Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine
Volume 51, July-December, 1855

Acorn Pattern for Boy's Blouse (Illustrated)                                                     268
A Day at an Arsenal (Illustrated)                                                                       32  
A French Woman at Home                                                                               373  
A Golden Law                                                                                                  142  
A Lament [poem]                                                                                             566  
A Letter to a Servant [on the nature of duty]                                                      147  
Alleen's Grave, by Julia Avery  [poem]                                                            159  
Algerine Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                                          362  
A New Holiday [anniversary of adoption of Constitution]                                    84  
Animal and Vegetable Physiology, by Harland Coultas (Illustrated)    341, 412, 527  
Anna; or, Cottage Devotion, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]       205  
Annie Reid, by Ada Grey [fiction]                                                                     496  
Anecdotes of the Elephant                                                                                300  
A Reply, by May Humboldt [poem]                                                                 158  
A Retrospect, by Ebenezer Allen [poem]                                                         510  
A Roman Lady's Toilet                                                                                       54  
A Royal Household Roll [1292-1293]                                                              232  
A School of Life                                                                                               381  
Aspiration                                                                                                         570  
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside, by Edith Woodley [fiction]                                             51  
Autumn Days, by Lottie Linwood [poem]                                                        350  
Avarice [poem]                                                                                                373  
A Word to Teachers                                                                                          83  
Baby Shows                                                                                                     570  
Band for Chemise (Illustrated)                                                                         362, 450  
Be Still, Proud Heart, by William Phillips [poem]                                             258  
Bed Furniture                                                                                                   189  
Bed Linen                                                                                                         285  
Better Than Gold, by Mrs. Mary A. Denison [fiction]                                       233  
Blind Minnie, by Calla Elm [fiction]                                                                  210, 301  
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                                        355, 451  
Book-Markers (Illustrated) [Forsake me not Lord, God is our Refuge]            459  
Border for Side of Braided Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                     551  
Braided Borders for a Handkerchief, Basque Waist Apron, or Child's
            (Illustrated)                                                                                         385  

Braiding Pattern for Summer Blouse (Illustrated)                                                 7  
Braiding Pattern (Illustrated)                                                                            357  
Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                                         360, 452  
Butterfly Watch-Hook (Illustrated)                                                                  394, 455  
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          163, 255, 452  
Caps (Illustrated)                                                                        67, 163, 165, 260, 296, 451, 544  
Carrie Lee, by J. S. Freligh [poem]                                                                  351  
Centre-Table Gossip                                                                 

            The Linen Closet No. 1; Household Songs; Obstinate Children;
                to Have Good Servants                                                                      94 
Bed Furniture [mattresses, pillows]                                                        189  

            Bed Linen; Letter from Brownsville, TX; Clippings of Fashion
                [gold embroideries, riding habits, silk]                                                285 
Sundries—Marseilles quilts, white counterpanes, white English quilts, 
                dimity spreads, furniture chintz covers, patch
work quilts, comforters, 
                blankets; Adamissa, cat clocks, morning visits from gentlemen, mosaic
                jewelry passe, not anti-novel, keeping ants out of plants, a cement  
                which is colorless and transparent, value of cameos                           381 

Clippings of Fashion Items—French riding habits, mourning-dress, 
                coral jewelry, silk boots and slippers, reason for cost of  real 
                Brussels lace, carving poultry, definition of  "aesthetic," home peace   477 
"The Night Watch" by Mrs. Bradley [poem]; Aspiration by Mrs. 

; necklaces; baby shows; advice to a schoolgirl; sealing 
                sweetmeat jars; origin of cork                                                            569  
Child's Bib (Illustrated)                                                                                    172  
Child's Frock Body in Braiding (Illustrated)                                                     393, 455  
Charades in Action (Illustrated)                                                                        

            Co-Ward                                                                                             124  
            Birth-Day                                                                                             328  

Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  163, 259  
Christmas and its Customs, by Caroline A. White [mostly English]                    517  
Le Bijou, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                       100 
"Le Caprice," from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                484 
Mantle (Illustrated)                                                                              161 
The Alma, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                     391 
The Arctic, and the Alice Maud (Illustrated)                                        487, 572 
The Campan and the Felix (Illustrated)                                                389 
The Estramadura, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                          390 
The Flora, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                         5 
The Mary Stuart, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                           485 
            The Montebello, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                               4 
The Rosaline, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                199 
The Raglan, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                   293 
The Victoria and the Gitana (Illustrated)                                               388  
Clippings of Fashion Gossip                                                                              386  
Collars (Illustrated)                                 6, 67, 73, 196, 197, 263, 264, 294, 356, 392, 454, 544  
Contentment, by Blanche Bennairde    [poem]                                                   61  
Contributions to Fancy Fairs (Illustrated) [cotton-box in glass-work,  

            bookmarker, pen-wiper, pin cushion]                                                    167  

Coraco Eugenie (Illustrated)                                                                              65  
Corners for Pocket-Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)          260, 265, 268, 360, 460, 542, 549,
550, 556  
Cottage in the Italian Style (Illustrated)                                                             490, 552  
Couvrett for Prie-Dieu Chair (Illustrated) [netting]                                            263  
Cover for a Shaving-Book (Illustrated),                                                           200, 264  
Crochet Mat (Illustrated)                                                                                 171  
Crochet Gauntlet Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                   455  
Crochet Pattern for a Purse (Illustrated)                                                           454  
Crochet Lace and Inserting for Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                 268  
Cromwell's Last Interview with His Favorite Daughter (Illustrated)                   312  
Curiosities, by Ina [poem]                                                                                448  
Curiosities of the Vegetable Kingdom, by Harland Coultas (Illustrated)            12  

