Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine
Volume 53, July-December, 1856

A Bead Bell Pull (Illustrated)                                                                           164
A Bead Net for the Back of the Head (Illustrated)                                             68
A Blessing on the Rain, by Lillian [poem]                                                         372
Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel, by Leigh Hunt [poem]                                  184
A Brioche (Illustrated) [knitting]                                                                        69
A Carolina Woman of the Revolution:  Mary Grey                                             214
A Child at Prayer, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                   350
A Child's Thought, by R. N. [poem]                                                                  540
A Contrast, by Virginia de Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                                 436
Admiration, by Mrs. Mary E. Nealy [poem]                                                     157
A Drowsy Lover [poem]                                                                                  378
A Lady's Work or Carriage Bag (Illustrated)                                                     67
A Lament [poem]                                                                                             284
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated) [O-Z]                                                    10
A-M                                                                                                    202
N-Z                                                                                                     298
A-Q                                                                                                     394
R-Z, A, C, D, I, J, M, R                                                                       489
A Man's Confession, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                 137
Amaranthine Flowers, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                           39
A Metaphor, by E. J. Dobell    [poem]                                                             352
A Mother's Morning Prayer [poem]                                                                    92
Anagram                                                                                                            23
An Acorn-Basket                                                                                             164
An "Atlantic Souvenir" by J. M. C. [poem]                                                        464
Ancient method of Keeping a Washing Account (Illustrated) [adapted
to the
            modern—a numbered dial labeled by item]                                            315

Anglo-French Institute for the Education of Young Ladies                                  177
An Infant's Bib (Illustrated)                                                                                  6, 457
A Remembrance of Autumn [poem]                                                                  382
Are Your Sons Properly Educated?                                                                    80
Aristocracy, by John G. Saxe [poem]                                                              185
Arrangements for Windows (Illustrated) [outside blinds]                                  338
A Russian Princess                                                                                             81
A Thanksgiving Record, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                             508
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside:  Polly Bell's Present, by Edith Woodley [fiction]           231
Autumnal Hours, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                    445
A Wedding Outfit                                                                                             570
Basket of Acorns and Pine Burrs (Illustrated)                                                      1
Basket of Grasses (Illustrated)                                                                         324
Beatrice, by G. H. S. Hull [fiction]                                                                    225
Beauty Out West; or How Three Fashionable Young Ladies Spent a
Year in
            the Wilderness, by Metta Victoria Fuller [fiction]                                  14, 120

Be Hopeful and Faithful, by Mrs. Harriet E. Francis [fiction]                           317
Be Patient and Forbearing [fiction]                                                                    557
Bible and Newspaper Publishing:  Harding's Publication Office                          151
Blind Alice, by Jeannie [poem]                                                                         158
Boarding and Day-School for Young Ladies, Philadelphia                                 274
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                65, 162, 357, 447, 546
Book-Marker (Illustrated) [cross stitch]                                                            70
Boy's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                                    63
Braided Cushion for a Chair (Illustrated)                                                          359
Braided Pin-cushion (Illustrated)                                                                          8
Braided Slipper for a Gentleman (Illustrated)                                                   362
Braiding Patterns (Illustrated)                                                              73, 197, 199, 258, 361, 552
Braiding Pattern for a Melon-Shaped Smoking Cap (Illustrated)                      263
Brazilian Desserts [Celestial Slices, Mother Benta's Cakes, Widows,
            Bacon]                                                                                                   91

Bridal Vows From a Practical Point of View                                                     475
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          66, 357, 448
Cap for the Concert Room, or Theatre (Illustrated) [netting]                            260
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                            255, 260, 454
Cardigan, or Scent-Bottle Cover (Illustrated) [crochet]                                    297, 359
Carmina Laudis, by Anna M. D. McCoy [poem]                                                 60
Centre-Table Gossip                                                               

            Trouble in Battalions; Cheerfulness; A Wife's Need; Advice for
                Antiquing Oak Furniture; Making a Feather Basket; Deodorizing
                Fluid                                                                                                   91

            The China Closet, No. 2; Economy in the Household; Glove
             Cottage Furniture                                                                              187
            Chantilly lace, Wedding Cake to Accompany Cards?; Polishing
                Appropriate Slippers; Cleaning Shawls; Garden
Chores for October  285
Laying Out a Flower-Garden; Everyday Economies; Young Girl
Novelists; Invented Names of Basques; Cost of a Year of Finishing
                Lessons; Novels Recommended to a Careful Mother; Trimming
                Underclothing; India Shawls                                                              381
Bridal Vows, from a Practical Point of View; The Russian Coronation;
                The Last Autumn Flowers, and How to Manage Them; Young Girls
                Need to Learn Nursing Care; Poison Antidotes; Jet Trimming;
                Valenciennes Lace; the Ristori Full-Dress Mantle made of Lace         475
New Juveniles for Those in Search of Holiday Gift-Books; Protecting
                Plants; A Wedding Outfit [in Japan]; Suggested Piano; Black Lace
                Fichus or Capes with Low Corsage; Suggested Gift Books                569
Chair Cover in Chinese Design (Illustrated) [crochet and netting]                      550
Charades in Action (Illustrated)  

