Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine
Volume 50, January-June, 1855 

A Curious Library                                                                                             173
A Female Steamboat Clerk                                                                               370
A Few Words About Modern Civilization                                                            75
A Glance at the West                                                                                        173
A Hint to the Discontented                                                                                504
A New Oven in Paris                                                                                        328
All Earth is Beautiful, by Louisa Mumford [poem]                                            541
Allumette Vases (Illustrated)                                                                            453
A Lock of Hair, [poem]                                                                                    156
An Old Bachelor's Soliloquy                                                                               76
Anecdotes of Racan                                                                                         247
Another Letter from the Western Wilds [Oconto Co. Wisc.]                             130
Anti-Macassar--Laurestina leaf pattern (Illustrated)                                         359
A Plea, by Clarence Morton                                                                            508
A Poet's Song in Despondency, by Belle Bush [poem]                                      350
Applique Bracelet, to be worn with the Neck-Tie (Illustrated)                          259
A Prodigy in Arithmetic [Margaret Cleland, Scotland]                                       274
Arthur's Patent Self-Sealing Air-Tight Preserving Cans and Jars                         475
A Serenade [poem]                                                                                          375
A Series of Papers on the Hair 
Introduction                                                                                            31
            Disease of the Hair, and Directions for Its Management                         131
            Practice of Applying Unguents and Oils to the Hair                                233
            Favorite Colors of the Hair, Common Modes of Wearing the Hair, etc.  341
Modes of Wearing the Hair                                                                               435
Trade and Commerce in Hair, etc.                                                                    500
A Song for the New Year, by Lilian [poem]                                                     59
At Rest, by Mrs. Bradley [poem]                                                                     478
Aunt Tabitha's Fireside, by Edith Woodley [fiction]                                           41
Autour Boutons (Illustrated)                                                                            71
A Villa in the Grecian Style (Illustrated)                                                           289, 345
A Welcome to the Lady's Book, by Mabel Clifford [poem]                             542
A Wife Wanted, by Billy Carroll White [poem]                                               343
A Winter Scene, by H. H. Clemen, [poem]                                                      255
Behold the Lamb! by Rev. H. Hastings Weld (Illustrated) [poem]                   58
Bead and Bugle Work (Illustrated)                                                     69, 163, 265, 356
Bead Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                                               456
Be Not Idle, by Lilian [poem]                                                                          157
Biddy's Blunders, by Virginia de Forest [fiction]                                              329
Blue-eyed Laura, Little One, by E. G. Clingan [poem]                                     543
Bobeche, or Ornament for the Socket of a Candlestick (Illustrated)                 456
Book-Marker (Illustrated)                                                                               454
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                            160, 258, 385, 479
Braiding and Crochet Design for Long Curtains (Illustrated)                             458
Bretelles, or Braces, for young ladies (Illustrated)                                             545
Bridal Presents, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                         509
Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                                            4
Brother Charlie, by Virginia F. Townsend  [poem]                                           58
By-Way Sorrows, by Lila M. Laird [fiction]                                                     518
Cache-Peigne (Illustrated)                                                                               456
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          64, 448
Caps (Illustrated)                                            63, 64, 159, 257, 355, 385, 479, 545, 546
Card-Basket in Crochet (Illustrated)                                                                68
Case for a Prayer-Book or Bible (Illustrated)                                                  553
Centre-Table Gossip                                                                88, 185, 284, 380, 476, 571
Charades in Action (Illustrated)          
Fireworks                                                                                             27
            Blackguard                                                                                           138
            Mischief                                                                                               231
            Bridegroom                                                                                          325
            Rest-oration                                                                                         425
            Pass-port                                                                                             505
Cheerfulness                                                                                                     313
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                          63, 64, 354, 355, 448, 449
Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                65, 258, 295, 383, 481, 573
Children:  What Lessons They Teach, and What Blessings They Bring,
            by Marianne                                                                                        217
Chinese Ice-Houses (Illustrated)                                                                      242
Chinese Novels                                                                                                271
Chloroform or Ether                                                                                         370
Choice of Colors in Dress; or How a Lady May Become Good Looking           330
Christening Robe for a Child (Illustrated)                                                         257
Christian Burial in Japan, by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale, [poem]                                  77
Clippings by our own scissors
            Cashmere Shawls                                                                                 285
            Miss Nightingale                                                                                   382
            Chloroform and the Sensitive Plant; Sea-Bathing; True and False
                Sincerity                                                                                           478
Chale Valentine, and Carriage Mangle (Illustrated)                               390
Omer Mantle (Illustrated)                                                                    545, 546
The Alboni, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                   484
The Alma, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                     197, 388