            Mimosa                                                                                                137  
            Moving Plant of British India                                                                 224  

Dates, by Martin Doyle [as in time]                                                                  111  
Description of Dresses Worn at the Late Presentation to the Queen of England  186  
Directions for Aiding Persons to Escape from Premises on Fire                          187  
D'Oyley in Square Crochet (Illustrated)                                                           170  
Doctor Clarke--A Sketch from Life, by Mrs. S. C. Hall, of London
            American doctor]                                                                                 242  

Doll Baby's Collar (Illustrated)                                                                        263  
Economical Furnishing (Illustrated) [homemade wardrobe with plans]               537  
Editors' Table                                                                           81, 177, 273, 369, 465, 557  
Eleanora, Daughter of Edward II                                                                       128  
Ella's Confession, by Kate Harrington [poem]                                                 335  
Ellen Goodwin; or, a Sense of Duty, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated)  

          [fiction]                                                                                                535  
Ellen Moore of Violet Valley, by C. E. C. [poem]                                             447  
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)            7, 68, 76, 101, 102, 103, 168, 198, 265, 267,  
                                        268, 354, 362, 364, 385, 394, 450, 458, 459, 544, 548, 550, 554  
Embroidered Toilet Cushion in Buttonhole and Satin-Stitch (Illustrated)            292  
Embroidered Collar Pattern (Illustrated)                                                              6, 294  
Embroideries for an Infant's Christening Dress (Illustrated)                               102  
Embroidery for a Child's Basque (Illustrated)                                                   102  
Embroidery for the Skirt of a Basque (Illustrated)                                            385  
Enigmas                                                                                    64, 160, 258, 352, 448, 540  
Eugenie Bracelets (Illustrated)                                                                         264  
Excerpts                                                                                                             82  
Fall Fashions for Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                              296  
Fame                                                                                                                411  
Fashion Plates, for Decorating Parlor Windows (Illustrated)                 289, 361, 481  

            Children's Clothing; Tissue Shawls; Guipure Mantles;
Bonnets                 95  
            Walking Dress; Half-Mourning Dress; Mourning [step-mother, 
            walking-dress, evening-dress, step-daughter]; pineapple tissues; 
                ribbons; skirts; underskirts; hoops; flounces; sleeves; undersleeves; 
                fichu, bretelle or berthe; parasols                                                       191  
            Dinner dress; child's dress; pink cashmere dress; baby's dress; fall straw 
                bonnets; dress trimmings; source of fashion                                        287  
            Walking Dress; Evening-Dress; Juvenile Fashions; Department Stores; 
                handkerchiefs; new styles of bodies, collars, petticoats; bonnets; thick 
                taffeta dresses; bretelles; dresses                                                       382  
            Carriage Dress; Dress and Cloak; New Cloaks and Mantles; fabrics for 
                Walking-Dresses; Bell-Shaped Sleeves; Undersleeves, black velvet 
                ribbon trimming, descriptions of dresses                                             479  
            Home dress; child's dress; new mantles; shawls; winter bonnets; straw 
                blonde bonnets; brown dresses; walking dresses                               571  

Fashions for Furs (Illustrated) [Victorine, muff, cuffs]                                       486  
Fashionable Novelties in Work and Dress (Illustrated) [white basquine,
                and chenille basquine, headdresses, kid shoes, shoe rosettes]            358  

Females—Is the Term Proper to Designate Women?                                        468  
Fish-Cloth (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                       69  
Florence Emerson; or, the Young Widow, by Virginia de Forrest 
[fiction]                                                                             109  
Flouncing for Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                   103, 266, 457, 547, 548  
Flouncing for a Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                                   292, 545  
Flouncing for an Infant's Skirt (Illustrated)                                                        364  
Flouncing for a Marseilles Basque (Illustrated)                                                 460  
For My Daughter's Album [poem]                                                                      13  
Franklin Female College, Holly Springs, Miss.                                                   559  
French Work-Basket (Illustrated)                                                                    164  
From Home Again [poem]                                                                                256  
Godey's Arm-Chair                                                        
Ice Cream Freezer; Places of Public Amusement in Philadelphia; Drop 
             Spindles in Egypt; How to Build a Happy Home; How to Propose; 
                German homes; Tracing an Embroidery Pattern onto Cloth; Gowns 
                of the Queen of England and the Empress of France                            88 
Self-Sealing Cans; Some Advice to Ladies Purchasing Carpet; 
Independence Hall; The Schuylkill Boats; A New Anaesthetic—Ice 
                and Salt; New Music; Gathering Flowers for Perfume; Prices of 
                Arthur's Self-Sealing Cans and Jars; To Preserve a Bouquet; Getting 
                Into Society; Floating in Water; How the Rose Became Red; To 
                Take White Spots Out of Furniture                                                  182 
Recipe for Soap; City Nuisances—Smoking Cigars in the Street 
(Illustrated); List of New Music; Recipe for Keeping Hair from 
                Falling Out; Lace at the Paris Exhibition; Russian Salve; Touching 
                Hat and Bowing on the Street                                                          281 
City Annoyances No. 2—The Omnibus Nuisance (Illustrated);  
                List of New Music; the Genoa Crucifix; Poems by Augustus 
                Duganne; A Wife that Will Help You; Washing Boys' Mouths Out 
                with Soap; A Bride's Dress; Rachel Dress; Rachel Cloak; Arthur's 
                Patent Self-Sealing Cans; Cure for Rattlesnake Bite; Ladies' Trains; 
                Reverence Old Age; A Reception for a Bride at the Tuilleries;  
                Epigrams; Duties of an Editor; Dresses Worn at the Late Reception 
                by the Queen of England; Tomato Preserves; To Preserve Fruits 
                Without Sugar or Vinegar                                                                  375 
Keeping Baby Quiet with Molasses and Feathers; Recipe for Hair 
             Dye; Warning to Bachelors; note from Weston, KS; Swedish 
                Rooms; The Ladies of the Press; Pronouncing "Anne"; Leaving
                Cards                                                                                               471 
Another Advantage of the Daguerreotype; List of New Music; Cure 
                for Hydrophobia                                                                               564  
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)          
Lesson XIX. Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                        25  
            Lesson XX.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                      218  
            Lesson XXI.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                     417  

