table           
New Year; Maud's Toast [poem]; My Aunt at Home                              79
            "Genius Has No Sex"; The Sketch of Aunt Anner                                  177
            Importance of Dictionary Knowledge; Cruelty to Women; Religious
                Novels                                                                                              273
            Tips to Prevent Silly Novels by Silly Women; Soiree Musicale; The 
                Romance of Courtship; Medical Education of Women                       369
            Spring; City versus Western Ladies; A Young Lady's Ideas of
                Western Life [fiction]; True Comparisons; Reply to the Wish of a 
                Young Lady [poem]; The Women of China; Our Country                  465
            Elisha Kent Kane; A London Party; The Employment of Women;
                Talking Women; Grove Hill Seminary for Chippewa and Ottawa       559
Edge for front of Gentleman's Shirt (Illustrated)                                                105
Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                                      104, 453
Embroidered Stomacher and Trimming for Child's Frock (Illustrated)               296, 358
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)                        63, 64, 68, 71, 72, 74, 105, 162, 165,
            167, 168, 171, 172, 202, 257, 258, 260, 264, 268, 359, 360, 450, 456, 460, 487,
            488, 543, 548, 552
Embroidery for a Muslin Skirt (Illustrated)                                                       202
Enigmas                                                                                                62, 160, 256, 352, 448, 542
Falling by Little and Little                                                                                    27
Fashion and Popularity                                                                                      249
Fashion Items from Various Sources                                                                 571
Dress, Home Dress, Evening Dress, Children's Dress, Cloaks,
                Headdresses, Opera Cloaks, Hoods, Party Dresses, Black Velvet 
                Dresses, Capes, Fichus, Laces, Handkerchiefs                                    93
Bride's Dress, Bridesmaid's Dress, Bride's Sister, Bridal Guest,
Mourning                                                                                          191
Dress, Evening Dress, Carriage Dress, Fichu, Morning Cap,
Chemisette and Sleeve, Berthe, Collar, Brodie's store, Evening 
                Dresses for Wedding Receptions and Small Parties After Lent, 
                Blouses in Paris, Cameos, Imitation Flower Jewelry, Buttons, 
                Wreaths and Bouquets for the Hair, Headdresses                              287
Equestrian Habit, Dinner Dress, Walking Dress, Juvenile Costumes, 
                Bonnets, Round Hats, Are Americans a Year Behind Paris; Mantles  382
Evening Dress; Dress for Morning Reception; Child's Dress; Spring 
                Bonnets; Invalid's Cap; Breakfast Cap; Morning Dress; Spring 
                Mantles; Shame on Southern Women who Don't Wear Mantles; 
                Silks; Trimmings                                                                               479
Dinner Dress; Morning Dress; Evening Dress; Second Mourning; 
                Juvenile Fashions; Lingerie; Bridal Bonnets; Bridal Dresses                573
Fast Women                                                                                                     178
"Fetch" and Carry, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                     112
Finding the Leak, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                         30
Forget Thee! by Manlius [poem]                                                                      159
French Carriage-Bag (Illustrated)                                                                    263
Front of Gentleman's Slipper, Anchor Pattern (Illustrated)                                170
Full Instructions in Needle Work of all kinds (Illustrated)         
         Crochet                                                                                                  40
            Crochet With Beads; Knitting                                                               136
            Netting                                                                                                 262
            Netting (continued)                                                                               361
            Tatting, or Frivolite; Berlin Work                                                           551
Full-sized Pattern for Border of Flower-pot Stand (Illustrated)                         487
Full-sized Pattern for Side of Flower-pot Stand (Illustrated)                             485
Gentle Voices, by Mrs. E. J. Bugbee [poem]                                                    254
Gentleman's Lounging Cap (Illustrated) [crochet]                                             103
Gift-Making [wedding and birthday]                                                                  381
Godey's Arm-Chair                                 
New Years Present of Godeys; Dressing Children for Winter; Monthly 
                List of New Music                                                                             85
Monthly List of New Music; "Better-Half"; Hoops; Jokes; Description 
                of Bride by Irving                                                                             184
Hired Wedding Presents; Modern Bonnets; Jokes; Dress Children 
                Warmly; Monthly List of New Music                                                281
Poem from reader; Paper Hangings; Burning Water; Tale-Bearing; 
                "Hoops a Hundred Years Ago"; Monthly List of New Music; 
                Splendid Dresses work at a late State Ball Given by the Queen of 
                England; Jokes; Consumption of Hair Powder by the Soldiers of 