The Andalusia, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              100
The Antoinette and La Manucla (Illustrated)                                        294
The Balaklava, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                              389
The Darro, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                    293
The Emily, and the Violet (Illustrated)                                                  391
The Empress Pardessus (Illustrated)                                                      61
The Rio Verde, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                             292
The Sevastopol, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                1
The Talma Zuleika, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                        485
Spanish Polka for a Child (Illustrated) [knitted]                                    160
Colds and Cold Water                                                                                      503
Collar in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                               6
Collar Patterns (Illustrated)                                                                              4, 101, 486
College Temple, Newnan, GA                                                                          279
Corners for Pocket-Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                                5, 199, 267
Country Life                                                                                                     571
Crochet Edging (Illustrated)                                                                             359
Crochet Lamp-Mat--Corals and Shells (Illustrated)                                         548
Crochet Tidy (Illustrated)                                                                                200
Cuff in Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                                  7
Cupid in a Quandary (Illustrated) [picture]                                                         97
Deep Lace in Crochet--for anti-macassars, etc. (Illustrated)                             355
Deep Trimming for Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                           455
Drawing-Room Whatnot (Illustrated)                                                               262
Dresses for Young Misses (Illustrated)                                                            196, 263
Dress for a Young Lady (Illustrated)                                                                161
Drive your Business, and let it not drive you                                                        44
Dropped to Sleep, by D. Hardy, Jr.  [poem]                                                    351
Duet, by Wille Edgar Pabor  [poem]                                                               253
Editors' Table,                         
         Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-Five, A Few Words About Modern
            Civilization, Schools for Young Ladies—Milwaukee Female
                College, Schools of Design for Women                                               75
Suggested reading for a Young Lady in the Country                               172
Helping the poor                                                                                   271
The value of music                                                                                367
Philadelphia charities                                                                             465
The old women of England                                                                    559
Education of Children,                                                                                      175
Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-five                                                                          75
Eliza Cook and her Journal                                                                               273
Emblematical Properties of the Wedding-Ring [poem]                                       283
Embroidered Bracelet (Illustrated)                                                                   262
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)                                    4, 67, 70, 102, 168, 198,
199, 258, 266, 267, 360, 361, 362, 457, 459, 460, 487, 547, 550, 552, 554
Employments for Young Women                                                                       367
Enigmas                                                                                    60, 157, 256, 351, 447, 544
Evening Reveries, by Corolla H. Criswell [poem]                                            223
Family Portraits, by the Author of "Getting into Society," "Mrs. Murden's
            Two-Dollar Silk," etc.
[fiction]                                                            412
Farm-House (Illustrated) [plans]                                                                      532
         Walking dress, cloak, evening-dress, mourning [widow, dinner-dress,
                walking-dress, mother, walking-dress], winter bonnets, furs, velvet
                trimmed dresses, flounces, basques                                                      91
Taffeta dress, white robe, mourning [worn by a sister, dinner-dress,
                walking-dress, worn by a grandmother], evening dresses, bridal
                dresses, wedding bonnets, wreaths for the hair, the bache,
                walking-dresses                                                                                  187
Carriage dress, walking-dress, mourning [for a daughter, walking dress,
                for an aunt, evening dress], short-clothes for baby, child aprons; little
                girl's drawn bonnet                                                                               286
            Walking-dresses, spring mantles, children's dresses, fabrics, trimming
                skirts, basques, straw bonnets, bonnet trims, mantillas, shawls            383
Bridal-dress; walking-dress; new caps and bonnets; mourning [for a niece,
                evening-dress, for a cousin]; new spring textiles; dressing-gowns; batiste,
                barege, slight mourning dress                                                            479
Walking-dress, dinner dress, girls' dresses, mourning [for mother-in-law,
                walking-dress, daughter-in-law], girls' mantelets and bonnets, boys'
                clothing, watering-place wardrobe, new designs for lace, scarves, new
                collars, capellines                                                                              573
Fashions of Shoes (Illustrated)
         Ladies' Slippers, Misses' Boots                                                            168
Female Colleges in the United States [Franklin Female College at Holly
            Springs, MS]                                                                                        368
Female Courage                                                                                               441
Female Physicians                                                                                             78
Flouncing for Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                    102, 296, 487
Flower Stands and Glazed Cases for Window Plants (Illustrated)                     33
Flowers Made of Wood-Shavings (Illustrated)                                                162
Foot-Wear [carriage overshoe, infants' socks]                                                   361
French Frivolities under the Old Regime                                                            211
Furs for the Ladies (Illustrated)                                               105, 201, 297, 393, 489
Garden Borders                                                                                                477
Gathered to her Babies, by Mrs. Elizabeth W. Long [poem]                             348
Gentlemen's Knitted Braces (Illustrated)                                                          260