Godey's Lady's Book [poem]                                                                             90  
Godey's Latest Paris Fashions for Crochet Purses (Illustrated)                        
Good Northern Schools                                                                                    478  
Grover, Baker & Co.'s Sewing-Machines (Illustrated)                                     185  
Guipure Design for Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                  547  
Half of a Braided Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                   551  
Handkerchief Border (Illustrated)                                                                    7, 357, 459  
Hanging Flower-Vase (Illustrated)                                                                   267  
Harper Establishment and Female Employment                                                  467  
Hattie, by Eve Abrams                                                                                     317  
Health and Happiness, by Virginia de Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                 399  
Hints about Marriage                                                                                        179  
Hints for the Ladies  
            Natural "cosmetics"                                                                              108 

Colors according to complexions                                                          217  
Holly Watch-Hook (Illustrated)                                                                      104, 164  
Home Sketches.  My Early Friend; or, Personal Vanity, by Mary  

[fiction]                                                                                    346  
Home Song [poem]                                                                                            94  
Honiton Crochet Collar (Illustrated)                                                                  73  
Honiton Edge (Illustrated)                                                                               458  
How the Empress Eugenie Wears Her Bonnet                                                   185  
How to Treat the Hair                                                                                      419  
Household Songs                                                                                               94  
I Am Far From Thee, by Cortez [poem]                                                            63  
I Went to Gather Flowers, by Mrs. S. M. Combes [poem]                                257  
Ice-Houses                                                                                                       138  
Impromptu [poem]                                                                                           255  
Infant's Cap (Illustrated)                                                                                  290  
Infant's Crochet Cap (Illustrated)                                                                     165  
Infant's Frock in Knitting (Illustrated)                                                                 71  
Invocation, by Edgar Gordon  [poem]                                                             160  
Initial Letters and Names (Illustrated)                          66, 166, 196, 359, 393, 460  
Irish Blunders, by Kate Harrington [fiction]                                                     247  
I'se Got No Mammy Now, by Mrs. M. A. Denison [fiction]                              134  
Isle of Wight                                                                                                     382  
Jeanie Douglass, by Epsey Jones [fiction]                                                          249  
Knitted Basket (Illustrated)                                                                               73  
Knitted Mitten and Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                          169  
Lace and Lace-Making (Illustrated)                                                                 330  
Lady's Dress with Diagrams (Illustrated)                                                          449  
Last Hours of a Single Gentleman                                                                       53  
Leon, by Beata [poem]                                                                                    159  
Life of Isabella I, Queen of Spain, by Pauline Forsyth  17, 113, 227, 313, 408, 506  
Life is a Beautiful Night [poem]                                                                         352  
Lines inscribed to Mrs. J. Russel, on the Death of an only Son, by
Mrs. S. M. 
[poem]                                                                                   255  
Lines on a Silken Hat [poem]                                                                            257  
Lines on the Death of my Wife, Mrs. Adeline J. Williams, by Avery W.  

[poem]                                                                                  540  
Lines to an Absent One, by N. W. Bridge [poem]                                             446  
Lines Written by Don Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil [poem]                                 351  
Literary Ladies [Amelia Opie, Caroline Southey, Mrs. Sarah Coleridge,  
Mary Russell Mitford, Miss Ferrier, Charlotte Bronte                            273  
Literary Notices                                                                         

            Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana in the Year 1852; The  

                Brother's and Sister's Offering; An American Among the Orientals; 
                Howard Grey:  A Story for Boys; Robert Graham: a Novel; Homes 
                for the People in Suburb and Country; The English Woman in Russia; 
                Tricolored Sketches in Paris During the Years 1851-2-3; Foster's 
                First Principles of Chemistry; The Country Neighborhood; The 
                Patent Hat; Surgical Reports and Miscellaneous Papers on Medical  
                Subjects; Ellen Norbury, or, The Adventures of an Orphan; Dickens's 
                New Stories; The Chemistry of Common Life; History of Turkey; 
                Kenneth, or, The Rear Guard of the Grand Army; My Brother's 
                Keeper; The Life of Sam Houston; The Practical Fruit and 
                Vegetable Gardener's Companion; Temptation, or, the Unknown 
                Heiress; The Ins and Outs of Paris; Ironthorpe, the Pioneer Preacher; 
             The O'Dogherty Papers; The Teacher's Last Lesson; Chateau 
                Lescure; Adelaide Waldegrave, or, Trials of a Governess; The 
                Exhibition Speaker                                                                              84  
            A Manual of Ancient History; Leaves from a Family Journal; The Lives 
                and Times of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United 
                States; Percival Harford; The Missing Bride, or, Miriam the Avenger; 
                Sister Rose; The Pickwick Papers; A Commonplace Book of 
                Thoughts, Memories, and Fancies; The Two Guardians; The 
                Presbyterian Quarterly Review; Le Cure Manque; A Journey Through  
                the Chinese Empire; History for Boys; Literary and Historical 
                Miscellanies; Star Papers, or Experiences of Art and Nature; The 
                Southern Quarterly Review; Bell Smith Abroad; The Wonderful 
                Adventures of Captain Priest; Peeps From a Belfrey; Joy and Care:  
A  Friendly Book for Young Mothers; Blanche Dearwood:  A Tale 
                of Modern Life; Woodsworth's American Miscellany of Entertaining 
                Knowledge; The Wonderful and Amusing Doings, by Sea and Land, 
                of Oscar Shanghai; Legends and Stories of Ireland; Harper's Story  
                Book; The Controversy Between Senator Brooks and Archbishop 
                Hughes; Astronography, or Astronomical Geography; My Mother, 
                or Recollections of Maternal Influence; Peg Woffington:  A Novel; 
                Christie Johnstone                                                                              179 
The History of Napoleon Bonaparte; Speeches and Addresses by 
Henry W. Hilliard; Mountains and Mole-Hills; Letters to the Right 
                Rev. John Hughes; Constance Herbert:  A Novel; Felicita: 
                Metrical Romance; Cornell's Intermediate Geography; The Island 
                Empire; The Arabian Nights' Entertainments; Lights and Shadows of 
                English Life; The Old Farm House; My Confession:  The Story of a 
                Woman's Life and Other Tales; Female Life Among the Mormons; 
the Right or the Left?; The Brief Remarker on the Ways of 
Man; The Winkles, or the Merry Monomaniacs; The Watchman; 
                Cone Cut Corners:  The Experiences of a  Conservative Family in 
                Fanatical Times; Ellie, or the Human Comedy                                       278 
The Six Days of Creation; Land, Labor, and Gold; The Note-Book  
an English Opium-Eater; Ariel and Other Poems; Tight Times, or The 
                Diamond Cross and Other Tales; Art-Hints: Architecture, Sculpture, 
                and Painting; Waikna, or Adventures on the Mosquito Shore; Cleve 
                Hall; A Visit to the Camp Before Sevastopol; Thesaurus of English 
                Words and Phrases; The Heiress of Haughton; Light and Darkness, or 
The Shadow of Fate                                                                            374 
The Poetry and Mystery of Dreams; The American Journal of Insanity; 
                Evenings with the Prophets; Mitchell's New Traveller's Guide Through 
                the United States and Canada; Iowa As It Is in 1855; Martin 
                Chuzzlewit; Trial and Triumph; Seven Travellers; The Schoolboy; A 
                Voice to America; Habits and Men; History of the Council of Trent; 
                A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith; Panama in 1855; Japan as 
It Was and Is; The Rabbit Fancier; Alie, or, The Old West Room; The 
                Confessions of a Pretty Woman; The Jealous Wife; Harper's Picture-
                Books for the Nursery                                                                       469 
Bits of Blarney; The Exhibition Speaker; Barnaby Rudge; Calderon the 
                Courtier; The Deserted Wife; The Old Homestead; Stray Leaves 
                from the Book of Nature; A Visit to India, China, and Japan in the 
                Year 1853; The Araucanians; Memoir of S. S. Prentiss; America; My 
                Father's House; The Rag-Picker; Isora's Child; A Basket of Chips; 
                The Adventures of Hajji Baba in Turkey, Persia, and Russia; Harper's 
                Classical Library; The Newcomes; The Elder Sister; Ethel, or The 
                Double Error; The Life of the Right Honorable John Philpot Curran; 
                Guy Rivers; Richard Hurdis; Little Nell; Woman's Record; Three 
                Hours' School a Day; Olie, or The Old West Room; How to Nurse 
                Sick Children; Berries and Blossoms; The Diadem; The Souvenir 
                Gallery; Gems of Beauty; The Rosary of Illustrations of the Bible; 
The Amaranth; The Garland, or Token of Friendship; The Lady's Gift, 
                or Souvenir of Friendship                                                                 560  
Little Ones, by Jenny Marsh [poem]                                                                256  
Live and Learn (Illustrated) [setting tea-things, two loops to your towels,  

            wet and dry]                                                                                          47  