                George II; Place Miss in Parenthesis                                                 375
Monthly List of New Music; Jokes; Recipe vs. Receipt; Sprigs of 
                Flowers in Colored Embroidery for Ornamenting a Ball-Dress           472
Monthly List of New Music; Arthur's Patent Self-Sealing Fruit Cans 
                and Jars; To Miss Catherine P. [poem]; Hoops of 1750; A Splendid 
                Wedding in Europe; Poetical Curiosity Based on Bible; Jokes; 
                Railroad Epitaph; Grand Ball at the Tuileries                                      566
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)                           
         Lesson XXVIII.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                               130
            Lesson XXIX.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                  315
            Lesson XXX.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                   503
Godey's Lady's book, by G. R. Calvert [poem]                                                 88
Greek Cap (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                    544
Greenhouse Plants and Evergreens                                                                      91
Hair-Bracelets (Illustrated)                                                                                10
Hair-Work (Illustrated) [breastpin and bracelet]                                              104
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                                   10, 93, 164
Health and Education                                                                                        275
Heart, by Cora [poem]                                                                                     255
Here and There, by Rev. W. S. Peterson [poem]                                              180
Heroism of Doctor Kane                                                                                  559
Hints on the Art of Dress                                                                                  538
How to Cut and Contrive Children's Clothes
            Why Children Should be Well Dressed; Fancy Stitches for Trimming 
                Infants' Dresses                                                                                  73
Baby's Wardrobe—Materials; Decoration, Embroidery, &c.; The 
                Fittings of the Workbox; The First Shirt; The First Night-Dress         169
The Monthly Gown; The First Pinafore; The Flannel; The Night-Cap; 
                The First Petticoat; The Flannel Roller; The Binder; Warmth; 
                Lightness and Warmth                                                                      266
Ease and Freedom; Causes of Irritation; Quantity of Clothes; 
                Instructions for Knitting Binders                                                        362
Out-Door Dress, Trimming, Color and Braid, The Hood, Shortening, 
                or Second Dress, Infants' Boots, Knitted Boots (instructions)            458
The Little Shirt; Petticoats; To Put in Strings Neatly; Buttons; Second 
                Pinafores; Drawers                                                                           553
Illustrated Correspondence.  The Patriot Husband Reformed, by Mrs.  
            Charles P.
[fiction]                                                                               533
Infant's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                                 489
Japan and the China Seas (Illustrated)                                                             107, 203
Lady's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                                    8, 74
Lamp-Mat in Canvas-Work (Illustrated)                                                         454
Lamp Stand in Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                             354
Laying the Corner-Stone, by Alice B. Neal  [fiction]                                          240
Life's a Sea, by B. Frank Spalding [poem]                                                         61
Lift the Window, by Lillian [poem]                                                                   159
Light and Shade, by Mrs. Ann E. Porter [fiction]                                              414
Lines, by Mrs. M. T. Tucker                                                                            256
Lines to E. S. H. [poem]                                                                                   350
Lines Written on the Death of a Young and Lovely Friend [poem]                      376
Literary Notices           
The Banished Son; Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West; 
                The Three-Fold Test of Modern Spiritualism; The Rifle, Axe, and 
                Saddle-Bags, and Other Lectures; Three Per Cent a Month, or The 
                Perils of Fast Living; Daisy's Necklace, and What Came of It; The 
                Court of Napoleon; A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the 
                English Language; The Genius of Christianity; Arctic Explorations         83
Passion and Principle:  A Domestic Novel; Little Dorrit; Marrying Too 
                Late; Milledulcia:  A Thousand Pleasant Things; Paul Fane; Marion 
                Barnard; Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the Olden Time; 
                The Story of Columbus, Simplified for Young Folks; Whistler, or The 
                Manly Boy; The Conquest of Kansas by Missouri and Her Allies; The 
                Life of Charles Sumner; Dickens's Little Folks; Home and the World; 
                Oriental Acquaintance; The Golden Dagon, or Up and Down the 
                Irrawaddi; California In-Doors and Out; The Old Regime and the 
                Revolution; Modern Greece; Memoirs of Celebrated Characters; The 
                Poetry of the East; American Poulterer's Companion; Harper's School 
