Speakerís Outline:  Public School Discipline


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Main Claim:  Public schools should not punish students for off-campus behavior.


I.  Introduction

A.  Source -- Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.  Story of high school senior banned from prom in North Dakota.

B.  State MC

C.  Source -- Survey.  50% of class does not disagree with these policies.

D.  Name sources -- School newsletters, New York Civil Liberties Union, HB-Rights.org.

E.  Preview SC

      1.  Parenting rights,                                                 Hand Gesture

2.  Free speech,

3.  Arbitrary punishments.

            F.  Establish Credibility

            G.  Establish common ground -- As community-oriented college students...

            H.  Restate MC.


II.  SC:  School off-campus policies take away parenting rights.

            A.  Source -- Linda Berns, New York Civil Liberties Union

"(open quote) We object to the school trying to control the students'   behavior where they don't have jurisdiction. Outside of school, it's up to the parents to control behavior." (end quote)

B.  Counter Argument -- Some parenting efforts aren't adequate enough to control behavior. 

C. Refutation -- Churches, community organizations, police to discipline outside of school.

D.  Restate MC

E.  Students will respect other authority figures.


III.  SC:  School off-campus policies infringe upon the basic fundamental rights of public school students.

         A.  Analogy -- Taking away free speech is like robbing a homeowner of his property:  Both actions rob a rightful owner of a valuable possession.

         B.  Source -- HB Rights.org. A McKinney, TX 8th grader suspended and kicked out of computer literacy class for creating CHOW, Chihuahua Haters of the World, from his home -- "Animal Hate Group"                         (Smile)

         C.  Restate MC


IV.  SC:  Off-campus actions do not necessarily affect a student's on-campus performance.

         A. Source -- School Newsletter, Packer v. Board of Education.  Student expelled for off-campus marijuana possession -- "(open quote) seriously disrupted the educational process" (end quote)

         B.  Question -- What evidence suggests that this was detrimental to his education?

         C.  Source -- HB Rights.org.  Missouri Honors Student suspended for at-home Internet chat room remark.

         D.  Common Ground -- Free Speech, which we, as Americans, value, will hurt the student.

         E.  Epistrophe/Parallel:  Leave off-campus discipline to off-campus disciplinarians.


V.  Conclusion

         A.  Review SC

                        1.  Take away parenting rights

                        2.  Infringe upon freedom of speech.

                        3.  Arbitrary punishments.

         B.  Full-Circle:  no other students should miss their prom for otherwise legal actions.

         C.  Antimetabole:  We should keep discipline in schools, but not schools in all areas of discipline.

         D.  Final restatement of MC.

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