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The University of Texas at Tyler Magazine, Fall 2009

President’s Letter

One of our major initiatives going forward is to strengthen our relationships with junior colleges in our region. So, we have begun creating real partnerships that will make the transition of junior college graduates to UT Tyler seamless.

These partnerships are intended not only to create a seamless transfer process, but also to support concurrent enrollment when appropriate and assist students in completing their education objectives.

Junior college transfer students make up the largest segment of our new students each year, so the development of program equivalency guides – in which the needed courses at both institutions are spelled out – is extremely important to thousands of students.

These well-marked paths to the completion of popular majors will take all the guesswork out of completing four-year baccalaureate degrees for students transferring to UT Tyler. They clearly show what courses to complete in their freshman and sophomore years at their junior colleges as well as a clear list of the remaining courses required from UT Tyler during their junior and senior years.

We value our relationships with area junior colleges, and by working together, not only can we enhance the educational experience of the students we all serve, but we can show many more students how to reach their full potential with a university degree.

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