                History; The Key Stone Collection of Church Music; The Playday 
                Book; The Architecture of Country Houses; Merry Book of Puzzles    181
Sermons, Doctrinal and Practical; Ishmael and the Church; Claremont, 
                or The Undivided Household; A Child's History of Rome; Rome, 
                Christian and Papal; Westward Empire, or The Great Drama of  
Human Progress; Beaumarchais and His Times; The Two Lights; 
                Rills from the Fountain of Life; Morgan Horses; Adventures in the 
                Wilds of the United States and British American Provinces; What 
                Can Woman Do?; The Humors of Falconbridge; Memoirs of 
                Washington; Home and the World; Sedgemoor, or Home Lessons; 
                Douglass Farm:  A Juvenile Story of Life in Virginia; Cornell's High
                School Geography; The Puddleford Papers, or Humors of the West; 
                The Knight of the Golden Melice:  An Historical Romance; Mormon 
                Wives:  A Narrative of Facts Stranger than Fiction; The Adventures 
                of a Roving Diplomatist; The Poetical Works of Horace Smith and 
                James Smith; Pictures of the Olden Time; Whaling and Fishing; The 
                Laughable Adventures of Brown, Jones, and Robinson; Never Mind 
                the Face; The Bible in the Workshop; Poetic Readings for Schools 
                and Families; The Young Lady's  Guide to the Harmonious 
                Development of Character; The Torchlight, or Through the Wood; 
                Rhymes and Roundelays, in Praise of a Country Life; Dramatic 
                Scenes, with Other Poems; The Rime of the Ancient Mariner; 
                Recollections of a Lifetime; Mariamne, or The Queen's Fate; Studies 
                in the Field and Forest; Heaven; Life and Thought; Life of Mary 
                Jemison; Plays and Poems; Parlor Dramas, or Dramatic Scenes, 
                for Home Amusement; Flowers by the Wayside                                276
Peterson's Illustrated Uniform Edition of Humorous American Works; 
                Frank Forester's Sporting Scenes and Characters; The Two Lovers, 
                or A Sister's Devotion; Henry Lyle, or Life and Existence; The 
                Household Angel in Disguise; The Economical Cook and House 
                Book, or Hints on the Daily Duties of a Housekeeper; A Physician's
Vacation, or A Summer in Europe; Poems of Henry Wadsworth 
                Longfellow; Songs of Summer; Words for the Hour; Our 
                Grandmother's Stories, and Aunt Kate's Fireside Memories; 
                Wieland, or The Transformation; Durang's Terpsichore, or 
                Ball-Room Guide; The Tragedies of Euripedes; Lake Ngami; 
                Kathie Brande:  A Fireside History of a Quiet Life; El Gringo, or, 
                New Mexico and Her People; Dore; Introductory Lessons on 
                Morals and Christian Evidences; Life in Israel, or Portraitures of 
                Hebrew Character; Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist 
                Churches; An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian 
                Names; Essays, Biographical and Critical, or Studies of Character; 
                The Bible and Men of Learning                                                        373
Love After Marriage, and Other Stories of the Heart; Frank Fairleigh:  
or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil; Lewis Arundel, or The 
                Railroad of Life; The Three Guardsmen, or The Feats and 
                Adventures of a Gascon Adventurer; The Chinese Sugar-Cane; 
                Examples from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries; The 
                Golden Legacy:  A Story of Life's Phases; The Artist's Bride, or 
                The Pawnbroker's Heir; Inquire Within; The Sultan and His People; 
                The Star and the Cloud; American Gentleman's Guide to Politeness 
                and Fashion; Silvia, or The Lost Shepherd; Lectures on the British 
                Poets; Villas and Cottages; Elements of Plane and Solid Geometry; 
                History of King Richard the First of England; The Little Learner:  
             Learning About Right and Wrong; Songs and Ballads; Morals for 
                the Young; Lardner's One Thousand and Ten Things Worth 
                Knowing; Poems by Estelle Anna Lewis; The Works of Shakespeare; 
                The Shoemaker's Daughter; The Silent Footsteps; Step by Step, or 
                Delia Arlington, a Fireside Story; Poems, Original and Translated, by 
                William W. Caldwell; Doubts Concerning the Battle of Bunker's Hill; 
                The Rural Poetry of the English Language; Six Months in Kansas, 
                by a Lady; Sister Anne:  A Romance; Pauperism in the Great Cities:  
A Discourse                                                                                       469
My Last Cruise, or Where We Went and What We Saw; The Charity 
                of the Primitive Churches; Vivia, or The Secret of Power; Miss 
                Leslie's New Cook-Book; Ten Thousand a Year:  A Novel; Twenty 
                Years After, or The Further Feats and Fortunes of a Gascon 
                Adventurer; The Forty-Five Guardsmen; Love After Marriage and 
                Other Stories of the Heart; Silverwood:  A Book of Memories; The 
                Husband in Utah, or Sights and Scenes Among the Mormons; 
                Smiles and Frowns; Ivors; Biographical and Historical Sketches; 
                Sermons of the Reverend C. H. Spurgeon of London; School 
                Amusements, or How to Make the School Interesting; Arctic 
                Adventure, by Sea and by Land; Religious Truth Illustrated from 
                Science; Arthur Mervyn, or The Memoirs of the Year 1793; The 
