Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine
Volume 52, January-June, 1856 

A Basquine (Illustrated)                                                                                   255
A Carolina Woman of the Revolution [Susannah Smart, of Mecklenburg, NC]   213
A Child at Prayer, by John H. Bazley [poem]                                                   252
A Daughter's Love, by Blanche Bennairde [poem]                                             61
A Day of Troubles, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                       32
A Dirge, by N. W. Bridge [poem]                                                                     539
A Good Law [NY law that allows wife of drunkard or deserter to transact
            business in her own name, control her own earnings, and educate
            her own children]                                                                                  468
A Happy Marriage                                                                                           444
A Lady Antiquary                                                                                             560
A Lay of Loyalty, by Fausta    [poem]                                                            254
Alphabet of Fancy Letters for Marking a Lady's Wardrobe (Illustrated)
A-N                                                                                                     298
            O-Z                                                                                                     394
            A-N                                                                                                     490
Ancestry, by Emily Herrmann [poem]                                                             159
A Netted Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                              294
A New Heroine of the Crimea [Mrs. Duberly]                                                   466
An Infant Boot (Illustrated)                                                                              266
Another Comet [discovered by Maria Mitchell]                                                 372
A Picture of the Olden Time:  Privy Purse Expenses of Charles II                      239
Applique Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                           67
April Hours, by Mrs. J. H. Thomas [poem]                                                      350
A Resolve, by J. L. Bryan, M. D. [poem]                                                         253
A Vision of the Past, by Mrs. Harriet E. Francis [poem]                                 351
Away with the Past, by Helen Smesdell [poem]                                                447
Beauty of the Dead                                                                                           382
Beauty out West, or, How Three Fashionable Young Ladies Spent a
            Year in the Wilderness, by Metta Victoria Fuller [fiction—MN]          491
Be Gentle [with children]                                                                                   345
Beckonings, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                                           447
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        192
Books Borrowed [poem]                                                                                  186
Border for a Handkerchief (Illustrated)                                                            105, 362
Borrowdale in a Flutter, by Debby Downright [borrowed issues of Godey's]    315
Braid Dinner Mat (Illustrated)                                                                          355
Braiding Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                            74, 197, 360, 545
Braidwork--Lady's Muff (Illustrated)                                                               167
Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                                         362
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                                    104, 164, 196, 452, 541
Centre-Table Gossip                                                                            91, 188, 285, 381, 477, 569
Charades in Action (Illustrated) [Cab-bage]                                                    433
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  164, 542
Chemistry for the Young                                                          
         Introduction                                                                                            78
            Definition of analysis, importance of clean equipment                             176
            Lesson 1—A mixture of sand and common salt being given;
            to separate the two (Illustrated)                                                       270
            Lesson 1 continued (Illustrated)                                                           368
            Lesson 1 continued                                                                               464
            Lesson II—Method of cleansing the apparatus employed                      556
Child's Dress (Illustrated)                                                                                    8
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                    289, 383, 481, 544
La Mignene and the Alexandrine (Illustrated)                                       389, 479
"Le Gitana," from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                       9
The Adele and the Ionian (Illustrated)                                                  293, 384, 479
The Alboni, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                   200
The Alma Escharpe, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                      297
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                            201
The Escurial, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                 393
The Guadiana, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                               485
The Lucie and the Bijou (Illustrated)                                                    292, 384
The Morisco, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                484
The Poncho, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                 100
The Zamora, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                 296
The Zulima, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                   392
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                           102, 191, 361, 486, 488, 552
Colleges and Institutions for Young Women in the United States [Patapsco
            Female Institute, MD; Baltimore Female College, MD; Adelphi
            College, MO; Wesleyan Female College, OH; Bascom Female
            Institute, AL; St. Mary's Hall, NJ; Mystic Hall, MA]                             467
Comfort for Dark Days [quotations on Fortune]                                                570
Comparable Female Anatomy [French, English, German—humor]                     286
Convolvulus Flowers (Illustrated)                                                                    457