            Mistle-toe                                                                                               37  
            [unsolved]                                                                                            223  

Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  256, 547  
Chemistry for the Young                                  
            The Distinctive Properties of, and the Solvent For, Chloride of Silver—
                Apparatus and Materials Required                                                    270 
A Mixture of Sand, and Salt, and Starch being given; to separate the 
                three                                                                                                368 
Sand/Salt/Starch continued                                                                   462  
Child's Dress Body in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                       296
Child's Slipper in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                          68  
Christmas Morning (Illustrated)                                                                       481  
Black Lace Mantilla, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                        4 
The Braganza (Illustrated)                                                                   484, 571 
The Cordovan, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              485 
The Crimea                                                                                          389, 477 
The Fashions [paletot of Circassian cloth, black velvet cloak] 
(Illustrated)                                                                             486 
The Hispania, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                295 
The Jenny Bell                                                                                      388, 477 
The Josephine, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              100 
The Marion (Illustrated)                                                                      293, 484, 571 
The Medina                                                                                          388, 477 
The Moresco, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                               392 
The Nightingale (Illustrated)                                                                 293 
The Ristori Shawl, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                         196 
The Valencia, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                393 
The Victoria                                                                                         389, 477 
Travelling Cloak, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                           294  
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                 69, 105, 195, 264, 363, 390, 448  
College Temple, Newnan, Georgia (Illustrated) [woman's college]                   154  
Colleges and Institutions for Young Women in the United States                         

            The Ladies' Collegiate Institute of Buckingham County, VA;
                and Alabama Ladies' Institute, or Mary Sharp
College (Winchester, 
                TN); Mount Washington College for Young Ladies (near Baltimore); 
                East Alabama Ladies' College, Tuskegee                                           372 

Howard Young Ladies' Institute, Gallatin, TN; Franklin Ladies' College, 
                Holly Springs, MS                                                                           559  
Come, Minstrel, play a Plaintive Air, by St. John J. Petrisk [poem]                  352  
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                            1, 165, 265, 449, 547  
Crochet Alphabet (Illustrated)                                                                         106, 164  
Crochet Fringe (Illustrated)                                                                               72  
Crochet Letters (Illustrated)                                                                              69  
Crochet Purse (Illustrated)                                                                                67  
Crochet Toilet Mat (Illustrated)                                                                       164  
Curious Marriage Custom in the Island of Elba                                                    46  
Design for a Double Cottage (Illustrated) [with diagrams]                                 159, 353, 542  
Doll's Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                               69  
D'Oyley--Architectural Pattern (Illustrated)                                                      456  
Edge for Front of Gentleman's Shirt (Illustrated)                                               551  
Editors' Table                                                                            

            Use of term female vs. woman                                                                 79  
            Caroline Lee Hentz obituary                                                                  173  
            "The Three Gifts" [fiction]                                                                      271  
            "The Three Gifts" [fiction] continued                                                      369  
            "The Three Gifts" [fiction] continued; Thanksgiving Day                         463  
            Time, "The Angel of the House"                                                            557  

Elegant Work-Basket (Illustrated)                                                                   455  
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            1, 8, 67, 71, 73, 74, 97, 101, 104, 160, 168,259,
            104,160,168,259, 261, 265, 266, 356, 359, 360, 450, 451, 453,543, 549, 551  
Embroidery for a Gentleman's Cravat                                                                  74  
Embroidery for Gentlemen's Shirt Bosoms (Illustrated)                                     545  
Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                                      264, 390  
Enigmas                                                                                            62, 158, 254, 352, 446, 541  
Everyday Economies                                                                                        382  
Exposure of Children [legs uncovered in cold weather]                                      308  
Extract from an Old Fogy's Note-Book:  Tom's Wedding, by A Stray
            [fiction]                                                                                                130  
Fall and Winter Fashions of Thomas White & Co. (Illustrated) [hats]               289  
Family Anniversaries [birthdays and wedding anniversaries]                               188  
Fancy Braided Bellows (Illustrated)                                                                 200  
Farewell to Youth, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                    155  
            Second mourning dress; evening dress; juvenile clothing; morning 
                dresses; pelerine; lace collars; buttons; ladies' equestrian costume; 
                straw hats; capelines or drawn bonnets for the country; parasols          93 
Equestrian costume for young lady; child's walking dress; plea for simple 
                clothing; children's mantles; school bonnets; nursery baskets; powder 
                boxes; do not appear in street without scarf, shawl or mantle; 
                bonnets                                                                                              189 
Evening dress; dinner dress; walking dress; child's dress; morning 
dress; fall fabrics; basques; passementerie; double skirted dresses; 
                mantles; bonnets; collars; earrings; hair work; buttons; mourning          287 
Dresses; walking-dress; birthday party dress for little girl; bretelles; 
                breakfast cap; travelling chemisette and undersleeves; mantles; black 
                velvet ribbon trim; flounces, sleeves, bodices; horizontal stripes           383 
Walking dress; carriage dress; silk robe; cloaks and mantles; description 
                of Stewart's department store; fall fabrics; gloves; description of 
                Brodie's; cloaks                                                                                 477 
Walking dress; evening dress; dinner dress; cloaks and mantles; 
children's clothing                                                                              571  
Finish for Infant's Shirts (Illustrated)                                                                     1  
"Flora Farleigh's Manuscript:  An Attack of Authorship, and How It
                Cured" by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                      424  