                Days of My Life:  An Autobiography; Stories of the Island World; 
                The Chinese Sugar-Cane and Sugar-Making; The Complete 
                Spelling-Book; Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; 
                Familiar Astronomy                                                                          563
Love's Idolatry, by G. H. S. Hull [poem]                                                            62
Maids of all Work                                                                                            286
Maud's Toast [poem]                                                                                         79
May:  The Squatter's Daughter, by Metta Victoria Victor [fiction]                      17, 121, 210
Meaning of Husband and Wife                                                                          144
Medical Education of Women                                                                           371
Memory's Chamber, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                    59
Moire Antique                                                                                                  493
Morning Dress, or Robe de Chambre (Illustrated)                                           387, 479
Mosaical Origin of Woman [poem]                                                                   276
Mount Vernon Ladies' Association                                                                    276, 372, 468, 562
Mourning Collar and Cuff (Illustrated) [In crepe, seed beads and small bugles] 294, 357
Mrs. Appleton's Maid, by Kate M. H.                                                              494
Mrs. Daffodil's Shopping Expedition, by Virginia de Forrest                            500
Mrs. Hale's Books                                                                                            180
"Trio Juncto in Uno!" (Ballads of the Olden Time No. 1) by 
                F. Nicholls Crouch                                                                             2
            "Trio Juncto in Uno!" No. 2, by F. Nicholls Crouch (Ballads of the 
                Olden Time No. 2)                                                                             98
            "The Thorn!" by F. Nicholls Crouch (Ballads of the Olden Time 
                No. 3)                                                                                              194
            "Trio Juncto in Uno!":  Wandering Willie! by F. Nicholls Crouch 
                (Ballads of the Olden Time No. 4)                                                     290
"Trio Juncto in Uno!":  Norah, the Price of Kildare!, by F. Nicholls 
(Ballads of the Olden Time No. 5)                                        390
"Trio Juncto in Uno!":  Terence Farewell!, by F. Nicholls Crouch 
                (Ballads of the Olden Time No. 6)                                                     482
My Dying Friend, by Gertrude Glenn [poem]                                                   542
My Grandmother, by Evangeline                                                                      444
Names for Embroidery (Illustrated)    
         Mary                                                                                                    454
            Edward                                                                                                opposite 545
            Rachael                                                                                                549
Names of Women [with meanings]                                                                    527
Nature's Voice, by Mrs. Harriet E. Francis     [poem]                                     539
Netted Ornamental Dish Ruff (Illustrated)                                                        297, 358
New Pattern for Patchwork in Silk (Illustrated)                                                  72
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                             
Bonnets, christening robe, robe for child, little French dress, hood for 
                girl, boy's hat                                                                                     65
Serpent brooch, pendant, engagement rings, light headdress, 
                undersleeves                                                                                    163
Bonnets, chemisette, sleeves, collars, Vandyke fichu, pointed berthe 
                for evening dress                                                                              259
Dressing sacque, chemisette, berthe cape for dinner or evening dress, 
                breakfast or invalid's cap, thulle dress cap for middle-aged lady,                 
                undersleeves                                                                                     355
Little girl's dresses, dress for little boy, child's petticoat, child's hat, 
                girl's bonnet                                                                                      451
Bridal bonnets, bridal caps, robe de nuit, chemise                                  545
On the Connection subsisting between Plants and Animals, by Hartland 
            Coultas (Illustrated)
On the True Principles of Dress:  A Chapter for Young Ladies                           325
One of the Blessed, by Beata [poem]                                                                561
Original Infant's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                        9
Ornamental Flower-pot in Beads and Berlin Wool (Illustrated)                         484, 548
Our Broken Lyre, by Luta Linden [poem]                                                        160
Our Father who art in Heaven, by H. Clay Preuss [poem]                                156
Our Practical Dress Instructor
Basque and Diagram (Illustrated)                                                           63
Basquine a l'Espagnole (Illustrated) [with diagram]                               257