Convolvulus Wreath (Illustrated)                                                                     459
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)        69, 171, 198, 358, 363, 385, 460, 543, 551
Cottage in the Venetian Style (Illustrated)                                                        106, 172
Cousin Marion, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                             33
Crochet Bonnet (Illustrated)                                                                            356
Crochet Purse (Illustrated)                                                                              455
Crochet Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                  72
Crochet Toilet Mat (Illustrated)                                                                       363
Crown of Cap (Illustrated)                                                                              105
"Dearest"--That was All, by Willie Edgar Pabor [poem]                                  252
Dear Mother, was it Right? by Alfred Burnett [poem]                                      253
Death                                                                                                               478
Design for a Brick House (Illustrated)                                                              530
Despair [poem]                                                                                                448
Diaphane Lamp Shade (Illustrated)                                                      38, 147, 238, 341
Dreamings, by W. M. M. [poem]                                                                       212
Dusk, by W. Gilmore Simms [poem]                                                               160
Editors' Table                                                              
         A New Year                                                                                           79
            Godey's as a guide for dress and an encourager of the needle arts          177
            Miscellaneous                                                                                       273
            A Trip to China                                                                                    369
            English Travel Journals                                                                          465
            Poor "literature" submitted to Godey's                                                   557
Education in England                                                                                         178
Embroidered Cap (Illustrated)                                                                         104, 196
Embroidered Collar in Imitation of Honiton                                                        102
Embroidered Habit-Shirt (Illustrated)                                                               261
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated),           10, 67, 72, 73, 97, 105, 162, 166, 171, 172,
                                        261, 357, 358, 359, 360, 362, 364, 450, 460, 545, 547, 548, 549, 550
Embroidery Design for a Gentleman's Cravat (Illustrated)                                 551
Embroidery Pattern for an Infant's Cashmere Boot (Illustrated)                           74
Enigmas                                                                                                62, 160, 254, 352, 448, 540
Evening Voices, by Lillian [poem]                                                                    351
Expenses of a Young Lady at School in the 17th Century                                   123
Faded Flowers, by N. W. Bridge [poem]                                                            22
Fancies of Home, by H. L. A. [poem]                                                               447
Fashionable Colors for Gloves [includes English equivalents for some
            French colors]                                                                                      285
            Bride, bridesmaid, guest at ceremony, guest at reception, ordinary
                evening headdress (Illustrated), black and white, bonnets
                (Illustrated)                                                                                       93
Evening dress, ribbons, collar and sleeve trimmed in black velvet
                ribbon (Illustrated), canezous, jackets, bonnets (Illustrated),
                dress trimmings, Pompadour dresses, fancy silk aprons for
                young ladies                                                                                      191
Evening dress, carriage or home dress, Pamela bonnet, walking
                dress, child's walking dress, children's clothing, two party
                dresses for 12-14 year old girls (too grown up for Godey's
                taste), Leghorn bonnets                                                                     287
Dinner dress, morning dress suitable for bride, clothing for lad of
                twelve; dress for girl 8-10, mantles, fabrics for little girls' dresses,
                girls' walking dresses, flounced dresses, guipure mantles, straw
                bonnet                                                                                               383
Morning dress, evening dress for wedding reception, child's dress,
                mantillas, juvenile fashions, mantles, new spring dress fabrics,
                basques, bonnets                                                                               479
Dinner dress, carriage dress, evening dress, summer bonnets,
            headdresses, fichus, undersleeves, white canzous, morning caps,
                pocket handkerchiefs, lace jackets                                                     571
Filigree Purse (Illustrated)                                                                                546
Finger-Rings (Illustrated)                          
            Ancient                                                                                                   11
            Early Christian, Egyptian Signets; Shakespeare's Signet                         107
            Gimmal ring, wedding rings in different countries and times                     203
Flouncing                                                                      10, 73, 97, 263, 265, 360, 364, 456
Flower Vase.  In Beads (Illustrated)                                                                101, 165
Forget, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                                     251
French Flowers and Lace                                                                                 190
Furs, from Lasak & Son, 520 Broadway, New York (Illustrated)                    68
Getting up a Club in Borrowdale, by Debby Downright [a Godey's Club]         233
Gentleman's Shaving Book (Illustrated)                                                            453
Gift to the Maryland Hospital                                                                            468
Girls Should be Taught to Swim                                                                        559
Godey's Arm-Chair     
A Late Fashionable Wedding; Excerpt from a Letter from