German Plaid Comforter (Illustrated)                                                               165
German Philosophy                                                                                             76
Gold Fish                                                                                                         119
Godey's Arm-Chair                             
         Award winning corn cake recipe; description of New York soiree;
                humorous "Epitaph on a Youth Who Died of Eating Fruit;"                   82
Madame Sontag; the moral treatment of the insane; pattern prices;
                antidote for strychnine; pronunciation of crochet; tableaux;                 180
            Use wafers as well as adhesive on envelopes with money; How to Answer
                a Proposal; Ossian Minstrels; Godeys in backwoods Alabama;  to
                Manage a Rearing Horse; always place "Miss" before your name;
                what is terra cotta; when riding horses side by side, which side should
                the lady ride on?; should you take your glove off when shaking hands  278
Cottage Pudding; Dandy Pudding; Alum Baskets and Ornaments;
                wedding in England—ladies in 13th century attire; Mutton and  Turnips;
                value of gems in crown of England; ether pearls; flower-pots for rooms;
                to improve tea; white waistcoats not in general use at parties; eat olives
                with fingers; gentlemen's shirts same for past 20 years; very bad taste to
                perfume letters; General Twiggs's Hair-Dye                                        372
            A Lock of Hair; Real Golden Ink; ballgown of Eugenie; a letter from
                Nebraska; Babies; Improving Tea; why people don't like their own
                Daguerreotypes; Water-Filters; Kissing; which finger wears engagement
                ring; cleaning gold embroidery                                                            471
Responsibility of publishers; Dress of Queen Victoria at recent levee;
                Dandy pudding corrected; how to make sugar out of sawdust; making ice;
                keeping cranberries; gloves at dinner-parties; black vs. green tea;
                travelling alone in a railroad car                                                           566
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)
Lesson XIII.  Proportions of the Human Figure                                       45
Lesson XIV.  Perspective Drawing                                                       116
Lesson XV.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                     212
Lesson XVI.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                    314
Lesson XVII.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                   408
Lesson XVIII.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                  515
God, Send a Merry New Year                                                                           88
Good Advice to Readers                                                                                  317
Hair Ornaments Prices                                                                                      279
Heart's-Ease                                                                                                     186
He Doeth All Things Well, by Kate Harrington [poem]                                    446
Hill Farm; or, A Week's Angling, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                               140, 219, 303
Home for Female Servants in New York                                                           468
Hour-Glass Table                                                                                             572
House-Hiring and Furnishing                                                                             185
            First floor                                                                                             285
            Second floor                                                                                         381
            Chamber furnishing                                                                               572
I Have Loved Thee Fondly, by Finley Johnson, [poem]                                   542
Illumination Under Water                                                                                  530
Imitation of Dresden China (Illustrated)                                                            264
Indian Ornamental Work--Screen (Illustrated)                                                 362
India Rubber Shoes                                                                                            40
Initial Letters and Names (Illustrated)  62, 167, 199, 353, 357, 458, 459, 487, 554
Jackets or Spencers and Sacques (Illustrated)                                                 158, 354
Jenny Deans, or Helen Walker                                                                          466
Jenny Lind and the Opera                                                                                 562
Judy's Anti-Macassar (Illustrated)                                                                   358
Just Down the Road, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                   430
Keep Nearer to thy Youth, by R. S. S. [poem]                                                  540
Knitted Chair-Tidy                                                                                           260
Knitted Eyelets                                                                                                   70
Knitted Lace Undersleeve (Illustrated)                                                               66
Lady Physicians                                                                                                175
Lady's Cravat or Neck-Tie in Applique (Illustrated)                                         259, 264
Lady's Reticule--Crochet (Illustrated)                                                             104, 167
Ladies' Union City Mission                                                                               279
Lamp or Gas Shade (Illustrated)                                                                      264
Lamp-Mat (Illustrated)                                                                                    263
"Last Cake of Supper", a parody of "Last Rose of Summer [poem]                   379
Last Words of the Emperor                                                                              561
Laura Grahame; or, the Result of a Reverie, by Virginia De Forrest
[fiction]                                                                             497
Letter from a Young Lady                                                                                 172
Letters left at the Pastry-Cook's, [being the Clandestine Correspondence
            between Kitty Clover at School, and her "Dear, Dear Friend" in
            Town"], Edited by Horace Mayhew    
         Showing how long a purse is sometimes needed at school to make it
                "The Happiest Time of Our Lives"                                                        29
Showing what was the cause of the postponement of the ball                   113
Showing what cruelties pride is frequently the unnatural parent of             209
Showing that school is not such a terrible place after all                            327
Life and Adventures of Ferdinand Cortes, by John B. Duffey             51, 145, 224, 318, 417, 534
Lines, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                                       447
Lines on Botany, by Emanuel Price [poem]                                                     208
Lines on Leaving School, by Emily Herrmann [poem]                                      444
Lines, on Seeing the Picture of a Child Gathering Lilies from a Brook,
            by Faith Farley [poem]                                                                       544
Lines, Suggested on Viewing an Engraving of "Retsch's Poesie," by S. S. B.  