Dress Frock for a Little Girl (Illustrated) [with diagram]                       449
Fashionable Mantle (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                    543
Paper-Making in the United States                                                                      82
Patchwork, by Ellen Lindsay (Illustrated)                                                       166, 200, 455, 486
Pattern for Silk Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                             72, 202
Peculiarities of Glass                                                                                         528
Penitential, by F. H. Stauffer [poem]                                                                350
Petticoat Suspenders                                                                                        571
Phases of a Life [poem]                                                                                    446
Physical Exercises in Education                                                                         499
Point Lace (Illustrated)                                                                                    171, 265, 363, 459
Point Lace and Braiding (Illustrated)                                                                  69
Point Lace Design for Parasol Cover (Illustrated)                                             198, 261
Princess-Royal Purse (Illustrated)                                                                    268
Prussic Acid                                                                                                       82
Places of Education for Young Women
            Mystic Hall Seminary; Cherokee Girls' Seminary [Tahlequah, C.T.]; 
                The Chowan Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies [Murfreesboro, 
                NC]                                                                                                   81
Lynchburg Young Ladies' Seminary; Maplewood Institute [Pittsfield, 
                MA]; Peeksville Young Ladies' Institute [New York]; Camden 
                Young Ladies' Institute                                                                       179
Mississippi Ladies' College [Hernando, MS]; French and English 
                Boarding School for Young Ladies [Mount Holly, NJ]; Lansingburgh 
                Ladies' Seminary [Rensselaer Co., NY]                                             275
The American Woman's Educational Association, with colleges in 
                Milwaukee and Dubuque                                                                  372
North Granville Female Seminary, NY                                                  468
Rambles about a City, by Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated) [Philadelphia] 
                [illustrations include "The Very Fine Lady" and "The Lady", "The 
                Coal-Heaver" and the "Dandy", "The Newspaper Boy"                       11
Railway Stitch (Illustrated)                                                                               547
Receipts, &c.      
Laying Out Tables, No. II—Dinners (Illustrated); How to Cook 
                Veal—Knuckle of Veal, Boiled Knuckle of Veal; Stewed Knuckle 
                of Veal, Neck of Veal, Stewed Neck of Veal, Braised Neck of 
                Veal, Veal Cutlets, Curried Veal Cutlets, Crumbed or Plain Veal 
                Cutlets, Sick-Room and Nursery—Domestic Surgery—Burns, 
                Scalds, Body in Flames, Dirt in the Eye, Lime in the Eye, Iron of 
                Steel Spiculae in the Eye, Dislocated Thumb, Concussion; The 
                Toilet—Cascarilla, Cassia, Citron; Miscellaneous—Paper-hangings, 
                Tough Meat, India Rubber Over-Shoes, To Remove Mildew and 
                Blight, To Remove Fruit Stains from Linen, To Clean Paint, To 
                Clean Chintz, To Take Grease from Woollen Cloth, Invisible 
                Cement, How to Fix Pencil Drawings, Toothache, To Prevent 
                Smoking of a Lamp; Contributed Receipts—Hair Tonic, Light 
                Soda Cakes, Soft Gingerbread, Strangury, Perkins Cake, Cleaning 
                and Polishing Marine Shells, Cheap Soap                                          75
Laying Out Tables.  No. II—Dinners (Concluded); How to Cook 
                Veal—Veal Cutlets a la Maintenon, Collops of Veal, Larded Veal 
                Chops, Tendons of Veal, Galantine Veal, Olives of Veal, Potted 
                Veal, Veal Haricoed; Sick-Room and Nursery—Domestic Surgery, 
                Cuts and Wounds, Contusions, Hemorrhage; The Toilet—Cedar-
Wood, Lebanon Cedar-Wood, Cedrat, Cinnamon, Citronella; 
                Miscellaneous—To Clean Hats, Perfumes as Preventatives of 
                Moldiness, Orange Biscuits, To Whiten Linen Turned Yellow, 
                Arrowroot Blancmange, Isinglass Jelly, Italian Cream, Tea Cakes; 
                Contributed Receipts—Cream Cake, Gold Cake, Sponge Cake, 
                To Keep Hair From Coming Out, Indian Bread                                173
Laying Out Tables, No. III—Desserts, Teas, and Suppers; How To 
                Cook Veal—Minced Veal, A Noix de Veau, Grenadins of Veal, 
                Grenadins from a Neck of Veal, Emincees, Fricandeau of Veal, 
                Curried Veal, Calf's Head, If For Grill, Baked Calf's Head, Calf's 
                Head a la Maitre d'Hotel, To Hash Calf's Head; Sick-Room and 
                Nursery—Domestic Surgery—Bleeding from the Nose, Violent 
                Shocks, In Compression of the Brain, Choking, Fainting or 
                Hysterics, Drowning; The Toilet—Cloves, Dill; Miscellaneous—
                Simple Receipt for Indelible Marking Ink, To Clean Decanters, 
                Receipt for Making Ink, To Make Prime Vinegar, Soda-Water 
                Powders, Liquid Glue, Deodorizing Properties of Coffee; 
                Contributed Receipts—Wisconsin Fruit-Cake, Ginger Snaps, 