                Mississippi; Naked Legged Children; Ivory Handle Cutlery
                (Illustrated), Nutcracker, Nut Picks, and Plate Warmer
                (Illustrated); Gentleman's Collars and Wristbands; When to Send
                Invitations to a Ball or Large Party; Double Entendre                           88
Pearl Card Cases; Lines on Slander; Words for Some Lazy Husbands
                in This Country; Dress of Her Majesty of France, Worn at the
                Closing of the Grand Show in Paris; Hair Dye; List of New Music;
                Ball Dress for English Bride                                                               185
Temperance Society in Rusk, Texas; Latest style of Visiting Card
                (Illustrated); Articles for Domestic Use—Bird Cages, Wheel
                Pattern Knife Sharpener, Fluting Scissors, Cheese Scoop, Knives,
                Moulds, Corkscrew (Illustrated)                                                     283
Caudle Parties; College Temple at Newnan, GA; Take Care of
Your French; Dresses Worn at a Late "Drawing-Room" Held by
                the Queen of  England; Notions of Beauty; Left-Handed Side
                Saddles; List of New Music; Articles for Domestic Use—Rattan
                or Cane Ware Chairs and Sofas (Illustrated)                                    377
How to Work Patterns in Imitation of Honiton Lace; List of New
                Music; The Empress's Cradle; Recipe for Bavarian Cream; New
                Readings of Old Proverbs; How to Get Rid of Large Black Ants;
                For Bleaching Cotton; Preventing Odor when Cooking Codfish;
                Pudding a la Godey; Inflatable Skirt Hoops; How to Use Copying
paper; Arthur's Self-Sealing Cans; Corn Cake Recipe (Humorous);
                Veils Worn Over Face in Street                                                        473
Need food served on trains; List of New Music; Compliment from
                Nashville that Godey's clothes wearable; Prices of Moire Antique,
                Lace, and Imitation Lace                                                                   565
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)           
            Lesson XXII.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                   119
            Lesson XXIII.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                  318
            Lesson XXIV.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                  507
Good and Bad Huswifery, by Thomas Tusser [1557, poem]                            286
Half of Collar, worked with colored embroidery cottons                            between 168 and 169
Hamlet and Ophelia--Romeo and Rosaline, by J. O. F.                                     499
Headdresses (Illustrated)
Simple home wear, net for young lady, cache peigne for young girl,
                head-dress for young girl for concerts, etc.                                          63
Headdresses for spring weddings and bridal parties                               354
            Headdress for opera or an evening reception                                         451
Heart-Blighting, by Ada L_____ [poem]                                                           352
Health and Long Life in America                                                                       372
Helen Bennett, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                      23, 111
He said that I was False, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                 253
Hints to Ladies Studying Botany, by Harland Coultas                                      514
History of Dancing [very brief]                                                                          110
Home Truths for Home Peace [Friends Staying in the House; Preparations
            for Company]                                                                                       437
Homely Topics—Saturday's Mending                                                               381
Housekeeping Journal                                                                                       189
How Euphrosyne and Pete Daffodil became Literary, by Virginia
            De Forrest
[fiction]                                                                              321
How Far should the Fashions be followed, by Mrs. Merrifield 
         [accommodating age and coloring; cosmetics; small bonnets]                   30
How Tea is Made                                                                                             305
How to be Happy                                                                                               14
How to Beautify the Kitchen-garden [combining the kitchen and flower
            gardens]                                                                                               465
Hyacinth Glass-stand (Illustrated)                                                                    454
I Am Thinking, by Marion Harland [poem]                                                      570
I Have No Mother Now, by Corolla H. Criswell [poem]                                   61
I Hold Still, by Charles T. Brooks [poem]                                                        478
Influence, by George W. Bungay [poem]                                                          445
Initial Letters (Illustrated)                                                                                 170, 256
"Is she Happy?" by Katherine Dean [fiction]                                                    402
Ivy Leaf Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                            358
June, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                                                   539
Juvenile Fashions (Illustrated)
Coats, cloaks, &c.                                                                                  65
            Girl's dress, boy on hobby horse                                                           390
            Girl and boy with hoops                                                                        391
            Dress suitable for a dancing school or small child's party; boy's
            dress; chambray gingham dress for girl 6-12; costume for boy same
                age; boy's outfit                                                                                 480
L. Johnson & Co.'s Type and Stereotype Foundry (Illustrated)                        299
Labor, by F. H. Stauffer                                                                                  122
Lady Editors—Mrs. Hicks of Virginia                                                                560
Lady's Toilet Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                     455
Lake Michigan, by Helen Bruce [poem]                                                           254
La Peignoir Marguerite (Illustrated)                                                                 4, 66
Lena Grant, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                                 124
Letter Receptacle (Illustrated)                                                                         359