Living in Vain, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                       14  
Mamma's Work-Basket (Illustrated)                                                               362  
Manufacture of Needles (Illustrated)                                                                491  
Masculine Independence                                                                                   156  
Memories, by H. D. L. W. [Leaf First—Childhood]                                          154  
Menagere, in Embroidered Netting (Illustrated)                                                361  
Minoona, by H. Coggins [poem]                                                                      204  
Miriam Jenkinson, by J. B. Heyer [fiction]                                                         150  
Model Cottages (Illustrated) [includes grounds on some]                     240, 363, 490, 552  
Monthly Report of the Mount Vernon Association of the Union                         371  
Morning Collar (Illustrated)                                                                             196, 263  
Morning Wrapper (Illustrated)                                                                         353  
Mothers of Genius, by W. S. Gaffney                                                               245  
Motes and Beams, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                     129  
Mousquetaire Cuff, in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                 360  
Mrs. Mortimer's New Velvet Cloak, by Mrs. B. F. E. [fiction]                            35  
Mrs. Tibb's Trials, by Mary Oakly [fiction]                                                         39  
Mrs. Daffodil at a Fancy Ball, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                          139  
"As If You Didn't Know"                                                                      194  

            "Evening Star Polka"                                                                             482  
            "'Mid the New-Mown Hay"                                                                  386  
            "Shells of Ocean"                                                                                      2  
            "The Youth by the Brook"                                                                       98  

My Baby, by Patience Perkins [and Women's Rights]                                     404  
My Child-Name, by Jenny Marsh [poem]                                                        505  
My Dream Angel, by Jenny Marsh [poem]                                                       446  
My First Born, by L. B. Day [poem]                                                                 257  
My Mother, by H. L. [poem]                                                                            112  
My Mother, by Di Vernon [poem]                                                                   352  
My Story, by An Old Maid [fiction]                                                                  512  
Mystic Hall [school for young ladies]                                                                 559  
Names for Embroidery 
Julia                                                                                                        66 
Jeanne                                                                                                  393  
Necklaces                                                                                                        570  
Neck-Tie (Illustrated) [crochet]                                                                       265  
Net Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                         70  
Netting—Child's Winter Collar (Illustrated)                                                     392, 454  
New England Female Medical College                                                              372  
New Patterns for Slippers                                                                                     8  
New-Year's Day at the Tuileries, from the French of Sir Paul Robert, by  

         Mrs. A. F. Law
Niagara [poem]                                                                                                255  
Notes from Dreamland [poem]                                                                         220  
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                                         

            Headdress for dinner, collars, undersleeves, morning sacque                    67  
            Cassaques, ribbon berthe, chemisette, night caps, ball headdress           162  
            Basque, chemisette, invalid's cap, undersleeves, morning caps                259  
            Bonnets, fichu, undersleeve, collar, morning frill, overdress for boy 
                age 6-8                                                                                            355  
            Bonnets, dress cap, bertha and basquine, fichu                                      451  
            Morning-dress, casaque, dress-caps, collar with lappets                        543  

Now and Then [fiction]                                                                                     420, 529  
Obstinate Children                                                                                              95  
Oh, Angel Eyes are Watching, by E. M. Storrs [poem]                                     448  
One Hundred Years From Now, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                447  
Ornamental Trees--the Modern Upas [Alianthus—Tree of Heaven]                   287  
Ottoman Cushion in Applique (Illustrated)                                                       262  
Opinion of Mr. Stowe, of Glasgow [on education of girls]                                   83  
Our Practical Dress Instructor 
Coraco Eugenie (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                           65 
Mantle (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                       161 
Morning Wrapper (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                      353 
Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                         449 
Young Gentleman's Cloak (Illustrated) [with diagram]                          541  
Parisian Work-Basket (Illustrated)                                                                  545  
Parlor Amusements                                                                    

            Fairy Landscape, Magic Dye, Transmutation or Change of
Colors, To 
                Change Blue to Green, To Change Red into Various Colors, Two 
                Bitters Make a Sweet, Solids Make Liquids                                       80 
Liquids Make Solids, Metalic Dissolvents—Gold, Silver, Copper, 
Iron, Changing Vegetable Colors, Tests for Acids and Alkalies, 
                Magic Transmutations, Curious Change of Calico, Red from a Metal, 
                Black from White, Two Amalgams by Mixture Become Fluid, The 
                Alchymist's Liquid, Treble Transmutation                                          176 
Violet Colored Metal, Glass the Color of Hyacinth, Splendid 
Experiment; Light Changing White Into Black; Wine Changed into 
                Water; Changing Bottle; Mineral Chameleon                                    272 
Black from Transparency; The Magic Whirlpool; The Magic Shrub; 
                Visible and Invisible; Artificial Ice; Gilded Silk; To Paint Gold 
                Flowers on Silk; To Paint Silver Flowers on Silk; Phosphorescent
                Fish                                                                                                368 
Freezing Mixture, Gilding Ivory, Fusible Metal, Experiment with Gold 
                Leaf, To Inflate a Bladder Without Air, More than Full, The 
                Water-Proof Sieve, Experiment on Change of Temperature, 
                Chemical Anomaly, Phosphorescent Fish, Vitrification of Metals      464 
Attraction in a Glass of Water, Singular Effect of Tears, Magic 
Writing, Warmth of Colors, Floating Needles, Proof of Water in 
                the Air, Easy Method of Breaking Glass, Silvering Powder, To 
                Separate Two Liquors Which Have Been Mixed Together                556  
Part of a Collar (Illustrated)                                                                             197  
Party Hood, or Sortie de Bal (Illustrated) [knitted]                                           454  
Patapsco Female Institute                                                                                 559  
Patmos                                                                                                             477  
Pattern for a Doll Baby's Cap (Illustrated)                                                         75  
Pattern for a Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                        76  
Pattern for Bands and Sleeves of Chemise (Illustrated)                                     550  
Pattern for Muslin Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                 265  
Paying Tithes, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                            336  
Peculiarities of English Advertising                                                                       49  
Pennsylvania Female Medical College                                                               178  
Pendent Pincushion, in Application (Illustrated)                                                546  
Perfect Love                                                                                                     342  
Perfumes for the Ladies, and where they come from (Illustrated)                       