                Soda Jelly-Cake, Tea-Cakes, Cream Cookies, Sago Pudding, 
                Hog's Lard for Strychnine Poisoning, For a Burn, To Make Shirt 
                Bosoms Glossy                                                                             269
The Country Housewife, by Mrs. A. E. Porter, use of cooking
thermometer and cookbooks; How to Cook Veal—calf's head 
                a la Tortue, calves' ears, stuffed calves' ears, calves' feet or ears, 
                calves' feet, stewed calves' feet, fricaseed calves' feet, calf's heart, 
                calf's kidney, calves' brain, calf's liver, calf's liver and lights; Sick-
                Room and Nursery—Domestic Surgery—hanging, apparent death 
                from drunkenness, apoplexy and fits generally, suffocation from 
                noxious gases, &c., lightning and sun-stroke, sore throat, the best 
                way to take castor oil, chapped hands; The Toilet—elder, fennel, 
                flag (sweet); Miscellaneous—brilliant whitewash, labor-saving soap, 
                German puffs, to make soy, to pickle Spanish onions, to make 
                coffee, plain cake, ginger-beer powders, poundcake, sympathetic 
                ink, to prevent the smoking of a lamp; Contributed Receipts—to 
                preserve cucumbers, tapioca pudding, sponge-cake, Indian bread, 
                loaf-cake, to crystallize baskets, preserving green 
                gooseberries                                                                                      365
Trussing and Carving—poultry and game, goose, a green goose, turkey, 
                turkey-poults; How to Cook Lamb—fore-quarter of lamb, saddle 
                of lamb, to roast a leg of lamb, to boil a leg of lamb, leg of lamb, a 
                shoulder of lamb, larded shoulder of lamb, to grill a leg of lamb, 
                forced and braised shoulder of lamb, stewed loin of lamb, to stew a 
                breast of lamb, chevaux-de-frise lamb; Practical Hints on the 
                Domestic Management of the Sick-Room—sending for the doctor, 
                ventilation; The Toilet—treatment of the hair, odors for the 
                handkerchief—The Alhambra Perfume, The Bosphorus Bouquet, 
                Bouquet d'Amour, Bouquet des Fleurs du Val d'Andorre; 
                Miscellaneous—cleaning woollen articles, cleaning white silk, cleaning 
                flowered white silk, cleaning black silk, cleaning colored silks, 
                treating fruit stains, making starch, removing wine stains, to black a 
                brick hearth; to clean freestone; Contributed Receipts—receipt for 
                "fastening the hair", to preserve cucumbers, Elmsdale cake, nice 
                doughnuts, sponge cake                                                                   461
Preserving Receipts—to preserve greengages, to preserve 
                gooseberries, gooseberry jam, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, 
                quince marmalade, quince and apple jelly, preserving pears and 
                apples, to make pure wine of apples, apple jelly, apple marmalade, 
                orange marmalade, orange jelly, watermelon preserves, to pickle 
                tomatoes, tomato catsup, tomato meat pie, tomato figs, tomato 
                preserves, tomato tart, to preserve small fruits without cooking, to 
                dry plums, protecting dried fruit from worms, to preserve fruit jellies 
                from mould, preserves, how to eat strawberries, how to pickle 
                cucumbers, self-sealing fruit cans, sealing-wax for fruit cans; 
                Trussing and Carving.  Poultry and Game—Fowls—trussing, 
                carving, Chickens—trussing, carving; Pheasant—trussing and 
                carving, Patridges—trussing and carving                                            553
Religious Novels                                                                                               274
Remember now thy God, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                          61
Reminiscences of Bonnets, by Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated)  
[1830's] [fiction]                                                                                   118
Reply to the Wish of a Young Lady [poem]                                                       467
Rose Culture                                                                                                    117
Sabbath Day Reflections, by M***       [poem]                                                 539
Section for the Top of a Pincushion (Illustrated) [crochet and beads]                264
Sleighing Song, by R. [poem]                                                                              60
Snow-Flakes, by Mrs. Mary E. Nealy [fiction]                                                   28
Soiree Musicale                                                                                                370
Song, by J. B. Hickey   [poem]                                                                        542
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander    
         Mountains                                                                                              62
            Franklin                                                                                                160
            The Senses                                                                                           255
            The Traitor's Grave                                                                               351
            Time's Changes                                                                                     448
            Kane                                                                                                    541
Sprig for Baby's Frock, Caps, Handkerchief Corner, etc. (Illustrated)              456