            [poem]                                                                                                 447
Lines to a Lady who will understand them, by R. James Keeling [poem]           157
Literary Notices                                   
         Narrative of a Journey Round the Dead Sea and in the Bible Lands, in
                1850 and 1851; The Western Home, and Other Poems; Lives of the
                Queens of England Before the Norman Conquest; Afraja, a Norwegian
                and Lapland Tale; Things as They Are In America; What Not;
                Memories Over the Water; Party Leaders; A Complete Treatise on
                Artificial Fish-Breeding; Emmanuel Philibert; The Youth of Madame
                de Longueville; The Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge; A
                Practical and Commercial Arithmetic; Complete Concordance to the
                Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments; Poems by William
                Cullen Bryant; Synonymes of the New Testament; Easy Warren and
                His Contemporaries; The Ladies' Complete Guide to Crochet,
                Fancy Knitting and Needle-Work; Totemwell; Kansas and Nebraska;
                The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside; The City Side; The
                Inebriate's Hut; Literary Recreations and Miscellanies; Illustrations of
                Genius in Some of its Relations to Culture and Society; Fanny Gray;
                The Smithsonian Institution; Memoirs of a Grandmother; The Little
                Pilgrim                                                                                             79
            Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity; The Scholar's Companion;
Personal Recollections of the Stage; Peterson's Library of Humorous
                American Works; Ruth Hall:  A Domestic Tale of the Present Time;
                Christy's Plantation Melodies; Brushwood, Picked Up on the
                Continent; Pebbles From the Lake Shore; Harry's Vacation; History
                of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution of the
                United States; The Illustrated Natural History; Harper's Story-Book;
                Later Years; Agnes and Caroline; The Young Husband; Famous
                Persons and Places; Out-Doors of Idlewild; The Home in the Valley;
                The Rat-Catcher; Beautiful Bertha; The Plum-Woman; Old Karl, the
                Cooper, and His Wonderful Book; Life in the Clearings Versus the
                Bush; Heartsease; or, The Brother's Wife; The Wanderers by Sea
                and Land, with Other Tales; Nothing Venture, Nothing Have; Fred
                Vernon; or, the Victim of Averice; You Have Heard of Them; Anabel: 
                A Family History; Ida Norman; or, Trials and Their Uses; The Works
                of Ben Jonson; The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher; Gems of Beauty;
                or, Literary Gifts for 1855; The Book of the Boudoir; or, Memento of
                Friendship; The Souvenir Gallery:  an Illustrated Gift-Book for All
                Seasons; The Amaranth; or, Tokens of Remembrance; This, That,
                and the Other; Town and Country; Popular Tales; Children's Trials;
                "What is Home Without a Father?"                                                     176
The Works of Shakespeare; An Offering of Sympathy to the Afflicted;
                Mary and Ellen; or, the Best Thanksgiving; The Little Pilgrim; The
                American Sportsman; Lingard's History of England Abridged; May
                and December:  A Tale of Wedded Life; Nelly  Brackend:  A Tale of
                Forty Years Ago; Leibig's Complete Works on Chemistry; The Wife's
                Victory; The Mysteries of the Court of Queen Anne; Parish and Other
                Pencillings; American Principles on National Prosperity; Harper's
                Gazeteer of the World; The Rose and the Ring; The New Jersey
                Medical Reporter; The American Home Cook-Book; Humanity in the
                City; The Life of Horace Greeley; Hagar, the Martyr; Little Folks'
                Own; Love in Idleness; Rose and Lillie Stanhope; Maxims of
                Washington; Mile-Stones in our Life-Journey; The Boat Club; The
                History and Poetry of Finger-Rings; The Life of P. T. Barnum;
                Nothing Venture, Nothing Have; Country Life, and Other Stories;
                The Angel Children; The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood; The
                Complete Works of William Collins, Thomas Gray, and Oliver
                Goldsmith; The American Almanac and Repository of Useful
                Knowledge; The Poetical Works of Thomas Parnell; The Poetical
                Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; Notes on Duels and
                Duelling; Merrie England; Home Life:  Twelve Lectures; Cornell's
                Primary Geography; My Courtship and Its Consequences; The
                Aimwell Stories; The Knickerbocker Gallery; Memories Over the
                Water                                                                                               274
            Discourse in Commemoration of the Founding of the Academy of
                Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; Miranda Elliot, or, the Voice of
                the Spirit; The Sons of the Sires; The Initials, a Story of Modern
                Life; Scripture Portraits; The New Pastoral; Chemical Atlas; American
                System of Education; A Year of the War; Analytical Class-Book of
                Botany; Getting Along, a Book of Illustrations; Avillion, and Other
                Tales; Harper's Story Book; Harper's Gazeteer of the World; Inez,
                A Tale of the Alamo; The Coquette, or, the History of Eliza Wharton,
                Tom Crosbie and His Friends                                                           370
Lectures on English Literature from Chaucer to Tennyson; Mornings
                with Jesus; Corsica; Marco Paul at the Springfield Armory; Harper's
                Story Book; North and South; Ingenue; American Railway Guide to
                the United States for 1855; Questions of the Soul; Satire and Satirists;
                Cosas de Espana; The New Jersey Medical Reporter; The Virgin
                Queen; Chandler's Plan of Sevastopol from Public Documents; Pride
                and Prejudice; The Banking House; The Life and Beauties of Fanny
                Fern; The History of the Hen Fever; Harvestings; A Long Look Ahead;
                Mrs. Elizabeth Fry; The Trifolium                                                      469
Patent Office and Patent Laws; The Most Eminent Orators and
                Statesmen of Ancient and Modern Times; The Rag-Bag; Travels