            Musk                                                                                                       9  
            Civet; Essential Oils from Plants                                                            105  
            Cologne Water                                                                                     201  

Plea for Love, by Willie Edgar Pabor [poem]                                                  159  
Pocketbook in Application (Illustration)                                                             74  
Poetical Trimmings for Ladies' Bonnets [poem]                                                  185  
Popular Education [for girls]                                                                                82  
Poisons from Flowers, by Rufus Waples [poem]                                               248  
Principles and Passions                                                                                     403  
Rachel and Her First Tragedy                                                                           465  
Receipts, &c.                                                                            

            Directions for Preserving Fruits—Blackberries, Blackberry
                Barberries, Pine-Apple Jelly, A New Preserve, To Preserve Seville 
                Oranges Whole, Oranges in Jelly, Orange Jelly, Candied Orange or 
                Lemon Peel, To Preserve Apples, To Preserve Pippins in Slices, 
                To Preserve Crabapples; Sick-Room and Nursery—Herb Tea, Rue  
                Tea, Chamomile Tea, Barley Water, Bran Tea, Linseed Tea, 
                Lemonade, Drink from Fresh Fruit, Raspberry Vinegar; Toilet—
                Elder Flower Pomatum, Dental Parasites, To Restore Hair, To 
                Make Scented Bags, Hair Brushes, Toothache, Invaluable Dentifrice, 
                Elder Flower Oil for the Hair; Coffee Stains, Mud Splashes &c.,  
                Tracing Paper, Cement for Glass or China, To Preserve Water-Color, 
                Chalk, and Other Drawings, Wood Stain, Grease Spots, A Hint for 
                Washing Day, To Wash Chintz, To Clean Gold and Silver Lace, To 
                Wash and Clean Gloves, Preparation of Sap-Green                             77 
Directions for Preserving Fruits—Plums, to Preserve Purple Plums, To 
                Preserve Plums Without the Skins, To Dry Plums, Green Gages, Jam 
                of Green Gages, To Candy Fruit, To Keep Damsons, To Preserve 
                Damsons a Second Way, To Preserve Cucumbers and Melons, 
                Baked Sweet Apples, Baked Sour Apples, Coddled Apples, Pears  
                Dried; Pickles, Tomatoes, etc.—Universal Sauce, Walnut Catsup, To 
                Pickle Lemons, To Green Cucumbers, Indian Pickle, Dressed 
                Cucumbers, Tomatoes en Salade, For Winter Use; Sick-Room and 
                Nursery—Imperial Drink, Soda Draught, Whey, Mustard Whey, 
                Cheese Whey, Cocoa, Spoon Meats; Miscellaneous—To Clean  
                Furniture, French Polish, Cement for Glass or China, To Clean 
                Feathers, Cement to Resist Fire and Water, Setting Calico, Grease for 
                the Iron Axles of Carriages, &c., To Clean Decanters, To Renovate 
                Black Silk, To Make Paper Fireproof, To Silver Ivory, To Clean 
                Carpets, To Dye White Silk Blue, Mastic Varnish for Pictures, To  
                Imitate Bronze, Cleaning Straw Matting, Cheap Mode of Filtering 
                Water, Blacking for Stoves, How to Light a Candle, How to Choose 
                a Coffee-Pot, To Wash Lace                                                          173 
Directions for Preserving Fruits—Ripening Fruits, To Preserve Pears, 
                To Stew Pears, To Bake Pears, Pears in Brandy, Pear Marmalade, 
                To Stew Dried Apples, To Preserve Fruit so as to Keep Well in a 
                Hot Climate; Sick-Room and Nursery—Gruel, Groat Gruel, Meal 
                Gruel, Rice Gruel, Arrowroot, Sago, Panada, Meat; Hints in Cases  
                of Poison; The Toilet—To Color Pomatum; Milk of Roses; To 
                Renovate Tortoise-Shell Combs; Freckles; Blackberry Wine; 
                Blackberry and Wine Cordial; To Restore Crape; Windsor Soap; 
                To Bring Up Canaries by Hand; Lacquering; How to Drill Holes in 
                China; Cleansing Window-Blinds; Dried Herbs; Corks; To Clean
                Leather                                                                                           269 
Daily Plan of Work for a Housemaid; Sick-room and Nursery— 
Bed Pudding for a Sick Person, Jellies—Plain Calf's-Foot Jelly,  
White Calf's-Foot Jelly, Gloucester Jelly, Isinglass Jelly, Hartshorn 
                Jelly, Poached Eggs; The Toilet—Cold Cream, The Hands, To 
                Whiten the Nails, Pomatums, Common Pomatum, Mouth Wash, 
                Gutta Percha for a Decayed Tooth, Lip Salve, Cheap and Invaluable 
                Dentifrice; An Excellent Hair Oil; Quince Marmalade; Quince or 
                Apple Jelly; Ginger (Imitated Preserved); Rolling Blinds; To Remove 
                Stains by Manganese; A Strong Paste from Paper; How to Get the 
                Real Flavor of Coffee; The Bite of Vipers; Blacking for Ladies'  
                Shoes; White Varnish; To Clean Kid Gloves Without Wetting; A 
                Hint as to Harness; Essences; To Clean Alabaster; To Make 
                Skeleton Leaves; Silks; To Remove Stains from the Hands; To Raise 
                the Pile of Velvet                                                                             365 
Hints for Home Comforts—Needles, Flannel Petticoats, Fastening 
                Boxes, Sewing by Candlelight, Servants, Black Crape, Oil-Cloth to 
                Protect Furniture, Cut off Fat First, Gloves, Tea, Addressing Notes, 
                Children Should Only Ask for Things Once, Drying Linen, 
                Umbrellas; Sick-Room and Nursery—Fasting, Change of Air—
                Fallacies Regarding It, Fragrant Odors for Sick Rooms; Collodion
                for Wounds; For Cough or Hoarseness; Asthma; To Relieve Persons 
                Who Have Swallowed Pins or Fish-Bones; To Cure White Swelling 
                of the Knee; M. Soyer's New Cooking Kettle (Illustrated); The 
                Toilet—Wash for a Blotched Face; Oil of Roses for the Hair, 
                Lotion to Promote the Growth of the Hair, Wash to Whiten the  
                Nails, Offensive Breath, To Clean Hair-Brushes, To clean French Kid 
                Gloves; To Preserve Meat, Green Gooseberries, To Judge of Flour, 
                Oxyde of Lead, The New Method of Making Bread, Potted Butter, 
                Good Mustard, For the Sting of a Wasp in the Throat, To Dye 
                Brown, To Dye Red, To Dye Blue, To Dye Lilac, To Dye Nankeen, 
                To Dye Yellow, To Dye Scarlet, To Dye Black, To Destroy Flies, 
                To Clean Glass                                                                                461