Letter Writing                                                                                                     48
Life and Adventures of John Smith, by J. B. Duffey                           41, 149, 244, 334, 438, 532
Lines by Milton in His Old Age [poem]                                                             382
Lines to Kate Harrington, by Beatrice [poem]                                                   415
Lingerie [description of wealthy woman's bridal trousseau, studs to close
            lady's lingerie neckband, embroidery]                                                       91
Literary Notices                              
            Gift Books; Dickens's Works Complete; The Christian Year; The
                Private Life of an Eastern King; The Japan Expedition; Lives of the
                Queens of England of the House of Hanover; Horaryhead and
                M'Donner; Mysteries of Paris; The Female Bluebeard; Farerino: 
                A Romance; Marriage a Lottery; Frank Hilton, or The Queen's Own;
                Speeches of Gerrit Smith in Congress; Wages of Battle; Scenes in the
                Practice of a New York Surgeon; Appleton's Library for Young
                People;  Juno Clifford:  A Tale; Beechcroft; Cora and the Doctor,
                or Revelations of a Physician's Wife; Aspiration:  An  Autobiography
                of Girlhood; Helen Leeson:  A Peep at New York Society; Cooper's
                Novels; Almack's:  A Tale of English Society; Winnie and I; Letters to
                a Young Physician Just Entering Upon Practice; The Lives of the
                British Historians; Flora's Dictionary; Lippincott's Pronouncing
                Gazetteer of the World; Inside View of Slavery                                     84
The Moral and Intellectual Diversity of Races; Letters of English History
                and Tragic Poetry; The Glory of the Redeemer in Person and Work;
                The Heavenly Recognition; Luther's Christmas Tree; Sallust, Florus,
                and Velleius Paterculus; Christian Theism; Table Traits, With Something
                on Them; The Foragers; A New and Comprehensive French Instructor;
                Richard the Fearless; Mortimer's College Life; The Young Lady's
                Friend; The Gloria in Excelsis; Byram's Illustrated Philadelphia
Directory; Life of George Washington; Flora's Dictionary; Curious
                Stories about Fairies and Other Funny People; Prescott's Historical
                Works; Klosterheim, or The Masque; Glenwood, or The Pariah Boy;
                Aspiration: An Autobiography of Girlhood; The Physiology of
                Marriage; The Works of Shakespeare; The Good Time Coming;
                Crochets and Quavers, or Revelations of an Opera Manager in
                America; Mitchell's New National Map; Coast Survey                        180
The House by the Sea:  A Poem; A Christmas Wreath, for Little People;
                Home Garner; The Curse of Clifton; The Discarded Daughter;
                Mysteries of the Court of the Stuarts; Chapman's Principia; Village
                and Farm Cottages; Plain Talk and Friendly Advice to Domestics;
Aunty Wonderful's Stories; The Great Rosy Diamond; Border
                Beagles:  A Tale of the Mississippi; Cicero's Three Books of Offices,
                or Moral Duties; Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars;
                The Anabasis; Mexico and Its Religion; The Library of Standard
Letters; The Elm-Tree Tales; Oakfield:  or, Fellowship in the East;
                Mimic Life:  or, Before and Behind the Curtain; The Heathen Religion
                in its Popular and Symbolical Development; Cora and the Doctor, or,
Revelations of a Physician's Wife; Modern Mysteries Explained and
                Exposed; Geoffrey Moncton:  or, The Faithless Guardian; Kate
                Weston:  or, To Will and To Do; The Panorama of Life and
                Literature; Casper; The Prison of Weltevreden; Instructions for the
                Analysis of Soils, Limestones, and Manures                                        280
Home Service; History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain;
                The Poetical Works of Augustine Duganne; Napoleon at St. Helena;
                The Works of Charles Lamb; A Child's History of the United States;
                An Outline of the General Principles of Grammar; The Way of
                Salvation; Lily:  A Novel; The Life and Reign of Nicholas I, Emperor
                of Russia; America's Mission; The Sacred Plains; The Irish Abroad and
                at Home; Our Cousin Veronica; Home Comforts; Estelle Grant, or The
                Lost Wife; Lily Huson; Caste:  A Store of Republican Equality; The
                Indian Fairy Book; Hampton Heights, or The Spinster's Ward; Modern
                Pilgrims; Meister Karl's Sketch Book; The Last of the Huggermuggers;
                The Lake Shore; Amy Lee, or Without and Within; Indian Legends and
                Other Poems; The Heart of Mabel Ware; Rose Clark; Hill-Side Flowers;
                The String of Pearls; Biographies of the Heroes of History; The Sunbeam
Stories; The Song of Hiawatha; The Mystic and Other Poems; Sabbath
                Evening Readings on the New Testament; Edith Allen, or Sketches of
                Life in Virginia                                                                                  373
The Three Marriages; Life of Lord Jeffrey; Notes by a Volunteer of the
                French Republic; The History of England; A Treatise on Phonology;
                The Blind Girl of Wittenberg; Major Jones's Courtship; Major Jones's
                Sketches of Travel; Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs; The
                Holly-Tree Inn; The Pirate's Son; Lucy Boston, or Woman's Rights
                and Spiritualism; The Attache in Madrid; Songs and Ballads of the
American Revolution; The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon
                Bonaparte with His Brother Joseph, Sometimes King of Spain;
                Lanmere; Edith, or The Quaker's Daughter; Home; Alone; Jackson
                and New Orleans; Camp Fires of the Red Men; Sense and
Sensibility; Mrs. Follen's Twilight Stories; The Blue Ribbons;
                Selections from the British Poets; Our Church Music; Dreams and
                Realities in the Life of a Pastor and Teacher; The Onyx Ring; Little
                Paul and Other Stories; The Hunter's Feast                                        469
Wild Western Scenes; An Essay on Liberty and Slavery; The Green
                Mountain Girls; Toiling and Hoping; Five Hundred Mistakes of Daily
                Occurrence in Speaking, Pronunciation, and Writing the English
                Language, Corrected; Ernest Linwood:  A Novel; Memoirs of
            Richard Cumberland; The Ocean; Literary Criticisms and Other
                Papers; The Wonders of Science; Learning to Think; The Old
                Dominion; The Miscellaneous Works of the Late Richard Penn
                Smith; Courtship and Marriage; India:  The Pearl of Pearl River;
                Pictorial Life and Adventures of Grace O'Malley; A History of