Flouncing for Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                        9, 256, 548  
For One at Sea, by Rev. H. H. Weld (Illustrated) [poem]                                155  
Front of Infant's Dress in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                   201  
Gentleman's Comforter (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                   385, 451  
Gentleman's Dressing-Gown (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                  449, 450  
Gently Check a Child [poem]                                                                            184  
Godey's Arm-Chair                         

            Balm of a Thousand Flowers; Whipping Wives; Matrimonial
                Privileges of Leap-Year; Coming Out dress of the English Princess 
                Royal; Monthly List of New Music; Ladies' Hoops [poem]; Rapp's 
                Pens; Where Engagement Ring Should be Worn                                  86 
Gooseberry Catsup; Receipt for Washing the Head; Letter from  
                Mississippi about Godey's; Joke on an Irish Wardrobe; Monthly List 
                of New Music; Cure for Hiccups; Buses May Raise Fares Due to 
                Hoops; Keeping Gooseberries; Restoring Someone Having an 
                Epileptic Seizure; A Contented Wife; Cure for a Cough; To Preserve 
                Grapes; Travelling Outfit; Economy in the Household; Glove Prices; 
                Cottage Furniture                                                                              182 
Trip to St. Paul and Saint Anthony, MN to St. Louis to Louisville; 
                Boiling the Teakettle [joke]; Ham Sandwiches; Rouge Detector; 
                Monthly List of New Music; Paris Fancy Dress Ball; Seneca 
                Superstition; Specimen of a New Cheap Periodical; Politeness 
                Between Brothers and Sisters; Courage, Mothers!; The Husband's 
                Revenge; Never Hope You Don't Intrude; Wedding Cards                278 
Grinding Coffee [joke]; Thanksgiving Day; Gottschalk, the Pianist; 
Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies; Never Deceive Your 
                Children; Monthly List of New Music; Dresses Worn at the Late 
                Birthday Drawing-Room of the Queen of England; Poor Seamstress; 
                Every Lady Her Own Shoemaker                                                    376 
The Country Press; Our Beautiful Slipper; The Age of Improvement; 
                Monthly List of New Music                                                             470 
E. W. Carryl's Store; Tyndale & Mitchell's China; George Fischer's  
                Toy Store; Caryl's Curtain Store; Weights and Measures; A Parisian 
                Editor's Sanctum; Rented Wedding Presents; Egg in a Phial; Hoops; 
                Mustard as an Emetic; how to pronounce Godey                              565  
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)      

            Lesson XXV.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                   117  
            Lesson XXVI.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                  322  
            Lesson XXVII.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                506  

Grandfather's Darling, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                 220  
Guipure Flouncing (Illustrated)                                                                           70  
Guipure Inserting (Illustrated)                                                                          358  
Half of an Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                      105  
"Hallowed be Thy Name," by Rev. H. Hastings Weld (Illustrated) [poem]         21  
Handkerchief Border (Illustrated)                                                                      71, 74  
Headdresses                                                                                                 65, 255, 357, 447, 546  
Heart Secrets                                                                                                   371  
Hiawatha Poetry in the Sandwich Islands                                                             56  
Home                                                                                                               271, 369  
Home and Woman                                                                                           213  
How and About Umbrellas (Illustrated)                                                             11  
How Calumny was Punished in Poland                                                              175  
How I came to detest Babies [fiction]                                                                  49  
How to make a Bonnet and Cap  

            Fancy Bonnets                                                                                      307  
            Drawn Bonnets, Straw Bonnets, Simple Headdress                               433  
            Caps, Colors Suitable for Different Complexions, General
Remarks       527  
How to Restore Life [after drowning or suffocation]                                          400  
I am Roaming, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                           445  
Impromptu, by Mary [poem]                                                                            416  
Indian Summer Morn [poem]                                                                            560  
Infant's Bib (Illustrated)                                                                                   457  
Initial Letters (Illustrated)                                                                                 263  
Inserting (Illustrated)                                                                                       265, 266  
Inserting for a Child's Spencer (Illustrated)                                                          8  
Inserting for a Shirt (Illustrated)                                                                         97  
Inserting for an Infant's Dress (Illustrated)                                                        101  
Inserting for the Front of an Infant's Robe (Illustrated)                                      168  
Inserting for Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                      360  
Iodine                                                                                                               330  
"It Snows!" by Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale [poem]                                             541  
Jam Moriturus, by Rev. T. Hempstead [poem]                                                 444  
"Lady's Book" Purse (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                       451  
Lady's Fancy Furs (Illustrated) [tippet, muff and cuffs]                                     292  
Lady's Netted Purse (Illustrated)                                                                     262  
Lady Nurses                                                                                                     285  
Lady, School thy Heart, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                  350  
Lady's Short Paletot (Illustrated)                                                                     544  
Lady's Slipper in Velvet Applique (Illustrated)                                                 487, 548  
Lamartine's Appeal                                                                                           371  
Lamartine's Opinion of Women                                                                         372  
La Tenentina, by J. T. Gozes [fiction]                                                                  40  
Laying out a Flower-Garden—Mrs. Louden's Plan                                            381  
Leaves from my Journal--Madeira, by Cortez                                                     54  
Lela, by Henry T. Harris [poem]                                                                      351  
Literary Notices                                                                         

