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GATEway to Success
New UT Tyler Program Focuses on Global Awareness

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The marketplace of ideas and business has gone global. Because of the explosion of Internet commerce and social networking, success is no longer confined by city limits, state lines or even national borders. 

That’s why The University of Texas at Tyler is launching a new initiative called Global Awareness Through Education.ThreThree Students

“I believe phenomenal global change – for the good – is coming through our interconnected young people,” said Dr. Rodney H. Mabry, UT Tyler president. “We in higher education must adjust now. GATE will be a major effort to appropriately immerse our students in the cultures of the world while they learn skills and knowledge in their chosen fields.”

Dr. Mabry said GATE, UT Tyler’s Quality Enhancement Plan, will:

  • Create on-campus learning communities devoted to strengthening global learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.
  • Strengthen core curriculum by integrating global content and projects.
  • Provide more international travel and study-abroad opportunities for students.


Gate graphic“Our students need this,’’ said Dr. Robert E. Sterken, assistant provost for international programs and associate professor of political science. “It doesn’t matter where you work.  Everything is global in nature. There is a seamlessness to business that disregards state and national boundaries. From working and career to personal point of view, understanding the global nature is critical.

Faculty training and some classroom implementation is beginning this fall with the full launch of GATE set for 2011.

“It is so important for our students to understand the global nature of everything,’’ said Dr. R. Stephen Krebbs, senior philosophy lecturer and director of Asian studies. “Part of learning is to put yourself in a place that is culturally uncomfortable.”

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Dr. Barbara Haas, director of the doctoral nursing program, said of the GATE initiative: “We want to bring the world to dragonthe students and take the students out into the world.  It’s a two-way street.”

Dr. Sterken chaired the Quality Enhancement Plan committee that developed the GATE initiative. Dr. Krebbs and Dr. Haas worked together to propose the original idea.

In the following pages, you will hear more about GATE from these professors and others.  You’ll also discover how this global initiative came into focus and why it is so critical for the future of UT Tyler and its students.




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