                Philosophy in Epitome; The Philosophy of the Weather, and a
                Guide to Its Changes; Rachel Gray; Elements of Logic; Recollections
                of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers; The Creole Orphans; Woman's
            Faith; The Lost Hunter; The Library of Standard Letters; Letters of
                Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; Ancient Spanish Ballads; Tolla:  A
                Tale of Modern Rome; Florence Betrayed, or, The Last Days of the
Republic; The First and Second Marriages, or, The Courtesies of
                Wedded Life; Aspen Court:  A Story of Our Own Time;
                Charlemont, or, The Price of the Village; Beauchamp, or, The
                Kentucky Tragedy; '98 and '48:  The Modern Revolutionary History
                and Literature of Ireland; The Shakespeare Papers of the Late
                William Maginn; The Works of the Late Edgar Allen Poe; Wolfsden;
                The History of England, From the Accession of James II; Edith Hale: 
                A Village Story; The Island of Cuba; The War in Kansas; Recent
                Speeches and Address by Charles Sumner; A Forest Tragedy, and
                Other Tales; The Bush-Boys; Tragic Scenes in the History of
                Maryland and the Old French War; Village and Farm Cottages;
Christine, or, Woman's Trials and Triumphs, The Cave of Skulls: 
                A Temperance Story                                                                        561
Little Economies:  The Uses of Hair [horse, camel, badger, squirrel, and goat]   156
Little Gerty, by Clarence Carleton [poem]                                                       253
Lou Grant; or, Make your Will, by Hannah Truman [fiction]                            406
Low-Voiced Ella, by Ada L_____ [poem]                                                        446
Lura Deane; or the Two Homes in the Country, by Virginia F. Townsend
         [fiction]                                                                                                 221, 306, 395
Maggie Lee, by Mrs. B. F. Enos [fiction]                                                          206
Maltese Lace Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                     70
Marrying a Planter, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                    327, 418, 515
Marketing in a Silk Dress, by C. T. Hinckley (Illustrated) [fiction]                    193, 236
Mother's Nannie; or, The Child's Sorrow, by Virginia De Forrest
          (Illustrated) [fiction]                                                                            435
Mouchoir, or Handkerchief Sachet (Illustrated)                                                355
Mound Prairie Institute [Anderson County, TX]                                                372
Mount Vernon [poem]                                                                                      179
Mrs. Daffodil at Barnum's Museum, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                524
Muggins's MSS., edited by A. E. Stewart [fiction]                                            430
         "Lelia"                                                                                                      2
            "The Weyanoke Waltz"                                                                           98
            "The Powhattan Waltz"                                                                         194
            "The Richmond Waltz"                                                                          290
            "The Emigrant"                                                                                      386
            [short article]                                                                                        417
            "Marian"                                                                                               545
My Angel, by Augustus L. Stone, M. D. [poem]                                              252
My Lily, by Beata [poem]                                                                                  60
My Wife's Portrait, by An Old Gentleman [fiction]                                             56
Names for Embroidery
Sarah                                                                                                     69
Cornelia                                                                                               198
Annette                                                                                                551
Napkin Ring (Illustrated)                                                                                 165
Net for Pony (Illustrated)                                                                                168
Netted Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                  166
New Fire-Escape (Illustrated)                                                                         331
New Style of Infant's Bib (Illustrated)                                                                  6
Nick-Nack Basket (Illustrated)                                                                       454
Night and Morning, by George W. Bungay [poem]                                           538
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                                                                   63
            Gypsy wrap, La Bretelle Cloak, lace casaque, dress caps, chemisettes   163
Christening robe, walking dress and saque for toddler, dress for 5 year
                old girl, walking dress for young girl, surcoat for boy age 4-5             257
            Headdresses for Spring and Bridal Parties                                             354
            Headdress for opera, lace basque, sick-room cap, dress cap                 451
            Invalid's cap, breakfast cap, bretelle, berthe, collar and chemisette,
                muslin chemisette, undersleeves                                                         541
Oakford's New Styles for Children's Fancy Hats and Caps (Illustrated)           199
Oakford's Summer Fashions (Illustrated) [Children's Fancy Hats and Caps]    489, 545
Oh, bury me there, by D. V. [poem]                                                                  351
Old Friends; or, Mr. and Mrs. Pettis, by Ann E. Porter [fiction]                       342
Old Maids                                                                                                        506
One of Life's Mysteries, by W. M. R. [poem]                                                    252
Oremus, by R. Grey [poem]                                                                               64
Our Birthplace [poem]                                                                                      537
Our Lord's Prayer Paraphrased, by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale (Illustrated) [poem]      60
Our Practical Dress Instructor (Illustrated)                                          
         Winter Cloak [with diagrams]                                                               161
            A Basquine [with diagrams]                                                                  255