            Poems by Gold-Pen; Abbie Nott and Other Knots; The Rise,
                and Present Structure of the English Language; The Christian Life; 
                Linda, or The Young Pilot of the Belle Creole; Shoepac 
                Recollections; Yankee Travels Through the Island of Cuba; Sight and 
                Hearing; The Second Marriage, or a Daughter's Trials; Reality, or 
                the Millionaire's Daughter; Wayside Songs; Romance of the Harem; 
                The Teacher:  Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and  
                Government of the Young; The Spanish Conquest in America; The 
                Rise of the Dutch Republic; The Tragedies of Aeschylus; Eutaw:  
A Sequel to the Foragers, or the Raid of the Dog-Days; Introduction 
                to Social Science; Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Biography; Married, 
                not Mated, or How They Lived at Woodside and Throckmorton Hall;  
                Jane Eyre, Shirley and Villette; The Ladies' Guide to Perfect 
                Gentility; The Sparrowgrass Papers, or Living in the Country; 
                Humorous Poems of Thomas Hood; Columba; The City Architect; 
                Memorials and Other Papers; The Angel in the House                        82 
The Myth of Hiawatha; Brogham's Dramatic Works; French's 
                American Drama; Short Sermons on Important Subjects; Hours of 
                Sorrow Cheered and Comforted; The Book of Ecclesiastes 
                Explained; Memoir of Frances E. H. M'Lellan; Household Words for 
                Girls and Boys; A Lady's Second Journey Round the World; A 
                Treatise on Arithmetic, Theoretical and Practical; Select Orations of 
                M. T. Cicero; The Huguenot Exiles; Learning to Read; Vagabond 
                Life in Mexico; The Life and Travels of Herodotus in the Fifth 
                Century Before Christ; Paul Ferroll:  A Tale; Poems by Richard 
                Chenevix Trench; Calderon:  His Life and Genius; Homeric Ballads 
                and Comedies of Lucian; Wit and Wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith; 
                Philly and Kit, or Life and Raiment; The Bunsby Papers; Wau-Bun, 
                the "Early Day" in the Northwest; A Defence of the American 
                Policy; Salad for the Social; Life Sketches from Common Paths; 
                Fred. Graham, or Masks and Faces; Cyrilla:  A Romance; 
                Trifleton Papers; The Flower-Garden, or Breck's Book of 
                Flowers; Peter Gott, the Cape Ann Fisherman; Life of Schamyl; 
                The Youth of the Old Dominion; The Roman Exile; Forest and 
                Shore, or Legends of the Pine-Tree State; Memoir of Reginald 
                Heber, D.D., Bishop of Calcutta; The Catholic; Berenice: 
                Novel; The New Age of Gold; Vassall Morton:  A Novel; The 
                Earnest Man; The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales; Homeopathy 
                Simplified, or Domestic Practice Made Easy; The Medical and 
                Surgical Reporter                                                                                   177

