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Students are encouraged to declare a major at the time of application to the University. All students must declare a major no later than the end of the semester in which they will complete 60 semester credit hours. Students with more than 60 semester credit hours who have not declared a major may have a hold placed on their registration. The declaration of major form can be completed in the Office of the Registrar. If a student decides to change majors, the student should consult with both the advisor in the current major and in the new major.
Students who change majors must meet the specific requirements for the new major as stated in the catalog in effect at the time of the change of major.

To register for a class on a Pass/Fall basis, a student must have the signatures of his/her advisor and the instructor for the course.

  1. Students may take only one course per semester for P/F credit.  Students may take only three courses on a P/F basis during their undergraduate career at UT Tyler.
  2. The P/F option is not permitted to be used in the Core Curriculum.
  3. The P/F option may not be used for any course that fulfills your major or minor requirements, including those courses which are required by, but offered outside of, the major or minor department.
  4. If you are on academic probation, you may not enroll in a course on a P/F basis.
  5. A course cannot be changed from a P/F basis to letter grade or vice versa after the first five class days.
  6. A final grade of P will not be changed to a  grade of A, B, C, or D.
  7. A final grade of P will be counted in the total number of hours passed.
  8. To be eligible for the President’s or Dean’s List, a student must take a minimum of 12 semester hours of graded credit; thus 9 graded credits and 3 P/F credits do not qualify for consideration. A student who earns an “F” in a pass/fail course is not eligible for President’s or Dean’s List in the term in which the grade is assigned, regardless of the number of credits taken or gpa earned.
    NOTE:  Students intending to apply to law school should not take courses using the P/F option as most law schools interpret a "P" (passing) as a "D" or "C."

A student will receive grade forgiveness (grade replacement) only for three course repeats during his/her undergraduate career at UT Tyler.  Grade forgiveness means that only the last grade earned is used to compute the grade point average. However, all grades will appear on the student’s official transcript.
A student must file an intent to receive grade forgiveness with the registrar by the 12th day of class (see schedule of classes for date) of the semester in which the course will be repeated. Failure to file an intent to use grade forgiveness will result in both the original and repeated grade being used to calculate overall grade point average.
If a student attempts to repeat a course but withdraws and receives an automatic “W,” the attempt counts against the grade forgiveness limit and the original grade remains.

A student may not exercise grade forgiveness for courses taken at UT Tyler and repeated at another college or university, nor may grade forgiveness be used when a course taken elsewhere is repeated at UT Tyler. The grade forgiveness option may not be exercised to remove a grade awarded in a case of academic dishonesty.

Once the baccalaureate degree has been awarded by UT Tyler, grade forgiveness may not be used to replace a grade taken before graduation.

The policy affects all students repeating courses Fall 2006 and thereafter, no matter when the course being repeated was originally taken. The grade forgiveness limit is not applicable to courses repeated before Fall 2006.

Students on academic probation who do not earn a semester grade point average of 2.0 or above in the next semester of enrollment will be placed on academic suspension. Student on academic suspension will not be eligible to enroll for classes at UT Tyler for the period listed below.
Readmission after the first or second suspended term will require the permission of the student's advisor or department chair, and the dean of the college of their major.

    First Academic Suspension--one regular semester or one full summer (intersession, Summer                I and II)
    Second Academic Suspension--12 months
    Third Academic Suspension--Permanent Dismissal.

Petitions for readmission to the university following the first and second suspensions may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. It is recommended that the petition be submitted, with appropriate permissions, six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to enroll.
A student admitted to the university after having been suspended will do so on academic probation.


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