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Campus Pet Policy

While pets of all types can provide great love and affection to their owners, not everyone equally likes or appreciates them. For many people, there are also several potential health and safety issues associated with disease transmission, allergies, offensive odors, waste, and the potential for physical injury from aggressive animals. In light of these problems, pets of all species are prohibited from indoor locations in administrative and academic buildings on campus as well as outdoor athletic venues while in use for practice or games.

Pets may be walked outdoors on campus but, like any pet in the City of Tyler, must be kept on a leash at all times. Pets must not be left unattended while on campus, either in automobiles (for more than a few minutes) or tied outside of buildings. Pet owners must clean up after their pets while on campus. Pet owners shall be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage inflicted by their pets.

Employees or students who observe a pet in an indoor location on campus or at an outdoor athletic venue as described above should remind the pet’s owner of the University’s campus pet policy. If that action is unsuccessful in having the pet removed from the campus, you may report the policy violation to the Vice President for Business Affairs, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety or the University Police Department.

Certified guide and service dogs (including Thera-pets) used by individuals with disabilities are, of course, excluded from this policy.

Residential facility management will promulgate and administer policies governing pets in residential facilities.



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