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Faces Behind the Scenes: UT Tyler Auxiliary Departments – Barnes & Noble at UT Tyler

September 29, 2010

Editor's Note: Many staff work behind the scenes at The University of Texas at Tyler. As part of our “Faces Behind the Scenes” series, we highlighted some of the “unsung heroes within UT Tyler auxiliary departments with question and answer segments.

Dana Heathcott, UT Tyler Barnes & Noble Bookstore manager:

HeatcottDana Heathcott has been working at UT Tyler for one year, but has been with Barnes & Noble for almost nine.

Why do you like working at UT Tyler?

“I like working at UT Tyler because everyone is so friendly here on campus. Since day one, I have never felt like I wasn’t welcome. UT Tyler made my move from Austin almost seamless, and I really appreciated that.”

What are some misconceptions about the department, if any?

“I think the biggest misconception about the bookstore is that we are ‘ripping people off,’ which is completely untrue. We offer Lowest Price Match Guarantee, which means we will match our competitor’s pricing. Unfortunately, we are not able to match online prices, but every little bit helps. At the end of each semester, we do our Buyback Program, where we give 50 percent back, as long as the book is being used again, and we still need copies of the book.

“Digital Books are also a big thing this semester. Students have an option with many of the textbooks to buy them digitally, which also saves them a great deal of money. We are also trying to start a rental program in the spring, which will save the students almost 50 percent off the new price of a book. As a company, Barnes & Noble is constantly trying to think of new and improved ideas to save students money.”

What are some of the main features within your area?

“We are the number one source for used books, which saves the students 25 percent off the new price. We also carry every book needed for every class, so the student doesn’t have to go and search for the book. If we are out of the book, we will get it for the student. The bookstore is the only place that carries UT Tyler spirit merchandise.”

What is a typical work day for you?

“A typical work day for me would be running the store, selling merchandise and interacting with students, faculty and staff.”

How many employees do you oversee?

“I oversee about 10 to 20 employees, depending on what time of year it is.”

Any fun facts, stats or tidbits about the department?

“We have comfortable seating that is here for the students. They are more than welcome to hold study groups, book clubs, meetings, etc. any time. We can bring in any title that a regular Barnes and Noble store can. If a customer doesn’t see what they want, we are more than happy to order it for them. We also carry National Campus Bestsellers, which the customer receives 20 percent off of. The store is now on Facebook, so become a fan! We will be offering different discounts throughout the semester to fans only.”

Any other comments?

“This is the students’ bookstore, so we welcome any comments or suggestions on how we can make it better for them.”

For more information, contact Heathcott, 903.566.7238 or sm782@bncollege.com.

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