Sprigs of Flowers in Colored Embroidery for Ornamenting a Ball-Dress
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         474, 550
Spring Mantles (Illustrated)                                                                             392, 393, 479
Square Netted Rose Antimacassar (Illustrated)                                                457
Stanzas, by Beatrice [poem]                                                                             448
Stanzas, by S. P. Bryan, M. D. [poem]                                                             253
Strings and Pins                                                                                                478
Strychnine                                                                                                          81
Sunday Evenings at Home                                                                                 190, 381, 477, 570
Talking Women                                                                                                561
The Absent                                                                                                       129
The Admiral's Opinion                                                                                      477
The Art of Painting on Glass (Illustrated)                                                          491
The Best "Mulrooney" Yet, by Sylvanus Urban, the Younger [fiction]              322
The Betrothals; or, Love's Masquerade:  A Tale of the "Old Dominion,"
            by J. W. Bryce                                                                                     400
The Book and the Key, by John Smith (Illustrated) [magic trick]                       34
The Butterfly's Sermon, by Kate Berry [fiction]                                                 328
The Carpet and its History                                                                                231
The Change [a Godey poem]                                                                            187
The Country Housewife, by Mrs. A. E. Porter                                                  365
The Crisis, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                                 519
The Crooked Tree                                                                                            341
The Dead [poem]                                                                                             382
The Employment of Women                                                                              561
The Family Drawing-Master—
            Lesson No. 1--Lines (Illustrated)                                                          47
            Lesson No. II—Lines, continued (Illustrated)                                      218
            Lesson No. III—Angles                                                                       407
The Fashion of Mourning                                                                                  286
The Fire, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                              132
The Flitting, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                               331
The Flower of the Dell, by T. Guild [poem]                                                      445
The Flowers of Winter                                                                                      190
The Forget-me-not, by F. A. S. [poem]                                                            157
The Giver of a Rose, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                 59
The Heart's Story, by Aglaus Forrester [poem]                                               350
The House upon the Sand, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                     541
The Jewish Maid's Lament, by Marie [poem]                                                    351
The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                                               81
The Little Flower "Forget-me-not," by E. J. B. [poem]                                      253
The Little Orphans, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                    447
The Memory Bells, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                      138, 234
The Metamorphosis of Leaves into Flowers, by Harland Coultas                     412
The Mitherless Bairn, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                  220
The Mother and her Infant Child, by D. J. Wallace [poem]                               447
The New-Year Night of an Unhappy Man, translated from the German
         [fiction]                                                                                                   16
The Only Child, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                            37
The Only Gentleman, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                            529
The Passage of the Red Sea, by James S. Wallace [poem]                               239
The Prize Poem:  A May Day Story, by Mrs. Ellen Harrell Cantrell [fiction]   422, 506
The Seasons, by S. P. Bryan, M. D. [poem]                                                     157
The Shadows of Children                                                                                  524
The Sketch of Aunt Anner                                                                                178
The Songster of the Snow-Storm, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                     60
The Spirit's Voices, by Annie Elizabeth [poem]                                                159
The Tableau, by An Old Maid (Illustrated) [fiction]                                          317
The Temptation and the Triumph, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                   42
The Unconscious Reaper (Illustrated)                                                              385
The Voice of the Pine, by Fausta [poem]                                                         254