            Dress for Miss of Eight or Ten Years, and Little Boy's Outfit                 353
            Walking Dress for Little Girls [with diagram]                                         449
Part of Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                           361
Passing Years, by Amy L_____ [poem]                                                            351
Pattern for an Infant's Boot (Illustrated)                                                           266
Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb                                                  468
Physical Training                                                                                               178
Polka Jacket trimmed with Imitation Ermine (Illustrated)                                   202, 259
Porte-Monnaie (Illustrated)                                                                             455
Portion of a Collar (Illustrated)                                                                        552
Poverty a Blessing                                                                                              47
Prayer                                                                                                              478
Pretty Things from Japan                                                                                   569
Princess Royal's Scarf (Illustrated) [knitted]                                                     264
Public Dinner to Louis A. Godey                                                                       271
Rag Fair in London                                                                                           401
Receipts, &c.                                                          
Sick-Room and Nursery—Cure for Corns, Another Remedy
                for Corns, Coffee a Disinfectant, A Good Restorative, Valuable
                Stomachic Tincture, To Make Barley-Water Properly, Elder-Flower
                Ointment; How to Cook Potatoes—To Boil Potatoes, To Boil
                New Potatoes, Potatoes a la Maitre d'Hotel, Roasted Potatoes,
                Broiled Potatoes, Fried Potatoes, Potatoes a la Creme, Potato
                Rissoles, Potato Souffle, Potato Ragout, A Puree or Soup of
                Potatoes, To Mash Potatoes, Potato Balls; Blancmanges—
                Blancmange, Rice Blancmange, Blancmange en Surprise, Blancmange
                with Preserved Orange, Blancmange (Hot), Blancmange, Dutch;
                Mrs. Jones's Little Tea Parties—Nice Plum Cake, Gingerbread
                Snaps, Drop Cakes, A Very Excellent and Cheap Cake, "Jersey
                Wonders;" Short but Useful Hints for Ladies, To Keep Silk,
                Cod-Liver Oil, To Keep Fish Fresh, Washing Dresses of Printed
                Muslins, Cement, To Take Stains out of Ivory, Velvet                           75
How to Cook Potatoes—Potatoes Fried With Fish, Potatoes Mashed
                with Onions, Potato Cheese Cakes, Potato Colcanon, Potatoes
                Roasted Under Meat, Potato Balls Ragout, Potato Snow, Potatoes
                Fried Whole, Potatoes Escalloped, Potato Scones, Potato Pie,
                Potatoes in Haste; How to Prepare Arrowroot—For Boiling
                Arrowroot for Children, For Sick Persons, Arrowroot Pudding,
Arrowroot Blancmange, Arrowroot Biscuits, Plain Arrowroot Biscuits,
                Arrowroot Cakes for Breakfast; Sick-Room and Nursery—Croup,
                The Earwig a Popular Error, Dr. Carmichael Smythe's Plan for
                Fumigating Rooms, Ships, and Hospitals; The Young Lady's Toilet—
Remedy for Bad Breath, When the Breath is Affected, Aperient and
                Tonic Draught for Fetid Breath, To Sweeten the Breath, Cold Cream,
                Granulated Cold Cream, White Camphorated Ointment, Cosmetic
Powder; How to Know Good Flour, To Prevent Milk From Turning
                Sour in Warm Weather, How to Keep Butter Sweet for Years;
                French Bread; Rancid Butter; A Cement; How to Preserve Beans
                for Winter; To Take Paint from a Dress; Muffins; Yeast                       173
Domestic Manupulation:  Bottles, Decanters, &c.—Cleaning, Drying,
                Tying Down (Illustrated); A Few Chapters on the Art of Good and
                Cheap Cookery:  Introductory Remarks; Sick-Room and Nursery: 
                Ointments—Simple Ointment, Resing Ointment, or Yellow Basilicon,
Calomine Ointment, or Turner's Cerate; Development of the Lungs;
                The Toilet:  Cosmetics for the Skin; To Make Crisp Paste for Tarts,
                Half-Pay Pudding, Short-Bread, Belvidere Cakes, for Breakfast or
                Tea, Cocoa, Arrowroot Pudding, French Receipt for Boiling a Ham    267
Domestic Manipulations—Stoppering, Unstoppering; A Few Chapters
                on the Art of Good and Cheap Cookery—fish, milk, butter, beans
                and peas, oatmeal, barley, garden vegetables, tea, coffee, and cocoa,
                sugar, condiments; Sick-Room and Nursery—Domestic Surgery,
                Dressings, Lint, Scraped Lint, Carded Cotton; The Toilet—Receipt
for Purifying and Whitening the Skin, To Promote the Growth of Hair;
                Rendering Teeth Insensible to Pain, Cement for China, Plants in
                Rooms, A Galette, To Keep Cheese, Cleaning Shells                        365
Domestic Manipulation—Knots, Packages, Parcels, etc.; How to Cook
                Mutton—Haunch of Mutton, Saddle of Mutton, Leg of Mutton Roasted,
                Roasted Leg of Mutton (Another Receipt), Roast Leg of Mutton Boned
                and Stuffed, Leg of Mutton Boiled, Leg of Mutton Braised, To Send a
                Leg of Mutton Neatly to Table Which Has Been Cut for a Previous
                Meal; Sick-Room and Nursery—Domestic Surgery—Tow, Ointments,
                Adhesive Plaster, Compresses, Pads, Poultices, Bandages; The Toilet—
Maceration [to make Perfume], Absorption, or Enfleurage; To Make
                Papier Mache, Crystallizing Flowers, Pimples, Boiled Chestnuts          461
Domestic Manipulation—Knots, Packages, Parcels, etc., (cont'd); How to
                Cook Mutton—Shoulder of Mutton, Loin of Mutton Stewed, Breast of
                Mutton, Breast of Mutton Crumbed or Gratin, Neck of Mutton, Steaks
            From a Loin of Mutton, Mutton Steaks, Mutton Chops Broiled, Mutton
                Chops Fried, Chops as Beefsteaks, Mutton Cutlets, Mutton Cutlets—
                Another Way, Cutlets Saute, Cutlets in Butter; Sick-Room and Nursery—
                Domestic Surgery, Bandages, To Confine the Ends of Bandages; The
                Toilet—Sources of Perfumes, Allspice; To Make Glossy Shirt Bosoms,
                Cheap and Excellent Candles, Hints About Candles, To Polish
                Tortoise-Shell Combs, Improvement in Soap, Mending Glass and
                China                                                                                               553
Reminiscences of Bonnets, by Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated)  
         1830s                                                                                                   227