                in the East; The Physical Geography of the Sea; An Introduction
                to Practical Astronomy; The Story of the Peasant Boy Philosopher;
                Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English Princesses; The
                Literary Life and Correspondence of the Countess of Blessington;
                Harper's Story Book; Tom Burke or "Ours"; Charles O'Malley,
                the Irish Dragoon; Kate Aylesford:  A Story of the Refugees; Grace
                Lee; The Castle Builders; The Old Inn; Mammon, or, The Hardships
                of an Heiress; Men of Character; A History of England; English, Past 
                and Present; The Life of William H. Seward; The Slave of the Lamp;
                O'Halloran and His Man; Visits to European Celebrities; The 
                Philosophy of Sectarianism; The May Flower and Miscellaneous 
                Writings; Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind                   563
Literature in Russia                                                                                           173
Look for the Flowers                                                                                        440
Lounging-Cap Purse (Illustrated)                                                                    162, 452
Love, by Robert Miller [poem]                                                                        446
Low Fireplaces                                                                                                 416
Marriage Ceremony of the Prince of Prussia                                                      377
Married Men                                                                                                    437
Mary Russell Mitford                                                                                        380
Melon Pattern Slippers, in Application (Illustrated)                                           457
Memory, by W. S. Gaffney                                                                              251
Minnie Lee:  A Temperance Tale, by Mrs. C. B. B. [fiction]                               334
Miss Nightingale and her Companions                                                               468
Model Husbands, by T. S. Arthur [fiction]                   
     No. 1—A Bad Model                                                                                37
        No. II—A Better Specimen                                                                      110
        No. III—A Good Model                                                                          206
Modern Damascus--its Homes and Households                                                185
Morning Collar (Illustrated)                                                                             101
Mosaic Tapestry Sofa-Cushion (Illustrated)                                                     169
Mosaic Tapestry Travelling-Bag (Illustrated)                                                    169
Mothers and Daughters                                                                                     429
Mrs. Daffodil at the Crystal Palace, by Virginia de Forrest [fiction]                  152
Mrs. Daffodil at the Opera, by Virginia de Forrest [fiction]                              438
Mrs. Daffodil at the Irving House, by Virginia de Forrest [fiction]                    527
Mrs. Sloper's Swan, by Frances Brown [fiction]                                              134
            "Down Where the Blueberries Grow"                                                    386
            "Lilla Day"                                                                                              98
            "Mary Lizzie Polka"                                                                              194
            "Now the Swallows are Returning"                                                            2
            "The Brinkerhoff Waltz"                                                                        482
            "The Meade Polka"                                                                              290
Musical Practice                                                                                   89, 186, 284, 382, 476
Mutton and Turnips                                                                                          376
My Mother-in-Law, by Patience Perkins [fiction]                                            47
My first, my last, my only love, by Martha G. Withers [poem]                          59
My Friend Muggins's Experience in Albums, by A. E. Stewart [fiction]              399
My Heart is Thine, by Edgar Gordon [poem]                                                   349
Mystic Hall, a School for Young Ladies near Boston                                         468
Names for Embroidery
Blanche                                                                                                62
Marie                                                                                                   62
Emma                                                                                                   353
Anna                                                                                                    357
Antonia                                                                                                458
Flora                                                                                                    484
Ellen                                                                                                     554
Anna                                                                                                    554
Netted D'Oyley (Illustrated)                                                                            551
New England Female Medical College                                                              560
New Style for Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                  573
New Style of Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                         263
New Year's Gifts                                                                                                90
Newly Painted Rooms                                                                                      468
Novelties for February (Illustrated) [lace jacket, muslin jacket, night dress]      158
Novelties for April (Illustrated) [travelling mantle and sacque, chemisettes, 
            Duchess sleeves, berthe, morning cap]                                                   354
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated) [chemisette and sleeves; basque, cape 
            and sleeves, plain chemisette; mantle; cambric waist for little girl; 
            chemisette and sleeves for young lady]                                                    448
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated) [ribbon bretelles, dinner of evening-cap, 
