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Policy on Unauthorized Personnel in Hazardous Environments

It is the policy of the University of Texas at Tyler that access to certain University premises, identified as laboratories, workshops, mechanical rooms, warehouses and other work areas housing potentially dangerous materials, conditions, machinery or processes, be limited to authorized University staff and students or other persons on official, related business. Measures should be taken to ensure that persons entering into these areas be appropriately trained and adequately protected from hazards and informed about the safety and emergency procedures relevant to their activities.

Persons not directly associated with the University, especially children under the age of 18, are prohibited from entering laboratory areas or other areas where hazardous materials or conditions may be present unless:

  • such entry is in the context of a scheduled open house or guided tour;
  • student, student worker or intern has been deemed competent by his or her supervisor to handle those risks in the context of performing their normal duties for which they have been trained;
  • written approval by the department chair or director has been given and is on file.

With the exception of working dogs, dogs that function as assistants for persons with impairments, no pets are allowed in laboratories, mechanical rooms, warehouses, or other hazardous work areas on the campus.

University officials have the authority to remove unauthorized visitors, children and pets from hazardous work areas.

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