            Hints for Home Comforts—Exercise, Many Hints...; Sick-Room and 
                Nursery—Ague, To Remove Discoloration Occasioned by Bruises 
                &c., Extract of Malt for Coughs, Rice Caudle, The Eyes, Cure for 
                Cough, To Cure Deafness, Gargle for Relaxed Sore Throats,  
                Hoarseness, Bread Jelly for the Sick, For Coughs, A Refreshing 
                Drink for Fever, Treatment for Deafness, Preservation of Leeches, 
                Cure for Cramp in Calves or Legs, Rolled Brimstone for Cramp, 
                The Sting of a Bee, Bread Pudding for an Invalid; The Toilet—
                Pomade to Promote the Growth of the Hair, To Make Aromatic   
                Vinegar, Tooth Powder, An Excellent Tooth Powder, Lip Salve, 
                Wash to Remove Pimples or Tetters, Cold Cream; To Destroy 
                Cockroaches, To Remove a Tight Stopper, To Clean Feathers, 
                Varnish for Colored Prints, To Bleach Engravings, To Destroy Bugs, 
                How to Choose and Boil Eggs, To Make Pastilles, Silk, Papier  
                Mache, Soyer's Exeter Pudding, Everton Toffy, Teeth Set on Edge   553  
Requiescat in Pace, by Neta [poem]                                                                 407  
Ribbon Work--Sachet (Illustrated)                                                                  454  
Riches and Poverty                                                                                           133  
Robe de Chambre (Illustrated)                                                                        193, 266  
Roses and Cabbages; or, the Useful and the Beautiful, by Bartram [fiction]        440  
Sabbath Thoughts, by C. H. Garber [poem]                                                     350  
Scene on the Schuylkill:  Cutting Ice (Illustrated)                                              488  
Schools and Colleges for Women and Girls [Young Ladies' Seminary
            Philadelphia, Mrs. Comegys' Family Boarding-School for Young  
Ladies in New York]                                                                            468  

Serpent Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                                           548  
Shades of Twilight, by Robert G. Allison [poem]                                              143  
Shamrock Leaf D'Oyley (Illustrated)                                                               458  
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                                        8, 76, 291, 549  
Soft Gingerbread                                                                                              188  
Something New about Art                                                                                369  
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander 
Philomena                                                                                             60  
            Noontide                                                                                              351  
            Contentment                                                                                         489  

Song of a Pauper, by William P. Mulchinock [poem]                                       256  
Spirit Voices, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                            539  
"Star after Star departs"                                                                                    273  
Summer Fashions of Thomas White & Co.  Bonnets, Boys' Caps, &c.  

            (Illustrated)                                                                                             1  