            The Picture Book for the Young; The Mystery, or Evil and God; The 
                Kingdom Which Shall Not Be Destroyed; Wild Western Scenes; 
                Fashionable Life; The Gray-Bay Mare, and Other Humorous 
                American Sketches; Hand-Book of American Literature, Historical, 
                Biographical, and Critical; Tan-Go-Ru-A:  An Historical Drama; The  
                Pickwick Papers; Female Life in New York City; Pictorial Life and 
                Adventures of Jack Adams, the Celebrated Sailor and Mutineer; The 
                Orphan Sisters; The Daisy Chain, or Aspirations; Notes Taken During 
                the Expedition Commanded by Captain R. B. Marcy, U.S.A.,  
                Through Unexplored Texas in the Summer and Fall of 1854; The 
                Modern Story-Teller; The White Chief:  A Legend of North 
                Mexico; John Halifax, Gentleman; Rachel and the New World: 
                Trip to the United States and Cuba; The Piazza Tales; The 
                Wanderer:  A Tale of Life's Vicissitudes; The Hallig, or The 
                Sheepfold in the Waters; The Camel                                                      275 
Robert Graham, a Sequel to Linda; Narrative of the Expedition of an 
                American  Squadron to the China Seas and Japan; Memoirs of His 
                Time; Appleton's Railway and Steam-Navigation Guide; Western 
                Africa:  Its History, Condition, and Prospects; Helen Lincoln:  A Tale; 
                Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth; The Tongue of Fire, 
                or, The True Power of Christianity; The Martins of Cro' Martin; The 
                School-Fellow's Magazine; Lectures Read to the Seniors in Harvard  
College; Recollections of a Zouave Before Sebastopol; The Old 
                Chest and Its Treasures; Discourses on  Special Occasions, and 
                Miscellaneous Papers; Chronological History of the United States; 
                The Lays of Ancient Rome; Sibert's Wald; Elm Wood, or, Helen and 
                Emma; The Humorous Poetry of the English Language from Chaucer 
                to Saxe; Cousin Nicholas; Hints on Various Subjects; The Immigrant's  
                Guide to Minnesota; Nick Nax                                                             373 
Two Lectures on the History of the American Union; Religion in America; 
                Evelyn Marston; The Life of George Washington; English Traits; 
                Bernard Lile:  An Historical Romance Embracing the Period of the 
                Texas Revolution and the Mexican War; Retribution:  A Tale of 
                Passion; Widdifield's New Cook Book; The Pickwick Papers; 
                Household Mysteries:  A  Romance of Southern Life; Life, 
                Explorations, and Public Services of John Charles Fremont; 
                Confidential Correspondence of the Emperor Napoleon and the 
                Empress Josephine; The Modern Whitefield—The Reverend C. H. 
Spurgeon of London—His Sermons; The Marble-Worker's Manual; 
                Characteristics of Women:  Moral, Poetical, and Historical; [assorted 
                gift books]                                                                                             467 
[Assorted gift books]; Sermons, Practical and Doctrinal; Human 
                Physiology, Statistical and Dynamical; Clara, or, Slave Life in Europe; 
                Nicholas Nickleby; David Copperfield; Widdifield's New Cook-Book, 
                or, Practical Receipts for the Housewife; Money for the Million, or, 
                The Mystery, Morality, and Misery of Money-Getting; Life of Prince 
                Talleyrand, with Extracts from his Speeches and Writings; The Hills 
                of the Shatemuc; Lorimer Littlegood, Esq.; Magdalen Hepburn: 
                Story of the Reformation; How to Woo and How to Win; How to 
                Dress with Taste; How to Behave, or The Spirit of Etiquette; Bridal 
                Etiquette; Live and Learn, or, A Guide to All Who Wish to Speak and 
                Write Correctly; Dred:  A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp; Little 
                Songs; The Life of Robert Fulton; It is Never Too Late to Mend; 
                Little Kitty Clover and Her Friends; Of What, How, and Where 
                Champagne is Made                                                                         561  
"Little Drops of Day," by Henry T. Harris [poem]                                              62  
Little Shoes, by Ellen Lindsay (Illustrated) [includes diagrams]                        102, 103, 133  
Little Thorns [unkindness]                                                                                 318  
"Lord, Keep My Memory Green" by Charles Dickens [poem]                         189  
Lounging Cap (Illustrated)                                                                               262  
Love's Doings, by S. E. W. [poem]                                                                     60  
Manliness                                                                                                         438  
Mantles (Illustrated)                                                                                        293, 384  
Masonic Antimacassar (Illustrated) [crochet or darned netting]                         490  
Masters and Servants [Wasting of Victuals]                                                       188  
Maternal Counsels to a Daughter  

            The Health:  Cleanliness; Exercise                                                           22  
            The Health:  Suitable Dress; Fresh Air; Wholesome Food                      128  
            The Sick-Room                                                                                    218  
            The Sick-Room (Continued)                                                                 315  
            Dress                                                                                                   412  
            Dress (Continued)                                                                                513  

Medical Colleges for Women—The New England Ladies' Medical
            The Female (or Ladies') Medical College of Pennsylvania                      560  

Miserere Domine, by Ashur [poem]                                                                  446  
Morning Dress (Illustrated)                                                                              193, 287  
Mosses                                                                                                            175  
Mrs. Peabody and the Schottisch, by Alice Grey [fiction]                                    57  
Muggins on Niagara, by A. E. Stewart [fiction]                                                 439  

            "No! Never More" by W. T. Tinsley                                                         2  
            "My Own Fireside" by F. Nicholls Crouch                                            
            "Paddy Aroon" by Nicholls Crouch                                                     194  
            "You Will Be Mine!" by Nicholls Crouch                                             290  
            "The Squatters!" by F. Nicholls Crouch                                               386  
            "It Snows!" by George Spafford                                                          482  
Musings, by Cora [poem]                                                                                 351  
Muslin Embroidery for Gauntlet or Bishop Sleeves (Illustrated)                        361  
My Mother, by George R. Calvert [poem]                                                      445  
My sweet Sister, by Whiston White [poem]                                                      252  
Names (Illustrated)      

            Anna                                                                                                      64 

Mathilde                                                                                               opposite 360  
Nellie--My Sister, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                          24  
Nette, by Eve Abrams [fiction]                                                                         152  
Netted Antimacassar (Illustrated)                                                                    165  
Netted Curtains (Illustrated)                                                                            166  
New Juveniles for those in search of Holiday Gift-Books                                   569  
Novelties of the Month (Illustrated)                                          

