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iTunes Guidelines and Agreement-Draft

iTunes U is a content distribution system from Apple that enables colleges and universities to make audio and video material from lectures, interviews, audio books and other sources more available to students with the ease of the iTunes Store. It allows users to download the content to their Mac or PC, transfer the information to their iPod and listen to it or view it anywhere and at any time.

As a member of the UT Tyler university community, you may have access to iTunes U in accordance with a university contract. You are responsible for making sure that you are not causing the university to violate its agreement with Apple by uploading unsuitable content to the iTunes U site.

Recording Release

We highly recommend collecting signed recording release forms for all content you'd like to post in iTunes U. A form in widespread use here at UT Tyler can be downloaded here. (get from Bev)

By posting content, you certify that you have complied with all university policies and accept responsibility for such content. Ensure that your content follows the UT System Multimedia Fair use Guidelines. (clarify)

Terms of Use

Because Apple hosts the content posted through iTunes U, they have some general guidelines in place to govern the appropriateness of content. These are expressed through its iTunes Terms of Service.

  • Direct links to illegal, socially harmful, or pornographic material are not permitted.
  • Text, images, or sounds, which violate local, state, national, or international laws are not permitted.
  • You may not create pages that contain material copyrighted by someone other than yourself unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder. The original author and copyright holder should be clearly and fully acknowledged if permission is given. You should even be cautious about creating links to pages that contain unapproved copyrighted material.
  • You may not use UT Tyler on iTunes U for commercial gain.

In addition to the policy and guidelines described within this site, UT Tyler's Computing Policies shall be considered in effect.

Copyright Infringements

The University of Texas at Tyler complies with the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you have a concern regarding the use of copyrighted material on any site on the network including social media, contact the agent designated to respond to reports alleging copyright infringement.

iTunes Guidelines

1. The University of Texas at Tyler iTunes U is first and foremost based on the need to share, internally and externally, academic content and therefore, the nature of the use will be primarily that provided by academic faculty and/or units, though there may be instances in which UT Tyler schools and academic programs use iTunes U for promotional and marketing purposes.

2. Management of UT Tyler content within iTunes U will be the responsibility of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

3. Space within the Pitt iTunes U site for public relations type material should be limited.

4. All material placed into iTunes by UT Tyler must conform to copyright and privacy laws.

Procedural Guidelines

1. Each dean or director must designate one or two individuals as Content Administrators to review materials from that academic area before they are posted. An administrator from the Office of Marketing and Communications is also required to be set up. All content to be posted to iTunes U from a school or unit must be reviewed by the designated Content Administrators in the designated department (not M&C) prior to being posted.

2. Content that will be publicly available must also be reviewed and approved by the Dean/Director/Campus President.

3. The Office of General Counsel will provide training and a checklist for Content Administrators. Training will cover topics such as determining when a release form is necessary, what content can be included in a posted video, and Intellectual Property law. A checklist will also be provided to insure compliance.

4. Any faculty or staff member can contribute content. As stated above, this content must be reviewed prior to posting.

5. Content posted should have an anticipated retirement date.

6. Release forms must be provided for all outside speakers, faculty authorizing publication of materials such as course content, and for any students involved in videos.


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