            More 1830s                                                                                         332
            Still More 1830s                                                                                   416
Rosa Bell, by H. L. Spencer [poem]                                                                 157
Ruffling for Skirts (Illustrated)                                                                          550
Sabbath Evening Thoughts, by Clarence Carleton [poem]                                540
Sac Florinthe (Illustrated)                                                                                169
Saturday Night                                                                                                 570
Scallop for Chemise Bands and Sleeves (Illustrated)                                        261
Scallop for Infant's Skirts (Illustrated)                                                                97
Scotch Law—An Important Case [marriage to deceased wife's sister]               560
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                          170, 197, 198, 388, 455, 548
Slippers:  A Wife's Stratagem, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                    136
Song [on the Lady's Book, sung at a dinner in Louis Godey's honor]                  279
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander    
         Ariadne                                                                                                  37
            Harp of Memnon                                                                                  240
            Eden                                                                                                    333
            Religion                                                                                                448
            Iphigenia                                                                                               538
Sorrow, by A. E. Porter [poem]                                                                      446
Spring Voices, by Jenny Marsh [poem]                                                            537
Stanzas [poem]                                                                                                 446
Sydney Smith on the Education of Women                                                        312
Slippers.  A Wife's Stratagem, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                   136
Table-cover, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                549
Table-cover made of Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                     71
The Americans as Linguists                                                                               372
The Angry Word, by M. A. R. [poem]                                                                61
The Angel of Annunciation, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                        241
The Art of Making Wax Fruit and Flowers                   
         Waxen Fruit Moulds                                                                               20
            Lemons, Citrons, Limes, Melons, Capsicums; Plums, Apples, Pears,
                Cherries, Closed Peas, Nectarines, Strawberries, Gooseberries,
                Green Figs; Peaches, Apricots, Filberts, Almonds; Moulds for Half
                Fruit; Moulds of Many Parts—Pomegranate and Medlar                   134
            Mould of a Cucumber and an Egg, Mould of a Mulberry, Raspberry,
                &c., Pine-Apple, Sections of Fruit, Mould of Small Fruit, Grapes,
                Currants &c., Other Objects                                                             231
            Casting the Fruit, Casting an Orange, Casting Other Fruit, Stalks, Solid
                Fruit, Finishing the Fruit, To Prepare Fruit Previous to Coloring          325
            Coloring Sections of Fruit, Putting on a Rosy Tint, Putting on Streaks,
                Specks, and Irregular Patches, To Put a Downiness or Powdering
                Upon Fruit, Varnishing a Fruit                                                            404
            Small Clustered Fruits Not Made by Casting Nor in Wax, General
                Observations on Casting Wax, Elastic Moulds, Wax—To Obtain
                and Prepare, Wax—To Whiten, To Clean a Brush, Wax—To
                Remove from a Dress                                                                        500
The Art of Sketching Flowers from Nature (Illustrated)    
            Drawing Materials, Of Freedom and Correctness of Drawing, Curved
                Lines                                                                                                  52
Of Gracefulness and Contrast of Outline                                                217
Leaves, Outlines from Nature                                                                422
The Centre-Table Commonplace Book                                                             286, 478, 570
The Christmas Eve Bridal, by Fanny Fales [poem]                                           159
The Consumptive's Wish, by Miss M. A. Rice [poem]                                       538
The Crib and the Cradle [use of]                                                                       478, 569
The Early Dead, by Linda Lee [poem]                                                              467
The Exile, by E. J. Dobell [poem]                                                                     538
The First Telescope, by G. R. W.                                                                      520
The Gray Moss Wreath, by Peyre Vidat [poem]                                              405
The Gypsy (Illustrated) [fiction]                                                                       502
The Hidden Path [book review]                                                                        141
The Husband's Song, by Charles Swain [poem]                                               189
The Inkstand--A Fable [fiction]                                                                           31
The Island in the South, by Paul H. Hayne [poem]                                           158
The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                                     83, 179, 372, 468, 558
The Life Boat, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                              62
The Loved Ones afar, by F. B. Plimpton [poem]                                              159
The Madras Hawker (Illustrated)                                                                    521
The Mendicant.  A Story of Brittany.  Translated from the French,
            by Anne T. Wilbur [fiction]                                                                   424
The Minstrel's Curse, by Charles L. Mansfield [poem]                                     349
The Moment of Trial, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                  228
The Night before the Wedding, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                       131
The Non-Existence of Woman [property rights of wives in England]                    79
