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Health & Safety Program Requirements for Contractors

A. Scope
This program specifically outlines the purpose, authorization, rules, and techniques to be utilized by on-site contractors to ensure that all health and Safety requirements are followed while on the UT Tyler campus. On-site contractors should become familiar with the contents of this program to ensure compliance with its procedures. The Contractor shall ensure his/her employees receive training and documentation for this program.

B. Purpose
The purpose of this program is to establish minimum elements required in the contractor Health and Safety plan for all construction projects on the UT Tyler campus.

C. Program Requirements
All contractor health and Safety plans will have, at a minimum, the following components:

1. Management Responsibilities
a. Organization
b. Training
c. Inspections
d. Subcontractor requirements
2. Safety Meeting format
3. Medical Emergency Procedures
a. First Aid
b. Bloodborne Pathogens
4. Program elements:
a. Hazard Communication
b. Hazardous Materials
i. Flammable and Combustible Liquids/Gases
ii. Hazardous Waste Generation
iii. Storage requirements
c. Personal Protective Equipment
i. Hearing/Eye/Head/Hand/Foot protection
ii. Clothing
iii. Respiratory protection
d. Ladder Safety
e. Forklift Safety/Heavy Equipment (if applicable)
f. General Tool Safety
g. Fire Protection & Prevention
h. Welding & Cutting Safety (if applicable)
i. Lockout-Tagout
j. Fall Protection
k. Compressed Gas Safety (if applicable)
l. Confined Space (if applicable)
m. Excavation (if applicable)
n. Radiation (if applicable)
5. Sanitation
6. Additional site-specific health & Safety programs
7. Signature log for job-site employees

D. Job Commencement
The contractor will submit a copy of the Health & Safety plan to the UT Tyler Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) office at least 48 hours before commencement of work. Contractor will post, where appropriate, all necessary job-site health and Safety notices. The EH&S office will conduct unannounced job-site inspections during the course of the project.

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