Sundries                                                                                                           381  
Sydney Smith on the Education of Women                                                        401  
"Take Care of your Eyes," by the Arm Chair Editor                                         438  
Taste and Care, by Lillian [poem]                                                                    158  
Thanksgiving Day                                                                                             373  
The Autumn Leaves [poem]                                                                              560  
"The Blues," and its Remedy, by W. P. Collins [fiction]                                     148  
The Bonnet-Maker's Dream (Illustrated)                                               frontispiece  
The Chapel Choristers, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                              221  
The Christian Woman, by Amy [poem]                                                             539  
The Christmas Tree (Illustrated)                                                                      489, 528  
The City of Palaces [Genoa]                                                                             190  
The Cripple Boy, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                            350  
The Cure of Idiocy and Cretinism                                                                      511  
The Definition of a Gentleman                                                                           187  
The Duties of a Guest                                                                                       191  
The Fairy's Lesson, by Mary E. Neely [poem]                                                    61  
The Fate of the Happy Family, by Charles Cady [fiction]                                  343  
The Fine Arts                                                                                                      84  
The Furnished House; two Chapters from an Autobiography, by
Alice B.
                                                                                                    498, 520  
The Good and Pure of Earth, by Finley Johnson [poem]                                  258  
The Hidden Path                                                                                               477  
The Hobby House, by Mrs. B. [fiction]                                                              118  
The Holy Land and its Holy Places (Illustrated)                                                297, 395  
The Honey Bee [poem]                                                                                      63  
The Importance of Words                                                                                   81  
The Journey of Life                                                                                             44  
The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                             177, 277, 371, 467, 559  
The Life and Adventures of a Number of "Godey's Lady's Book"                      425  
The Little Shoes, translated by Helen Hamilton [fiction]                                    144  
The Lily of the Vale, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                    62  
The Lily, by James Avis Bartley [poem]                                                             38  
The Linen Closet                                                                                                94  
The Lone Waif, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                              349  
The Milliner's Dream; or, the Wedding-Bonnet, by Alice B. Neal  

The Mother's Prayer, by Ernest Schrick [poem]                                               157  
The Mississippi, by the Rev. T. Hempstead [poem]                                          122  
The Night Watch [poem]                                                                                  569  
The Old Year, by Phebe May [poem]                                                              540  
The Organ Grinder (Illustrated)                                                                         97  
The Other Side.  A Tale of Buttons, by Lucy Ellen Guernsey [fiction]                55  
The Passion Flower [poem]                                                                              226  
The Pathway and the Stream [poem]                                                                 539  
The Preservation of the Eyes                                                                             238  
The Presentiment, by Sunnie Southron [poem]                                                  63  
The Rational Man.  Translated from the French, by Anne T. Wilbur
[fiction]      432  
The Religious Education of the Young                                                                 27  
The Rev. Sydney Smith                                                                                     557  
The Thunder.  A Tale of Truth, by Beata [poem]                                                62  
The Town Garden [On Laying Out a Garden; Arrangement of a Small
Garden]  132  
The Trees in Winter, by George W. Bungay [poem]                                         539  
The Virtues of Parsley                                                                                        84  
The Wanderer [poem]                                                                                        64  
The Walk [poem]                                                                                             189  
The Wrong Baby [fiction]                                                                                 318  
Third Annual Report of the American Women's Educational Association  

To Addie, by S. P. Bryan, M. D. [poem]                                                          349  
To Angie, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                                  157  
To Billy Carroll White [poem]                                                                             89  
To Cary, by C. B. [poem]                                                                                 206  
To Correspondents                                                                    

            Eaton Book Club recommendations; undesirable petticoat
stiffener          95 
Out-of-door caps for infants; use of rape seed oil; spermaceti  
candles; paper hangings; female friends                                              191 
Portraits of Empress Eugenie by Winterhalter; treatment for  
                cradle cap; Queen of the Prairie and Amice Vibert  
                roses; elderberry blossoms worn in the hair                                       287 
Adamissa as female name; cat clocks; morning visits from gentlemen; 
                mosaic jewelry passe; approval of reading pure novels; keeping 
                ants from plants; a cement which is colorless and transparent;
                cameos                                                                                            382 
Why Brussels lace is expensive; keeping warm in a Northern winter; 
                offering guests white or dark meat; definition of aesthetic; "Home 
                Peace" [poem]                                                                                 479  

           Sealing sweetmeat jars; cork trees                                                         571  

To Francesca, by R. N. [poem]                                                                        446  
To Lizzie, by J. W. Beazel [poem]                                                                    257  
To My Native Land, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                               62  
To the Faithless, from Schiller, by Aumerle St. Clair [poem]                            34  
To Viola, by William Roderick Lawrence [poem]                                             64  
Toilet Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                              101  
Toilet of a Roman Lady                                                                                    254  
Toilette for Children (Illustrated)                                                                      453  
Transient Thoughts, by Mrs. Susan H. Waddell                                    48, 121, 225, 533  

            Influence of Thanksgiving-Day                                                              348  

Treatment of Infants                                                                                          519  
Treatment of Servants                                                                                       424  
Trials of an English Housekeeper                  
No. I—My Ancestor's Picture                                                                22  
            No. II—My "At Home Day"                                                                 207  
            No. III—Mrs. Burgess's Wonderful Cat                                                413  

Trimming for Boy's Drawers (Illustrated)                                                           72  
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                    7, 68, 260, 356, 456  
Value of the Willow                                                                                          136  
Wardrobe of Mary, Queen of Scots                                                                  427  
Warm Undersleeve (Illustrated)                                                                       456  
Watch-Pocket in Embroidered Netting (Illustrated)                                          267  
What Should Be Done [about education for girls]                                                83  
What Say the Winds of Night, by H. L. Spencer [poem]                                   351  
What Washington Irving Says About the Hudson River                                     373  
Window Draperies                                                                                           361  
Woman Lecturer Law in Illinois                                                                        373  
Woman's Appeal to the Women of America, by Isaac M'Lellan [poem]           372  
Women of Japan                                                                                              149  
Wonderful Children                                                                                          209  
Wonders of Chemistry                                                                                     253  
Work-Basket                                                                                                  362  
Young Gentleman's Cloak (Illustrated)                                                            541