            dress-cap, Omer mantle, spring undersleeve, summer under-sleeve, 
            sacque d'ete]                                                                                         545
Novelties in the Nursery Department (Illustrated) [christening robe, caps,
            walking dress, cambric dress]                                                               257
Oakford's Spring Fashions (Illustrated) [hats]                                                  392
Old! by Cornelia M. Dowling [poem]                                                              348
Only a Family Party--A Story for the New Year, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]       22
Origin of the Hudson, by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale [poem]                                        561
Other Days, by Ananias W. Sawyer [poem]                                                     156
Our Practical Dress Instructor (Illustrated)  
The Empress Pardessus [diagram]                                                         61
            Scarf Mantelet [diagram]                                                                      352
Our Wide, Wide World!  What Is It?    [poem]                                                 542
Paddle your own Canoe, by Mrs. Sarah T. Bolton [poem]                               174
Painted Muslin Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                 450
Parlor Amusements                              
         To Ascertain if a Substance Contain Any Iron, To Pass Magnetism
                Through a Deal Board, The Magnetic Table, The Obedient Watch       74
The Magic Bottle, To Make Flaxseed or Rice Sprout                            171
To Suspend a Ring by a Thread that has been Burnt, Chemical
                Illuminations, To Make the Appearance of a Flash of Lightning 
                When Any One Enters a Room with a Lighted Candle, The Fiery 
                Fountain, A Lamp that will Burn Twelve Months Without 
                Replenishing                                                                                      270
            Magnetical Experiments                                                                        366
Sports and Pastimes for Children—Fly Away, Pigeon; The Comical 
                Concert; The Flying Feather; Word Combinations                             464
Water-Gilding upon Silver; a Water Which Gives Silver a Gold
                Color; A Water to Give any Metal a Gold Color; To Give Silver-
                plate a Lustre; To Take Impressions of Coins, Medals, &c.               558
Passion Flower in Chenille (Illustrated)                                                               66
Patterns for Wheels in Embroidery (Illustrated)                                                258, 361
Pearls from Jean Paul                                                                                        466
Peculiarities of English Advertising                                                                     409
Pen-Wiper--Embroidery in Braid (Illustrated)                                                  453
Picturesque Villa-Swiss Style (Illustrated)                                                       103, 166
Pin Money.  How much a Year?                                                                       571
Plaint of the Old Man [poem]                                                                            376
Point Lace Crochet Collars                                                                              261, 454
Portion of a Collar in Imitation of Honiton Lace (Illustrated)                             486
Prayer, by Rev. Richard Chevering Trench [poem]                                         285
Pretty Names for Girls 
         A-E                                                                                                      347
            F-Mag                                                                                                 442
            Mar-Z                                                                                                  531
Receipts, &c.                                      
         Veal Curry, Egg Curry, Curried Beef (Madras Way), Fricadel, Pigeon 
                Compote, Sweetbreads Larded, Ham Toast, Calf's Head 
                Fricasseed, Strasburg Potted Meat, Veal Cake, Nursery Pudding, 
                President Pudding, Butter Pudding, A Pudding That is Not to
                Be Cooked, A Very Nice Plain Rice Pudding, Carrot Pudding, 
                Souffle Pudding, Boiled Custard Pudding, To Remove Wine Stains 
                from Linen, To Remove Ink Stains, To Take Stains out of Marble, 
                To Remove Stains of Blood, Liquid for Removing Stains from 
                Leather and Parchment, Remedy for Cough, Receipt for Hoarseness,
                Pills for the Sick Headache, Cure for Corns, Excellent Wash for the 
                Mouth, Cure for Indigestion, Seasonable Hints for Children, Marble 
                Soap Balls, Artificial Musk, Musk Pastiles, Musk Soap, Pearl 
                Water, Orris Perfume                                                                        72
To Make Icing for Cakes, To Clean Ribbons, To Wash Silks, Ribbons 
                &c., To Clean Gilt Frames, To Make Beef Tender, To Preserve 
                Books, Nature Printing, To Clean Black Lace, To Clean Black Silks, 
                House Ants, A Few Words on Soups, Lime in the Eye, For a Pain in 
                the Ear, Cure for Burns and Scalds, To Stop the Flow of Blood
                from Leech Bites, How to Disinfect the Air in Apartments, Parisian 
                Dentifrice, Scents for Pomatum (including Cowslip, Jonquil, 
                Mille-fleurs)                                                                                     169
Condiments or Seasoning Agents, Puff Paste, Half-Puff Paste, Plainer 
                Paste, for Meat Pies, Short Paste, Pudding Paste, Remedy for the 
                Gout, Remedy for Headache, Remedy for Cramp in the Stomach, 
                Remedy for Warts, Remedy for Sprains, Treatments for Baldness, 
                Odonto Tooth-Powder, To Preserve Furs and Woollens from 
                Moths, Removing Sealing Wax, A Varnish to Color Baskets and
                Old Straw Hats, To Make Economical White House-Paint, To 
                Preserve from Rust, To Prevent Formation of Crust on Inside of 
                Teakettles, Useful Knife-Board, Cleaning Gloves                              268
Fruit Tart, French Fashion; Small Pastry; Little Fruit Rissolettes; Plain 
                Puff Paste Cake; Orange and Almond Cakes; Preserve Cake; Small 
                Cream Cake; Fruit Crusts; How to Cure Hams; To Extract a 
                Thorn, if the Flesh has Closed Over It; Bronchitis; Cold in the 
                Head; Cookery for the Sick and Young Children; Perfumed 
