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Name: D'Aun Goss

Topic:  Tyler Attractions

Class Day/Time: M-F 9:20-11:00 a.m.

 Purpose Statement:  The purpose of my speech is to INFORM my college speech class about the Caldwell Zoo.

Justification: The Caldwell Zoo is of value as a multicultural place. It is of value to me because for the past 17 years I have lived in Longview and can visit the zoo frequently since it is only an hour away. Although it originated in the late D. K. and Lottie Caldwell's backyard in 1937, the zoo now has more than 2,000 animals from 250 species.1 It is located in Tyler, Texas on 85 acres of rolling hills, ponds, and grasslands that replicate the animals' natural habitat. This natural environment has contributed to the successful breeding of giraffes, Chilean flamingo chicks, jaguars, rhinoceros, and giant anteaters just to name a few. In 1991 "Caldwell Zoo, in collaboration with other zoological institutions, produced the first cheetah through artificial insemination techniques."2 It is also one of the few zoos in America that has multi-species exhibits.  In fact, Caldwell Zoo has done this for 25 years and the Dallas and Ft. Worth zoos do not even currently do this. The zoo has been in its current location since 1953 and has been admission free until this past spring of 2004. For 50 years visitors were able to attend the zoo absolutely free of charge. All of this has been possible because of the generosity of D. K. and Lottie Caldwell. The Caldwell Zoo is owned and operated by the Caldwell Foundation and has remained in the family since its inception. There is not another zoo of this caliber in a community of this size. It is also unique because it does not receive any funding from state or local taxes.    

Behavioral Objectives: After listening to my speech, each person in my audience should be able to state how Caldwell Zoo got started, discuss what it has to offer, and explain why it is highly acclaimed.

Main Points: I. How Caldwell Zoo got started

          a. Who started to zoo

          b. When and where it originated


                     II. What Caldwell Zoo has to offer

                     a. Geographical regions

                     b. Wide variety of animal species

                     c. Local flare -- Native Texas animals


                    III. Why Caldwell Zoo is highly acclaimed

                    a. Offers multi-species exhibits

                    b. Committed to preservation and breeding of many wildlife species

                     c. Has been family owned and operated since its inception

                     d. Funded by Caldwell Foundation


 1. "Caldwell Zoo Worth New Admission Prices." Editorial. Tyler Morning Telegraph, 30 Nov. 2002. 18 Jun. 2004 <>.

 2.  "Caldwell Zoo's History." Caldwell Zoo, Tyler, Texas Official Site.  2004. The Caldwell Zoo. 17 Jun. 2004 <>.


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