The Old and the New Civilization [China]                                                          370
The Poor in the City [why they are more in the city than the country]                  178
The Prisoner [poem]                                                                                         251
"The Scene is in the Seer's Eye" [poem]                                                            352
The Requisites for Eloquence                                                                            179
The Sacrifice [poem]                                                                                        468
The Starry Lesson, by Amy L_____ [poem]                                                     445
The Stranger, by Clara Moreton [poem]                                                          540
The Tapestry Carpet; or, Mr. Pinkney's Shopping, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]       15
The Teeth        
         Lesson First—Tooth Decay                                                                  382
            Lesson Two—Proper Mouthwashes, Toothbrush                                  477
The Toilet in Old Times                                                                                     220
The True Idea of Female Education [The Mother, Women at Home, Women in
            Society, Women as Writers and Teachers]                                            370
The Two Locks [poem]                                                                                    160
The Two May-Days, by Mrs. Thomas P. Smith [fiction]                                  510
The Water-Lily                                                                                                 382
The Widow Bedott                                                                                           188
The Young Lady's Toilet [poem] [self-knowledge, contentment &c.]                   78
The Zephyr's Song, by Linda Lee [poem]                                                         509
Thought, by S. J. Hale [poem]                                                                          560
Thought, by George Lewellyn Miner [poem]                                                   539
Thoughts of Home, by J. C. Gardiner [poem]                                                  133
Thoughts at Sunset, by Levi West [poem]                                                         446
Tidy and Border, in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                         547
Tidy Darned in Colors (Illustrated)                                                                  544
To A. C., by M. L. Sheldon [poem]                                                                 445
To a Transplanted Wood Flower, by G. W. Bungay [poem]                             320
To Correspondents                                                                  
         Choice of piano for school-room; fireplace grates; ladies fishing; dry
                walks in gardens; paying calls at a fashionable city hotel; entertaining
                with ease; good penmanship                                                               92
Ladies who attended Crystal Palace Festival, saving curtains from sun
                damage; jacket same as basque; amount of jewelry to be worn;
                school-girls' allowances                                                                    190
Reviving frosted houseplants; washing/cleaning the hair                          287
Yardage for a shirt; slippers; printed jaconets; chantilly lace suitable
                mantle; Eaton Book Club                                                                  383
Fashionable colors for gloves (French names); rhubarb jam; mantles
                for July and August; absorbing odor of new paint; killing red ants;
                book suggestions                                                                              479
Critique of modern poetry by women; book suggestions on proverbs;
                potting vs. collaring meat; a voluntary vs. an interlude; tableaux
                vivants introduced in Berlin in 1826; bird's eye linen favorite fabric
                for children's high aprons                                                                   571
To Francesca, by R. N. [poem]                                                                         448
To Miss Adelaide F. Terry, by Edgar Gordon [poem]                                       62
To my Sister Emily, by Ada L_____ [poem]                                                     538
Transient Thoughts, by Mrs. Susan H. Waddell                                                  59
Travelling Basket in the Form of a Gourd, (Illustrated)                                         5, 67
Trials of an English Housekeeper [fiction]
            No. IV.  Norah Connor                                                                          49
            No.V.  Norah Connor's Dismissal                                                         346
            No. VI.  My Pretty Maid                                                                      527
Two Views of Fancy Work                                                                              189, 285
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                191, 543
Unique Style of Bell Rope (Illustrated)                                                               71
Vase for Flowers (Illustrated)                                                                          262
Vine Leaf Pattern for Braiding (Illustrated)                                                         64
Visions of Other Lands, by Amy L_____ [poem]                                                61
Walking Dress for Little Girls (Illustrated)                                                        449
Watch and Handkerchief Case (Illustrated)                                                     260
Webster Fancy Basket (Illustrated)                                                                     1, 67
What is Needed in America [education of women as teachers]                            82
What the Pedagogue said to his Brother, by George Lewellyn Miner [poem]   350
"When We Are Dead," by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                              350
Why the Romans went to Bed Early                                                                  421
Will you go, Love, a-Maying? by H. Clay Preuss [poem]                                 429
Winter Nights, by T. Hempstead [poem]                                                            60
Wives, a Help, or a Hindrance, to Success in Life                                                92
Woman's Heart [poem]                                                                                    185
Women and Novels                                                                                          559
Words, by An English Lady                                                                            129
Writing for an Album, by Mrs. C. W. Denison                                                    55
Young Lady's Headdress (Illustrated) [crochet]                                               259