The Well of Samaria                                                                                         120
The White Captive, by Miss M. Louisa Southwick  [poem]                                61
The White Violet, by Esther  [poem]                                                                540
The Widow Sowerby, and Mrs. Grace's Cap, by Patience Perkins (late  
            Patience Price)
[fiction]                                                                       227
The Wish of a Young Lady [poem]                                                                   371
The Women of China                                                                                        467
Things I Love, by George R. Calvert [poem]                                                   447
Thoughts and Language                                                                                    406
Thoughts in Absence, by George Lewellyn Miner [poem]                                  60
To a Magnolia, by William James Lisle [poem]                                                  59
To Eaty, by Mrs. D. W. King [poem]                                                               540
To Correspondents                  
         Girls' Schools in New York; Visiting Dress to Return Bridal Calls;
                Critique of Miss Warner's Books; Exercise for Headache; Jet 
                Bracelets; Mathematics in the Education of Young Ladies; False
                Jewelry                                                                                               92
Washing and Blocking Stockings; Hoods and Cloaks; Types of 
                Hoops; Mourning Sleeves                                                                 191
Duties of a Bridesmaid, Including Suggested Gifts; Diseases in the 
                Larch and Spruce                                                                             286
Tacking Down Carpets; Baking Crackers Commercially; "The Dead" 
                [poem]                                                                                             382
Recommending Godey's Needles; Instructions for Making Sevres 
                Green, Blue, Nankeen, Pink Rose du Barry, and Sea Green Paints; 
                Suggested Authority in Field Sports; Suggested Children's Toy 
                Books                                                                                              478
The Do-As-You-Like Principle of Child Rearing; Repairing Watch 
                Enameling; Etiquette for a Presidential Levee; Queen Victoria's 
                Receptions                                                                                       572
To Emma, by S. C. C. [poem]                                                                          156
To Make a Shirt (Illustrated)                                                                           363
To Mr. A. M. G., by Aunt Dency Ward [poem]                                               352
To Phebe Anna, by Preston Souther [poem]                                                    253
To Spring Flowers, by E. J. Dobell [poem]                                                      542
To the Long Absent Wife, by J. M. L. [poem]                                                   158
Trials of an English Housekeeper          
         No. IX—Susan's Sorrows                                                                      55
            No. X—My Attempt at a Party                                                            250
            No. XI—A Chapter of Blunders                                                           441
Trussing and Carving (Illustrated)                                                                    461, 557
Twelve Reasons Why More Attention Should Be Given to the More General 
            Diffusion of Physiological and Hygienic Knowledge Among the Present 
            and Prospective Mothers of Our Country                                             179
Twilight, by Julia A. Barber [poem]                                                                 351
Undersleeve in French Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                97, 164
Voices, by Emma Morton [poem]                                                                   446
War and Love [poem]                                                                                      284
Watch-Guard (Illustrated)                                                                                 68
We Meet Again, by Marie S. Ladd [poem]                                                      255
What are thy Joys, O Earth? by Marian Gwynn [poem]                                   352
When the Autumn comes again, by Hattie S. Fay [poem]                                   59
Why I am Not an Authoress [fiction]                                                                 305
Wise Counsel for the New Year                                                                         92
Woman                                                                                                            419
Wool Collar (Illustrated)                                                                                   67
Wool Scarf, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                 168
Women of the Revolution:  Sketch of Elizabeth Gillam, Aunt to John C. 
            Calhoun, by Mrs. E. F. Ellet                                                                339
Work for the Flower Borders in June                                                                572
Work in the Flower Borders for May                                                                477
Work for the Centre-Table                                                                                 91
Words of Kindness                                                                                           505
Years Agone, by Amy Arden [poem]                                                               158