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What is the Collegiate Learning Assessment?

On the surface, it is a 90 minute test of (1) “real-life” tasks (such as preparing a memo or policy recommendation) given several documents or (2) an analytical writing exercise.

Going deeper, it is a nationwide, cutting-edge determinant of the quality of undergraduate education that you have received at UT Tyler.  It will measure the value added to you as an individual compared with your performance on the SAT or ACT that you took as a college entrance examination.  Basically, it will tell us what kind of difference a UT Tyler education has made in you.  That information should be helpful to you as you reflect on your academic and personal growth throughout your undergraduate experience.  It will also be extremely helpful to UT Tyler since it will allow us to compare ourselves to other universities and provide us data for looking at things we might change in our academic programs to benefit future students. 

UT Tyler will receive no information on individual student performance.  The data we receive will be summative on the performance of our seniors as a total group and in broad field academic disciplines.  Individual students will receive their specific performance information directly from the Rand Corporation by going to a password protected website after data for Spring 2006 have been analyzed.  The Rand Corporation will notify you by personal e-mail when your assessment information is available to you.

The RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, and the Council for Aid to Education, a nonprofit subsidiary of RAND, are conducting the CLA project.  You may visit www.cae.org for more background.

What’s in it for me?

Regardless of major or career ambition, the ability to critique, analyze and communicate effectively is essential.  The test will tell you where you stand on these keys to academic and professional success.

Additional benefits to you:

  • Your Individual Score Report:  See how you did on each part of the test and how you compare to other students nationally who took it.  Also, see how you performed in comparison to your own SAT or ACT scores.
  • Resume Builder: Highlight your individual score and participation as a “recognition” on your resume.

How do I reserve my space?

Submit the following information from the next page to us in the Office of Academic Affairs at OSR@uttyler.edu.

Full Name

UT Tyler Student ID Number

Current Address (Apt. #; Street & #; City & State; Zip Code)
E-mail Address
Phone #Date and Time to Take the CLA; 1st Choice and 2nd Choice (Select from the attached schedule.)
Please note choice of dates and times on the schedule below.

Once you have reserved your space with us, we will verify the specific date, time and place with you by return e-mail or by regular U.S. mail if you do not have an e-mail address.

Thank you in advance for participating in this significant project for our students and for  participating in this significant project for our students and for The University of Texas at Tyler.

The University of Texas at Tyler.

Collegiate Learning Assessment Testing Dates for Seniors

Spring 2006


Dates                           Times                                      Sites

March 2  (Thursday)       5:00 p.m.                BRB 1040 (Nursing Computer Lab)

March 3  (Friday)          9:00 a.m.                 BRB 1040 (Nursing Computer Lab)

March 4  (Saturday)      9:00 a.m.                 BRB 1040 (Nursing Computer Lab)

March 23                     3:00 p.m.                 BRB 1040  (Nursing Computer Lab)



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