Summer Wellness Camp
June 14, 2005

Pool“Apples are very good, have lots of vitamins and are a healthy food,” said 6-year-old Brooke Godwin, who will be in the first grade in the fall.

Godwin, along with other children between the ages of 5 and 12 attended a summer wellness camp at UT Tyler last week.

Nutrition facts and activity ideas were taught at the four-day camp led by UT Tyler’s Head Volleyball Coach Kristee Turpin. Turpin has a master’s degree in sports and exercise science and has taught elementary school.

“Almost any news publication you now see is reporting on the increasing problem of childhood obesity. We are making an effort to contribute some kind of solution by educating our children,” said Bob Hepler, director of the Herrington Patriot Center.

Activities included swimming, yoga, running, basketball, volleyball, soccer, Frisbee and brain games.

Swimming is good exercise, said one child. Another said he liked marching around the campus. And one relayed that it is not good to eat too many french fries.

“My favorite healthy food is sliced peaches, and I bring a sandwich, apple, Oreo cookies and a banana for lunch,” said 5-year-old Taylor Webb, the daughter of UT Tyler’s Head Women’s Soccer Coach Stefani Webb.

Coach Turpin reminded Taylor that her Oreo cookies were special because they came in 100 calorie snack packs, which is a controlled way to have a sweet snack. Taylor didn’t seem to notice; she said the Oreos were also her favorite.

“Regarding nutrition, we taught them how fast foods effect their body,” said Hepler.

This is UT Tyler’s first summer to hold a wellness program. Hepler hopes to expand the camp from one week to several weeks in the future.

To register for the second wellness camp held June 27 – 30, call or visit the Herrington Patriot Center membership office (903.566.7466).

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