                Waters [Simple Spirit of Lavender, Odoriferous Lavender Water],
                Hair Restorative; Tea Hair Wash; Ointment for Chapped Hands; 
                Muffin Pudding; To Prevent the Smoking of a Lamp; To Clean 
                Marble; To Prevent Milk Turning Sour in Hot Weather; To Make 
                the Oil in Lamps Last Longer, and to Remove the Thick Smoke; 
                Airing Rooms; To Shrink New Flannel; To Sweeten an Old Cask      363
Directions for Making Preserves; To Clarify Sugar for Preserving; To 
                Bottle Fruit; Pine-Apple Preserve; Currant Jam; Strawberries 
                Preserved; Strawberry Jam, or Marmalade; To Preserve 
                Strawberries Whole; Strawberries Stewed for Tarts; Salad; Salad-
                Dressing; French Salad-Dressing; Another Salad-Dressing; Summer
                Salad; Winter Salad; Vegetable Salads; French Salad; Curling Fluid 
                for the Hair; To Improve the Hair; To Soften and Cleanse the Hair; 
                An Excellent Cosmetic; A Natural Dentifrice; Spirit or Essence of 
                Rosemary; How to Get Sleep; Baths; Cod-Liver Oil; Cure for Cough;
                Preparation for Cleaning Tin Covers; To Preserve Metals from 
                Rusting; How to Whiten Linen or Calico; How to Destroy Rats; 
                How to Remove Stains from Floors; Artificial Cold                            461
Directions for Preserving Fruits; Currants Preserved; Currant Jelly; 
                Currant Jelly Without Cooking; Raspberrries; Gooseberries 
                Preserved; To Keep Red Gooseberries; Cherries Preserved; To 
                Dry Cherries; Rhubarb Tart; Compost of Rhubarb; Fine Rhubarb 
                Jam; Rhubarb Jam; Salad Dressing; Italian Salad; Spanish Salad; For
                Vinaigrette; Chicken Salad; Coleslaw; Radishes; To Dress
                Macaroni; Milanese Macaroni; Macaroni, a l'Italienne; Vermicelli; 
                Sick-room and Nursery—Preparing of Food; To Prepare Milk and 
                Water for an Infant; Toast-Water; A Cosmetic; Cure for Chilblains; 
                Camphorated Tooth-Paste; Balsam Dye; Diamond Cement; To 
                Whiten Linen that has Turned Yellow; Stain Mixture; Excellent 
                Furniture Polish; To Crystallize Glass Windows; Pudding Unique       555
Remarks on the Use of Reading                                                                        172
Residence of G. K. Foster, Richmond, Canada (Illustrated)                             193, 246
Responsibility of Publishers                                                                               567
Restoration of Rubens's Paintings                                                                        50
Rowena Fontaine.--A Sketch of Southern Life, by Pauline Forsyth  [fiction]    404
Sac de Voyage, or Travelling-Bag (Illustrated)                                                   65
Sacque d'Ete (Illustrated)                                                                                546, 547
Schools for Young Ladies                                                                                   75
Self-Sealing Air-Tight Preserving-Cans for Fruits and Vegetables (Illustrated)  346, 475, 568
Shell Cameos                                                                                                   514
Shoes (Illustrated)                                                                                           168, 361
Skating, by Gamma                                                                                         214
Sleep Lightly, Love, by Neta    [poem]                                                             256
Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                             64, 354, 448, 449, 546
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                                        71, 457, 573
Snowing, by Fanny Fales [poem]                                                                    379
Sofa Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                                167
Some Account of Bethlehem Female Seminary                                                  369
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander                            
         Bird of Paradise                                                                                     57
            Evening                                                                                                120
            Earth is Beautiful                                                                                   249
            Spring                                                                                                  333
Sonnet to a Child, by Myrrha [poem]                                                               445
Spring--in three Parts, by Miss C. Mitchell [poem]                                           332
Stray Recipes and Remarks for the Wardrobe [hang dresses and mantles;
            cleaning dusty clothes; cleaning hats; washing gloves; keeping moths 
            from woolens; cleaning brushes and combs; cleaning grease from 
            clothing; removing paint; cleaning edges of collars and cuffs; removing 
            ink; fuller's earth balls; cleaning shoes; water-proofing shoes; cleaning 
            patent leather shoes]                                                                             316
Sufferings of the Poor in Our Large Cities                                                          271
Sundials                                                                                                            154
Susan Hartt, by A Villager [fiction]                                                                   343
Sympathy, by Mrs. Mary Farmer [poem]                                                        153
Take Back the Harp, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                 115
Take Care of your Eyes (Illustrated)                                                                513
The Approach, by Clara Moreton [poem]                                                       349
The Borrower's Department                                                                             88, 185
The Bride of the Sun, by Hon. Ellis Lewis [poem]                                            407
The Burial, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                                             513
The Convent of St. Lucia, from the German of Elise Polko [fiction]                243
The Cosmetic--A Sketch of Southern Life, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction;
            New Orleans]                                                                                         16
The Czar's Country-House                                                                                  89
The Electric Telegraph in Women's Hands                                                           76
