Written Report Outline: Objectivist Comm Theory Article 

Class: Communication Theory

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Objectivist Written Report Outline.doc


1.  Article reference information (APA or MLA)

2.  Institutional affiliation and academic rank of author(s) at time of publication


3. Theory

a. name of theory

b. key concepts and terms


4. Research Questions and/or Hypotheses


5. Data/Method(s)

a. identification of data

b. type of method(s)/procedure(s)

c. sampling frame, type of sample

d. measurement of key variables


6. Findings/Analysis


7. Conclusions/Future Research


8.   Lines of Criticism *

a.   data

b.   method

c.   theory

d.   relationship between/among data, method,

      and theory


9. * Additional observations/points

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