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Students’ Perspective: The Case for iPads

UT Tyler student in classroom with iPad

UT Tyler students using iPads in a freshman composition class last fall were asked to evaluate the iPad pilot program. Sharing how the technology impacted their semester and learning experience, the students’ remarks included the following:

  • “My iPad has benefited me in ways I could not have imagined.  It has specifically helped me brainstorm ideas for my essays.  It has also allowed me to purchase my textbooks online and store them on my iPad rather than having to tote them around.”
  • “It’s a portable classroom with access to notes, libraries, the internet, a calculator and even a personal calendar.” 
  • “The iPad has benefited me in English as well as math, anatomy and history. One app that benefits me on a daily basis is Blackboard.  This is an easy way for me to check my grades and communicate with my classmates.”
  • “The iPad has been a great help in my classes. The iPad holds nearly all my notes for every class. This is nice, because when it’s time to study for a test I don’t have to scramble through papers.”
  • “[This semester] the iPad has saved me almost $400 on textbooks as well as on other items such as planners, calculators, etc.”
  • “In lecture classes, the iPad can easily be used to record the professor, [in case] you miss something in your notes or are more of an auditory/listening-based learner.”
  • “I really like the alerts the iPad has on the calendar, reminding you of things you have planned throughout the week.”
  • “The iPad has made class a little more interactive and fun.  It has also made it easier to come to college (as a freshman) and make friends because we all talk and share ideas on the discussion boards.”
  • “The iPad never leaves my side . . . and I feel lost if I accidentally leave it at home.  It has just about everything I need to accomplish anything at school.  All my textbooks are on it, my homework assignments, my teachers’ emails, and my notes for class.”


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