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Faces Behind the Scenes: UT Tyler Auxiliary Departments – Patriot Printing Services

September 28, 2010

Editor's Note: Many staff work behind the scenes at The University of Texas at Tyler. As part of our “Faces Behind the Scenes” series, we highlighted some of the “unsung heroes” within UT Tyler auxiliary departments with question and answer segments.

HainesTodd Haines, The University of Texas at Tyler Patriot Printing Services manager:

Todd Haines has managed Patriot Printing Services for almost five years since the university assumed the service from the UT Health Science Center at Tyler in 2007.

“I was with the center for 10 years before coming here. So, I have been supervising and managing this department for almost 15 years,” Haines said. “Dianna Caldwell has been here on this campus directly for 15 years operating the copy center and doing a super job, I must say.”

Why do you like working at UT Tyler?

“I like the environment. It’s a vibrant and upbeat experience working here on the University campus, particularly with all the growth that has taken place the past several years. It’s a far different campus then when I started working with UT Tyler in 1997.”

What are some misconceptions about the department, if any?

“I think the biggest misconception is that the only thing we do is plain old black/white copies of test and syllabi for classes. I’m sure many people would be surprised at the scope and quality of work we produce each day.”

What are some of the main features within your area?

“We are most proud of the upgrades we have made to our two main production Xerox laser printers which we upgraded last year. We have a high speed duplicator for standard black printing now that prints 110 pages per minute, which has allowed us to increase production significantly this past year. Our average monthly print volume on this one machine is in excess of 250,000 impressions per month.

“We also have a production color laser printer now that has the best quality color printing available along with increase output production speeds which has allowed us to increase our average monthly color print volume from just over 6,000 impressions per month to an average currently of almost 27,000 per month.”

What is a typical work day for you?

“Busy. As I stated previously, our volumes have increased significantly. We process on average 18 jobs per day some big some small, color, black and white – from easy to complicated. We also provide supplies and coordinate service for the 47 Xerox copiers we support around campus.”

How many employees do you oversee?

“Dianna Caldwell and several work studies when we are fortunate enough to have them.”

Any fun facts, stats or “tidbits” about the department?

“Dianna and I both like what we do and enjoy the challenge. I often say that we specialize in rush jobs because we get a lot of those every day, and I don’t know of many times we haven’t been able to meet a customer’s needs or complete the job no matter how short the turnaround time. A few stats: two people – 3,000 plus job request processed per year – 2,402.451 printed pages this year.”

Any other comments?

“We do a lot of work for many departments on campus but we can always do more. In fact we want to do more. I ask anyone who hasn’t used our services to check us out stop by Patriot Printing Services or you can visit our webpage at http://www.uttyler.edu/copycenter.”

For more information, contact Haines, 903.566.7236 or thaines@uttyler.edu.

Faces Behind the Scenes: UT Tyler Auxiliary Departments

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