            Hair styles, headdress for concert or evening party, interior of
                for young girl, lace canezou, morning jacket or
basque                        65 
Children's dresses, street dress for boy, baby's long cloak, sunbonnet 
                for little girl, child's talma                                                                   161 
Caps, hair arrangement for evening party, garland for hair, berthe of 
                lace, lace chemisette                                                                         255 
Bonnets, muslin basquine, undersleeves, headdress for a school girl for 
                an exhibition or concert                                                                     357 
Headdress for young married lady for opera, bonnets, bretelles, cuffs 
                and collar                                                                                         447 
Bonnets, headdress and cloak for the opera, habit-shirt, undersleeve 
                for winter                                                                                         546  
Octagon Antimacassar (Illustrated)                                                                  259  
Oh, sing to me, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                                       254  
One of Pharaoh's Dahlias                                                                                    81  
On the Analogies between the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom, by
Opera Hood (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                                   548  
Ornamental Leather Work (Illustrated)      
            Basket  [Illustration]                                                                              197  
            Materials, Directions for Making Leaves; Process of Stiffening; 
            Staining; To Make Stems; To Make Tendrils; To Cover a Frame; 
                To Make Grapes; To Make Acorns                                                  235  
            To Make Flowers; To Make Roses; To Make Dahlias and 

                Chrysanthemums; Directions for Hardening, Tinting, and Varnishing   331  

            To Fix the Work; To Make Size for Stiffening the Leather Work; To 
                Make Stiffening Which is Not Affected by Damp; To Make 
                Mahogany Varnish Stain, Which Dries in a Few Minutes                   435  
            Vine-stems; Bunches of Grapes                                                            538  

Ottoman and Sofa Cover (Illustrated)                                                              452  
Our Practical Dress Instructor (Illustrated)        

            Boy's Dress [with diagram]                                                                     63  
            Infant Boy's Robe [with diagram]                                                          355  
            Lady's Short Paletot [with diagram]                                                       544  

Pattern for an Infant's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                           354  
Pattern for an Infant's Boot (Illustrated) [braided]                                            198, 199  
Pattern for Silk Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                           261  
Patterns for Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                                  73  
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts                                                                     81  
Perseverance                                                                                                    274  
Peter Mulrooney:  How He Advertised for a Wife, and What Happened,  

            by Sylvanus Urban, the Younger                                                           31  

Petite [poem]                                                                                                    275  
Phalie, by Emma Morton [poem]                                                                     157  
Pictures and Similes, by Mrs. Jane Maria Mead [poem]                                   348  
Poetry on a Nose [poem]                                                                                 283  
Point Lace Crochet Collar Patterns                                                                   257, 360, 453, 552  
Potichimanie Vase (Illustrated)                                                                          97  
Praise the Lord, by Fanny Fales [poem]                                                          156  
Prattling of Little Children                                                                                  401  
Preservation of Sight                                                                                         230  
Protecting Plants                                                                                               569  
Prudence Cap (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                454  
Psalm of Nature, by Ashley Torrens [poem]                                                     251  
Pulseless Heart and Quiet Hand, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                             252  
Recipe for a Modern Bonnet [poem]                                                                 186  
Receipts, &c. (Illustrated)                                                        

            Directions for Preserving Fruits—Arthur's Self-Sealing Cans,
                strawberries, raspberries, cherries, fresh stewed fruits, Reybold's 
                plan for preserving peaches, general
directions for preserving, kettles 
                for making preserves, to keep preserves, to clarify sugar for 
                preserving, to preserve fruits without sugar or vinegar, preserving 
                fruit by hermetically sealing, strawberry jam or marmalade, to 
                preserve strawberries whole, strawberries stewed for tarts, 
                strawberries preserved, to preserve strawberries or raspberries for 
                creams or ices without boiling, to preserve strawberries, raspberries, 
                to preserve raspberries whole, blackberries, blackberry syrup, 
                blackberry wine, blackberry and wine cordial, currants preserved      75 