The Fairy Dreams of Youth, by Charles Morris [poem]                                    350
The Floral Offering, by Pauline Forsyth (Illustrated) [poem]                             59
The Forest Cemetery, by O. Everts, M. D. [poem]                                           445
The Householder's New Year's Gift [poem]                                                        88
The Hymn of Labor, by R. T. Conrad [poem]                                                    58
The Jewish Maiden, by Edith St. George [poem]                                             255
The Ladies of Syria                                                                                           285
The Little Sportsman, by Pauline Forsyth [poem]                                            348
The Love-Letter, by Richard Coe (Illustrated) [poem]                                    254
The Management of Boys                                                                                 252
The Monarch of Mountains (Illustrated) [Mont Blanc]                                         9
The Motherless Daughter, by Pauline Forsyth (Illustrated) [poem]                 443
The Music-Box, by Marion Harland [fiction]                                                   308
The Odin Religion                                                                                             175
The Old Arm-Chair [poem]                                                                              273
The Old Women of England                                                                              559
There is a Lot of People, by Wm. Phillips [poem]                                               78
The Sanspariel Work-Bag (Illustrated)                                                               70
The Search for the Unknown, by Pauline Forsyth  [fiction]                               236
The Shunamite's Son, by Mrs. S. H. L. Campbell [poem]                                 541
The Sick-Room                                                                                                401
The Sympathy Meeting, by Marion Harland, author of "Marrying  
            through Prudential Motives," etc.
[fiction]                                         121
The Thrush, by Norman W. Bridge [poem]                                                      443
The Tide of Time, by D. McNeill [poem]                                                          251
The Tress of Hair, by William Roderick Lawrence  [poem]                              445
The Useful and the Ornamental in Ladies' Work                                                424
The Victims of the Arctic                                                                                    78
The Wanderer's Return, by James de Mille [poem]                                          155
The Water-Lily, by Pauline Forsyth (Illustrated) [poem]                                256
The Winter Night, by Corolla H. Criswell [poem]                                            156
Thou Canst Pray for Me Theresa; Thy Prayers Are Pure [poem]                       69
Thoughts on American Periodicals                                                                     77
To Correspondents                              
         Moving a piano from a damp room, forcing hyacinths, easy baby's
                toys, courtesy in the country, removing India rubber shoes in church 
                or a long ride in a rail-car                                                                   90
Paying bills; calling cards; drawing shadowing; gutta percha plant
                labels; drying seaweed                                                                      186
Preserving bouquets; supervising servants; "bache" should have
                been "barbe"                                                                                     286
Meat biscuits; tuning pianos; lawns; giving truthful references for
                servants; bretelles; child who isn't walking at 12 months                     382
Dish-cloths; straw bonnets; procuring essential oils from flowers;
                infant's food; King Charles spaniels; perils of eliciting gossip from 
                children                                                                                              478
            Washing woolens and woolen blends; bretelles; rouge or powder; 
                curtains; business letters                                                                    572
To Ellen, by Mary Neal [poem]                                                                        543
To Emma Morton, by Virginius Hutchen [poem]                                             155
Toilet-Cushion (Illustrated)                                                                              453
To Kate, by Harry [poem]                                                                               144
To Make Pictures of Birds with Their Natural Feathers                                      129
To Morpheus, by S. P. Bryan, M. D. [poem]                                                    349
To My Friends Far Away, by The Stranger [poem]                                         256
To-night, by Julia Avery [poem]                                                                      542
To Tom Moore, on the Birth of his Third Daughter [poem]                                283
Travelling-Bag (Illustrated)                                                                              167
Turkish Proverbs                                                                                              272
Two Years Ago To-day, by H. L. S.     [poem]                                                 254
Vases in Potichimanie (Illustrated)                                                                   8, 65, 488, 551
Vegetable Physiology, by Harold Coultas                                                        250
Verdict for Whipping a Young Woman                                                               78
Watch-Case, braided (Illustrated)                                                                   553
Who will go West?                                                                                           368
Willow-Boughs, by Elizabeth W. Long [poem]                                                444
Woman's Influence                                                                                           382
Women in France                                                                                             273
Women in the Church                                                                                       468
Work-Bag (Illustrated)                                                                                      65
Worked Muslin Collar and Inserting (Illustrated)                                              198, 264 
Youth and Genius on the Side of Truth                                                               465