Directions for Preserving Fruits—currants preserved, currant jelly, 
                currant jelly without cooking, currant jam, gooseberries preserved, 
                to keep red gooseberries, fine rhubarb jam, rhubarb jam, cherries 
                preserved, to dry cherries, plums, to preserve purple plums, to 
                preserve plums without the skins, to dry plums, to preserve green 
                gages, green gages, jam of green gages, to keep damsons, to 
                preserve damsons a second way, to preserve apples, to preserve 
                pippins in slices, to preserve crab-apples, baked sweet apples, 
                baked sour apples, coddled apples, to preserve fruit so as to keep 
                well in a hot climate, to preserve pears, to stew pears, to bake 
                pears, pears in brandy, pear marmalade, to bottle fruit, pine-apple 
                preserve, how to make tomato figs, tomato preserves, to preserve
                cucumbers and melons, barberries, pine-apple jelly, a new preserve, 
                to preserve Seville oranges whole, oranges in jelly, orange jelly, 
                candied orange or lemon peel, to candy fruit                                  169 
Domestic Manipulation:  Cleaning and Disinfecting—iron-work,  
                floor boarding, paint, plate, japanned goods, knives, steel forks, 
                bedsteads; How to Cook Mutton—mutton cutlets, braised cutlets, 
                fillet of mutton, fillet of mutton stewed, fillets in marinade, 
                banquette de mouton, haricot mutton, haricot mutton—another 
                way, hash, hashed mutton; Sick-Room and Nursery:   Domestic 
                Surgery—bandages; The Toilet—almond oil; Miscellaneous—
                how to make good bread, wheat and Indian bread, brown bread, 
                Virginia corn bread, Saint Charles Hotel Indian Bread; to remove 
                grease from boards, to wash calicoes                                             267 
Domestic Manipulation:  Cleaning and Disinfecting (concluded)— 
chlorine; How to Cook Mutton—Irish stew, China chilo, China 
                chilo—another way, mutton kebobbed, mutton like venison, to 
                make a Scotch haggis, rognon de mouton a la Francaise, rognon 
                de mouton a la Bourgeoisie, loin of mutton like venison, to dress 
                mutton ham, sheeps' tongues stewed, Irish stew; Sick-Room and 
                Nursery:  Domestic Surgery—inflamed breast, apparatus to keep 
                bedding above body, substitute splints, dry warmth, bleeding, dry 
                cupping; The Toilet—anise, balm, balsam, bay; Miscellaneous—  
                medical use of salt, French mustard, preserving eggs, to prevent 
                moths attacking clothes, to prevent iron and steel from rusting, to 
                take stains of any kind out of linen, to clean hair brushes, furniture 
                polish, weights and measures for family use, to clean German 
                silver; Contributed Receipts—buttermilk bread, cure for felon, 
                remedy to get rid of red ants, receipt for good bread, how to 
                keep moths out of worsted goods, tomato sauce for using with 
                fresh meats, arrowroot pudding, receipt for a huckleberry-pudding    364 
Laying Out Tables—No. 1—Breakfast, luncheons, and folding napkins 
                (illustrated); How to Cook Veal—veal, the fillet, boiled fillet of 
                veal, breast of veal stewed, boiled breast of veal, breast of veal 
                ragout, breast of veal forced, shoulder of veal, boned and stewed 
                shoulder of veal, shoulder of veal a la Piedmontese, stewed loin of 
                veal loin of veal, boiled loin of veal; Sick-Room and Nursery—  
                Domestic Surgery, ordinary cupping, leeches and their application, 
                scarification, burns; The Toilet—bergamot, caraway; 
                Miscellaneous—an excellent receipt for mending china, to remove 
                marking-ink, to clean silk, how to keep gathered fruit and flowers 
                always fresh, essence of anchovies, composition for rendering 
                canvas waterproof and pliable, a nice dish for breakfast, remedy 
                for lockjaw, to obtain flowers from bulbous roots in three weeks,  
                Dupuytren's Pomatum; Contributed—lemon jelly, tomato ketchup, 
                for diseases of the bowels, for cholera morbus, to take ink out of 
                the floor, green corn omelet, preserving cucumbers as a 
                sweetmeat                                                                                       458 
Laying Out Tables—Folding Napkins, The Cinderella, The Flirt, the 
                Neapolitan, the Favorite or Our Own; Christmas Receipts—
                Plum-Puddings (20 receipts)                                                             553  
Reminiscences of Bonnets, by Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated)
[1830s]  135, 236  
Reverses, by Edith Hervey [fiction]                                                                  207  
Rhymed Proverbs—Turkish and Persian [poem]                                               236  
Robe for an Infant Boy (Illustrated)                                                                 255  
Royal Baby Clothes                                                                                            91  
Ruffle for a Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                             362  
Sacred Music, by Beatrice [poem]                                                                   253  
Shells for the Ladies, and where they come from (Illustrated)                           203, 299, 395, 491  
Silk Embroidery for Mantilla (Illustrated)                                                           72  
Sister Mary, by Mrs. Harriet E. Francis [poem]                                              251  
Six Scenes from a Life-Drama, by Desmarais [fiction]                                      319  
Slipper Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                    68, 168, 362, 487, 548  
Smiles of Nature, by W. S. Gaffney [flowers]                                                   302  
Something New for Table Covers, Ottomans, or Pillows (Illustrated)    

            [Berlin work]                                                                                           5, 68  

Sonnet, by C. Ernst Fahnestock                                                                      348  
Sonnets, by William Alexander  

            Tasso                                                                                                     61  
            Hymen                                                                                                 158  
            The Wind                                                                                             252  
            The Jordan                                                                                           352  
            Cupid                                                                                                   446  
            Philadelphia                                                                                          514  

"Suffer them to Come," by Lillian [poem]                                                         254  
Sultry Night, by F. H. Stauffer [poem]                                                             157  
Thanksgiving-Day for 1856                                                                               274  
That Blessed Baby [fiction]                                                                               245  
The Alarm, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                           303  
The Art and Mystery of Managing Canaries, by Jenny Forrester
(Illustrated)  107  
The Art of Making Wax Fruit and Flowers 
Wax Flowers                                                                                          29 
White and Green Down, Curling Pins, Brushes, Patterns and Shapes, 
                Stamens and Petals; To Make Waxen Leaves; Modeling Simple 
                Flowers                                                                                           142  
Single and Simple Flowers:  Snowdrop, Crocus, Primrose, Violet         248 
The Tulip; The Van Trol; The Hyacinth; The Narcissus; The Jonquil      339 
The Pink, Carnation, Clove, &c.; The Single Pink; Clove and 
                Carnation; The Daisy; The Jasmine; The Forget-me-not; The 
                Coreopsis; The Cyclamen; Other Simple Flowers; the Convolvulus; 
                Bell Flowers; The Tobacco; Honeysuckle                                         421 
Fuschia; The Poppy; The Passion Flower; The Single Rose; The 
                Chrysanthemum, China Aster, and other Quilled Flowers; The Lily 
                of the Valley; Modeling of Double Flowers                                       519  
The Art of Sketching Flowers from Nature (Illustrated)             

            Group of Primroses                                                                                47  
            Light and Shade                                                                                    229  

The Baby's Shoe [poem]                                                                                   134  
The Borrowed Teapot, by Kate Wilder [fiction]                                                148  
The Centre-Table Commonplace Book                                                               92, 286, 382  
The Child of the Prairie, by Metta Victoria Fuller [fiction]                                402, 496  
The China Closet                                                                                                91, 187  
The Choice, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                          109  
The Christmas Letter [fiction]                                                                            529  
The Day after Christmas, by Clara Augusta [fiction]                                         523  
The Exclusives.  A Sketch from Life, by Louisa Olivia Hunter [fiction]             325  
The Fashions (Illustrated)                                                                                486  
The Flower-Garden and House Plants                                                               285  
The French at Home (Illustrated) [actually, more on restaurants]                      431  
The Gardener's Daughter, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                          239, 309  
The Grave of the First-Born, by William Roderick Lawrence [poem]               253  
The Gray-Moss Wreath, by Peyre Vidal [poem]                                              349  
The Hair [care of]                                                                                             344  
The Icebergs, by Beatrice [poem]                                                                    539  
The Ideal Realized [poem]                                                                                351  
The Influence of Names                                                                                    560  
The Katydid, by John McKinstry [poem]                                                         350  
The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                                               82, 273, 560  
The Last Autumn Flowers, and How to Manage Them                                      476  
The Laugh of Woman                                                                                       244  
The Maniac's Song, by A Stray Waif [poem]                                                      61  
The Mother's Whim [spoiled child]                                                                    238  
The Mount of Olives                                                                                         273  
The Power and Efficacy of Books                                                                     430  
The Power of Persuasion                                                                                  466  
The Poor Man's Home, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                            62  
The Prairie Rose [poem]                                                                                   122  
There is a Fount, by E. B. F. [poem]                                                                 251  
The Russian Coronation                                                                                    475  
The Schoolmistress, by Marie S. Ladd [poem]                                                 444  
The Separation of the Apostles, by Rev. H. Hastings Wold (Illustrated)  

            [poem]                                                                                                 539  

The Soldier's Grave, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                157  
The Southern Moss [poem]                                                                              177  
The Spring-Time of Life, by H. B. B. [poem]                                                       59  
The Storm and the Oak, by Mrs. M. S. Whitaker [poem]                                 414  
The Sunset, by Mary Clemmer Ames [poem]                                                  156  
The Undisciplined Heart; an Old Maid's Story, by E. F. [fiction]                        415, 515  
The Wife's Experiment, by Ada Neil [fiction]                                                     341  
"They shall Hunger no more," by Fanny Fales [poem]                                         61  
This is Life, by Julien [poem]                                                                            349  
Three Hours School a Day                                                                                175  
To a Frost-bitten Flower, by G. G. [poem]                                                       445  
To an Evergreen, by J. Y. S. [poem]                                                                  349  
To a Rose found Blooming in the Garden at Christmas, by Amy Arden
[poem]  540  
To Correspondents                                                                               93, 189, 286, 383, 477, 571  
To Emma, by Ada L_____ [poem]                                                                     60  
Toilet-Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                              164  
To my Adopted Boy, by West [poem]                                                              541  
To Nellie, by B_____ [poem]                                                                           155  
To One in Heaven, by Effie Johnson [poem]                                                      61  
Top of Pincushion, Braided (Illustrated)                                                           163  
To V. L. H., by James D. Jackson [poem]                                                       156  
Trials of an English Housekeeper  

            Mrs. Yapp's Visit                                                                                 144  
            Susan's Stratagem                                                                                 346  

True Beauty, by Delphine P. Baker [poem]                                                      507  
Tulle-Work (Illustrated) [cuff]                                                                         363  
Turkish Purse (Illustrated) [beading]                                                                359  
Turkish Bag in Wool work (Illustrated)                                                            260  
Turn the Medal [fiction]                                                                                    333  
"'Twere sweet to think that this may be," by N. W. Bridge [poem]                       59  
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                358, 547  
Unlucky Days   [two days each month]                                                              559  
Wanted [a man] [poem]                                                                                    472  
Wear a Smile, by C. H. Garber [poem]                                                            352  
"We'll all meet again in the Morning!" by H. Clay Preuss [poem]                       253  
William of Orange, or William the Silent                                                            174  
Winter Over-boots (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                        488, 549  
Working Pattern Lady's Short Paletot (Illustrated)                                           545